Friday, May 11, 2018

Catch & Release, Watch the Shootout on Video

 Update: WLBT obtained and posted video of the shootout between a JPD officer and two suspects at a gas station on Cooper Road early Wednesday morning.  The video is posted below.  Remember, the suspects' family questioned the police and dropped some thinly-veiled hints that their family member was murdered. 

Several observations after watching the video:

*The officer is damn lucky to be alive.  He was assaulted by two large men, one of whom was 340 lbs.  They got him down on the ground.  They pulled out weapons and began shooting at him.  He was very lucky.

*The officer had no partner or backup.  He was strictly on his own.  The manpower shortage at JPD is going to result in someone being killed.  An officer could be killed because he is outnumbered or outgunned.  An officer may be outnumbered as this one was and panic, thus killing a suspect because he fears for his life.  Suppose he had started shooting in this confrontation after they grabbed him but before they pulled out weapons.  One can only imagine the outcry against the police.

*Does the Lumumba administration advocate releasing the name of this officer?

*Chauncy Reed was arrested and charged by JPD.  However, MBI will handle the case.  JPD withdrew its charges and MBI faxed over its paperwork to HCSO.  Sources told JJ that the faxed documents were ignored for awhile, thus resulting in Reed's mistaken release.  The HCSO called it a "clerical error" in this press release: 

Hinds County Sheriff’s Officials said today, a detention officer released Chauncy
Reed in error late Thursday.

Hinds County Investigators along with Jackson Police and U.S. Marshals were able to get Reed back
in custody hours later.

Detention Command Staff are currently reviewing the process and will have this corrected to prevent
a reoccurrence.
Reed is currently being held in the Madison County Jail with no bond.

Original post: The Catch & Release program is doing quite well in Hinds County, thank you very much.   The jailers at the Raymond Detention Center managed to turn loose a man arrested for murder earlier this week.

Chauncy Cornell Reed and his brother Elliot Reed got into a shootout with a JPD officer at a gas station on Cooper Road early Wednesday morning.  Elliot was killed after opening fire on the officer.  Earlier post with video.   Chauncy was charged with capital murder and aggravated assault on a police officer.

Unfortunately, Chancy was released yesterday from the Raymond Detention Center despite the fact that he has not even had a bond hearing. U.S. Marshals tracked down Chauncy and captured him.  He is in custody at the Madison County Detention Center.

Click on image to enlarge

Kingfish note: Expect Sheriff Mason to announce a high-profile drug or prostitution bust within the next week or so.  At least Reed is now in a real jail.  No Iphones or weed for this boy.  Given his size, jail might be the best thing that happens for his health. 


Anonymous said...

Chauncy was arrested just over a year ago in Hinds for possession of a stolen firearm. Likely a familiar face at the jail.

Anonymous said...

also last june


Anonymous said...

Who is Chauncy charged with murdering ?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Maybe the jailer responsible should be thrown in lockup pending charges. Should he commit another crime while he's out, I hope the victim will sue all involved.

PittPanther said...

Is it fair to say he was "captured" given that he was lawfully, if stupidly, released? He didn't escape...

Anonymous said...

Why does Hinds County even have a jail? I don't usually make a blanket statement, but the entire staff at Raymond Detention Center are totally incompetent! I don't fully understand all the aspects and ramifications of Marshall Law, but it may be time for troops to be sent to Hinds County. This has to stop, now!

Anonymous said...

You mean "martial" law, I think.

Anonymous said...

He is charged w/ Capital Murder of his brother that died in shootout, b/c it happened during the commission of a felony agg. assault of police officer... Same as what's known in other states as "felony murder". MS just doesn't call it by that name.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Marshall Law one of the fighters in the Tekken video game series?

Anonymous said...

Interesting that they moved him to Madison County. I wonder if this is a policy due to the mishap or if it was mandate at the Federal level.

Anonymous said...

@2:57....Thank you. I don't know why the "press" didn't make this clearer.

Anonymous said...

This may be the biggest arrest that the Marshals have ever made.....340 pounds.

Anonymous said...

He was moved because everyone knows Hinds county as a whole is a joke. You don’t see them coming to Madison or Rankin and screwing up. Ha we take care of business here. Jackson is a ZOO

Anonymous said...

He seems to be a rather "full figured" young man. They probably wanted to get him away from the training table!

Anonymous said...

Jackson is like every other city. Where there is economic prosperity, all is well. Eastover, Petit Bois, CCJ, the District, Belhaven, Fondren, Downtown, Avery, Highland Village, Heatherwood...on and on. Where there is poverty, it sucks. Families gone, education system in the tank. Shitty neighborhoods, no community pride. Vicious cycle. I live in 39211 and am tired of worrying about it. I am happy and am sorry they aren't.

Anonymous said...

2 or 3 years ago when that duo carjacked and kidnapped that retired doctor in eastover, the one that happened to be a competition pistol shooter, the good doctor grabbed a gun and iced one of them. the other took off running for his life. the surviving carjacker should have been tried for capitol murder, because there was a homocide committed during the course of another capitol felony. it matters not that the dead guy was one of the perps. but its futile to attempt to get a capitol murder death sentence out of a hinds county jury. i dont know where that perp ended up , but you can be sure about one thing, it was not death row.

Kingfish said...

Andre Kennedy still awaits trial. As usual, RSS will not seek an indictment for Murder in such a case and didn't do so in that case.

Anonymous said...

Remember, Victor promised, if elected, that he would solve the
problems at the Detention Center. This is total incompetence
and as the leader it’s a reflection on the Sheriff. The Hinds County
SO was once one of the best law enforcement agencies in the State.
Unfortunately it’s now a laughing stock. I hate to say I worked there.
Victor promised to bring the SO back to an agency we could
be proud of; didn’t do it. With his promise of promotion in return for sexual favors and surrounding
himself with incompetent people like Pete Luke and Richard Brown he has been a
huge disappointment and failure. It’s time for Victor
and his crew to go. The election can’t come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

So, is the Hinds County Detention Center like the jail in Idiocracy? You just have to tell the guard you’re supposed to get out, and they let you out?

Anonymous said...

Victors lack of visibility when needed for a comment surprises nobody.
What was his campaign slogan, "No Excuses "
No Pete Luke statement, only Clerical error!
If that's not the most generic, vague statement, while still trying not to accept accountability..

Victor, I really hope you don't try to debate with Spooner. Not even worried about any other candidate. Spooners going to hurt your pride, ego and whatever else you think you'll stand by.
Just retire into obscurity like Tyrone did..
Both of you guys were given a chance and failed magnificently.

You used the black vote to get elected, both of you turned your backs on us. And neither were qualified to be in Office.

You told us what we wanted to hear, and forgot who actually voted you in and now it's time to vote you out.

Spooner, Should've been sooner !

Anonymous said...

@4:23 the fact that you think those areas are safe and fine is laughable. You do realize there was a shooting just last week between JA and Eastover right?

Anonymous said...

RSS is an absolute disgrace... he is as crooked as his eyebrows... I've heard his boyfriend likes him to manicure them that way.

Anonymous said...

In a shootout like this, Ima hide behind a gas pump. Yep.

Anonymous said...

@8:08 where and when was this shootout?

Anonymous said...

@7:16, I'll do your work for you this one time: KF Reported on This. Pay closer attention. And forget the District being safe. I know of 4 (locked) vehicles that were burglarized there in an 8 day period just a week ago. Jackson. Is. Lost.

Anonymous said...

Sheriff Mason again, putting the public's lives in danger allowing these hardened criminals to be released to even worse crimes that their charged with.

Stop hiding Victor and answer the questions, why, how many more times is this going to happen under your command.

Step up Pete Luke, stop hiding behind the scenes taking employees livelihoods and blaming it on Victor.

You all have proven your worth to be comical at best in LE.
Back to the private sector, or go BS another agency as to how high speed you ran things..

Victors could have been giving a death notification to that officers family because of his incompitance..
Lol, I'm sorry, no he wouldn't have he would have ran and hid as always..

Bye bye Victor.

Anonymous said...

620am must watch a lot of movies.....gas pumps dont explode in real life. a gas pump would be just fine to hide behind, giving shelter from 99.99% of rounds a hood rat would have access to.

Anonymous said...

JPD needs to have 2-officer units, vs. riding solo. Many chiefs won't do this because they want the public to see more patrol cars on the street, notwithstanding officer safety.

Anonymous said...


I'll do some work for you. The shooting was some sort of domestic situation between 2 individuals that DO NOT live in the neighborhood. One chased the other from another area shooting into a vehicle.

not unlike the shootings in pearl, ridgeland, madison and clinton.

The incident was of such prominence that 25 minutes after the reporting of the shooting law enforcement was no longer at the location of the shooting

I know cuz I was going to rubberneck

Anonymous said...

Thank God the officer survived and wasn’t seriously injured. I don’t know what their salaries are, but whatever the amount, JPD officers don’t get paid nearly enough for what they have to deal with on a daily basis. I know the city is cash-strapped, but they need to cut some jobs/expenses in other areas and divert all the money to upping JPD officers’ salaries. Might attract more officers to fill the vacancies, too.

I do have a question: does anyone know if JPD officers are allowed to work security for private entities/businesses in their off hours for extra income?

Anonymous said...

They do work off duty jobs i.e ( Details )
The problem with that is this, they constantly undermine each other and show up late or not at all and believe that's normal.
They've been lazy and dirty foe 30 years. That's why business's always call the Sheriff's Office for details.
Problem with them is Victors ran the majority of deputies off or they've quit due to Victor reassigning them to the jail, so there's the lack of availability or man power to work the details.

It'll all change soon with different leadership at the helm.

Anonymous said...

1:17 I’ve had two interactions with JPD recently and both were handled very professionally. Yes I’m serious

Anonymous said...

9:17 Posted This: "I'll do some work for you. The shooting was some sort of domestic situation between 2 individuals that DO NOT live in the neighborhood. One chased the other from another area shooting into a vehicle. not unlike the shootings in pearl, ridgeland, madison and clinton."

Umm...9:17; Please provide a link to all those similar or domestic related shootings in Pearl, Ridgeland, Madison and Clinton. You do have backup for your comment, right?

Kingfish said...

Just had a murder suicide in Rankin County, remember?

It Happens Everywhere. Right. said...

That's one in how many years in one community out of the four mentioned? Compare that to the two to five shootings in Jacktown you post on this blog almost every day.


Anonymous said...

And riding the streets popping off caps (if that's indeed what happened), endangering others as well as fighting off cops is quite a bit different from two spouses being dead inside a house at the hands of one of them. Ya reckon?

Anonymous said...

From the original post... “Suppose he had started shooting in this confrontation after they grabbed him but before they pulled out weapons. One can only imagine the outcry against the police.”

It irritates me to no end that the media and families of these thugs we see getting killed by police are always screaming about them being unarmed and that they didn’t deserve to be shot. This video is a perfect example of why you don’t advance towards, much less fight with a police officer and expect to not get shot.

News Flash!:
When you attack a police officer, you have just entered a fight to the death. It is not a fight between an armed officer and an unarmed attacker. It is a fight over a gun. The winner gets to live. The loser dies. If you don’t want to die, don’t advance towards an officer, don’t resist arrest, don’t attack an officer.

Anonymous said...

And I love living in a city, not a BORING suburb, and this shit happens mostly in 3 parts of town, inhabited by uneducated, poor, fatherless, groups of people that lack basic life skills or "manners", if you will.

Why do you suburb people care that many of us that choose to live here in "Jacktown", do so because we like it here? Why do you obsess on us. I don't give a shit that you want to live in cookie-cutter land. Your choice.....fine with me.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Belhaven 20 years, still have friends there. But also had house broken into; car stolen; neighbors robbed at gunpoint and fired at; thwarted several burglaries; and heard more gunshots than a dove hunt.

Living in MadCo last 10 yrs haven't seen or heard any of the above; if you call that boring, so be it. The houses in my area are all unique, the hardwoods mature. More power to you for staying. But why do you obsess over your perceived obsession about us?

Anonymous said...

Canton moved out of MadCo?

Anonymous said...

2:18 thank you for proving my point. Gracias.

Anonymous said...

My post means live and let live. Open your mind a tad.

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