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Wrapping Up the Mardis Case

 The Mardis cake is baked but there are some loose ends that need to be tied up  before JJ turns away from this story hopefully forever.  

Motion Hearing on October 24, 2023

Yours truly sat in the courtroom for three hours covering the motion hearing.  It was not covered in the original post because Mardis unexpectedly pleaded guilty.  Posted below is the account of what took place that afternoon. 

Rankin County Circuit Judge Steve Ratcliff held a hearing on October 24 after Todd Mardis's attorney, the Honorable John Collette, submitted several motions to the Court.  Mardis's trial for aggravated domestic violence. was scheduled to begin on October 30.  

Flowood Police arrested Mardis in October 2022 after he beat his wife, Kim Mardis, the evening of October 6.  Mardis beat his wife unconscious in his truck as they traveled from McLain's Lodge to their Flowood home, then pulled his wife out of the truck and dragged her across the driveway, through the house to their bedroom by her hair.  

Kim suffered  a fractured wrist, fractured ankle, broken ribs, a lacerated liver, bruises covering most of her body, and a fractured cheekbone.  Mardis did not take her to the hospital but instead flew to Tampa the next morning on a rented private jet with another woman.  Flowood police arrested Mardis when he returned at the Jackson Airport.   

County Court Judge David Morrow revoked his bond in April 2023 after he violated a no-contact order.  A Madison County deputy saw him and his wife at a Flora restaurant.  Recorded jail phone calls revealed Mardis passing messages to his wife through their daughter.  Fast forward to October 24, 2023.


Mardis entered the courtroom clad in a yellow jumpsuit while his wife and children sat behind him in a show of support.  

The hearing opened as Judge Ratcliff adjudicated several motions concerning records.  Collette moved on to his next target, which was this website.  The Court approved this website's camera coverage request for the bond revocation hearing.  Although Kim Mardis testified, this correspondent turned the camera way from the victim as is standard procedure in Court.  The Mardis attorney filed a motion to strike the video and prohibit its dissemination.  "It's out there," said Collette.  

Judge Ratcliff said he would take the motion "in abeyance" and never ruled on the motion.  

After that strikeout, the esteemed defense attorney asked the court to change venue, citing this website's coverage of the case.  Prosecutors did not dispute "the extensive media coverage of the case."  Collette stated there were 75 comments on JJ's October 19, 2023 post as he argued his client wanted to be tried in the county where he grew up but  could not get a fair trial due to publicity.  

Assistant District Attorney Mary Jane Lemon said Mardis did not file a response in time nor include two affidavits from citizens who've heard of the case as required.  She said she had not one, not two, not three, but four affidavits of citizens saying they would not be affected by media coverage.  

Judge Ratcliff said he agreed with the state that the defense did not comply with the deadline.  He said he could handle any potential bias during voir dire.  Raising his voice, Collette hotly protested, "Apparently the rules apply to me and not her."  

The missive bounced off the judge's stoic demeanor as he calmly warned the lawyer "Let's not do that."  However, it would not be long before they clashed again. 

Collette asked for reports compiled by Rankin County Deputy Wesley Shivers.  He said Kim and Logan (Mardis daughter) came over and gave statements.  The lawyer said he wanted the deputy's notes and any other notes prosecutors made during any interviews with Kim Mardis.  

A frustrated Collette yelled prosecutors were going to try to impeach Kim Mardis because she wanted to drop the case.  Judge Ratcliff warned the lawyer he was bordering on contempt of court.  

Collette also filed a motion to suppress a video of Shivers' interview with Kim Mardis at the hospital.  Judge Ratcliff did not approve the motion.  

The Court invoked the witness rule, thus forcing most of the Mardis clan as well as other witnesses to leave the courtroom.  

Standing before the Court, John Collette was determined to go down swinging as he used every trick learned during decades of practicing law to defend his client but it was all to no avail.  

Collete said Shivers called Flowood Police that evening.  Shivers went to the hospital room "with my client."  The officer had on a bodycam.  Kim Mardis, Shivers, and Logan were in the troom, "talking about figuring out what had happened before Kim prepared a statement."  Collette said Kim said when it came time to fill out the statement, she said "I've just been shot with pain pills." She was receiving oxycontin every few hours.  The interview took place and was recorded on the Deputy's bodycam.  

The lawyer alleged prosecutors were going to use the bodycam video to "refresh" the victim's memory.  Collette argued the video should not be used to refresh her memory in front of the jury.  Judge Ratcliff said he would decide whether to suppress the video at trial as the feisty lawyer continued to strike out.  Assistant District Attorney Scott Rogillo said he did not want to be limited to Mardis's narrative of what he thought might happen in court.  "We will clearly follow the rules: impeachment or refreshment, or rebuttal," said the veteran prosecutor.  

Next up was Mardis's motion to suppress the home security camera video.  A security camera in the driveway of the Mardis home captured much of the assault as it showed Mardis dragging an unconscious Kim Mardis out of the truck by her hair.  He continued to drag her across the driveway, through the flowerbeds, and into the house.  

Collette argued the video was seized due to a warrantless search and the State had yet to prove it met the exceptions for allowing the video in court.  Rogillo asked what Collette exactly wanted to suppress.  

Collette replied he wanted to suppress all photographs taken on October 6 and 7 as well as the security camera video as "fruit of the poisoned tree."  He said photographs of Todd's truck purported to have blood inside.  

When an investigator asked one of Mardis's son JT where the truck was, the son replied he took to his uncle's house (Todd's brother). 

Collette pressed his cause even harder: "The cops go to the house, they know Todd is out of town, at some point there is a call from the hospital telling JT (son) to go meet the police at the house.  The tape was in JT's truck at the uncle's house.  The police follow him to the house.  JT gives the investigator the tape.   The tape was removed from the house by the son but turned over to the police due to a police command.  The police obtained a warrant the next day."  

However, Rogillo fired right back at Collette.  He said the family "had discussions on the afternoon of October 6.  They told the son to remove the DVR from the home." No state actors were involved in its removal.  JT obtained help to disconnect the dvr.  The family's concern was Mardis was going to come home and erase the video.  The family got the video out of the house and took it to the uncle's house.  

The family called Shivers that evening, thus informing him of the beating.  Shivers meets with family, calls Flowood police, and reports the assaults.  Flowood investigator Connor Brennan shows up and records with his bodycam.  Another Flowood police detective searched the property.  

"They want to give it to him.  He doesn't know where it is.  They tell him where it is.  He follows him to where it is," said Rogillo.    He argued JT brought the dvr to the investigators, thus having nothing to do with the search.  However, Collette argued the dvr was turned over to the police at police request, calling it a factual issue.  

Judge Ratcliff recapped it all, as he said the State claimed the video was given up voluntarily by the family while the defense argued it was provided upon demand by the police.  

 Collette said the retrieval of the dvr was a "seizure."  Judge Ratcliff said "We are not talking about a search." Collette disagreed, "Yes, we are."   

Rogillo called Flowood police Corporal Conner Brennan to the stand.  The Shift Sergeant for the evening of October 6 told Brennan to go up to UMC and take the initial report for the case. Deputy Shivers answered the door.  Brennan said "right off the bat, I noticed swelling on her face."  Kim told him "her side of the story."  

Brennan testified Kim Mardis said her husband caused the injuries.  The interview took place two days later after the assault yet her face was still swollen. She told the Corporal there was a camera that might have caught some of or all of the attack.  Brennan described her injuries:  missing patches of hair, bruising of the abdomen, ribs were broken.  He notified another detective there was a camera that might have recorded the incident.  

Collette tried to trip him on cross-examination, stating the only thing in his report was his statement that Kim Mardis informed him there was a camera that might have recorded the incident.  Pushing ahead, the lawyer claimed there was nothing in his report that said Kim gave him permission.  He argued she was not able to make such a decision as she had just taken a pain pill before the interfview began.  Rogillo objected.  Judge Ratcliff warned Collette again to "stay on point" as Brennan was excused from the stand. 

Next up at bat was Aaron Messer of the Flowood Police Department.  He went to the Mardis home to investigate and retrieve the video.  He said JT and Morgan (Todd's brother) arrived when he pulled up to the house.  He asked JT to tell him what happened.  The son replied there was an assault between his parents.  He showed Messer areas around the house.  The pine straw in the flower beds was in disarray as there was a noticeable trail of pine straw through the house from the side door to the bedroom.  It appeared his mom "had been drug across concrete and pine straw."  JT walked through the home, pointing out the location of the pine straw to Messer.  The son told Messer there was pine straw in his mother's hair.  

JT is a college student at Mississippi State University.  He said he lived at the house when he was not in college but had he stayed the previous two nights at Morgan's house since he was afraid to stay at his own home.  He removed the DVR to Morgan's home as he was "fearful" Todd would destroy any evidence on the DVR.  

Messer testified JT walked up to him with the DVR and power cord in hand and handed it to Messer who in turn put it in his vehicle.  Messer said he did not force him to give up the video. 

Although Flowood police had possession of the video, Messer testified the videos were not reviewed until search warrants were executed the next day (October 7).  The police powered up the DVR on the evening of October 7 but it asked for a password.  Messer said Logan Mardis Crane provided the password, stating Kim "really wants you to see it."  

Sensing he was losing the fight to suppress the video, Collette hit every point he could.  He argued there were at least four search warrants but none existed when Messer took possession of the dvr.  He argued Messer followed JT into the house without getting permission to do so.  However, Messer replied he did not move anything in the house.  He said JUT picked up a bloody sweatshirt to show him the blood.   

The quibbling continued.  Collette asked why Messer didn't include in his report Jt's statement that he was afraid  to stay at home.  He asked why Messer didn't get a warrant while he was between the houses.  "Was there anything prohibiting you from applying for a warrant for Morgan's house, car, or JT's car?" asked the lawyer.  Messer replied in the negative.  

When Collette concluded the cross-examination, Rogillo asked if he threatened JT or Morgan to give up the dvr.  Messer said no threats were made.  The decision to release the dvr to his custody was consensual. "Did you feel there was a need to get a search warrant?" asked the prosecutor.  "No sir, everything was consensual," replied the police officer. 

The prosecution rested.  Taking his turn at bat, Collette called Morgan Mardis to the stand.  

The defendant's lawyer asked Morgan what he was doing on the evening of October 6, 2022.  Morgan said Todd's two sons were at his house.  JT asked him to accompany him to the house so he could meet an investigator.  Messer was parked on the side of the house when they arrived.  Messer asked if he could go inside.  Noticing the security cameras, Messer asked if there was video surveillance.  Morgan replied there was. He testified the Flowood lawman went inside the home, took pictures, and pulled drawers as he asked where the video was.  JT said it was in his truck at Morgan's house.

Morgan testified that Messer said "I need that video, I'll be glad to follow y'all over there to get it."  When they got to Morgan's home, JT got the video and gave it to Messer who then left.  Morgan said he did not offer to give Messer the video nor did anyone tell him to do so.  He was not present when JT removed the video.  

As Morgan sat rigidly, Rogillo asked him when he found out about the beating . He said Todd's daughter called him and told him.  The prosecutor tried to elicit what Morgan did after he learned of the assault but Collette argued such was not relevant.  Judge Ratcliff told Rogillo to keep moving. 

Upon questioning by Rogillo, Morgan said he had no reason to disbelieve the allegations .  However, he replied "no" when asked if wanted to cooperate with the police.  Morgan's tone sharpened and his answers grew more belligerent as the prosecutor continued to burrow into the witness. 

Todd's brother admitted he was scared for JT as well as being scared of his brother.  "Do you remember JT at least assisting the police and showing them where the assault occurred and dragging her into the house?" asked the prosecutor. Morgan said he did not remember.   

The interrogation continued: 

Rogillo: You didn't care if the police got the video or not?

Morgan: Is that a question? I don't know how to answer that.  It doesn't matter what I care or thought.  

Collette: Objection

Court: Overruled. 

Rogillo: Did you care or not whether the police got the video?
Morgan: Yeah

Rogillo: Did you want them to have the video?
Morgan: I don't know how to answer that.  I was there for my nephew.  I don't remember my mindset of whether I wanted them to have the video or not.  

Collette (to Morgan on redirect): Did you feel like you had any way to prohibit Messer from coming into the house? 

Morgan: No. 

The hearing had lasted for well over two hours when Judge Ratcliff called the lawyers to the bench where they huddled for 15 minutes.  The nutshell version is Judge Ratcliff advised Collette he was going to allow the videos into evidence.  More conferencing took place before the Court took a recess of more than a half hour.  Collette and his client retreated to another room to discuss their options.  

 Judge Ratcliff returned after 5 PM as all witnesses, including those not yet called, filed into the courtroom.  

Todd Mardis and John Collette entered the courtroom, striding straight to the podium.  Todd Mardis informed the Court he wished to plead guilty to the crime of aggravated domestic violence.  Judge Ratcliff accepted the guilty plea after explaining the possible sentence to the defendant.  

Todd Mardis simply said "I'm guilty."  

It was a rather surreal scene as Mardis's efforts to wage total war turned into total surrender. All that was left was the sentencing.   

District Attorney Interview

Rankin-Madison District Attorney Bubba Bramlett spoke to the media after Judge Ratcliff sentenced Mardis in January.  Judge Ratcliff sentenced Mardis to the maximum twenty years in prison but suspended three years of the sentence.  The crime qualifies for parole or early release after Mardis serves 50% of the sentence.  He gets credit for time served since his bond was revoked last year. 

The short interview is posted below.

Mardis still resides at the Rankin County jail.  Sheriff Bryan Bailey said MDOC has not yet picked him up.  


Mardis will probably serve almost eight years of his prison sentence before he is released.   This was one of the worst cases of domestic violence (short of murder) prosecuted in Mississippi.  

However, domestic violence is not just about physical violence but emotional control, dominance, subjugation.  Such subjugation was on full display when the victim repeatedly defended her abuser in court.  She thumbed her nose at the no-contact order as she repeatedly met her husband.  She asked the judge to send him home instead of to prison.  She said he would never hurt her again. She went to bat for him at the bond revocation hearing.  

Posted below is a text message the victim sent to her husband while he was still in Tampa.  It does not make for easy reading but it shows her state of mind during this entire ordeal.  Two words: Heather Spencer

If the case had gone to trial, the prosecution would have probably been able to impeach the victim if he followed her earlier testimony and tried defended her husband.  The sad part is until ten years ago, the law would have allowed Mardis to escape justice since aggravated domestic violence (felony) could not be prosecuted without the wife's consent.  Text & history of SB #2629.   

The law specified the state, not the wife, was the victim.  Thus the state could prosecture a wife-beater without the wife's consent.  The video and medical evidence was a more than enough to convict Todd Mardis, hence the guilty plea.  For once, the legislature got it right.  


Anonymous said...

Wow, just wow. I sure hope Kim gets a lot of psychiatric help. Her family, also.

Anonymous said...

She (the Wife) is still under his spell. Hopefully his incarceration will give her the time she needs to "wake up" and be done with that evil POS forever.

Anonymous said...

Incredible job, Kingfish. Excellent documentation and coverage. Thank God that bill became law. Many who are abused will hopefully benefit from it. I hope wife and family can honestly come to terms with what has occurred in their life and see it for what it really is. That son, saying he was afraid to go home. Unbelievably sad.

Anonymous said...

Great work Kingfish! One question, if Mardis had accepted responsibility and thrown himself in the mercy of the court (and Kim), would he had gotten a lighter sentence? Seems if he tearfully apologized, entered anger management counseling and treatment for steroid addition/rage, gave his life to Christ, etc., he may have only gotten three to five years.

Fighting the charges as he had, it seems stupid to all of a sudden plead guilty?

Saltwaterpappy said...

Great regurgitation of the facts/events, Kingfish! You have a real gift for synthesizing the facts. Thank you for being such a dedicated journalist.

Anonymous said...

KF thank you for your stellar reporting on this case. I hope you keep tabs on that SOB and let us know where he lands for at least the next 8 years -- and a pic of his mugshot with a bald head would good to see as well!

Anonymous said...

I cannot fathom what makes a monster commit this type of violence on a stranger.
Much less his own wife and mother of his children...The person you vowed to love and protect.

I am thankful I cannot comprehend such a depraved and disgusting mindset and mental illness.

Its a shame Todd's parents never got his ego in check as a child and let him face consequences.
Its a shame Kim's parents never taught her to value herself enough to leave a man like this.
Its a shame Kim and Todd let their own kids live in this abusive house.

Just so many failures and horrible outcomes.

Anonymous said...

This story needed to be told, and KF did it well.

Maybe someone will be able to read this and see what life will look like in 30 years, if she takes him back after he swore he loves her and would never do it again.

Excellent Judge of Character said...

Her text to him is painful to read. She’s beaten within an inch of her life, he’s flown to Florida with a “beautiful woman” the next day—who is not his wife, and she’s sad because they didn’t “talk before they went to bed??” What kind of alternate reality do these people live in? This is SICKENING! Her text is sickening and pathetic. I hope he dies in prison! Because if he doesn’t, SHE’ll be dead the day after he’s released.

Anonymous said...

This entire story and family is nauseating.

Glad that guy is being locked up.

Kingfish said...

Some of you asking where he is over and over. Read the post. All of it.

Anonymous said...

Reading that text was the saddest thing to me. She knew he was running around on her and she accepted it. At least that’s how I’ve understood it. I’m beyond words about this but I’ve known several people on steroids and it doesn’t end well. I don’t know the wife but if what I have read she really needs help. I feel sorry for his family and all the pain he has made them live through. That’s not being a father. That’s being. No good s o b

Anonymous said...

I remember all the previous posts and all those that were defending Mardis. How we didn’t know all the facts. How good a guy he was. People just don’t understand. Mardis isn’t the only person that needs clinical help.

Anonymous said...

What a monster.

Anonymous said...

KF - good report, until your postscript. You state that the scumbag will be released in eight years (paraphrased).

No, he will be eligible for parole in eight years; far from being a sure thing that he will earn parole without any possible hickups (kinda like what caused his bail to be revoked); whether he survives eight years without getting into another fight --- yes, he has been starting them before, but now while on his roid withdrawal and his 'roommate/showermates' realize what kind of scumbag he is, likelihood of him not being involved in a few skirmishes that make his eight year time not a pretty picture.

AND MAYBE the Parole Board looks at this scumbag and scruitinizes his each and every action, assuming of course that this legislature does not do away with the Parole Board, but that's another question.

Anonymous said...

Stockholm Syndrome - Rankin version.

Anonymous said...

Great summation of your work Kingfish. Ole Todd is one of the most self righteous indignant MFrs I've ever heard of. May he NOT rest well in prison looking over his shoulder at all times. Maybe his bunkmate will keep him serviced. What a sick sadistic SOB. I hope his bros that backed him up and defending him on this website see the error of their idolization of this POS.

Anonymous said...

A great many of those posting, need to read EVERY Jackson Jambalaya story about this case. You need to watch the video in which Mrs. Mardis is recorded describing dinner, the night of the attack. (pay close attention to the part about the naked cell phone pics)

You need to understand the nature of the Mardis' web of businesses, and Mrs. Mardis' status as an owner. Maybe it would help to watch the film, 'Blue Jasmine', which depicts a similar couple, and what happens to the wife, after the husband is dragged off to prison (she loses everything). 'Blue Jasmine' is an amalgam of several true stories - most notably the Madoffs. And watch the financial videos made by Mardis, himself.

You need to ignore all the silly posters reciting silly cliches they're finally getting a chance to "apply".

Anonymous said...

I have known Kim for 35 years. She has always been beautiful sweet and friendly. But every man she ever dated controlled her. She always seemed timid and shy when she was with whoever she was dating. While in college she met Todd who I had known through youth sports in the Jackson area. Also have a close friend to this day who was in his “steroid beginning days” Todd has always been controlling and conceited. As many in here have said Todd loves Todd. He belittled her constantly. In private, in public, in fro t of friends, and in front of strangers. This isn’t the first time Todd put his hands on her. It may be the most violent but it wasn’t the first. She will not have to worry about being physically beaten for a few years but I’d be willing to bet she will be mentally and emotionally beaten even though he’s in prison! Sad sad sad.

Anonymous said...

What did the daughter say to her dad? “I know she deserved it but you didn’t have to beat her that bad.” These people need to hounded out of Rankin County, out of Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how his grandchildren turn out. That will be a direct reflection of how Mardis' children raise and interact with their own children.

I hope the cliche' saying about the acorn and the tree is not true.

Anonymous said...

There’s a person who runs in some of the same circles in Flowood as Mardis who has the power to issue pardons. I’d watch for that when his current term nears its end.

Look Out said...

This lady will probably leave Mardis while he’s in jail, unfortunately the way she has been conditioned , she will end up with another abuser. They always seem to find each other.

Anonymous said...

Vicious creep is a psycho. Grateful for prosecutor's persistence seeing this case through to justice, and for KF's recounting of it.

Anonymous said...

The woman is dumb. Just a few snipits:

“I need him back to run the business because I don’t know what to do” says the vice president of the company

“It was a one and done” when talking about her beating

“Everyone F’s up” said in front of the judge

“It was my fault that we broke the court order” says the one without a court order

Kingfish said...

8:31: remember Clark and Alston?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

More great reporting KF. There’s a special place in hell for a POS wife beater. Mardis won’t be the Billy Jack in the prison that he’s been in his own mind while free. Big thanks also to Rankin-Madison District Attorney Bubba Bramlett and Judge Ratcliff.

A ring lady said...

Where can I find the past videos that have been mentioned?

Anonymous said...

Reckon Bailey is gonna put Mardis on the goon squad?

Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested in additional previous content (such as videos) here is the link to previous Jackson Jambalaya coverage of this sorted by date:


There are a number of videos in the posts.

Anonymous said...

Incredible job by the Judge, all law enforcement involved, the District Attorney and the Assistant DAs. Thank you so much for not giving up.

Kingfish, thank you for everything you do. I can't imagine the things you have read, seen, etc. involving this case, as well as Heather's case. Thank you for not walking away from this.

Anonymous said...

Y’all notice the Mardis bootlicker comments seem to have dissipated since his bond was revoked and now that he’s in jail awaiting prison. He must not have a smuggled phone in there yet.

Anonymous said...

If Todd Mardis wasn't a millionaire, would anybody care about this story? Take out his money and its a regular white trash story.

Anonymous said...

This guy's family is like a mini cult. All brainwashed and willing to do anything for him, legal or illegal.

Anonymous said...

I am her sister. We had the most loving amazing parents. Before you cast judgement and blame so negligently, let's remember who is to blame. Your comments are messy and cause a lot of hurt where not needed at this time. There are plenty of homes that are "perfect" that somehow produce children who are addicts, criminals, etc. Todd had a true gift of keeping his family and wife at a distance from us as to paint a picture of perfection. Although we knew he had his flaws we never knew it was as bad as it was. So how how about instead of casting blame on her loving family and children, and Kim, you think outside the box and try to help others in the same circumstances. Get out of the ditch of gossip and dirt. If you are so intrigued by this story enough to comment here, as well as the rest of you, why not be positive instead of smearing, why not pray and say you are praying, why not try to find something positive and turn this to light. My sister and her family could really use that right about now. For those of you reading this and that have a heart for Jesus, I ask for your prayers for all of us and for the strength my sister needs to recover fully for the trauma she has been dealt.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, thanks for covering this heinous crime. You are the only one who did, unless anyone counts the sentence or two published by the local news outlets when they were basically forced to.

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it — that they were back living together when he was out on bond.

What you wrote here about the hearing you sat through and then the final interview with the DA were even more telling. He’s done it before. Probably many times. Probably has no remorse. Probably tons of impeachment evidence. Still, I have a question for you about something revealed here for the first time, something that makes this assault even more heinous than I had imagined. That is, he beat her unconscious in the truck while driving home from that zoo restaurant. If a person knew nothing about this case until reading your post, he or she might think that he pulled his unconscious wife out of the truck and dragged her by her hair across pavement, flower beds, and that was it. However, we know the Judge watched at least 10 minutes of him savagely kicking, punching, and beating his wife. So, help me out. Did the security video capture him committing that 10 minutes of savagery inside the truck or as he dragged her from the truck to the house? I guess it’s just so hard for me to hear all this again and wrap my head around the vicious, monstrous atrocity he inflicted upon her. So my question is did he actually beat her into unconscious submission while driving home then continue to kick, punch, and toss her motionless body around like a rag doll as he dragged her from the truck to the house? WHY? What kind of monster would even beat a dog like that? I think if he was trying to kill her that night, he would have. It now looks more like he wanted to give her the worst beating he ever had, like within an inch of her life — lest she ever dare piss him off or humiliate him like that again. What with her having asked for it and all.

Anonymous said...

@11:56 lolololol. Ole fish is a hero! Working the mean streets of the courtroom! Give him a medal

Anonymous said...

@7:32 AM He has brought light to several horrible crimes. He did all the work when local news agencies covered the cost of gas. He did all the work while you typed a snarky comment. Perhaps someone in a dangerous situation has read this case and can now see the dangers that are in front of them and seeks help.

Yea, I'll thank him again for his hard work.

Anonymous said...

7:32 must be one of Todd’s jock sniffers. Kingfish covering this story may have stopped a Heather Spencer tragedy or given someone hope or guidance to get help if they abuse or have been abused. Thank you Fish and 7:32 hopefully you have to wait 20 yrs to sniff again.

Anonymous said...

At 10:30 pm, sister, I applaud you for sticking up for your family. Those of us who actually know Kim know what a wonderful, sweet, loving, god-fearing person she is which is a reflection of what wonderful parents you had. Anyone who knows anything about battered women's syndrome also knows that Kim is a textbook example of it. Todd has been controlling her for her entire adult life with both verbal, mental, and physical abuse. I have witnessed him belittle her in front of other people many times. Please encourage her to get long-term counseling. She has a long road ahead of her to break this cycle.

Anonymous said...

To Kim’s sister: Let me just echo the last comment, 12:54 PM. I do not know your sister, her husband, or any of the family. I have followed this case, mostly on this website because no one else covered it. When I first read your words, I too was touched. By your bravery, perhaps. I can see why you called out a previous commenter, but I can also imagine that he or she meant no harm but instead chose an unfortunate couple of words. I guess I sort of dare to speak out for the many here who have no personal relationship with your family when I say that our concern is not so much prurient as it is shock and horror that human beings can do these things do one another. To close, something about what you said made me think that you may indeed be in a singular position to provide your sister with the help and influence that she may desperately need. I wish you all godspeed and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

TH - Part 2

I am not here to defend myself or Todd. I am a flawed person and I have made mistakes in helping both Todd, Kim, and in general. I’m sure I’ll make more mistakes. I have felt the judgment of others, in this matter, and to them, I am grateful. They have taught me how to offer grace. I don’t know why, but other people still come to me for counsel, and for those that have experienced something embarrassing, at least now I have a perspective of how they might feel, and can now help them learn to offer grace as well.

I am here to defend two people. Kim, and my wife. My wife and I have never done anything salacious with the Mardis, and she has not engaged in any questionable or disrespectful behavior with respect to this matter. Like myself, she was subpoenaed to testify in the trial. We were also sequestered at the suppression hearing.

This scared her immensely, and she was convinced Todd would do something to harm her before she could testify.

She didn’t care!

Kim is her friend and she was willing to do whatever it took to defend her, even if it meant bodily harm or possible embarrassment on the stand.

As for Kim. She had not done anything to me that was dishonorable to her marriage. She is my friend. During a time when Todd would not allow her to be a friend to anyone, I was the one person that would not walk away.

She is an immensely kind and compassionate person who has a deep love for her children, and like many who suffer from abuse, she is willing to take that abuse to do what she feels is protective of others.
For weeks after Todd‘s arrest, I received calls, almost daily, from other individuals who wanted to lament about their experience with Todd. I now know things I wish I didn’t. Todd’s abuse, control, and hypocrisy, point to a person with deep mental issues. Narcissists and sociopaths are quite often talented at hiding their true intentions

Few people have an in-depth understanding of Stockholm syndrome or trauma bonding and the effect that it has on the abused and their family. Many comments on JJ prove this.

We live in a world of instant gratification, and we expect people’s mental status to react and change just as quickly. Recovery from such trauma can take a very, very long time. Please pray for healing for all of Todd and Kim’s family, and please be patient. I am very hopeful that they are moving in the right direction, and your support will be much more curative than your criticism

My wife and I have been heavily involved in advocating against domestic violence for almost 20 years now. Our efforts now are doubled down. I don’t consider it coincidental that we are in the middle of this.

To all those who want to cast judgment, feel free to throw whatever stones at me you desire.
Please do not cast them at Kim or her children.

As for Todd, he is not mentally well. That does not change the outcome of how he must be dealt with and I commend Judge Ratcliff on his sentencing. As far as I can tell, this is the first time in Mississippi legislative and judicial history that a victim of domestic violence has been properly protected. My thanks to KF and the legislatures who were behind the changes in our laws. I firmly believe that the punishment for such actions should be severe. but…… I can also have compassion for a person with severe mental illness.

I pray for Todd’s wellness every day, and I truly want that. Whether or not he can get there, I don’t know. It’s his choice if he wants to spend his time incarcerated doing something of good.

Please…..use what you have learned through this event to go do something good. It’s much more productive than criticism and cynicism. I firmly believe the day will come where Kim uses what she is going through, for the betterment of others. Please try to go and do the same

Thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...

TH - Part 1

This is TH, at least that is how I have been referred to on JJ.
I have only posted once on JJ and that was to promote a DV fundraising event.

After the post by Kim’s sister, I feel compelled to speak up.
My wife and I were the other couple with the Mardis’ at Mclain’s the night of the attack.

I have been friends with Kim since we were 12, close to 45 years. We grew up in Millcreek. Her older brother and I were friends, and graduated high school together. Her parents were icons in my childhood. They were a family loved by all.

I have known Todd for 18 years. For the last 8-9 years we were close friends. I did not have an in-depth knowledge about his business. We hunted together, our children are friends, and grew up together. All of Todd’s children and family are important to me. Multiple times throughout those years, people asked me how I could be friends with Todd Mardis. My standard answer was “everyone deserves a friend “. I did not see him the way they did.

I knew he had problems, but I just consider him a blow hard. I now know otherwise , and consider this one of the many ways I have failed.
In the last few years, I studied on how to be a friend to a narcissist. Almost all of his family members at one point or another had come to me for counsel in dealing with Todd. It was the same way at our deer camp. At one point I had put up my membership for sale, and the other members asked me not to leave because, as they said, “who’s going to deal with Todd?” I was one of the few people that could talk to him in a way that would challenge his perspective, and sometimes he would listen to me. Many people walked out of Todd’s life because of their experiences with him. I did not, maybe that makes me a fool, but I witnessed good things that Todd had done. I also now know I was naive.

Now, as far as I know, most of his family views me as the enemy, and if they need one, then I’ll play the part.

I was in lockstep with the prosecution and they had my full support. Yes, Kim is my friend, but my job is to advocate for the victim.

As for Todd, I don’t know if he truly considered me a friend, or just an enemy he tried to keep close. Again, If that makes me a fool, so be it

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting, TH. Prayers for you and your wife.

Anonymous said...

If I may offer one thing to you and your wife, TH, it is this.

An abuser will make everyone around them blame themselves. You apologize in your note and at times call yourself a fool. You are not a fool and no need to apologize. You have no blame in this situation.

An abuser blames and hurts everyone around them, whether its a person willing to take the hits, the person being hit, the children seeing it happen and, God forbid, thinking that its "normal."

Thank you to you and your wife for working with the prosecution. The abuse had to stop.

Anonymous said...

TH “I am here to defend two people. Kim, and my wife. My wife and I have never done anything salacious with the Mardis, and she has not engaged in any questionable or disrespectful behavior with respect to this matter. Like myself, she was subpoenaed to testify in the trial. We were also sequestered at the suppression hearing.”

I’m not sure what the term/definition of 2 men sharing naked pictures of their wives at dinner with the present means but salacious is damn close! Yes you were the fool and yes you knew Todd was beating the shit out of his wife long before that night. Shame on his “friends” and “family” for not beating his ass!!!

Anonymous said...

Agreed, 10:00AM! And truly, when someone says "myself", when they should say "I", this may offer a window into a shame-based deceptiveness.

Years ago, a bodybuilder told me about being regaled, at 'The Courthouse' (gym in Rankin County), by a guy from somewhere in Central America. In tones of mock shock, this newcomer to Mississippi described his experience as a guest at a Rankin County hunting camp, as being "Just like Brokeback Mountain!!!"

The story was probably an overture. But my informant is built like an MMA star, the storyteller was not, and the overture went nowhere. While most women (not me, but then I'm a gymbunny, and my standards are more physical: I'm not impressed by "beautiful eyes" and "a warm personality": I want pecs and hamstrings and...) seem genuinely capable of attraction to those (particularly to ugly/dumpy/out-of-shape men) who're physically-inferior to themselves, the menfolk don't seem to be that way. Either you're in their league, physically, or you're out-of-luck.

So, I'm imagining a hunting camp, where a strappin' baseball hero is (barely) tolerating the attentions of a "sage" jocksniffer attempting to "counsel" him. (I'm not talking about anybody specific, you understand ...just a passing thought that popped into my little head, apropos of nothing)

Another something I figured-out, after about the fifth or sixth time Jackson-area swingers attempted to recruit DH & me into Swinging, is that women, in that world, are mostly just BAIT. DH is spectacular, while I, without the clothes and jewels and "quality Swiss foundations", would look about like what you'll see wandering around Walmart, these days. But it didn't matter. What those swingers were after, was HIM. All I needed to do, was to EXIST - to shift context and thus enable delusions.

And I had zero intention of being just a prop. Maybe other women have figured that out, too. And maybe they've unwisely described the REALITY of what was happening, to men who would delude themselves. Reality is super-threatening to narcissists in-mid-delusion, and sometimes those narcies go to extreme lengths to SNUFF-OUT THREATENING REALITIES.

I think the menfolk should have their little diversions, if they need those diversions. But if they could be honest about it, maybe there'd be less jocksniffing and less alcoholism, and LESS WIFE-BEATING.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:46

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