Saturday, February 17, 2024

D.L. Gardner: Will Election Tampering Take Place?

 In the 2016 campaign for president, Hillary Clinton and her campaign proposed a plan “to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security services” according to Special Counsel John Durham’s report released last May.

According to the report, “On August 3, 2016, within days of receiving the Clinton Plan intelligence, (CIA) Director Brennan met with the President, Vice President and other senior Administration officials, including but not limited to the Attorney General … and the FBI Director, in the White House Situation Room to discuss Russian election interference efforts.”
Durham’s report names those who played active roles pushing the Russian collusion hoax: Obama, Biden, Lynch, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, and Hillary Clinton herself. None of these actors were charged or held accountable for any of the laws broken.
Nevertheless, Donald Trump was elected in spite of federal efforts to malign him with lies that were avidly reported by malicious and complicit media.
In the 2020 campaign for president, according to research by the Heartland Institute released recently, “In the wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic, dozens of states significantly altered their voting processes. In many cases, these changes occurred imprudently, without serious consideration of their potentially adverse effects and without the consent of the people’s elected representatives in state legislatures.”
Following their findings about mail-in voter fraud, Heartland teamed up with Rasmussen Reports  with a “groundbreaking poll” at the end of 2023 “which attempted to assess the degree of fraudulent voting that took place in the 2020 election.”
They reported, “After analyzing the raw survey data, we were also able to conclude that 28.2 percent of respondents who voted by mail admitted to committing at least one kind of voter fraud. This means that more than one-in-four ballots cast by mail in 2020 were likely cast fraudulently, and thus should not have been counted.”
The media branded claims of mail-in voter fraud “The Big Lie,” and labeled the January 6 riot as an “insurrection.” Could the same people who worked feverishly to keep Donald Trump from winning the White House in 2016 and to remove him in 2020 continue their efforts to block Trump from winning in 2024?
If they could keep the House in 2020, then they could form a committee of Trump detractors to rule that Trump had planned and executed the January 6 “insurrection?” That would keep him off the ballot permanently!
Maybe they could coordinate a series of felony charges against Trump in various venues with court dates scattered throughout 2024? If that didn’t work, then they could try to get states to take him off the ballot?
The biggest ‘what if’ may be what if polls show Donald Trump has an insurmountable and commanding lead over Biden? That’s a game-changer! It’s no longer about taking Trump out of the race; it’s about replacing Biden with someone who can beat Trump. Hmmmmm. That ‘someone’ wouldn’t be Kamala Harris. So, the questions are who and how.
What if President Biden had to step aside due to his health? That would make the 2024 Democratic National Convention quite a show! And, that would make the 1968 Convention in Chicago look like a garden party. Maybe we could label the new show the Great 2024 Democratic National Congestion in Chicago … in the hottest part of August. 

Daniel L. Gardner is a columnist who lives in Starkville, MS. You may contact him at

Kingfish note: Oh boy.  Fire away. 


Anonymous said...

LMAO Zion Don is the controlled opposition candidate. Were he elected, you might see a slight percentage reduction in inflation and fuel prices. But make no mistake, he wouldn’t even be on the ballot if the Learned Elders of the WEF didn’t own him. That’s why they are still keeping the extent of his connections to Epstein hushed up. He will still further their agenda while acting as a check-valve for the pressure building while the frog is slow-boiling.

I expect you all will be okay if he signs some new anti-gun EO again since none of you let out a peep when he banned the stuff that Obama’s ATF approved.

BTW Jared Kushner attended the Chabbad Lubavitch building where NYPD found the tunnels and soiled mattresses.

Anonymous said...

All the things that led to the monkey business of the last presidential election remain unresolved. Nothing was ever fixed. Things like suspending vote counts at 10 pm and closing polling stations, only to resume counting the next morning (which allows a convenient window of time for ballot stuffing). I also remember poll watchers being sent home when this happened, and security cameras recorded suspicious people with rolling suitcases entering polling places in the middle of the night. If they didn't fix any of that, expect it again.

Anonymous said...

These are the facts as per Brookings and Heritage.
There is minimal evidence to suggest that the few fraudulent votes benefitted Democratic candidates.

In Georgia, Heritage has reported no cases of fraud in the 2020 or 2022 general elections, in which nearly 9 million votes were cast.

The political parties at the national, state and local level, have an intense interest in who votes and how.

To believe that massive fraud could occur against the Republican party means that one also has to believe that the Republican Party was asleep at the switch; that they did not mobilize attorneys, or that the attorneys they did mobilize didn’t do their job.

Anonymous said...

We are seeing how the things that happened in Russia lately is a glance at what is happening in our country today. Our elected leaders are taking lessons from Putin. Or maybe Putin is taking lessons from our elected leaders. We see people jailed in Russia when they do not agree with the politicians in charge. Eventually some of them die. We see politicians in our own country try their best to jail people who do not agree with them. How long will it be until we see some of those people die in prison. We have already seen some people die who knew things that politicians did not want released to the public.

Anonymous said...

To compare the Justice system in the USA with the system in Russia is to compare Milk to Whiskey.

Anonymous said...

10:52 a.m. tells the truth about Trump and 11:32 a.m. is mostly wrong. According to, I agree with Biden 36% of the time and Trump 51% of the time, so voting will be a waste of time for me. Anyway, the combination of abortion loving females, minorities, and atheists with advanced degrees in the big cities and coastal areas, not to mention trickery with mail-in ballots, ensure that Biden will still be president this time next year.

Knot Nutts said...

Polish up your tin hat, it's Bozo time on JJ.

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal about the Jan. 6 incident being called an insurrection? It was more than a riot since it's object was the seat of government and aimed to disrupt government proceedings. So what? Own up to it. I'm a Trump supporter but I respect those who don't throw the rock and duck and hide. Insurrection...damn right. That's what it was. A single incident of insurrection.

Anonymous said...

Because Jan.6 was an inside job. Government assets fomented and led the entire pantomime. It can’t be a real insurrection if the Capitol Police have orders to open the doors and let the FBI clowns in militia costumes lead the charge. One could argue that is actually treason on the part of the deep state and democrat party who desperately tried to block the release of the evidence proving their treasons and even destroyed as much evidence as they could once the Republicans regained control.

Anonymous said...


If re-elected he will likely pull a Reagan and sign a deal to give 80 million “refugees” a path to citizenship and then build the barely useful wall to appease the bitter clingers.

Anonymous said...

Delusional people will remain delusion despite evidence and facts. It has been proven again, and again, and again that there was zero election fraud and Trump's lawyers were laughed out of court.

Anonymous said...

Millions of Americans watched the events in Washington on Jan. 6 unfold on live television. Police officers testified to the violence and mayhem. Criminal proceedings in open court detailed what happened.

Yet the hoaxes, conspiracy theories and attempts to rewrite history persist, muddying the public's understanding of what actually occurred during the most sustained attack on the seat of American democracy since the War of 1812.

By excusing former President Donald Trump of responsibility, minimizing the mob's violence and casting the rioters as martyrs, falsehoods about the insurrection aim to deflect blame for Jan. 6 while sustaining Trump's unfounded claims about the free and fair election in 2020 that he lost.

Anonymous said...

If the left wins, it’s rigged. If the right wins, it rigged. Both sides will lick boots to defend and obey their masters.

Anonymous said...

So 3:52, you think that during trump's administration the capitol police, the FBI, and "others" planned an insurrection to prevent certification of the election yet this so-called deep state was anti-trump???? Looks like they were very pro-trump since they tried to keep the orange conman in office. This is what is so amazing about maga cult members, the absolute lack of logical, coherent thought.

PS, the next meeting is at the edge of the flat Earth and be sure to wear your trump sneakers and cologne. Don't miss it!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Trump wins this time and gives Assange the pardon he welched on before.


Anonymous said...

3:52 This is the problem. Some of us will believe anything about our enemies no matter what our own eyes see. All we need is somebody to argue the point. We hate them just that bad. Come back to reality.

Anonymous said...

I’m not a MAGA type.
But I’m also not a sheeple NPC.
You seem to have a very pedestrian understanding of the way things work. Therefore, you aren’t worthy of much effort to respond, but I will say this. TPTB have a long history of false flags that don’t make much sense until you see how TPTB respond to their false flag. So the “big picture” is rarely apparent to those outside the conspiracy until long after the fact.

Commonly, the goal is power or money.

Let’s use Benny as an example. The brave public servant put on quite a performance on Jan. 6 and was rewarded with a powerful chairmanship.

Reagan MAGA, not narcissist MAGA said...

"In the 2020 campaign for president, according to research by the Heartland Institute released recently, “In the wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic, dozens of states significantly altered their voting processes. In many cases, these changes occurred imprudently, without serious consideration of their potentially adverse effects and without the consent of the people’s elected representatives in state legislatures.” ---

MAYBE So Mr. Gardner, but those states have the constitutional right and ability to make whatever changes in their voting laws that they choose to make. You and I might agree that the changes they make were terrible, but it is their right to make them.

AND, BTW, in only ONE state were they done without the approval of a majority vote of their legislature and a signature by their Governor. ONLY in Pennsylvania were the changes made outside of the legitimate process by which our repubican democracy is established to operate.

I don't want California to tell us here in Mississippi what OUR election laws have to be -- that's our decision. And we can't tell California, or Oregon, or Washington, or any of these other states that the changes they make are improper or imprudent.

AND what is ignored by all the TRUMPERIDIOTS is that those states that made these changes were states that Trump (nor any other Republican nominee) would ever possibly win. So these changes did not affect the 2020 election results in any manner, except give some folks like you and the folks who believe any conspiracy that the wizard of himself (and his minions - many of whom have now lost their law license for their false filings) have put forth as fact (hell -its called TRUTH SOCIAL - who wouldn't believe something under that heading).

Yes, there were bad changes made in 2020. They were pushed through for reasons that MAY have been justified (I don't agree with that, but those days have come and gone) at the time but are not still justified. Even though - those states get to choose their laws; we get to choose ours. And despite your railing on about it the fact is Trump lost in 2020 for basically the same reason he won in 2016.

In 2016, voters voted against Hillary Clinton. They didn't like her. They didn't trust her. They didn't want her.

In 2020, voters voted against Donald Trump. They didn't like him --- particularly the suburban women in many of the crucial states. They didn't care for Biden, but just as they voted against Hillary, they now voted against the narcacissist. And just as he didn't do anything for those four years he was in office to make them like him, he played to those that idolized him and offended everybody else - and has continued to do so for the four years after he was removed (against his will, against his best efforts - after he lost the election) he will lost again. Not because anybody wants Biden, they don't want Trump.

Damn its a shame we cant get decent candidates on both sides. Hell, its a shame we can't even get a decent candidate on ONE side.

Anonymous said...

Each Monday morning in offices across the country and embassies around the globe, government employees gather for a team meeting led by the most senior person, who solemnly reminds the assemblage, “And let’s always remember, team, we’re here to do the will of the American people.”

Anonymous said...

Maga type or not you still swallow the kool aid they are serving. In a town (DC) where secrets are made to be told, you think a vast conspiracy existed in trump's administration to get Biden in power and everyone has stayed quiet?

Why don't you give some examples of instances where a false flag was later proven? Not on fox or some other right wing nut network. An actual credible source?

BTW, Bennie does not have a chairmanship anymore and Liz Chaney lost her seat in Congress. So much for your theory of being rewarded.

Your understanding seems limited to whatever you are told.

Anonymous said...

@8:00 AM
You are basing your entire argument on the logical fallacy that the events of Jan. 6 were orchestrated by Trump. It was orchestrated by the unelected federal agencies that spent his entire first term undermining him. You are either totally ignorant or intellectually dishonest.

Anonymous said...

One question. What did Benny with those papers he kept secret? Does he have a garage with a corvette in it that he stuffs full of things he doesn't want anyone knowing about?

Anonymous said...

God helps us!
So, if there's all this evidence why couldn't Trump's appointed committee and appointee investigating election fraud, no lawyer/law firm hired by the GOP, no GOP majority committee in the House find any fraud or more than 12 people in any State that were not properly registered to vote?

9:57 am Aside from " logical fallacy" being an oxymoron, I watched and listened to Trump's speech on Jan.6th and the speeches of those with him. I watched every minute of what followed. I recorded stations and have the ability to scroll backwards and forwards.

Every single speech was given to incite the emotions of those listening. Not only that, but more than a little evidence has been presented since then in SWORN TESTIMONY and concrete evidence legally presented.

Lawyers have been disbarred as a result of the stolen election lie. People have been threatened and had property damages because of the stolen election lie.

And, then there is that Trump's lies are so easy to debunk in this age of computer research and source checks.

And, to me, if you aren't patriotic enough to take the time to confirm what is supportable by evidence and what isn't and think one man/one party rule is the solution, you should move to Moscow immediately (if you aren't already living there).

If you aren't Christian enough to beware of false prophets and bearing false witness and are so illiterate you can't find facts from unbiased sources, we will all benefit if you leave for your favorite dictatorship NOW!

Anonymous said...

DL, not only are your reading comprehension skills far below average, you seem to have missed that the only election tampering that's been proven has been done by the GOP.

And, while gerrymandering is legal, the GOP has done everything possible to make sure that opposition votes are diluted. That is why my district that was urban and educated is shaped like a snake with neighborhoods no longer intact.

But, one has to be able to not just read words, but put them in context!

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