Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Parkland news just gets worse.

Just when one thinks the incompetence of the Broward County Sheriff's Office couldn't get any worse, the Miami Herald reports more details about what went wrong at Parkland:

Roundly villified for not entering a Parkland high school during a mass shooting, Broward Deputy Scot Peterson insisted publicly that he believed that gunfire was happening outside on campus - not inside the building.

But internal radio dispatches released by the Broward Sheriff's Office Thursday show Peterson immediately fixated on Building 12 and even radioed that gunfire was happening "inside."

An just as school shooter Nikolas Cruz was fleeing the building after killing 17 people, Peterson warned his fellow officers to stay away - even as wounded students and staff lay inside.... Rest of article.

There are even worse details in the article but they need to be reported.  


Anonymous said...

And these idiots think arming teachers is gonna be better?!? Here we have a “trained” officer who, like anyone of us would do if you’re honest with yourself, realizes he is outgunned and overmatched for a crazy man with an AR-15 and who is also prepared to die.

Anonymous said...

12:48, please don't speak for 'anyone of us.' What about the coaches that gave their lives to protect those kids.

Name one thing either of those cowards did during the course of the incident that showed they ware "prepared to die." I dare you. The deputy was prepared to retire and draw a pension. The shooter didn't have the common courtesy to kill himself before being apprehended.

That's the best part about the gun control narrative coming out of this. Please, tell me with a straight face that the rest of the country needs to surrender their arms. So, the only remaining population that is armed are...cowards like this """trained""" officer. You saw how well it turned out for the kids and the coaches that tried to save them in the four minutes he sat under cover before another police department bounded over his position and went in.

He wasn't outgunned. Tactics, patience, and determination would have taken the contact. Overmatched? Definitely. A multi decade career as the only bully with a gun didn't prepare him to be the only man with one when the time came. He put on that uniform, that gun, and that vest everyday and was willing to use his monopoly on force to extort money from 'civilians.' But, when push came to shove, he did neither.

First responders are really quick to pick up the mantle of 9/11 and act like they're all heroes. You know what made them heroes? Being heroic. Running towards danger. Running towards gunfire. I'm not saying that arming the teachers is the right way, but damn, I wish those coaches would have had a fighting chance.

This idiot isn't advocating arming teachers, per se. I'm just growing really tired of of being lectured to and by the idiots that think the hero here was the armed coward with a monopoly on force, body armor, and spare magazines that sat outside and let children die to protect his own fat ass.

You response is for the rest of us to surrender our means to defend ourselves to these folks? Nah, I'll take my chances on my own.

Anonymous said...

You can give a person all of the training you can find but if they are a coward it is all wasted. If you care to check you will see the "officer" wasn't any good for anything else so he was given a job that people thought he could handle. Baby setting kids seems like an easy job and it is until it isn't.
People without guns, vests, and training were willing to give their life trying to protect other people. The person with the training, guns, and vest was hiding.

12:48, speak for yourself. Other people are made of better stuff. The stuff it takes to give their own life for others. You need to go back to your hideout.

Justice for Tyrion said...

More guns in schools ain’t the answer dawg. Arming teachers is a dumb idea. We need LESS guns and more compassion for our fellow humans.

Anonymous said...

When seconds count, do not rely on anyone else to save you and yours.

When seconds count, cops may wait outside for four minutes until perp is out of ammo.

Anonymous said...

About 1% of the posters on this blog have served in a capacity that involved a gun being pointed at them.

The rest of yall are just speculating what you would actually do. You don't know til it happens.

The dudes on the flight that took down the terrorists and crashed the plane and saved possibly thousands of lives are far more heroic than some legislator that that took some lessons and got an advanced permit.

Anonymous said...

Even when it's a fully trained LEO, they only hit the intended target 25% of the time.

Anonymous said...

Only politicians and Hollywood stars deserve to be protected Ted with guns. Everyone else should shutup, turn in your defense weapon and board the train.

Anonymous said...


Do you really think JPD can hit 1 out of 4

Anonymous said...

1:18 and 1:57 so we can assume y’all are proud LEOs (or racing to become one) ready to serve and protect or just weekend warriors who get a hard on shooting a “big gun” and blowing smoke up everyones a$$?!? And at what point do the first commenter mention surrendering arms?!? That broken record is getting old

Anonymous said...

@ 6:53...

Yea, but it ain't near as much fun for the bad guy when the bullets start coming back at ya.

Like I've said about whitetail hunting, or any hunting for that matter, there wouldn't be near as many hunters if the animals shot back.

Anonymous said...

Been in the unfortunate position to have a gun pointed at me more than once. It’s terrifying. I can only say now, after having been frozen in that moment that I could overcome the fear. Most officers rarely face that moment. It’s sad to say but, only someone with extensive police or military experience would not freeze when faced with these circumstances. A lot of men think they would do the right thing, but it takes the proper training and the aforementioned experience that most lack.

Anonymous said...

And half you supermen who claim to be military trained hard-asses grappled with the notion of shooting yourself in the foot just to get your chicken-shit ass back home.

Anonymous said...

Broward County government workers are a breed apart. They are all political animals chasing a pension.....and living off the government with whatever benefits they can capture. The culture is THICK with the idea of, "Let me appear to be doing something to help others, but don't actually expect me to do something that I could be held accountable for." Sheriff Scott Israel more or less has already stated he's not responsible for his deputies. Broward County is staffed by a very select group of insiders who protect their own at all costs. Even the media is controlled to do so.

Anonymous said...

7:37, I agree. The important people need protecting. To hell with the common people.
If you cannot afford to hire people with guns to protect you then you do not deserve protecting. Shouldn't even be able to protect yourself.

Anonymous said...

For those of you so certain , here's a little " I dare you" test.

Have a timer set for 6 minutes and keep it in your pocket.

Make a 6 minute tape of shots being fired with a fire alarm going off as well at minute 2.

Have a family member set the tape inside or outside your house without alerting you to when they'll act or where they will be. You cannot know even what day this will be done. You cannot tell other family members. Just like students, they will react as well. You will need to deal with that and you can't tell them it's a test.

Put your gun on each morning . No guarantee the shooter will come to the armed teacher's room, is there? And, not all teachers will be armed. So, this is a shooter just somewhere nearby.

Punch your timer the second you think you hear the tape of shots whenever your friend surprises you . Now go. Have your weapon ready but not loaded ( don't want to kill your kin). See if you can get to the location of the tape before the timer buzzer sounds.

You'll have to decide if you need your phone to dial 911 while you do that and you'll have to pretend to be describing what you've heard and what action you are taking. Will you have a vest on all day or will you need to put it on? You'll need back up. Will you need to push an imaginary lock down alert? Don't know but you'd best consider these things.

Of course, you won't have the adrenaline rush so you'll be faster than in a real life situation and your house isn't as large as a school. Even so, you might be surprised at how long it takes you.

But, this is the least you can do if you are an honest person.

Do remember the shooter is calm and determined. He's planned this a long time including now planning to encounter you so don't go in willy nilly.

Let me know how long it takes you in ideal conditions.

Kingfish said...

That is one thing people don't realize about law enforcement. Most cops rarely pull their weapons in their careers, with the exception of some specialties such as SWAT, of course. The number who actually have to fire said weapons or receive fire is obviously smaller. Thus most of them never get the change to gain experience in combat situations as say, combat troops do.

Anonymous said...

9:42 PM, how in the name that is all that holy did you get that either I (1:18) or 1:57 were LEO? Those were pretty scathing indictments of LEO.

11:11 PM, the Coaches that gave their lives in Florida didn't freeze. Their names were Aaron Feis and Chris Hixon. They weren't trained. Joel Myrick didn't freeze in Pearl. Liviu Librescu didn't freeze at Virginia Tech. Victoria Soto didn't freeze at Sandy Hook. It doesn't take proper training, it takes proper character.

11:51, Please see my response to 11:11. Sure that Liviu Librescu and the rest didn't practice with your six minute tape. Each person mentioned above saved more lives individually than were saved by the chicken shit Broward Deputy that sat outside. Each saved more lives than the police at Columbine. At Pulse. At Sandy Hook. At Pearl. At that Madison suicide where the cops brought a Bradley but sat outside. At least those brave officers all got to go home at the end of their shifts. Each of those untrained individuals saved more lives than all of the LEO examples I just listed. Each. The cops live to collect free goods and services from the townspeople supporting that thin, blue line. The cops continue to extort money from their fellow citizens while living a ridiculous double standard: speeding, drinking and driving, beating their spouses, starting bar fights at your local wing know the sort of stuff they jail the proles for. They asked for the prestige of the profession, the monopoly on force, the gun, the badge. The arrival of an armed threat could have drawn fire from the fish in a barrel towards the brave hero in blue. That would have saved lives. Period. Just like putting your kids in a closet while you remain exposed to the shooter DID, putting yourself in front of students taking fire DID, blocking the classroom door so the kids can go out the window DID, and nobody likes this one: going to your truck and getting your handgun and putting it to the shooter's head and telling him to stop DID. Peddle your six minute tape to your enhanced carry classes. Your example is hypothetical. My examples are facts.

And lastly, 11:51. If the six minute tape scares me, why doesn't actual gunfire frighten the calm, determined school shooter? He couldn't game when and how the incoming fire would happen, could he? Even if LEO training is inferior to combat training for soldiers, bet it's slightly more than school shooter had. Your logic is full of more holes than the poor kids killed by cop inaction that day.

Anonymous said...

Guns to protect Hollywood stars? Check.
Guns to protect politicians? Check.
Guns to protect Courthouse Judges? Check.
Guns to protect banks? Check.
Guns to protect our children? Not so much.

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