Thursday, February 9, 2017

Carjacking gone live (Video)

They are getting more and more bold.  Some local thugs decided to carjack two people not once, but twice in one night.  They carjacked a woman in Ridgeland, drove to Scott County, and carjacked another car in Scott County in the same night.  Police chased them back to Jackson on I-20.  The police threw down strips in Rankin County but the perps got through them somehow and hit several police cars.  One source said they tried to run over a deputy.  Police attempted to shoot out a tire but the bullet ricocheted and struck one suspect in the arm. The five suspects were teens from Jackson. 

The crime itself is pretty bold but what was even more brazen is that the suspects live-streamed the chase on Facebook with um, color commentary.  You read that sentence correctly.  They attempted to go Worldstar by showing a live carjacking and police chase in action. The video is posted below. 

Here are some quotes from the video: 

"I got bail money"
"My mother got a good ass lawyer"
"We burning their ass aren't we"
"We on the way back to Jackson"
"We fixing to cross these lines, they can't cross it"
"I ain't gonna bail, we burning their ass up"
 "I ain't getting back in no orange-ass jump shoot"
"Sumbitches lined up all over there"
"They shooting"
"Aw fuck, they trying to kill us bro, they shoot"
 "Hey bro, they fixing to shoot"
"They tryin' to kill us. Tell my mama I loved if her I don't see her"
"This real ass celebrity type shit"

Meanwhile, Rankin-Madison District Attorney Michael Guest issued the following press release:

Last night at approximately 11:40 p.m. the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department received a Bolo from the Forest Police Department on a stolen brown Honda Accord and a red Nissan Sentra. The Sentra had been stolen at gunpoint from Ridgeland (at 8:30 pm), and was involved in an armed carjacking in the city of Forest. The alert stated that the occupants of the vehicle may be armed.

Rankin County Sheriff’s Department located the Nissan Sentra on Interstate 20 headed west bound. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle and the vehicle fled. Officers pursued the vehicle at speeds in excess of 100 mph. During the pursuit, as the vehicle was entering more densely populated areas of the county, officers attempted to disable the vehicle by firing a shot at the rear tire of the stolen car. The bullet struck the car and then ricocheted and struck the back seat passenger. The stolen vehicle continued to travel into the City of Jackson and the vehicle ultimately was stopped and the occupants were placed under arrest. The back seat passenger was transported to the hospital for treatment for a wound he suffered to his upper arm. MBI was contacted and is conducting an investigation into the shooting of the vehicle. Once their investigation is complete their finding will be turned over to our office.

A third vehicle, a Dodge Charger, stolen from Hinds County was located by the Forest Police Department. The two occupants of the vehicle were arrested. The Charger was believed to have been involved in the armed carjacking in Ridgeland and the armed carjacking in Forest. The names of the individuals arrest are not being released at this time as they are juveniles but will be released once formally charged in Ridgeland. The ages of the suspects are 15, 16, and three 17 year olds all from Jackson.

There are currently multiple law enforcement agencies that are involved in this ongoing investigation. They include the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department, Mississippi Bureau of Investigations, Ridgeland Police Department, and the Forest Police Department.

Note: They actually went more than five minutes without saying *****a.

The mother told WLBT:

 "I just think by them shooting into that car, they could've hit either one of the kids," said the boy's mother, who asked not to be identified. "I'm just thankful that the one that did get shot lived."

Yes, maam, one of these savages could've been hit.  They used guns to rob people.  That means they were prepared to kill their victims or anyone else who got in their way so if one of them got hit, oh friggin well. Sucks to be them. They exemplify a nihilistic culture in ways Sartre never imagined.  


Good Ass Lawyer said...

Yo, I be a good ass lawya and I be reppin' these boys in fronta Tomie Green. I ga-ron-tee dey be on da skreet in a week!

One call, that all, muhfuh!

Anonymous said...

They seem to think/know once they enter the "Sanctuary City of Jackson" they are home free.

Nice job Kennuf.

Kingfish said...

Stokes has said he is ok with police chases of violent criminals. It's the misdemeanors he bitched about.

Anonymous said...

These thugs are going to be a plague on society until they are put 6 feet under. Kenny Stokes is a complete joke. He needs to stick with naming streets for black folks. This really point out that the Jackson police force is a joke too. These thugs know to beat it back to Jackson to be safe.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for deciphering that dialect they use. As I stated in another post. If my employees talk using that dialect, I ask them to repeat themselves until they get tired or give up and......eventually quit their job.

The law enforcement did the correct ting by shooting. I don't know if I could do their job and stay in a state of mind that would keep me from killing those thugs. Just think about it. Maybe a family member of yours was on the road and they placed them in danger. I'm proud of those officers for stopping them and not allowing them back into the hinds county court system.

Anonymous said...

Could anyone identify the language being spoken in this video? I feel blessed that my kids never hung around anyone remotely like these creatures.

Anonymous said...

Those pesky 'teens' again, huh?

Anonymous said...

Next we will hear from their family members who will say these young men were just about to get jobs, be active in their churches, go to college, and support their families.

exjxnres said...

What language were they speaking? Definitely is NOT ENGLISH....! I am curious as to how far any of these idiots went in school.....3rd Grade?

The Donald said...

Ridgeland is very dangerous now. Sad!

Anonymous said...

Let me guess; it's all whitey's fault... and what in the hell is alt-nation or whatever they repeated 100,000 times?

Anonymous said...

I'm questioning my anti-abortion views as I continue to see this type of behavior.

Anonymous said...

No doubt Jackson's progressive lice like Donna Ladd will find fault with the language used by the law enforcement officers.

Anonymous said...

Come on. "Jackson's youths are 'plagued with boredom.'" "They need something to do."

"(A) child’s “belief” in the importance of rules and laws is diminished when he or she is continually the victims of crime or see victimization in his or her community, “leading them to lose respect for the system.” That “victimization” can even include poor police interaction, abandoned houses left to rot, or trash or uncut tall grass in their neighborhoods. The child’s community, and thus he or she, are not cared about, these conditions tell young people.

The criminal-justice system must also be improved, BOTEC warned, because any touches with it, especially if dehumanizing, can increase the young person’s potential to commit more crime. That, too, means that law-enforcement officials and corrections officials need to treat them respectfully to improve legal facilities. “Don’t treat people like they’re beneath me. I would be respectful (then),” one young person (said)."

If only the police, in the communities that Jackson hood export crime to, would somehow take it into their heart to "be respectful" of these poor "victims" of all of us at work. You just don't care. You don't mow the grass on their abandoned lots. You don't apologize profusely for your white privilege that has forced them to smoke dope and carjack!!!

Anonymous said...

10:58. They are "shouting out" to the Vice Lords Nation, a violent black gang.

Anonymous said...

To help with the translation, this old radio broadcast "Boo got Shot" from Atlanta's WSB might help:

Anonymous said...

While I was watching the video, I noticed they were not wearing a seat belt...That sure is bold of them to break the seat belt law.

Anonymous said...

For the life of me, I do not understand why a black person, in Mississippi of all places, would give a bigot the satisfaction of seeing them do something criminal or stupid?

These stupid a** idiots just do not understand that for every time they video themselves in the midst of pulling off something criminal, it simply reinforces stereotypes that bigots fester over.

Never give them the satisfaction of seeing you fail!

Anonymous said...

Where did this happen at in Ridgeland?

Anonymous said...

Alt Nation is a station on SiriusXM. They were live on the show. The main person with the phone is a DJ on that channel.

Anonymous said...

Oh great!! And I just signed a one year lease on an apartment in Ridgeland. Guess I better go to Van's and get a pistol. A .40 caliber ought to hold up nice, no? Open for suggestions.

Anonymous said...

@12:10, have you ever paused to consider that there's a reason for the stereotype? That element aspires to this type of behavior. It's cultural. This is not perception; it's reality. Your "reality" vis a vis these people does not exist. Now go ahead and call me a bigot so you don't have to think.

PittPanther said...

12:10pm, bigots don't care if you're a doctor and a lawyer, with an MBA, wearing a suit, and speaking the Queens English. Trying to please a bigot is a fool's errand.

PittPanther said...

Nihilism is right. The kids just didn't give a damn. No thought or worry about their future, or prison, or whatever.

It's tough to defend against someone that has nothing to lose. If someone doesn't care about growing up and having a good life, if someone doesn't care about prison or death. How do you turn this around? What do our philosophers have to say about changing people from a nihilistic viewpoint?

Anyway, the real question, if anyone on this board is serious about reducing crime, is understanding HOW these kids reached this point?

Genral observation-not a bigot said...

@12:10. It's quite apparent that this newer/younger generation has a different value system than their elders who just wanted to vote.

The way I see it, there are two factions of black people here: the older, more respectful crowd with morals who
just want the best out of life, and then you have the hopeless crazies raised on gangster rap that think everything is a struggle against the white man & "showing them."

Anonymous said...

I like the 12:39 mark of the video.. "That's when he knew he f'd up" .. The party was over once that door opened..

Anonymous said...

I just checked my bank account and did not see my white privilege there.

I am not certain how a posting like this can bring comments about what white people should do to help these criminals. They obviously have no respect for themselves or anyone else. This "owed to me mentality" is just ridiculous. Get off your butts and parent, supervise and teach your children respect. It is not MY responsibility to clean up someone else's mistakes. I do not owe anything to anyone but my own family. I work, my family works and parents work for what we have.

The JPS and Hinds school system is open 180 days a year, will provide free lunch and an education. Why were these boys not at home doing homework or studying for ACT. They are provided a way out and a way up in the world but choose not to take it because they want to thug stars with police chase.

Anonymous said...

Collective IQs: 36

Anonymous said...

I don't know what they're repeating or to whom they're speaking, but I can almost guarantee you it isn't the SiriusXM channel Alt Nation. That's a channel for alternative rock and college music. These yo-deffers are not in that demographic. More likely they're shouting out to some homeboy of theirs or something to do with World Star Hip Hop.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:56pm

It's not about pleasing a bigot - its about giving them ammunition.

Even from a gangster perspective, why video tape yourself doing a crime!?

You think John Gotti would video tape himself giving orders to kill someone?

Perhaps the Luthansa Heist?

Hell you have basic everyday black people getting killed by police and these ignorant empty headed idiots, in racist ass Mississippi want to be an open target? For what? To prove what?

You know Andy Gipson is sharing this with Bubba Carpenter and spitting 'backy in a mason jar in back of the Capital saying, "Dat's why I passed the dern Back the Badge Bill"

Adrienne Wooten is trying to assert her husband from idiots like this - but yet - this video will now be the standard bearer of how black men act in Mississippi.

I'm about to go to Virgin Islands, y'all can have this sh*t

Yo said...

racist ass Mississippi

Is that anything like a "good ass lawyer"? Or an "orange ass jumpsuit"? Or "real ass celebrity shit"?

You'd fit right in with these dingdongs, except you need to say it this way:

Hell awnation you have basic everyday black people getting killed by police awnation and these ignorant awnation empty headed idiots, in racist ass Mississippi awnation want to be an open target, awnation? For what, awnation? To prove what, awnation?


Anonymous said...

I hope this video is used in court. Madison County/Scott County will certainly lock these thugs up for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Tell us Pitt, how did they reach this point?

Messick said...

The Donners are thick in here this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Ok Pitt.

Anyway, the real question, if anyone on this board is serious about reducing crime, is understanding HOW these kids reached this point?

Assuming that's not rhetorical, I'll tell you.

It starts with fatherless black "men" who breed women like a dog hikes his leg to mark territory. These biological fathers disappear and take no part in raising the feral boys they produced. The feral boys have no discipline in their lives and become sociopaths, embracing their culture, where robbery, dope dealing and knocking up a new generation of girls are rites of passage.

I hope that answers your question, Pitt. They're animals and belong in cages. That's not bigotry. Is simple truth. Now tell me where I'm wrong. Go head.

James said...

"Was this even in English?" Philip commented on Jackson Jambalaya as he spit chew into his Ole Miss Yeti cup.

Two Parent Home said...

@3:36 Amazing you talk about fatherless black men when the divorce rate in the entire country is at 50% and a lot of those kids grow up in single parent homes...

Anonymous said...

Another one of those threads that KF decided to limit the post to only a select few. Just about time to find another blog to visit.

Anonymous said...

@3:58....It is indeed sad that we do have such a divorce rate, but the difference is that at least the kids from the divorced families know who their Daddies are and usually the dads stay involved with raising their kids.

Anonymous said...

Since they were endangering other lives while evading capture, the police should have "shoot on sight" authority with complete immunity.

5.56 mm 62 grain green tips to the head would have really "accented" the video.

Anonymous said...

I won't be back. Found another blog that I think is better.

Anonymous said...

Just about time to find another blog to visit.

I won't be back. Found another blog that I think is better.

The great thing is you won't be missed and, therefore, nobody will give damn.

Black Jack said...

Stupid Little Thugs! Giving Us ALL a BAD rap! Lock Mommy up TOO! How bout Dah???????

Anonymous said...

Agree. I gave one too many comments about "blacks", excuse me "African Americans" running Jackson and letting people off the hook. So my comment wasn't published.
It only stated the obvious that we have all seen come to truth multiple times, young "African Americans" getting backed by momma that "they angels, they ain did nuffin wrong." When clear evidence ( a video shot this time by "supposed defendants" ) was published by "supposed guilty".
KF, I Iove your site but come on man...don't be "skeered" to post comments only stating the obvious.


How We Get To This Here Point? said...

Commenting on the national divorce rate is not only a red herring, it's totally irrelevant. The question was asked 'how did we get to this point'. The situation is Jackson and the question, I assume, involves Jackson.

The national divorce rate is composed of people who were once (wait for it) married. Let's stipulate that the 'parents' of 90% of these urchins never experienced that bond.

Anonymous said...


Those little bitches were not so hard after all. Looked scared as shit. Little punk bitches about like the rest of the wanna be thugs in Jackson. They are bad ass when they have a gun, but put them up against someone with a gun and the wilt like a BITCH!


Anonymous said...

When you get tired of the nonsensical patter just skip to the end where you hear the police. It's a relief to hear them apprehend these idiots.

Anonymous said...

These little jokers probably know who there father is as well.

Not trying to justify their actions, but mix in poverty, little opportunity to escape poverty, parents are under-educated - the "I don't give a f*ck" mindset kicks in real quick.

It's a vicious cycle and you wonder why we need to keep abortion legal.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that when people see young black people behaving like this they automatically think the majority of black people are this way. It simply not the truth. The black community has its share of problems for sure but those kids are a minority, not the majority. Most black people have jobs, they take care of their kids, and they contribute to society. Your environment can shape you. If you live in the worst parts of the city, go to the worst schools in the city, you are poor, and all of your family and friends are uneducated. You never had much of a chance from the start.

Anonymous said...

To the mother who told the news station if the officers shot in the car they would have hit one of the boys. Well dear if you was raising your son to be a productive citizen he wouldn't be carjacking people or running from the police. If they caught a bullet they brought it on themselves and it was a good thing you didn't identified yourself because you know that comment you made was just as stupid as the crap coming out their mouths on the video. You are a pathetic parent and you should be charged for your son's actions. These boys think what they did was funny. They think carjacking innocent people who work hard for their stuff is funny. Well I wonder how funny it will be when the Rankin County courts throws the book at them? These boys lack intelligence, morals and respect and we can thank their parents for that. Now if my post offend anybody that means you don't like the truth. If anyone is upholding their behavior you are just as dumb as they are.

Anonymous said...

Did they ever announce the names of the "suspects?"

Anonymous said...

Time for an update, Kingfish! What's the current status on this?

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