Monday, February 20, 2017

Highland Village ceases charity events.

All good things must come to an end.  Blues By Starlight, Take a Tasty Bite Out of Crime, The Zoo Party,  A Taste of Mississippi, Sante South, and other charity events were held for years at Highland Village.  Jacksonians enjoyed the events as the outdoor nature of the shopping center provided a nice venue for events while supporting local charities.  However, Highland Village's management has decided to cease support of those events and ticketed charity functions will no longer be held at Highland Village.

Several restaurants will be moving into the courtyard.  The ticketed events close off the access to the courtyard, thus preventing their customers from being able to enter those restaurants without paying to get into the actual event .  A favorite venue in Jackson for the social scene will be no more.

Kingfish note:  Apparently a full house means nothing to the landlords of Highland Village who indeed think they are Lords of All and have no interest in the Jackson community other than sucking out the local dollars to Boston.   This was a great venue for charity events. It was nice and let's face it, people prefer outdoor parties when the weather is pleasant to being cooped up indoors.  Quite a few shops stayed open because they realized that a full house meant more traffic which might actually mean.... business.  Charities and non-profits will now be forced to scramble to find other venues.  Hello, Renaissance.  Nothing like seeing Jackson landlords run everything out to the burbs and then wonder why no one comes to Jackson.  However, it's only business.


Anonymous said...

Aside from the "Lords of All" bit, I agree with your post. They ARE lords of their property, right? Can we agree on that? Blame the Fowlers for selling the place if you want to blame someone. Local owners support local charities. Local charities ultimately mean nothing to out-of-state owners. If anyone is upset about this, I suggest you discuss it over coffee at your local coffee house, a meal at a locally-owned restaurant (including franchises), or while shopping at locally-owned stores. Locally-owned never really matters... until it does.

Lenitto Juarez said...

Whole Foods rules. Have another organic tofu burger.

Kingfish said...

I agree with you, 1:12. It is their property and it is their's to use as they see fit. I'd even defend their right to allow smoking. However, I also have the right to free speech and can voice my opinion. They can ignore it all day long.

Anonymous said...

Highland Village sold control so that the Prius crowd could get a Whole Foods. Talk about a progressive cage match. Now that they can overpay for staples at WF, they can't virtue signal on social media at the HV charity events. And frankly, a lot of folks warned about the Whole Foods deal hurting local business. If a consequence can be foreseen, it ain't unintended.

Anonymous said...

Where's your proof that Whole Foods is hurting local business? I've haven't seen one bit of traffic slowdown at McDades or Kroger. The amount of traffic in that area of Jackson is huge. The Whole Foods is a huge draw. It's not overpaying if you have other options and willingly walk in the door. This is from a guy who buys everything at McDades and Kroger. I rarely walk into Whole Foods but there's no denying that it's been great for Jackson.

Organic Chitlins said...

On Wednesday, Whole Foods reported what is arguably its worst performance in a decade, announcing its sixth consecutive quarter of falling same-store sales and cutting its outlook for the year. The company is closing nine stores, the most it has ever closed at one time. A mere 16 months ago, Whole Foods predicted it would grow its 470 U.S. locations to more than 1,200.

The problem is one that CEO John Mackey probably didn't predict when he first opened Whole Foods as a neighborhood natural foods store 36 years ago: Organics, then a fringe interest, have become so thoroughly mainstream that organic chains now have to face conventional big-box competitors. Mass-market retailers were responsible for 53.3 percent of organic food sales in 2015, according to the Organic Trade Association; natural retailers clocked in just north of 37.
By volume, the largest organic retailer in the U.S. is currently believed to be Costco — which in 2015 sold $4 billion of organic produce and packaged foods. Like Walmart, Kroger and Aldi, Costco sells organic produce for considerably cheaper than do natural food stores, farmer's markets or Whole Foods. In fact, lowering prices has been one of Whole Food's primary strategies for dealing with competitors.

Kingfish said...

WF has been good for the community. Created a sort of local meeting place for NE Jackson. Can get coffee or beer. It's higher priced but all in all, it's been a plus. People from outside of Jackson actually come there to shop.

Anonymous said...

Dam Yankees.

Anonymous said...

It sucks that these events are being "forced" out to the burbs when it appears they didn't ask to be but I will say Highland Village was just too small. I went to a Blues by Starlight one year and swore I would never go back. Parking was a nightmare and the space was so claustrophobic you couldn't move around to casually sample the food. I had always hoped it would move to Renaissance where the potential would be for more space and breathing room.

Anonymous said...

Whole Foods is one the few places I'd bother to shop in Jackson for, to be honest. Fresh Market is okay but WF has stuff you can't find elsewhere in the metro area.

Anonymous said...

I like Fresh Mkt too. Don't forget the original RAINBOW Whole Foods in Fondren.

Meeting Place My Ass! said...

How the hell can a grocery store be characterized as 'a local meeting place'? Bull Shit. It's a damned grocery store! Nobody goes to the grocery store for a 'meeting place' except six or seven old men who might meet for a cheap breakfast at Kroger or McDonalds where coffee refills are free and farts are overlooked.

Other than that, people go to the grocery store to buy groceries unless you're a warped fellow who wears sunglasses and follows women around the aisles.

Anonymous said...

3:05, you really should not comment when YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! Whole Foods has a 2nd level specifically designed as a meeting space, and it is utilized quite frequently. I don't have anything to do with Whole Foods and don't shop there very often, but I can't stand a negative know it all ass like yourself who actually knows nothing about the subject.

Everyone but Ladd is a racist said...

Oh, dear! What will the Zoo Party Unleashed do now? How about having their fundraiser at the zoo itself?

Remember when people were talking about moving the Zoo to LeFleur's Bluff and Donna Ladd called them racists, but was happy to co-sponsor a fundraiser in Highland Village where the "right people" would gladly show up and donate money?

JJ readers ate her lunch over the hypocrisy. Now that Highland Village is no longer available, will she and the other sponsors hold their party on the Zoo grounds?

My sources say no.

Anonymous said...

I bet 3:05 also thinks Starbucks is just a coffee store....What a moron.

Anonymous said...

Whole Foods = Whole Paycheck

Anonymous said...

Public events, even those ticketed, can go to the many public locations in
Jackson or wherever they are domiciled. Highland Village, with its renovation
and new business and old establishments, is a great shopping and dining
attraction for Jackson.

Anonymous said...

4:10 Whole Foods is not "whole paycheck" for the people (myself included) who shop there and enjoy it. It might be for the Cash Saver crowd, but that is why they don't shop there. The people who go around using cliche phrases like "whole paycheck" are the people I'm paying extra to avoid just like I pay extra to shop at Target so I don't have to be around Walmart folks.

Anonymous said...

4:37, your lack of self awareness is pretty awesome. Thanks for proving all the snarkier commenters correct when they say so many whole fooders are elitists.

Anonymous said...

Dumb move by Highland Village, but its their property. If you are going to ask people to venture into Jackson for a major fund raising event, you can have it at the Art Museum, the Convention Center or the Marriott or the King Edward or Old Capital Inn. Or 10 other places.

Anonymous said...

This is a real bummer and puts a bad taste in my mouth. I agree the parking was not great and it could get crowded but it sure was an established Jackson tradition. Where to now? Will start seeking.

Anonymous said...

Hi Highland Village manager lady at 1st comment at 4:37 PM

Anonymous said...

5:27 Apparently you don't have a clue as to the difference between the average Target customer vs. the average Walmart customer.

Anonymous said...

3:20; I'm sure and several other men of questionable character and deviance enjoy meeting at the upper level of the local grocery retailer. Eventually you will be outed though.

Anonymous said...

I can't afford to shop at Whole Foods you jerk? For those of us who can only afford to shop at Dallar General Grocery, Whole Foods would be whole paycheck for my family. It takes all that my wife and I have to care for her mom and our two kids. We both are community college educated and I work two jobs. I am proud of my family and happy that I don't associate with snobs such as you.

Anonymous said...

I can think of at least one event that so many free tickets were given out it made it less likely paying customers would want to face the crowd....a bit counter productive I'd say...

Hookah said...

The Whole Foods in Jackson has to be the worst Whole Foods I've ever been to.

Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory.. said...

I didn't realize the Metropolis had such a large crowd of man-boys who wear skinny leg britches and cruise at grocery stores and coffee shacks. My bad.

The same crowd that protests Mac's not selling craft beer (or any beer).

Anonymous said...

9:09 pm Sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder that is every bit as unattractive as snobbery.
Having struggled financially in early years and finally arrived at success, there is nothing ennobling about financial hardship nor in wealth. Life remains challenging.
It's been sad that some of my friends from early years and relatives , like you, become prideful and/or resentful. Some say can't afford to be my friend anymore and they won't let me share with them the benefits of having money. They think it " showing off" and making them feel poor. And, there are those who want me to just give them money.
I shop at Walmart and Target and Whole Foods. I shop at WF because I'm on a restricted diet for health reasons and they have what I used to have to order.
There is a buffet and dining at WF and a place to meet . It's obvious to any observer that the prices are reasonable for many items like a buffet lunch and not everyone shopping or eating there is wealthy.
The truth is that there are toxic and unhappy and resentful people in every economic strata and group in society. Fortunately, there are also positive, stable, good hearted people as well . If you find the good folks and avoid the toxic folks , you make friendships that are meaningful and last a lifetime. You also find that happiness and laughter is contagious. My friendships aren't based on the thickness of one's wallet, but on a person's character and how they treat others.
Happiness is a gift you give yourself. It's not something you can purchase. I'm like my parents pointed that out to me early on. I think it makes success more likely. Nobody wants to be around , much less promote ill tempered,negative, complaining, resentful people.

Anonymous said...

@9:09 : you are lashing out because of your poor life choices? WF markets to those you'll never associate with: people that like for animals they eat to be treated humanely, organic food types that are treated with DNA altering chemicals, and lactose intolerant.

It's not my cup of tea as they don't sell Barq's root beer in the bottle. But I give them marks for their seafood and meat selection.

So because you can't afford it, if you shop carefully, you find their prices are nearly inline the top tier foods at Kroger, is no reason to lash out against those that appreciate the alternate choices now available to our area.

Anonymous said...

coming from someone in the ag sector, 90% of the "organic" food you buy is a marketing ploy. Enjoy your over priced fruits, veggies, and meats, but don't think for a minute its 100% free range or organic. They have yall hippies falling for one of the best feel good marketing scams ever pulled off.

Anonymous said...

Why not just give armbands to ticket holders and let everyone in the venue? That way, you're not restricting access to existing businesses in the courtyard. How many people are at Highland Village at 8:00 at night anyway (outside of the restaurants)?

I think something else is going on here. Maybe they were having to pay extra premiums for their premises liability coverage for each event? Extra security? If it's something like that, it seems like the costs could have been passed on to organizers/attendees. I think this is pretty short sighted by the new owners. Lots of people who wouldn't normally think about Highland Village (me included) discover new businesses to patronize by attending those charity events.

Anonymous said...

6:18 and 6:31 am
It doesn't appear that you understand the point I believe is being made by 9:09 pm. It appears that you (same person?) believe it's fine to opine on your wonderful "life choices" that enable you to regularly shop at WHOLE FOODS. In my humble opinion however you are deplorable to suggest that hard working Americans such as 9:09 have made "poor" life choices.
Nobody seemed to be asking for a donation from you; the man was only stating his opinion in response to yours. It is you who display your ignorance if you believe the animals that you ingest are really treated any differently than those I kill, clean and eat every fall and winter.
Dead meat is dead meat and by the way all chickens sold publicly are required to be treated with antibiotics.

Anonymous said...

So many preachy people on this thread admonishing everybody else and pretending to read from a book by Norman V. Peale. If you think YOU were one of those posters, YES, you were.

Anonymous said...

@9:14 the increase in premises liability stemming from an event like these would be incurred upon the event organizer and they would pay for it. Also would be listing the premises owner as an additional insured and most likely with a waiver of subrogation in favor or the owners of HV. It wouldn't be on the building owners policy nor much of a rating detail.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like 6:18 and 6:31 think that people less fortunate then them shouldn't be able to eat healthy too.

Anonymous said...

They're not elitists. They're new money. They were never taught that being humble and modest in attitude is what's best for everyone, including themselves. They were probably never taught that the money flow could be gone tomorrow in the blink of an eye. They will never understand that flagrantly showing off on purpose is how you become a target. They will never understand the difference between true intrinsic value and brand name corporate value. J. crew, a BMW, and Whole Foods.

Only "the sheep" save money where possible, right? The wealthy never do. 'Cuz that's how the wealthy stay wealthy; they spend all of their money on needless exotic purchases at every point along the path. 🙄

As for the Bostonians taking control of Highland Village: you need to understand your market In a broader context. I'm trying to help you out. If you keep at it like an Ayn Rand acolyte gone wrong, eventually you'll lose all of your tenants that make the place seem special.

Anonymous said...

3:05 / 7:37, you are consumed by the thought of deviants in grocery stores. Sick. Get some help.
3:20 here. Female. And don't venture to the 2nd level, and rarely the 1st, at WH.

Anonymous said...

"3:05 / 7:37, you are consumed by the thought of deviants in grocery stores. Sick. Get some help.
3:20 here. Female. And don't venture to the 2nd level, and rarely the 1st, at WH."
February 21, 2017 at 3:15 PM

My thoughts, EXACTLY! And how did this person even gain this "knowledge" about the second floor? Who knows about things like that, except...

Anonymous said...

Lots of people soiling their pants over a grocery store. Y'all get some help, okay?

Cruising for Catfish... said...

I agree. So....the 'female' @ 3:15 has special knowledge of the "atrium level" at WH where the deviants meet?

Most of us have never heard of the second floor until Kingfish mentioned it. These 'meeting places' aren't well known to normal people.

I go for a jar of pickles, a couple of ribeyes and maybe six inspected, farm-raised catfish filets. Leaving the weekend follies to others.

Anonymous said...

I've been heavily involved with one of the events mentioned in the original post for some time, and another of the events a little less so. First, the new management of Highland Village have been downright hostile to the nonprofits who had previously used the site with no problems. Not just unwelcoming, but hostile. I spoke with committee members of a couple of the other events and they felt the same way. Worse, the new HV management would show up at the events and harass ticket-holders and participating restaurants. I am surprised they event felt they needed to make an announcement, everyone I spoke with said they were looking for a friendlier, more supportive venue.

Second, the management at Whole Foods stepped in and provided the kind of support for the organizing volunteers that we used to get from the Fowlers. If they were opposed to the event, they probably wouldn't have been as helpful. Jeff Good and Bravo also stepped up, though they had been supportive for years.

Third, the events didn't cost HV a penny. The nonprofits secured the insurance, sponsors paid for services that weren't donated, and volunteers did all the work. I spent many late nights checking the shrubs at the site for discarded food or paper products just so HV staff didn't have to worry about it.

I grew up in Jackson and spent a lot of time at Highland Village -- got my senior portraits at the fountain there. I won't shop there anymore, though -- I am not going to support people who don't support the community.

I hope the local business owners who are still there will find new locations.

Kingfish said...

Never said a word about the second floor. If you actually visited WF, you would see there are tables and chairs outside next to the cafe and plenty of them inside as well. People actually meet there for coffee or beer. They serve plenty of hot meals as well.

Let's Shuck Some Corn Here said...

Let's revisit the timeline and posts:

At 1:45, Kingfish refers to Whole Foods as 'a local meeting place'.

Then 5:05 questions the assertion that a grocery store is 'a meeting place'.

Then 3:20 jumps in to defend the 2nd floor of Whole foods as 'A meeting space, utilized quite frequently' (although he doesn't say what for).

Next, 4:00 calls 3:05 a moron and sidetracks the conversation over to Starbucks (another well known 'meeting place utilized quite frequently', no doubt)

7:27 questions the morals of 3:20 who meets others on the 2nd floor of a Grocery Store when his wife thinks he is working her grocery list.

5:54 remarks about man-boys cruising grocery stores and coffee shacks as 'meeting places' (so he must be an obsessed moron).

3:15 jumps in to offer her clinical diagnosis of the mental illness of 3:05/7:37 who was guilty of pointing out the deviants.

5:00, who isn't paying attention worth a shit, jumps in to wonder how 3:05 knew about the 2nd floor after it had already been revealed and discussed.

Kingfish covers his bases at 9:50 by saying 'ain't nunna me - I ain't the one who told about the second floor!'

Well hell! Whatever happened to deviants simply cruising the bus stations and toilets at the Holiday Hotel? Now we have grocery stores offering not only places for men to pee with little girls...but also hosting 'meeting places' for shoppers.

And please tell me when men started meeting men upstairs in a grocery store instead of gathering on Saturday to rake ball fields, do cemetery work or build playgrounds.

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