Tuesday, May 8, 2018

What is the rest of the story?

Local rapper and JSU student "Lil" Lonnie Taylor was shot to death while driving last week. However, the violence didn't end at his death but continued Friday night as gunfire erupted at his memorial. The 23 year-old man's murder shocked many as he was well-known in the Jackson community and his videos received millions of views on Youtube.  However,  his criminal history provides a glimpse into the world to which the deceased belonged. 

A grand jury indicted Taylor and Patrell Brister in January 2014 for possessing more than 30 grams but less than 250 grams of marijuana.  Judge Winston Kidd adjudicated Taylor's case in drug court.  Taylor completed the drug court program and was placed on probation for three years in June 2015. It is probably a safe bet to say that the weed in question was probably not Taylor's personal stash. 

Patrell Brister? Where have we heard that name before? Oh yes, JJ reported last November:

Pitrell Brister, Marquez Washington, and Katie Lynn had an appetite for some crime on April 11, 2015. They grabbed an entree at the Blue Chip Lounge at 4:15 AM.  Unfortunately, that crime merely whetted their appetite for more misdeeds.  They moved on to the Green Room on Bounds Street and  robbed four people at gunpoint at 6:00 AM.  They also beat one woman in the head and gave her severe injuries. However, they needed a dessert so they moved on to the Willow Point Apartments an hour later and burglarized several cars. The original JPD press release and mug shots are posted below.

A Hinds County grand jury indicted Brister for 9 counts of armed robbery, auto burglary, and attempted armed robbery in June 2015. Brister pleaded guilty in February to two counts of attempted armed robbery and one count of attempted aggravated assault. Judge Winston Kidd sentenced him to serve 20 years in prison but gave him credit for time served. Judge Kidd also ordered him to get a GED and complete anger management classes. However, the District Attorney remanded the charges for armed robbery and attempted auto burglary (5 counts). Brister is currently in prison. Article.
JPD has not yet charged anyone for Taylor's murder.  Here is one of his videos.  It got nearly 8 million views on Youtube.  Four of his videos received over a million views apiece. 


Anonymous said...

What’s the rest of the story fish? So you’re saying because he caught a marijuana charge some 4 years ago that it correlated to his murder two weeks ago? No wonder you never passed the bar bro. Your logic is pitiful at best.

Flake Geldman said...

10:01, the correlation is your lame concoction.

Anonymous said...

Because the TV stations & C-L give this POS (and others like him) any coverage helps to define the 'normal/acceptable' culture now in Jackson.

Why would anyone want to get away from this?

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful poet. Truly the world is a sadder place without him in it.

Kingfish said...

Yup. Pitiful.

Can you imagine said...

Dick Clark on American Bandstand saying "This week at number one with a bullet, it's Lil Lonnie and "All I need is money, BITCH!""?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kids at some of our upscale private schools
Get caught with pot and it's just a youthful discretion.
A kid from inner city Jackson gets caught with pot and it's
Treated as a major distribution ring- gang related no doubt.
People need to grow up and get outside of their lily white middle class

Anonymous said...

Holy hell this is the most stale genre of music, full of trite cliches and the most shallow of insight. Talk about money, bitches, and the overamplified glories of oneself. It embodies the basest of human behavior, wallowing in all the seven deadly sins save maybe gluttony.

The thing is that there's nothing new, original, or different here. This crap has been done to death (NPI) and has been for years. There are hundreds of little thug wannabes wearing oversized Lakers jerseys and rapping the same autotuned shit about how much money they have, how many bitches they lay, how they flagrantly break the law and the norms of society, and how great they themselves are.

Hip hop is a moribund form of music that maintains its popularity because it is so damned easy to make and promises quick riches and fame without much work. Download a beat from the web, get a camera, and spew off the same of BS about bank, bitches and bling. Anyone can do it, even the least intelligent, least educated, and least literate people out there. No, especially those people. Lil' Lonnie is a perfect example of this, God rest his soul.

Anonymous said...

11:00 - agree totally. Don't understand the fascination or the glorification of this kid. Sorry he was shot, but it is probably a hazard in his lifestyle. Doesnt justify it and having his life taken was a tragedy. But, he is not a wonderful poet, performer, or whatever other term some want to use. He knows how to cuss, demean women, use the N word which is allowed for members of his race, and (kinda) keep a beat.

Big-D said...

Is that his house.

Anonymous said...

I have not heard his honor the mayor mention the epidemic of black-on-black crime/violence. It's much easier to blame the violence on "open carry."

Anonymous said...

It's just sad that so many young black men are born in fatherless homes and domed to this same fate. Doesn't seem to be bothering the black community though so...whatever.

Anonymous said...

Another soldier down.

Anonymous said...

All I know is that the last 60 years has come a long way down in the culture from Robert Young in "Father Knows Best" to L'il Lonnie

Anonymous said...

You also forgot to add on that same day of the arrest there was another person with him who didn't go the jail. This person in question was the son of a Elected official. This elected official showed up on scene and acted a straight butt-hole. I must say this official wasn't in office at the time and these officers risk there job for him.

Louis LeFleur said...

Thanks for "the rest of the story", KF. Sure helps put things in perspective vs. the way other local media painted his picture. And, no, I am not in any way, shape, or form saying he deserved it.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting on more information on who else is involved in this deadly altercation at Lonnies's vigil. There's not information provided in this background from a few years ago.

Also, I notice there's haven't been any post on the recent drug/criminal case : Project Eject. The leo arrested 45 people last month for a variety of crimes. There was an operation a few years back that nabbed 2 drug cartel members in Jackson. Yet not any post on this blog site mentioned it.

- Magcolia

Anonymous said...

Several before me have alluded to this, but every time I hear a rap "song" or watch one of these videos (both are extremely rare), I am reminded just how unlikely things are to get better in the community in which we live! You almost have to ask, "how could it?" Although it's of their own making, these young folks see nothing but the glorification of crime as their opportunity to "make a way" for themselves (as 'Lil Lonnie so adroitly stated it). Furthermore, the girls in the community appear to be nothing more than props for the videos, and later in the day, just "vehicles" for the boys' enjoyment........and their community seems to accept it. Even glorify it!

Again, it's just hard to imagine what could possibly break this cycle of criminality and baseness. When you don't even know anyone who's had a job, living a straight life of principle and productivity isn't your first order of business!

Anonymous said...

Several before me have alluded to this, but every time I hear a rap "song" or watch one of these videos (both are extremely rare), I am reminded just how unlikely things are to get better in the community in which we live!

Another standard bearer of American culture sh*ts on something for which they do not understand?

Do you harken the same feelings towards Country music? perhaps Rock'n'Roll with is misogynist roots as well?

Tired of the double standards and hypocrisy.

Here we live in a state that glorifies gun culture, but when they are put to use, people want to speak on how society is headed for the worst. Stop with the madness and hyprocrisy.

Anonymous said...


Ahhh... the rap video culture is the one who "glorifies" gun culture. In most videos.

"Do you harken the same feelings towards Country music? perhaps Rock'n'Roll with is misogynist roots as well?" Really? ..."Misogynist"? These people are WILD about their women!!

This is why people go to their corners.

Anonymous said...


I know of numerous times where a JPS student has smelled like pot on campus and nothing happened.

Who gives a crap about some weed.

The problem is that Lil' Lonnie is looked up to by Jackson youth, yet he was hanging out with someone who has pointed a gun at people before. There are no rules in JPS, so many of the kids in JPS think its fine to act any type of way, because they have never experienced any other type of culture, etc.

Anonymous said...

That is really stupid.

Anonymous said...

@3:51 pm who's tired of the double standards and hypocrisy and doesn't seem to think we understand what is going on:

'I got a sweet little angel, I love the way she spreads her wings' BB King


"So we could never be a couple hun / F*ck love / All I got for hoes is hard d*ck and bubblegum." - Big L

'You men eat your dinner, eat your pork and beans, I eat more chicken any man ever seen' Willie Dixon


"Bitches ain't sh*t but hoes and tricks / Lick on these nuts and suck the d*ck." - Snoop Dogg

'Squeeze me, baby, ’til the juice runs down my leg. The way you squeeze my lemon I’m gonna fall right out of bed' Led Zeppelin


"Slut, you think I won't choke no whore / Til the vocal cords don't work in her throat no more?!" - Eminem

And on and on and on... Maybe, just maybe you don't get it.

Kingfish said...

Then there is the matter of the hit list.

Anonymous said...

The path to turn around Jackson and the whole state of Mississippi seems pretty clear, it's better schools. Our school systems are pathetic. Unfortunately, the Republicans in power would rather bankrupt the state giving tax breaks than raise teachers pay or do anything meaningful to provide opportunities for the youth. Of all the local political commercials that are playing right now, I haven't heard a single Republican mention a serious plan to improve education but I've heard several talk about spending a trillion on a border wall. It's obvious what plays to the white republican base in this state and it's sad.

StarRider said...

A poet? Seriously? Har har har har. Calling this crap music is an insult to every real musician who ever lived.

Beotch please said...

Mo money for teachers? I'm all for mo money for teachers. I'm thankful for the JPS teachers I had in school through the late 60's, 70's and early 80's. They were able to actually "teach" because for the most part us students had some damn discipline. JPS now from Junior High through High School? Teachers? Ha! More like Department of Corrections employees attempting to manage....wait for it...PARCHMAN LARVAE! Kennuf said on TV in the past couple of days that JPD needs, you got it, "mo money for the JPD to pay the informants, er, as he put it "Snitches""! Maybe that stack of money Lil Lonnie was waving around in his masterpiece production was "Snitch" money. Maybe Lil Lonnie was a double naught rapper?

Anonymous said...

Rap is here to stay...deal with it. But saying rap is the reason for violence in the Black community is as absurd as saying video games and TV cause violence in the White community. It starts at home. Regardless if a father is home. There are many “successful” people with stories of growing up in broken homes and other adversities. Then it’s the community...it truly takes a village. I remember growing up in NE Jackson and being at a friends home saying inappropriate words. His dad popped me up side the head and by the time I got home my dad was ready for my arrival to finish the job. After the community it’s the church. I’m so tired of churches providing relief missions and scholarships to people who live thousands of miles away but won’t minister and help the communities in which they are located. I know that assuming this young man was still in the “dope game” because of lyrics in his songs is just ignorant. Moreover, no one listens to rap...hip hop is king!! Seriously, Jackson’s woes will end or at least subside when families communities and churches are involved.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who feels extremely lucky to have grown up with the Beatles rather than this crap?

Number 9, Number 9 said...

8:59 p.m. yes, we were lucky. More like fortunate. We even had the ability to listen to an album forward and backwards. Turn me on dead man.... !

Anonymous said...

All us olds had Tipper and Susan watching out for us and slapping labels on all our albums and helping keep the radio stations clean!!


Anonymous said...

Sadly he won't be passing on his talent...Sad,just Sad!

Anonymous said...

Should the teachers turn to rap as a side hustle to get their funds up? It’s an untapped subject matter.

But seriously, I’m thinking that the deceased defaulted on a loan and the creditor took extreme measures to reconcile the debt.

Anonymous said...

Same old comments about what we think about rap and ghettos, but the question remains, what is going on with all of the shootings that appear to be related to this?

Anonymous said...

@8:47....You say "regardless of whether the father is at home" but then you go on to give your example of two fathers being very much at home to straighten you out. "It takes a village" hmmm where have we heard that phrase before ? Could it have been that great pillar of our society Hillary Clinton ? Keep kicking the can down the road if it makes you feel good but in the end the traditional family is the glue that binds our society together.

Anonymous said...

Little Lonnie was an artist simply giving listeners a glimpse into a world that is reality for many. Many of you could learn something from listening to his music if you would wipe the Grey Poupon from your chin and turn down the Lawrence Welk for a few minutes.

Anonymous said...

8:50 What? You want everybody to... what? ...appreciate the things he espouses? Or, are you suggesting that it really interprets as "I'm (really) caught up in a bad life & I want you to understand me".

Anonymous said...

8:50 What you don't understand is that people have "glimpsed into that world" and want nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

"It takes a village" Shit. All it took was a switch that my mamma made me go cut

Anonymous said...

No, 8:50, Lil Lonnie is not giving a glimpse into his world or whatever. NWA and artists of that generation did so and actually had relevant societal takes. “Ain’t neva’ need no bitch just need dis money” or whatever else the hell he was saying does not do so and is just nonsensical, brainless dribble. Signed, white guy that can can actually appreciate hip hop that was relevant in its time. I can appreciate a perspective different from mine, but the video above is pure crap.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Lil Lonnie got caught selling bogus timber futures.

Anonymous said...

Providing a glimpse into the world he was born into is exactly what Lil Lonnie was doing, and those who don't understand the real genius of his art fail to realize that in many cases there are only cultural differences in the lifestyle he's describing and the life led by his critics. How many of you have put the pursuit of money above all else or did something you knew was wrong to enrich yourself. All but a pious few I'm sure. How many of you have treated women with disrespect? Same sins. Different delivery.

Anonymous said...

KF, don't know why you wont let a comment stating race differences be voiced here. No antagonism or ill will intended. We shouldn't be afraid to simply say "we're different".

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh the “traditional” family? Gotcha!

Anonymous said...

6:48 - maybe you also had a terrible education, and missed the fact that those running for office today that you "hear" on the media are running for FEDERAL OFFICE. Funding for schools is a LOCAL issue, with some --- but not nearly a majority --- coming from the state .

Yes, you haven't heard about funding for education from those running for Congress, or Senate. Try to understand -- federal issues vs state issues.

Further, its not the bankrupting that you blame on the Republicans. If you look at facts, rather than the crap that you spew, there is more funding for education coming from the Republican legislature of the past eight years than ever was done by your Democrat legislators, Governors, etc.

Also, the Republicans recognize that money is not the only way to deal with education - example as has been posted here on JJ multiple times. Jackson Public Schools spends much more money per student than most school districts in the state and has the worst high schools, and the middle and lower schools all rank in the lower third (with the exception of five of the lower schools.)

JPS's spending of state and local dollars at the high level they have spent has done absolutely nothing toward insuring the good education you talk about. How much per student would you like to see spent? $20k/student? $30k/student? They currently spend almost $10k/student which is a third more than some of the best districts in the state. And what do we get for it? More of this "wonderful poetry" as expressed above, along with folks like those that actually believe this is good poetry.

Those nasty republicans you like to complain about falsely also provided the charter school possibilities so that those that want to can get out of the hell hole that they are stuck in because of their family's zip code.

Yes, keep on trying to blame it on the Republicans and their failure to spend enough money. In the meantime check on the number of teachers in JPS that are getting paid over $70k/year, plus benefits and then come back and tell me how much you think they should be paid.

Yes, there are some teachers that are getting only $37k per year; want to know where they are teaching? At Davis Magnet which is the best lower school in the state. So the lower paid teachers are producing, and many highly paid teachers are at absolutely failures of schools.

Anonymous said...

"...People need to grow up and get outside of their lily white middle class She'll."
May 8, 2018 at 10:50 AM

Thanks so much for that astonishing bit of wisdom. Your quip is right up there with "C-I-L-L My Landlord!" ( https://vimeo.com/261080097 )

Anonymous said...

6:08, I agree completely. Our youth shouldn't be a priority for our federal elected officials, that would be ridiculous. The border wall, gay marriage, and abortion - those are the fundamental issues of this generation and that is where their attention should begin and end.

As far as our state officials, I'd much rather my local shopping mall not pay taxes than to spend more on our youth. After all, malls are our future. There's no need to waste money on these overpaid teachers or computers for our kids or after school programs. Like you said, $37k is clearly plenty to attract the best of the best. The level of spending at JPS is beyond ridiculous. They overpay their teachers so much that teachers from all across the country are stampeding in to take these amazing jobs. Visiting these schools you almost forget you're not in a resort, they are just that beautiful.

It's truly exciting to think what lies ahead for this great state thanks to the innovative approach these amazing leaders have given us. It's almost too much winning to handle.

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