Thursday, April 26, 2018

Arrest of the Day

This video of a JPD arrest is making the rounds on Facebook.   A JPD officer attempted to arrest a fine young gentleman who was unfortunately the subject of an arrest warrant.

A couple of observations.  If there is ONE THING YOU DO NOT DO DURING A STOP it is putting your hands in your pockets and then keeping them there after being ordered to show them.  The two women immediately got it, hence why they started yelling at him to comply.  Some people commented on Facebook that the suspect would get off because the officer did not read him his rights.  Failure to read Miranda rights is not grounds for an acquittal.

There is always a "something else" to these videos. Sometimes the "something else" factor helps the suspect, sometimes it helps the police.   What is the "something else" in this video?

Another thing that was pretty funny.   The suspect keeps calling the officer a slave.  Um, last time I checked, the Mayor is black, the City Council is majority black, and the JPD leadership is black.  Does this mean he is calling the Mayor an Uncle Tom or a slavemaster?  Inquiring minds want to know what this fine young businessman who takes care of his mama thinks.  


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine dealing with s__t like this every day for what these officers make? Amazing there is anyone left willing to do it.

Louis LeFleur said...

I don't think I could stand to watch this arrogance and ignorance more than once, so probably missed a lot, but is the "something else" what appears to be a green lazer (as in gun sight) spot on the officer with around 1 minute to go?

Otherwise, idel curiosity leads me to wonder where this happened. Not that it really matters, but the area looks a lot like where I grew up in north Jackson. I know, however, that there are basically identical neighborhoods in west and south Jackson.

Anonymous said...

"Don't moosh his face"
Uhh sweetheart, he was born with a mooshed face.

Barry Kirpke said...

This poor officer had his hands full. Why didn't Jackson PD send backup in a timely manner?

Anonymous said...

My guess is officer Johnson has a great deal of experience dealing with these type situations.

He kept his cool and did not use any more force than necessary.

I would have failed miserably. The suspect would have been tased after ignoring my second instruction to get in the car.

Textbook example of why we need 2 officers in every car.

Anonymous said...

props to the officer for exercising alot of restraint over that 3 minutes. I would have tazed him when he did not comply to get in the car. Our society has really digressed over the past 20 years, and here is an example of a generation that has no idea what it means to be a participating member of society. This is not a Jackson problem, this is a United States problem, and this is just one of way too many re-curing examples.

Anonymous said...

This kid and his cheering squad arejust pathetic. The officer handled the situation very well.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet the judge released him before the officer could fill out all of his reports.

Anonymous said...

Imagine all of the teachers that deal with the same type of behavior in the classroom. From JPS to JPD and few months at the Hinds County Jail. Kim Wade said it best when he labeled these fatherless man children "Parchman larvae"

A Quar-ian said...

Uh oh, he dropped a few F bombs. That's ground for charging him with "Public Drunk" in the City of Jackson. Don't believe me, go look it up.

Chrisp B Bacon said...

Please send this to the police chief so the officer can get a AWARD for outstanding work.

Charlene Darling said...

COMPLY This was said 14 times. It's not about law & order anymore, but, getting it out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:27 AM - I saw a P4 on the officer's car, so this was likely in NE Jackson area.

Anonymous said...

He made it difficult for himself, he's on video being belligerent and they were crazy enough to share it.

Call us when a cop is kicking your behind and you complied with all of their requests.

This idiot does not get any sympathy from me.

Anonymous said...

Was the video removed? I'm don't see anything but I would really love to!

Anonymous said...

at what point is he further charged with "hate speech."

Inquiring mind said...

Where did the video go?

Louis LeFleur said...

Thanks for that observation, 11:57. I didn't think of that. In that case probably the Broadmoor/Broadmeadow area.

Anonymous said...

There is no video visible. I would appreciate it if someone would post a directly link to the video.

Thank you!

Larry, Another Cable Guy said...

"Kim Wade said it best when he labeled these fatherless man children "Parchman larvae""

I don't care who you are - that's funny.

Anonymous said...

What video?

Kingfish said...

Chill. I'm uploading to youtube.

Anonymous said...

"I'm talkin to the camera . . ."

Which is pretty much the problem.

Anonymous said...

JPD cop had the patience of Job - both with the fat perp and the women. I would have pulled that taser out early and used it while trying not to "moosh" his face - or his Pillsbury DoBoy body - into the back seat. And after having told the women - who were at least trying to encourage him to 'get in the car' - the second or third time to get back, might have had to use it on them as well.

Looked like for a while he might have to call for a back-up van to haul the perp in; not sure he was going to fit through that back door without a lot of mooshing.

Anonymous said...

I've seen quite a few videos just like this where the officer ends up dead. This was really scary to watch.

Unknown said...

The following is not a defense of the behavior of the young man, I'm just offering what I think, from experience, is the young man's point of view.

I agree that the officer exhibited great patience, contrary to what has been presented as the behavior of other officers in even less volatile situations. I sure we all kinda expected the officer to just shoot, not Taser, the young man.

From the video dialogue, it appears thet the young man and the officer were not strangers to each other.

"You arrested my Mother at the Dollar?Family Store" ??

He knew the officers name but not his badge number?

If there was an outstanding warrant out on the young man, why didn't the Police officer just say that so the young man would know why he was being arrested. Maybe he was told before the video recording started?

As for the young man being uncooperative, mouthy and profane, I won't waste Kingfish's site space by referring to numerous YouTube videos where White men are just as "belligerent" towards police, with the added factor of having a gun drawn and pointed at the officers, without being shot down like a dog. Just Google White men with guns pointed at police without being shot by police"

For examples of how Black and White suspects are treated? Kinda like those White armed occupiers of that US Park Service office. Also kinda like the arrest of the Toronto killer with the van just this week.

As for calling the officer a "slave", this is an ever present cultural perspective that Blacks have against other Blacks who are employed by racist White INSTITUTIONS as the US police and judicial systems are. Goes back to the tension between field slaves and house slaves.

I agree that the officer showed a lot of patience. I'm pretty sure that if the officer had been White the young man would have been Tasered, shot or worse.

Again, I'm not defending the behavior of the young man, I'm just offering what I think, from experience, is the young man's point of view.

Burke said...

Had he listened to his mother from the beginning, it would have been over quickly. That's the saddest part for me.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but we can't recover from this. This is just the way things are now, and there's a LARGE portion of the populace who agree, wholeheartedly, with the guy being arrested! There is no more decorum, restraint, shame or respect in society. It's now the good of the individual over the good of society. Anyone over 40, could you have even IMAGINED things getting to where they are now?

I'm actually glad I won't likely be around in another 40 years to see how bad it's gonna get! Hopefully, I will have, at least, relocated out of this shit hole called Mississippi! There's no way but down for this place......

Anonymous said...

f mikens, since you "know from experience" - did you cooperate, or did you cuss the cop and refuse to get into the patrol car?

Asking for a friend, of course.

Anonymous said...

Children are no longer taught to "Follow Directions". Those words are a trigger for children to start laughing at their parents who have made them believe that they are their friends, hence - they believe that all authority figures should cooperate with THEM, and they don't know how to see any rational authority. Being over 40 years of age, in our day, I'd be dead if I acted that way - whether I was white, black, purple, or green.

otisfyfe said...

I believe mickns is approaching 75 or 80, based on my experience with him in the early 90s. As long as we have folks of his mentality, nothing will change, race-wise, and we will always be burdened by this black-victim-white-oppressor mentality. When we take it upon ourselves to excuse, apologize for or rationalize abhorrent behavior, we are not condoning the problem...We ARE the problem.

Anonymous said...

It's all about race for F'Mickens all day, every day.
BLM, but don't mention white or blue ones. Bet if you went to lunch with him he would rant if you ordered blackened chicken or catfish...

Kingfish said...

Actually, no he wouldn't. He'd even enjoy a toasted marshmallow with you.

Anonymous said...

I for one appreciate f mickens’ perspective.

Unknown said...

;Yes, for Black folks its ALWAYS about race because White folks and White institutions throw in in your face each and every day. All day, every day. Sounds crazy doesn't it. However, it is the truth. When a powerless mouse live with a cat, the mouse can never really relax.

Black * White - Oppressor is not a mentality. It is the daily REALITY of the lives of Black folks.

Even if you do find a Black man who claims he is not the victim of racism (Kim Wade for example) all you have to do to reveal his "Pollyanna delusion, is first agree with him, to get his guard down, and then ask him one or more of the following questions.

1. Have you ever brought a new car? Do you know that auto salesmen are trained to charge Black folks a premium? How do you get around this inequity? Hire a White person to buy the new car for you (a possible new profession for White folks).

2. Have you ever purchased a house at a commercial bank? Do you know that banks have POLICIES to charge Black borrowers a higher rate of interest and closing fees than they would for a White borrower with the same income and credit score?

3. Ever go to a hospital? Did you know that a recent survey showed that the overwhelming majority of White medical professional believe that Black people don't feel pain as intensely as White people?

Even rich, famous, conservatively dressed and educated Black folks are harassed and target on a daily basis.

Oprah, being "shadowed and asked to leave an expensive Parisian store, because the sales lady didn't think she could afford the merchandise.

Chris Rock being pulled over,in his words, once a quarter, for driving a semi-expensive car.

James Blake, former tennis star, slammed to ground and handcuffed outside midtown hotel by white NYPD cops who mistook him for ID theft ... at the Midtown hotel — was only turned loose when a former cop recognized the man in cuffs and alerted the arresting officers. James fit the description of the perpetrator as being a 5 foot five (James is 6'-2), in a sweat suit, (James was in a three piece suit) BLACK MAN! Key word is BLACK.

I am not really surprised that some folks on this blog refuse to lend ANY credibility to the historical and present, DAILY "oppression and unequal INSTITUTIONAL treatment" of Black folks.

Even the recent spate of video evidence doesn't appear to alter the non-empathetic view of some bloggers on this site.

Video of: NAKED Black men being shot dead, the PLANTING of evidence on Black men after they are shot dead, the ARREST of Black children in elementary schools for behavior a White kid is rewarded for as being precocious, Black men prone on the ground being shot.

My "experience" in not based on my personal behavior, but on the behavior of some of my close relatives. However, as I said on this site previously,I was almost HANDCUFFED and ARRESTED, across the street from Davis Magnet School for picking up downed branches on the public sidewalk after Katrina. Seems a White lady from the suburbs called in a "suspicious Black man" 911 on me.

I really don't expect much from Non-Christians who strive to be empathetic to the plight of all people, but even some of them are disappointing me with their support of Trump. Trump, whose past and current documented and confessed antics fit the Biblical definition true definition, of "devilish behavior"

Unknown said...

"April 26, 2018 at 3:08 PM Anonymous said...
I've seen quite a few videos just like this where the officer ends up dead. This was really scary to watch."


I just googled "unarmed Black man kills police person".

Nothing comes up.

Are you crazy or am I crazy?

Anonymous said...

i feel so bad for this officer......he handled the situation awesome!

Anonymous said...

This falls on JPS higher ups and parents. This isn't rocket science. "Young" Jacksonians who graduated from recent days JPS think its acceptable to act this way when all they know is ghetto Jackson and JPS. When JPS doesn't expel students for hitting teachers or suspend students for using profanity towards teachers, they then go and be defiant towards JPD thinking it's no big deal.

This is why Jackson can't be a smaller version of the ATL or B'ham aka this is why "we can't have nice things."

Why is the JPS administrator of the year married to someone who got disbarred? Why is it that at least one white person has lost a job in JPS for being white?

People that pay legit property taxes want to know

Anonymous said...

Anybody who 'appreciates Mickns perspective' is just as much a damned idiot as Mickns is.

Referring to this slob thug as 'the young man' tells us all I need to know about way Mickns analyzes things. And of course he naturally has to turn the conversation to black vs white, white cops and the mistreatment of blacks....even though the thug, the Chatty Kathy bitch and the police officer are all black.

When you see race behind every situation in America, you are not reporting on the problem - You ARE the problem.

That aside, I feared for this officer's life. I expected the thug to draw a weapon out of his pocket at any moment. Both pants pockets were full of 'things' that could have been a gun or knives. Watch the video again. I also expected to see a knife emerge, wielded by the loud mouth bitch who could not shut up. Thank goodness the officer made it home that night.

There may have been a taser but I didn't see it. They have either orange or yellow handles.

Anonymous said...

@F Mickns White folks don't have it as easy as you think. Two blacks got arrested at Starbucks and it has started a movement. All because they were told that that the restroom was for customers. That happens to white folks all the time, except we comply. Not long ago I went to Amerigo in Ridgeland. Their parking lot was full, so I decided to park at Sal and Phil's and walk over. I was told that I could not park at Sal and Phil's unless I was a customer. Instead of refusing to comply, like the guys at Starbucks, I moved my car. Many times I have sat at table on a sidewalk, and been told "this is for customers only, you must buy something or move along". So I complied. Black folks don't think they have to obey the law.

Unknown said...

April 27, 2018 at 8:17 AM

Good point, but you didn't tell the entire story. The Black guys at Starbucks didn't comply because they had just seen a White, waiting patron, who also hadn't purchased anything, get the code and access for the bathroom from the same person who then, in the same breath, denied them.

A growing number of these newer generations of Black folks are leaning towards standing up, not for just their rights, but standing up for common, moral and reasonable treatment as human beings.

Suppose you were asked to leave in your scenarios at the Italian Restaurant and then a Italian shows up who is allowed to park? Being a "un-woke", (I'm really beginning to like that word "woke", "un=woke", etc., Kinda like "my bad". - it's a short hand and universally know way of saying it all) White Supremacist you probably opuldn't think nothing of it, but suppose it happened time and time again?

Hey you say, how would I know if he were Italian. Good point. Lets suppose he wore an easily identifiable sign that said, I'm Italian. Say kinda like a identifying tattoo or skin color

You just might be motivated enough to get "woke" enough to throw some boxes of tea into the harbor!

Please try to remember that just because my "Blues" ain't EXACTLY like your "Blues", there is undoubtably a moral equivalence in the human response to "Blues". This, let's give these folks the benefit of the doubt is commonly called EMPATHY.

Mickns Steps Into The Light.. said...

I would like for mickns to explain how one can be 'almost cuffed and arrested'.

And when he's through explaining that, maybe he will tell us how he could possibly know that being confronted on a sidewalk was the result of a 911 call. And if was the result of a 911 call how would Mickns know it came 'from the suburbs'? And if it was a 911 call 'from the suburbs', how could mickns possibly know it was made by 'a white woman'. This man is fucking delusional and its gets worse by the day. He's a mixture of Enoch Sanders and the Trayvon guy who seems to have disappeared from the blog.

Mickns has finally come forward on this blog as just another hot-headed racist who spends every waking moment imagining that he's being profiled, targeted, singled out, watched and discriminated against.

And if the man selling suits at Belk suggests that a nice white dress shirt would go well with the trendy suit mickns just picked out, its certainly due to racism. That salesman would never tell a white man to buy a white shirt instead of a pastel one.

Anonymous said...

It is disappointing that KF perpetuates, and presumably agrees with, Mickns poisonous mindset... ad nauseam.

Yes, we'll all be surprised if this makes the post.

Anonymous said...

Mickns, unless you have xray vision, you have no idea whether that guy had a gun. Or his relatives standing behind the officer, for that matter.

You should try sitting in on a class at MLEOTA. Determining one's world view from Google is, as you illustrated, self limiting, because all you'll see is what you go searching for.

Unknown said...

@April 27, 2018 at 12:31 PM

How could I know if I was about to be arrested and handcuffed? Let's see, I was pushed against the patrol car, told to put my hands behind my back and the officer from the first backup car, notified the dispatcher that he was bringing in that "suspicious Black man from the 911 call". No need for mind reading there!

The only reason this process was stopped was because the second of two "back up" cars was driven by a White cop who remembered me as the guy who had coached his daughter at the YMCA.

As for knowing that the lady who "turned me in", was from the suburbs? I had called the owner of the 5 or 6 residence at the intersection of West St and George Street, mostly across from the Greenwood Cemetery, that were being renovated and behind a fence. The owner was an attorney from New Orleans. How did I know who the owner was and get his contact information? Well I had talked to the same lady who turned me in earlier in the week, told her what I wanted to do, she called the owner and the owner and I talked.

So why didn't this lady remember me from one day to the next? Well, I was wearing a sport coat and tie at the first meeting and work clothes the day she turned me in.

If you drive down there today you can see that although he had made good progress over the years one of his houses had suffered extensive fire damage.

Anyway, I told owner that I would be picking up debris from around his property and asked him not to throw out the bags of green debris, as I would have to come back the following week to pick up the bags to start a community compost heap. The owner was an attorney from New Orleans. Owner said okay. After the incident he called me, apologized and told me his new employee, a White lady from Madison, really shouldn't have made that call, as he had told his staff I was coming.

So why call the owner at all? Because I had previous experience with grocery stores (Sav A Lot), hospitals (Baptist), colleges (Millsaps), drugstores (Walgreen's), public schools (Murrah H.S.), in the area whose on site managers had advised me to alwayscall the main office and give them notice so they could alert their security that I was expected.

So why was I even picking up debris from the sidewalk in front of property I didn't own? Well there was this disabled guy who regularly rode up and down West street on a motorized flat gurney. So he was completely prone, just imagine that. This guy, who I had seen for at least three years, was having to "motor" in the street since the sidewalks were blocked. After picking up the debris in front of where I worked, I just kept on going. Mostly during my lunch hour.

Sorry to bore you with the facts, but you did ask? express skepticism? called me out?

If anyone doubts my tale I still have emails that confirm my communications with the attorney from New Orleans. I'm writing a book!

Unknown said...

@April 27, 2018 at 2:45 PM

No I don't have X-ray vision but the officer obviously didn't think the guy had a gun, and I didn't think he had one either. Maybe a knife was possible? A gun exhibits a rather characteristic "bulge" in the pocket.

As for his out of camera shot relatives? Yes, they could have had a gun. The cop obviously knew these folks and didn't feel physically threatened other than from the constant din, dithering and disrespectful prattle from the accused. This demonstrates the value of cops knowing the folks in their beats. Particularly the minority who keep up the most ruckus.

See Andy Griffith in Mayberry for how to do Community Policeing! (SMILE)

Anonymous said...

Even Mickns, at his age, has enough sense to view the video and see that both this guys pockets are bulging and full, even before he crammed his hands into the pockets. He very well could have had a knife or Sattidy Special. Nobody would have been surprised had he pulled a gun and offed this officer. Yet this Mickns character portrays him as an innocent 'unarmed black man'.

Google that Mickns.

Anonymous said...

F mickns, I get tired just SCROLLING-PAST your schizophrenic ramblings.

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