Monday, April 30, 2018

Bullets fly

JPD issued the following statements. 

Murder of Lonnie Taylor

Jackson Police are investigating a fatal shooting that occurred in the 2300 block of Montebello Drive. 

Shortly before 10:30pm, Officers responded to the area and upon arrival, they found a vehicle that had collided with the front of a residence. The male driver of the vehicle was later pronounced deceased at the scene. A female passenger of the vehicle was not injured. 

Officers later learned that the rear of the vehicle had been shot into by an unknown individual as it traveled down Montebello Dr. 

Jackson Police have identified the victim fatally shot on Montebello Drive. 

He is 22-year-old black male, Lonnie Taylor.

There is still no suspects or motive in this case.

Wingfield Street Murder

 ackson Police are investigating a double shooting that occurred in the 700 block of Wingfield Street. 

Shortly after 4:30am, Officers responded to an in-progress burglary call at a residence.  When Officers arrived, they found the front door of the residence forced open.  Officers later learned that the home had been occupied by a 24-year old female who ran out after being shot by an unknown black male.  Officers then learned that a second 57-year-old female, who had been shot, ran to a nearby neighbor’s home where she later died. 

The 24-year-old suffered an injury to the face and was transported to an area hospital.  She was last listed in stable condition.

The suspect, who fled on foot, is believed to be a heavy-set black male last seen running north on Wingfield St.

Limited information is know about this crime as Investigators attempt to gather additional details.  It is believed that the victims are related.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 601-355-TIPS(8477).  Your information could be worth up to $2500.

Kingfish note: Lonnie Taylor was a local rapper and student at Jackson State University.  It turns out the two victims in the Wingfield Street case were mother and daughter.  WAPT story

Meanwhile, a local doctor posted this message on Facebook last night.


Anonymous said...

Dang. I am so please “i woke up” and moved North a couple of years ago. I closing my 25 years old office by the end of May 2018 and moving it North too. Heck, I even closed my P.O Box and my new one has a 39130 zip code. Since I still travel 155 at Northside daily wish me luck.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me. Why doesn't somebody mention to Kenny that Percy King was shot and killed. You can't really argue with moving the zoo when literally the zoo board members are getting shot and killed in the area around the zoo.

Anonymous said...

Warning! Warning! Danger Will Robinson!
Stay outta Jackson at night & when there's a full moon (like last night).
Forest Gump: That's all I gotta say about this.

loess learner said...

This post is a perfect follow-up to the Matchbook Monday post. After reminiscing over our past, we are reminded of our present and future.

Anonymous said...

Com'on KF, tell us something we don't already know is happening on a daily basis!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yea if you didn’t already know, stay out of west Jackson. Going to need a little more context on the supposed interstate shooter. Why hasn’t this been a in the media if it’s truly someone randomly shooting people on i55.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:34 AM....No uninformed visitor to Jackson should be fooled into going in to that part of town to see the "zoo". I drove through there the other day to refresh my memory and I'm here to tell you it is R O U G H .

Anonymous said...

Last week in a city council meeting about the Zoo, Nia Umoja said the following about West Jackson:

We also need to take command of the narrative that is perpetuated on our place. Folks that don't live here do not have the right to character assassinate our home or position a narrative based on their own fears and misconceptions.

Ms. Umoja, I present to you reports of two murders in West Jackson this weekend, one less than a mile from the Zoo. That's the JPD talking, and it looks like your fellow residents are doing a fine job themselves of perpetuating the narrative - a narrative based upon facts and documentation, not fears and misconceptions.

Lying about West Jackson and blaming those who don't live there does not change reality. You would be wise to learn that.

Anonymous said...

Jackson has its problems to be sure, but I'm not convinced that random drivers are taking shots at doctors in Porsches on highly trafficked streets at 2 in the afternoon on a Sunday, especially on such a beautiful day when a lot of people were out.

I'm not sure what happened, but did he call the cops, or merely drive home and post on FB? Is there a bullet hole in the passenger door or a slug somewhere in the vehicle? This is not a petty crime, for Pete's sake! If someone is shooting at drivers, then the police need to be alerted.

Don't know the guy and I'm not saying he's lying, but there's gotta be more to this story than what he's saying.

Get The Hell Off My lawn Urchin! said...

Reckon that's the same gyno doc who was jacked two years ago and killed one of the jackers? Maybe it's payback.

Regardless of how much 'more to the story' there is. Nobody deserves to have his ass shot at driving down the street.

Anonymous said...

Unless he can show a slug or another hole in the car, the window was not shot out. it would have been cracked and air pressure blew it out, or a rock/debris from a passing vehicle. Unless shooter was a KBG agent using ice bullets which subsequently melted, where is the rest of the story......

Messick said...

From where does this Umoji broad think that somebody doesn't have the right to criticize or form an opinion about an obvious problem?

"Changing the narrative" is a way the left wants all others to ignore dangerous, life-threatening problems.

PittPanther said...

The only "more to the story" we want is some kind of verifiable proof that things went down the way he says.
For example, Where's the bullet? Police report? 911 call? Wouldn't you call 911 in the hopes of police catching this guy?
After getting shot at, he just casually continued home?

Anonymous said...

Regardless of how much 'more to the story' there is. Nobody deserves to have his ass shot at driving down the street.

Of course not! I'm not suggesting that anyone deserves such, but I will say that if he got shot at for whatever reason, he needs to alert the authorities immediately and prevent this from happening to someone else.

Funny there is no news report on this. I would think that a random assault with a deadly weapon upon a prominent citizen in such a public place in broad daylight would at least raise some concern among the local media.

Glad the guy is OK.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you call 911 in the hopes of police catching this guy?

If someone took a shot at me and blew out my window, I'd be lucky if I didn't crash the car in a panic! But the first thing I would do after composing myself and making sure I was OK and out of danger is call 911 and report it. As I said above, this is not a petty crime and I doubt many people would simply brush it off and continue home, coolly take photos of their shattered window, then post an "oh, by the way" warning on Facebook.

And there's gotta be a slug in the car. He only mentioned his driver's window, so it's a fair assumption that the other windows were not broken by an exiting bullet.

Would driving off after getting shot at constitute leaving the scene of a crime?

Anonymous said...

Somehow the Clarion Ledger wants us to get all emotional over Lil Lonnie cause he wanted to buy momma a house. It's a tradegy and senseless murder, but I would say his family and Callaway failed this young man a long time ago: His 'hit' Colors.

[Intro: Lil Lonnie]
I just want the money
I never met a bitch that I need
All I see is colors, blowing green

[Hook: Lil Lonnie]
One thing I never seen was a bitch I need
All I need is money what the fuck you think
Tryna sip away my problems with promethazine
I'm tryna make a way it's harder than it seems
I'm tryna stay low-key fuck tryna make a scene
No time for a bitch she either stay or leave
It one thing I never seen is a bitch I need
Cause all I see is colors nigga blowing green

[Verse 1: Lil Lonnie]
Fuck a bitch, get some money
I want them 20s and 100s
Run up a check and keep thumbing
All of the hate don't accumulate nothing
Turned nothing into something
Staying consistent, the money keep coming
I done been broke, and I ain't going back
So I'm chasing money from Monday to Sunday
Lil bitch say I need her
Hoe I'm here to please you
Fuck you thought lil bitch
I'm chasing after monifa
My bitch got you tripping
Told that bitch I'm bout to leave her
Pour up some muddy, blow my mind on exotic rifa
I'm tryna get it my nigga
I'm in them trenches lil nigga, that's like everyday
I move that micha lil nigga
Take your hoe on adventure, if she give me faith
You niggas pretending lil nigga
I'm seeing blue hunnids and that's why I flash in they face
I fit attention lil nigga
If you want problems, then I pull up right where you lay

Anonymous said...

"We also need to take command of the narrative that is perpetuated on our place. Folks that don't live here do not have the right to character assassinate our home or position a narrative based on their own fears and misconceptions."

Ms. Umoja - where do you think financial support for the zoo will come from? The residents of West Jackson that surround the zoo? No, it will come from those very people that you have condemned for voicing their valid fears and concerns.

Kingfish said...

About the rapper, supposedly there was a post on snapchat that said one down, five more to go. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Ever try to get a cop on the interstate to respond after getting shot at in traffic in Jackson? Going home and getting the fuck out of shitsville is the only option. All you racial apologists trying to make he victim a bad guy make me sick. Go back to St. James and suck each other off.

Anonymous said...

Keepin' it classy, 1:58. Such a command of the language!

"Racial apologists?" Give me one instance of where race was mentioned in discussions of the guy in the Porsche who claims he was shot at.

Other than yours, of course.

Anonymous said...

Rocks are flying in the area where the Porsche was damaged. I55 is being scraped up and repaved. I was at a glass shop that had 3 people come in windshields damaged from rocks on 55.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the shooter was upset that someone would buy a Porsche GTS with an auto transmission

Anonymous said...

I have found it safest to travel in Jackson by not traveling south of County Line Rd., east of Clinton, north of Siwell road and west of the Pearl river. I think you will be pretty safe if you follow this advice.

Burke said...

Y'all keep in mind that many comments on posts like this are coming from real estate agents.

Even so, we (Jacksonians) are well on our way to becoming the murder capital of the U. S. 90% of it is drug=related, I would guess. The Porsche Person would help us by providing details from the police report. Otherwise, what's to keep us from suspecting that it's another drug=related crime?

It's going to take a long time, if ever, to reduce such crime in West Jackson. I think we need to move the zoo somewhere else in the city. It is stupid to think otherwise. Many black politicians will posture in order to keep the votes coming in, but it's a matter of safety. Damn it, we want to be protected.

Louis LeFleur said...

Repeating comments from last week after talking about drivers on I-220.

An now with THAT said, what the heck has happened to JPD traffic details? I can't remember the last time I saw the formerly regular speed traps on I-55 at Northside or Briarwood, and the public knows it because people ZOOM past me while I'm already doing 65-70 in a 60 zone every morning and afternoon. There are also S curves on Manhattan and on Culley drive (between State and the frontage road) where JPD used to semi-regularly have traffic stops where they caught numerous people with expired/suspended licenses, no insurance, and/or expired tags, but almost always also someone who had an outstanding warrant who had evaded LEOs to that point. I haven't seen any of those stops since we got our new mayor or temporary police chief.

Anonymous said...

To 12:51 who posed the question: "Would driving off after getting shot at constitute leaving the scene of a crime?"

Good point. The police need to lock up every victim guilty of fleeing from the criminals instead of waiting for them to show up to shoo them away.

Anonymous said...

I have found it safest to travel in Jackson by not traveling south of County Line Rd., east of Clinton, north of Siwell road and west of the Pearl river. I think you will be pretty safe if you follow this advice.

I saw what you did there.

Anonymous said...

The Doctor chased the car all the way into Madison County. He did call the cops, but JPD did nothing. MPD pulled over the wrong guy.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised he caught up with them considering it's an auto transmission

Anonymous said...

Maybe the bad roads and potholes are a crime prevention strategy to slow down fleeing criminals. Who said Stokes wasn't brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I do believe the good doctor was the victim of rock assault. They are not doing a very good job of cleaning up the loose rocks

Anonymous said...

Idiots dogging the auto transmission have no clue about modern sports cars.

Anonymous said...

@7:37. It was not a rock. He saw the shooter. I am a family member and can attest to that.

Anonymous said...

Modern auto trans out perform there manual counterparts but this is a Porsche. The auto trans is for the ones that dont understand how a rear wheel rear engine car performs. Maybe he should have bought the Porsche SUV turbo like the rest of the posers. Lol

Anonymous said...

Correction. He saw a suspicious truck. Not shooter. Family member here

Kingfish said...

Did it have positraction?

Anonymous said...

I don't know how old most of you are but I'll assure you that for many decades when the weather finally turns warm in the early summer there has always been a flury of violence in the "hood". I can't tell you why but I can tell you it happens just like clock work. Now when we get closer to July 4th be ready for another round of violence accompanied by numerous robberies. It just is what it is.

Angels on Earth said...

This is the third person killed in the Capital city in less than 24 hours. So very sad.

Mona Lisa said...

No, you're thinking of a 1963 Pontiac Tempest.

Anonymous said...

It does seem like blasphemy to get an automatic in a Porsche, but the PDK (dual-clutch automatic) in modern Porsche's are faster than their 7 speed manual counterparts.

Anonymous said...

Someone’s upset that their opioids were discontinued. Open and shut case.

Anonymous said...

A while back my family was traveling after dark on I20. As we approached Ellis Ave the left passenger window violently exploded into the car, throwing glass all over my infant riding behind the driver seat as well as my other children. Believing we had been shot at we continued home as quickly as possible, as we were terrified. Upon inspection we could find no evidence other than a shattered window to suggest a gunshot and concluded that it had to be a rock that struck the window.

Chris Merck said...

yes, naysayers and doubters, i can happen. It DID to my father several years ago when he was headed south on 55 past pearl st. exit. he stopped at one of the jpd precincts where a jpd officer-an old friend/customer from his former gun store - was in charge. Officer said at time that reports of something similar had been reported recently.

Anonymous said...

LOL, @Mona Lisa for the win!!

Anonymous said...

Similar occurrence reported Monday morning, I-55 at Lakeland. "...very loud size hole driver's side window which then shattered." Owner states that they are not sure if someone shot or threw something. They mentioned the incident discussed here and wondered if they were related.

Anonymous said...

"Opioids"? He's a dentist, Gomer.

Anonymous said...

More bullets flying near Maywood Mart, according to a friends shared Facebook post. Is there some gang war or initiation going on!?

Anonymous said...

Not bullets. electrical fuse cut-out. A tree fell on Northside drive that caused a service fuse cut-out (often erroneously called a transformer) to blow a little after 7:00am. The same time the post on facebook was made

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