Friday, April 20, 2018

Mason Dixon: Hyde-Smith fares better against Espy.

A Mason-Dixon poll states that newly-appointed U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith handily beats former Congressman Mike Espy in a runoff.  However, the same poll claims that State Senator Chris McDaniel trails Mr. Espy by a narrow margin.  The poll reported a large number of undecided voters, 46% and 40%, in each poll. The sample was 625 voters.  The poll is posted below.  Demographic information is posted on page six.


Anonymous said...

Sounds plausible. I also think Espy only wins in a McDaniel/Espy runoff. I hope that enough of McDaniels' past supporters get behind Hyde-Smith this election to avoid that outcome.

Anonymous said...

McDaniels would beat Espy

This is Mississippi, the last state in the country that still has a Confederate emblem in the canton of its State flag, where the Ku Klux Klan is sending death threats to those who are trying to change it!?

And people actually believe a black Democrat would beat a white Republican for a seat in the Senate?

Anonymous said...

% of respondents aged 65+ years = 25%

Lange's Triumph Garbage Poll
% of respondents aged 65+ years = 64.3%

Yes, Alan, by all means let's lay "all [y]our cards laying face-up" since Geoff Pender can't figure it out.

You aren't remotely an honest broker, you're a shill looking to keep your GOP provided NMTC gravy train rolling.

Anonymous said...

These poll results suggest that in a McDaniel-Espy match-up a faction of Mississippi's petulant RINO herd would rather flip the seat to the Democrats and put Chuck Schumer in charge of the US Senate.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it sad poor old Cindy has to have the us chamber of commerce to degrade McDaniel. This is more of the Barbour mess with Cochran. This is the same chamber of commerce who wants unlimited illegals crossing the border and is leading the McConnell never trumpets. Bryant made a big mistake and showed his loyalty to the swamp.

Anonymous said...

1043, I guess you faiL to understand, or at least recognize, that not every voter in MS is either a Democrat or a Republican. Over 30% of the voters are truly independent. Granted, lately a large number of them have voted for Republican candidates, but they are not party folks who will vote for anybody or anything just because of the party designation beside their name.

For you to refer to them, or anyone else for that matter, by your favorite derogatory term RINO identifies your mindset very well - anyone who disagrees with you and your position is obviously bad. Hell of a way to build support and certainly not the way to select a candidate or get him elected.

Anonymous said...

This conservative will be casting his vote for Chris McDaniel. I want nothing to do with the liberal wing of the Republican party that has lied to us so many times.

Look Out said...

Wait until the Tariffs are in effect, folks are all playing follow the leader now. When they get in the booth they will vote their pocketbook. The tax cuts are being vaporized by the need for increased taxes at the local level. Folks with kids in college are feeling from the state too.

Anonymous said...

IMHO, Espy is still full of swamp water from the past.

Anonymous said...

Hell of a way to build support ...

Build support? Like paying black Democrats to vote for Cochran? "Hell of a way to build support" like that?

Anonymous said...

There isn't a single person on the list that will get us off #50 or reverse the course this country has been on over the last 50 years.

Anonymous said...

No such thing as a "RINO". Get over the Cochran crossover vote. We don't register by party here. You can't dictate people's choice of a candidate. I am a Republican. I choose Country above party. Espy is my choice.

Anonymous said...

More dirty tricks to try to discourage the Chris McDaniel Nation.
Ain't happening.

Anonymous said...

Yea, the Rob and Crystal's of the world will vote Espy in protest.

Let Reality Set In... said...

Any poll that has forty or more percent undecided ain't worth shit.

And the comment about the number of Mississippi voters who are independents is as bogus as Lutie's claim that there ain't no whiskey in his trunk. There may be a high of 4% of the Mississippi electorate (who will venture out to the polls) who meet the definition of independent. You weasel-heads just like to imagine you have a chance with independents. 96% of that imaginary 40% will pull the lever for McDaniel.

Espy's baggage is way too heavy for you dreamers to elect him. All six of you.

Anonymous said...

The Chris McDaniel Nation. Is that similar to the Jim Jones Nation and his Kool-Aid followers? Seems similar, and about as significant. Anybody notice a change in the country following the 1978 massacre in Guyana and the drinking of his Flavor Aid? Didn't think so - and if the Chris McDaniel Nation and his Peoples Temple were to follow in the same path, it would result in about the same blip on the screen - just a general improvement in the state's gene pool.

Anonymous said...

Senator Hyde-Smith remains Senator Hyde-Smith at the end of the day...

Anonymous said...

Yeah and she will be when she is chasing her cows. Shame she won't build a suitable fence. Poor Cindy "bryant" Smith has to rely on old McConnell and his never trumpers. Enough of the same ol crap, throw them out. Vote McDaniel

Anonymous said...

Tom Head is alive and well.

Anonymous said...

The Confederate States of America are alive and well. U.S. Senator-elect Chris McDaniel will soon lead us to victory.

"Phil Here. Is Trump In?" said...

Bryant has begun to see the error of his ways, yet it's too late for him to pretend he did not appoint Hyde-Smith. He's frantic and is hoping to find a way to blame someone else. As with the 'half mast Barbara Bush declaration', can he find a way to say Tate appointed Hyde-Smith 'while I was out of the country'? Will McConnell flip on Bryant since he now has no use for him? Will Phil's calls to D.C. go unanswered? Are the Trump people beginning to ask: "Phil Who?" Stay tooned.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what's up with that insane remark about Jim Jones Kool Aid and comparing that madness with McDaniel. The thing that I choose to recall most fondly about McDaniel and the initial Tea Party Movement in this state was it actually resulted in Photo ID at the ballot box. Had it not been for that movement and the group of (primarily) women involved in getting all those thousands of signatures, we would still be without that law.

But, please point out what you mean by a McDaniel cult or some sort of comparison with a religious nut case who encouraged hundreds to commit suicide. If you can't do that, it's OK. We knew you couldn't anyway.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, 3:31. It was the MS Republican Party - that establishment organization - that spearheaded the effort to get Voter ID on the ballot. The Initiative was started by State Senator Joey Fillengane of Lamar County. Yes, it is true that many members of the Tea Party got very involved and helped get the signatures - particularly in the 4th Congressional District which was the last to be completed. But there were many, many other folks that worked their rear ends off as well. At that time (prior to the McDaniel cult got created) those Tea Party members had not gone off the deep end of crazy, but were actually working for the concepts originally conceived of at the creation of the TP organization.

Your memory obviously has some gaps involved: the Tea Party was created in 2009-2010 following the Obama era spending spree. McDaniel's entry into the activity was in October 2013- 2014. To even try to equate McDaniel with the passing of the Voter ID is a really poor attempt at rewriting history.

You want to ask about the cultist nature of the self-proclaimed "McDaniel Nation" all it takes is reading his commentary and those of his followers. The earlier comparison to the followers of Jim Jones was actually pretty damn close in describing those folks that believe so strongly in a persona that they will believe anything and everything that is proclaimed as fact, regardless of what your lying eyes would tell you.

otisfyfe said...

9:46 - I can't apologize for your ignorance, but I can damned sure recognize and call it out. Mississippi is NOT the only state that has a representation of a Confederate Flag as part of its state flag. You don't know this, but now you will.

The State of Texas' flag incorporates the Bonnie Blue, which is an 1861 flag borne of The Confederacy. So, maybe now all this fabricated 'pain and victimization' bull-shit will shift from us over to Texas.

Proud Texas-Ex said...

12:00 Dubious claim. The Texas flag bears more resemblance to the flag of Puerto Rico than the Bonnie Blue (the song was first sung in public in Jackson, MS, BTW).

Anonymous said...


While I like the possibility you mention, it's not true - it's not the Bonnie Blue. The current TX flag has been in place since 1839... LONG before the creation of "Bonnie Blue" in 1861.

Anonymous said...

12:59....I'm not certain when the Bonnie Blue was first sung, but it was written in 1861. You might also know that it flew over the state capitol of Mississippi the day after secession. And, 1:30...It's unfortunate that you deny the relationship, yet the truth prevails. Texas celebrates The Bonnie Blue Flag.

Anonymous said...

The Texas state flag in 1836 bore a yellow, not a white, single star. During Lincoln's war, the state flag was shelved and the Confederate First National was in use. You apologists will not be able to deny that fact that Texas was and remains a Confederate state and the fact that they slip under the 'black racist radar' when it comes to flags.

Anonymous said...

Not getting in your pissing matches, but the Texas flag is most certainly derived from the same "Bonnie Blue" flag idea.

It's from the "revolution" of West Florida (or the little kick out area between the Pearl River and MS River in LA. Without this little minor revolution, New Orleans and Baton Rouge could have been in Mississippi.

The Bonnie Blue song and name was something that happened later after it was adopted, for the same reasons, by the confederacy.

Texas and Mississippi are not the only states with a holdover symbol from the Civil War.

And the "Rebel Flag" wouldn't be an issue until some ignorant white racists adopted it as their symbol. In my opinion, black people should start flying the Rebel Flag and take the power it has over them, with it.

Anonymous said...

4:50....McDaniel was being heralded as a 'rising star' with the inception and 'activation' of the Mississippi 'Tea Party'. I stood in the rooms at Republican headquarters for several days on end and watched the counting and the ground work being done to get all these signatures. The Tea Party (women primarily) had the lead role in that effort, so to hell with your attempt to diminish that fact. And the cauldron was bubbling with rumors of a guy named McDaniel who was about to upset the establishment republicans, which you obviously believe you represent.

Speaking of a 'cult', it is YOU GUYS who are now designated as a cult. And a moribund one at that. You will soon be no more relevant than Stennis-Eastland Democrats. But, there you go projecting your own view of Haley as your Cult-Leader and pretending others view McDaniel in that manner. That's absurd. You're desperate.

Anonymous said...

900, nice revision of history. I will put my activities on the voter ID up against you or anybody. If you were there for several days, I will trump that tenfold.

Yes, man Tea Party women were working their butt off getting signatures. But they were not the only ones working. I acknowledge and give thosd folks lots of credit - have and will continue to do so. But there were hundreds of others working as well - and I give them lots of credit,also. Obviously you being part of the cult, you can't or at least refuse to believe that anyone but your members are worth acknowledging.

And your version of their talk of McD is laughable. The focus was on the petitions, and McD,did nothing with that process and nobody except maybe you and a couple of your cult members even knew who McD was at the time.

If you really want to get into a piss in match about your personal knowledge of the Voter ID process, put a,name on your post, I'll do the same, and we can compare the number of days, or hours, of actual involvement in the process. I'll throw a hundred on the table against yours and leave it up to an independent arbiter to decide who has a better personal knowledge of how it all went down. Bring your cash - I'll look forward to spending it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not voting for anybody who uses Trump's name or face in their campaigning.

As for the flag or any other state symbol, let's do away with them all. We don't need it. How does a state flag or bird or flower help Mississippi? What's the benefit? What we need are jobs, infrastructure, education, and some common sense. All the flags in this state could be taken down tomorrow, and most of us wouldn't even notice they were gone.

Anonymous said...

9:33 - I can't think of another more self-serving post than yours. Is this really about how much time YOU spent somewhere or how much YOU think YOU are of value to the cult? Sorry. Try again.

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