Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Uvalde Cops: Looking Rough & Tough but Full of Fluff

Warning: Violent & Disturbing Video Posted Below

Bless the media for tracking down the truth in Uvalde.    The Austin American-Statesman obtained security camera video that showed Ramos's attack on the school and the law enforcement response - or lack of it.  The video showed the boys in blue looking like little boys with toys, standing on the other end of the school while children died and others huddled in fear wondering if each moment would be the last.  


Some readers understandably can't bring themselves to watch the video.  The video opens with Ramos wrecking his grandfather's truck.   He immediately fires upon the two men at the funeral home who approached him to see if he needed help.  They ran for their lives and were fortunately able to save their lives.  Ramos went into full Terminator mode as he approached the school.  

A teacher called 911 to report his assault as Ramos fired at the school in the parking lot.  She yells at the kids to get in their rooms.  Ramos enters the school at 11:33 AM, completely ninja'ed up, wearing body armor, hunting for a classroom of kids to kill. He finds one and fires for the next two and a half minutes. 

Seven police officers enter at 11:36:00 AM, rushing to the massacre as Ramos continued to fire at kids.   Some wear body armor and at least one has a rifle.  Two are by the classroom door while the others provide cover in the hallway.  Ramos fires at the police officers at 11:37:00.  They don't return fire but turn tail and run back down the hallway.  It appears no officers provided covering fire.  Two of the offers were wounded but not seriously.  One of the officers nearest the classroom had a rifle.  This must be the officer who asked for permission to shoot and never received a response.  

No rescue attempt happens for another thirty minutes as more officers arrive until one end of the hallway looks like a Rambo party as cops mill around doing nothing.  They sure looked mighty tough with their body armor, helmets, shields, rifles, and other toys.  In fact, that is what they were, toy cops.  They finally approach the classroom at 12:21 PM, nearly an hour later.  They breach the classroom at 12:50 PM.  You are reading the time stamps correctly.  

Kingfish note: Keep in mind if such an event in Mississippi happened, heaven forbid, we would not see these videos.  The police in Mississippi got special protections written into the law for their screwups, cowardice, or incompetence when it takes place.  The Uvalde video would fall under the "investigation exemption."  The same exemption would apply to any after action reviews or reports.  Just as the Commissioner of Agriculture is doing for the Mudbug shootout.  They managed to get 911 calls exempted from public records requests a little over a decade ago.  You should have heard the boys in blue crying at the capitol about how the public shouldn't know what happens in law enforcement.  They also fought making arrest reports public as is standard in every other state but thankfully that effort failed.  

Thanks to reader who reminded me.  A cop is so concerned with saving the kids, he washes his hands with hand sanitizer (3:21) as the police prepare to breach the room.  



Anonymous said...

They look scared to death.

Anonymous said...

I don’t understand how you could be fully armed with 50 other fully armed men with you for support while there’s kids being murdered 50 feet away from you and you just stand there looking at your phone, sanitizing your hands, looking bored almost.

Absolutely infuriating. Pure cowardice.

Anonymous said...

Every single one of them in the hall should be forced to resign. It really is that simple.

Anonymous said...

@12:19 - there is no chance that any officer other than that chief will face any repercussions. The chief will be forced to switch departments. They have no legal duty to take any action and aren't held accountable even when caught lying in their reports. A random group of 5 men from the town would have been more effective at protecting the school than these overpaid amateurs.

Anonymous said...

The first two officers were all-in. Then, everything stalls.

Anonymous said...

Those were not police men. They were only people collecting pay for trying to be something they were never and could never be. Every single one should be fired immediately. I can not imagine how the parent's of the children who were killed feels looking at that film. Any police force should be ashamed for having such people on the pay role and any of the people in the film should be ashamed to collect pay for such cowardly actions.

Anonymous said...

at the 3:21 mark, a dude is using the hand sanitizer dispenser for his hands. Good Lord.

They act like this was a crazy guy holed up alone in his house. In that situation, you certainly wait, you gather forces, etc. But instead this was a case where a guy had innocents he was killing. Every second you wait could be another dead victim. This is absolutely unreal and infuriating to watch.

I'm speechless.

Anonymous said...

This stinks to high heaven.

Anonymous said...

One of those tough guys checked his phone while he was waiting. He had the Punisher skull as his background. Which makes so much sense. Of course he did. Ever since the lionization of Chris Kyle and the "sheepdog" BS, all those "punishers" have spent their time making themselves look cool and cosplaying. Every one of those cowards should have to have that Punisher BS tattooed right on their forehead.

Anonymous said...

Cameras. They change everything. For years the word and reports of police officers were taken as gospel by most of the conservative masses. Questioning their motives or actions was considered unpatriotic and even criminal. But there have always been bad cops, and even cowardly cops, but until cameras became so universal, the whistle-blowers were just whistling in the wind. There are mostly good cops but only now the public is beginning to see that it's too easy for the bad ones to hide and the profession needs more scrutiny than it's been given.

Anonymous said...

Do these cops deserve criticism? Absolutely. But its shocking that most everyone on this page thinks there is nothing wrong with an 18 year old kid (who was unemployed mind you) can buy two AR-15 rifles, with 1500+ rounds of ammo, seventeen 30 round magazines, kevlar, and hellfire trigger mods without even so much as a question of "what are you using all this for?". The kid basically modified this gun to be a machine gun, and we think the cops should just run right in with their service glock without even thinking. Maybe they should have. but we can do better as a society to prevent this from happening in the first place.

Anonymous said...

@1:12 You have a valid point. But taking AR-15s away from the honest and law abiding citizen, while still allowing the criminal to have one is not the solution to preventing this from happening.

Anonymous said...

i didn’t see any cops in those videos, just 🐷 aka scared bullies with guns.

Anonymous said...

I agree with & thank you for warning about video. To see those officers stand there with guns, ammo & protection; while those sweet innocent children had nothing to aid them. My only tears are for the families and friends of all these victims. These innocent souls are part of God’s Army now & forever. I will never understand this behavior or have an answer as to why. May the peace of knowing these will never suffer another minute on earth supersede all of our pain. We all cry watching this.

Anonymous said...

They knew what their job was...they ran. Send them all to prison.

Anonymous said...

Your problem with this is the 18-year-old was legally able to purchase these guns? That's the main problem, you see?

With all the illegal immigrants, drugs, the human trafficking, and no telling what else, coming over the boarder, you don't think this person could have purchased a gun? If he was determined to commit this evil, he would have found a weapon.

This was a lone wolf attack. Nearly impossible to predict or stop. Your concern is with the gun when you should be focused on the mental health issues in this country.

Mental health is the problem, not guns.

Anonymous said...

I have been to more than one “Active Shooter Class” given by former Law Enforcement.
Every single one gives this same type of cowardly advice to run away and hide. Once, the lecturer told us to band together and use sturdy office equipment as offensive weapons.

The truth is that they should just let us all have guns. Everyone, everywhere. It will literally stop all mass shootings. We will definitely still have shootings. Why? Because armed law-abiding citizens will band together and shoot every single violent criminal that gets the notion to use a gun.

The word term “mass shooting” will transform in the lexicon to mean that “an act by a crowd of armed citizens that riddled an armed criminal(s) full of bullets” and we won’t see the current type of mass shooting every again.

Anonymous said...

Can't bring myself to watch but just read the article. My main question is were there not windows into the classroom where they could have put someone outside beneath the window and distracted him by hitting the door and the person outside pops up and shoots him? Seems pretty simple. I have also see where the door wasn't even locked they just never tried to open it. Not sure if that is true since I didn't watch the video.

Anonymous said...

Hand sanitizer dude should have called in a donut order. Thanks to cameras for exposing them. If law enforcement is the last resort you've lost already

Anonymous said...

Haven't had a chance to watch the video yet, but from what I am hearing only one of the responding officers followed procedure and sanitized his hands.

Also someone forgot the donuts?

No wonder they wanted to keep this video from the public.

Krusatyr said...

Austin America-Statesman, newspaper who got and released video, supports "defund police" and outlawing guns and backs Beto O'Rourke for governor: Austin City Council took away ~$150M+/- from police and told angry citizens and businesses they couldn't refund the police without taking it away from Libraries. So if you see a killing in Austin? Call a Librarian, which is what some of these Uvalde LE officers should be.

Anonymous said...

The kid should have been stopped before he even opened the door to the school. Forget about the police, we know they were useless, if there were any grown men in the area the kid should have never made it into the school. We need more men who will act like grown men should.

Alt Wrong said...

@2:51 You realize that the cartels smuggle American guns into Mexico right?

Anonymous said...

EVERYONE CALM DOWN understaffed JPD has an officer checking speed on I55 every day. Keep calm.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm fully aware that guns are smuggled into Mexico. I'm sure there are some, somewhere, still floating around that Holder, and the Obama administration put into circulation. Are you aware of that?

The cartels are better armed than the Mexican law enforcement. Are you saying this murderer couldn't have purchased a gun on the streets that close to the border?

Just what are you saying about my comment? My point is plain. Mental health needs to be addressed and acted upon. If a person has determined to act as this person did, they will find what's needed to complete the act.

I would say there are billions of small arm weapons around the world, billions. Right now, there are fears in Europe that the flood of weapons sent to Ukraine will find their way to the black market. A fear well grounded in reality.

The "let's gather all the guns up" ship has sailed. Your attempt to stop, or confiscate, guns will only lead to a bigger black market. Those that would use guns for illegal acts will find them.

"When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns," is a true saying. The government couldn't stop the sell of alcohol with prohibition, they won't be able to stop the black market sell of guns.

Anonymous said...


Yes, we are fully aware of that fact. We are also aware of the fact that the Obama DOJ allowed a large and undisclosed number of illegal AR-15 straw purchases during ProjectGunrunner

The claim is that they wanted to track the serial numbers in Mexico. The truth was revealed when they attempted to then politicize the "discovery" of some of the serial numbers of these AR-15s were used to kill US Border Patrol agents. Agents dead because of Liberal Democrats obsession with banning AR-15s.

The same former VPOTUS who lied as POTUS, about US Border Patrol "whipping" illegal border crossers at the Rio Grande.

Anonymous said...

Coulda Shoulda

The shooter had to have known in advance back door wasn't locked, likely would have been on security video casing it out day(s) before. He may have even previously walked into building and found classroom door lock was broken. Security should have noticed, in advance, and called LE.

Anonymous said...

Every one of them was more worried about their pension. They should all be prosecuted for depraved indifference to the murders on their watch. Not one "man" in the video.

Father of two patrolmen said...

That was incredibly painful to watch and brought tears to my eyes. Children are being shot while hanging out in the hallway? I cannot wrap my head around it. Two men went in as they should have...the rest should have followed and had their back. Yes, there may have been collateral damage but there wasn't anything to stop and think about except stop the carnage as quickly as possible. I have no idea what the chickenshit that signaled the rest to stay back was thinking. He should be fired yesterday. Don't get me started on the hand sanitizing.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see much protecting and serving going on. Are these the men I keep hearing are out there every day putting their lives on the line to keep us safe?

Anonymous said...

I think there is more to it.

Anonymous said...

I've never understood why police are so scared of an AR-15 style long rifle.

As they say in Loosianna, just chuuuute 'em.

Anonymous said...

Rates of mentally ill people are about the same in all modern countries. Rates of mass shootings are not.

The "give everyone a pulse a gun" versus "take away everything but bb guns" argument is a false dichotomy pushed out by gun makers (via bought and paid for politicians). There is nothing wrong with reasonable regulation (background checks, training and certification, etc.) that a vast majority of Americans support. If you can't go to the trouble of proving you can (or at least want to learn how to) safely handle a firearm, you don't need one. Those of us raised with guns and taught gun safety might think it's mildly inconvenient, but too many people - even the ones who aren't nutjobs - have no idea how to handle the weapons they're purchasing.

Anonymous said...

@1:45 AM
The you increase in mass shootings, specifically school shootings, came AFTER the Brady Bill was passed. Literally the last time you gun grabbing leftists said “we need reasonable regulation and background checks” so why in the hell should we believe you again? Oh thats right, you are trying to convince ignorant children who weren’t around the last time we tried this. The Clinton Assault Weapons Ban and the Brady Bill didn’t do shit to stop crime. Just made life harder for the law abiding.

Anonymous said...

In the end, though, despite assurances to the contrary from the “reasonable gun control supported by the majority of the people” proponents and THEIR bought-and-paid for politicians, once they have their way — and they will eventually have it too — regular folk will have no capability of self-defense.

Well, that’s not entirely true. We can call 911 and just wait for UPD to respond.

Anonymous said...

"Rates of mentally ill people are about the same in all modern countries." the first thing I want you to do is prove this statement, and then I will be happy to make the rest of your comment look silly.

Anonymous said...

Repeal the 2nd amendment. It’s clear that Americans can’t handle their gun rights. Make possession of a gun a life sentence. If guns are more important to you than children, then you aren’t worth having.

Anonymous said...

Current LE. As far as I'm concerned the shooter is not the only killer here.

Anonymous said...

July 14, 2022 at 8:33 AM; what are you gonna do if a criminal, that already doesn't give a fuck about the laws they are already breaking, decides to kick in your front door, beat you over the head, and make you watch as they rape your wife and daughter? then they shoot your whole family starting with the dog and working their way up from the youngest to you. might be far-fetched, might not.

what do you think is gonna happen if law abiding citizens can't own guns? do you honestly think a criminal is going to turn over their illegal guns if guns are outlawed, when they know there will be no one to stop them from committing any crime they want? take away your right to own a gun and all someone would need is a simple baseball bat and they could kill you and your entire family.

are you really that stupid to not even think beyond your own emotions? i would even argue that you, and others that think like you are more dangerous than any criminal.

Anonymous said...

First they blame rock music, then they blame video games, then they blame rap music, then they blame family structures, then they blame mental illness. Keep grasping and eventually you will get to the true culprit - guns.

Anonymous said...

you folks asking for gun training in order to buy a gun don't seem to have any logic or critical thinking skills. i'm not aware of a single mass shooting anywhere, ever, that occurred because the shooter didn't have proper firearm training. not aware of a case where everyone was shot due to negligent/accidental discharges. i'm pretty sure every bullet was fired with an intent to kill. you don't need training for that. all training would do is make the killer a better killer.

Anonymous said...

10:38 ... how strange. I've owned a gun since I was 13 years old and it NEVER killed anyone. I'm pretty old now. How would you explain that? 'Keep grasping' and you will figure out it is more than likely the psychotropic drugs being given these children since first grade. Yes, it's true. Look it up instead of blaming a gun for murder. How many pills you take??? Obviously too many.

Anonymous said...

July 14, 2022 at 10:38 AM;

guns don't listen to rock music. people do.

guns don't play video games. people do.

guns don't listen to rap music. people do.

guns don't have family structures. people do.

guns don't have mental illness. people do.

keep grasping and eventually you will get to the true culprit - people.

Anonymous said...

God I love reading the comments on this site. The most despicable, horrible things can happen in our society with glaringly obvious causes and the fools on this site will retreat into a hard case of denial. Maybe if a bunch of tough guy cops are too afraid to confront a kid with an assault rifle, then that weapon shouldn't be in the hands of everyday citizens? Maybe it's meant for a battlefield? It's comical. Gun nuts put these cops in that position and then slam them for being the pussies that they are. Some of you think this isnt a problem and blame minorities and liberals and gays for the current condition of this country. Simply a distraction fed to you by Rupert and Co. at fox news.

Mississippi will have a mass shooting. It's inevitable with the current state of things and the fact that there are so many ARs out there right now. Can't avoid it. Put all the cops you want at the school. Build the school to resemble a penitentiary. All you dipshits will have blood on your hands for that one. None of you will even entertain the idea that you are somehow responsible for this bullshit. It's not your kid.

Anonymous said...

July 14, 2022 at 3:02 PM; i haven't shot anyone, much less an innocent child. i didn't pull the trigger. therefore, i am not responsible.

Anonymous said...

The law enforcement officer using the hand sanitizer did exactly what he should have done. It's protocol. It is impossible to fire a weapon when your hands are covered in donut sugar!

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