Friday, July 11, 2014

McDaniel: Hosemann "intended to confuse the clerks"

The Chris McDaniel campaign issued the following press release today:

McDaniel Calls on Secretary of State to Direct Clerks to Provide Access to Election Records, Announces July 16 Press Conference
Laurel, MS - Republican Chris McDaniel today called on Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann to clarify the rules for Circuit Clerks regarding access to election records and announced a Wednesday morning press conference to discuss the election records his team has examined thus far.

“For the last two weeks, more than two hundred volunteers for from all over Mississippi have worked tirelessly in an effort to gain access to election records in order to ensure the integrity of the primary process in Mississippi,” McDaniel said. "We have found over 8,300 questionable ballots cast, many of which were unquestionably cast by voters ineligible to participate in the June 24th runoff election."

“In the large majority of Mississippi’s counties, our volunteers have been greeted warmly by conscientious Circuit Clerks who take their jobs very seriously,” McDaniel continued.
“Sadly, however, our volunteers have been unable to gain complete access to unredacted poll books in approximately 58 counties, and also have not been granted access to absentee records in approximately 24 counties,” McDaniel said. “Unfortunately we have had to pursue further legal remedies in order to gain access to election records,” McDaniel said. "In addition, even though we've been granted access to poll books in many counties, we have often not been allowed to view Democratic and Republican books at the same time, cross referencing next to impossible."

"As a result of the misleading information coming from the Secretary of State's office, many Clerks were confused about proper disclosure of election materials to the candidates. This has forced the Clerks and my team to needlessly expend resources on mandamus requests for materials that the statutes clearly say I am entitled to review," McDaniel stated.

“Thankfully most of the Clerks understood that our request was not a public document request, but was a request made by a candidate or designee. The records were therefore not subject to redaction, and access should have been granted,” he continued.

“Under Mississippi state law, the candidate’s designee has the unfettered right to review unredacted poll books. Sadly, Mr. Hosemann’s attorney Kim Turner disseminated inaccurate information which apparently confused some the Clerks with respect to the ability of candidates and designees to view election records,” said McDaniel .

“It appears the message Delbert Hosemann’s office sent to Circuit Clerks was intended to confuse the Clerks so as to prevent full and unfettered access and disclosure of the poll books to our volunteers,” McDaniel continued.

“Secretary of State Hosemann should clarify the policy for the Clerks so my campaign’s designees can be granted access to election records,” he said.

"Our volunteers will continue to examine those election records they're able to gain access to, and on Wednesday, July 16th, we will hold a press conference in Jackson to discuss the evidence we have documented and our next steps," McDaniel concluded. 


Anonymous said...

So he doesn't release those " confusing" instructions?

Anonymous said...

He just keeps digging his political grave deeper.

Anonymous said...

This will not end anytime soon. He's on a mission and he is taking the GOP down with him. Childers is looking stronger everyday while the infighting in the GOP goes on and on.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, how is the wife and kids?

Anonymous said...

@6:11, Yep, it's almost as if the democratic party was behind this as a covert way to destroy the repubs. Hmmmm, makes you wonder.

Anonymous said...

Some of the folks on here obviously don't care one way or the other if the election was conducted properly.
It is the Cochran camp who have brought the Republican party into disrepute, not Chris McDaniel. I understand that you are deathly afraid that the truth will come into the light and the wrong doing of some of the MSGOP will be exposed to public scrutiny but that is going to be a matter for the courts to decide and your childish name calling only serves to display your incredible stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Please send $50 ASAP

Anonymous said...

Chris McDaniel is a very sick little puppy. If he keeps this up he will wind up selling pencils just north of the nasty Biloxy beaches. What an incredible idiot.

Anonymous said...

No it is the McD campaign that has a substantial burden of proof for its allegations. The election enjoys a presumption of propriety unless shown otherwise.

Anonymous said...

6:46 - I have thought for some time that there was coordination between the Dems and McDaniel.

Anonymous said...

Mcdaniel better have some big bombs to drop next week. Falsely Attacking one of the most likable politicians in the state could turn out to be an epic fail.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't care what happened in the course of the election as long as it kept McDaniels and his ilk from being elected.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Dems could have dreamed of a more perfect party destroying candidate than McDaniels and all his nut bags. It really was a dream come true for them and a nightmare for Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

8:57 pm Of all the elections we've ever had in MS, this one, with voter ID and electronic ballots, most assuredly suffered from the least human error and had the fewest opportunities for screw ups. And, the poll workers were the best trained.

Y'all have really picked on the wrong guy in this by going after Hoseman. If you'd paid attention, you'd see how methodical he's been long before the election in making sure voter ID worked and no questions could be raised on his watch. And, he hasn't gotten down in the mud with you folks. The strength of his position should be obvious in his silence.

Every time one of McDaniel loyalists writes what you think is a rational statement , all you are doing is revealing how ignorant you are of the mechanics of the election process and the laws which govern the process and how naïve you are about politics and politicians in general.

You cannot own a moral high ground with this argument because you have no cause to question the " integrity" of the process.

You appear to foolishly expect any process carried out by humans will be perfect with no errors and believe that finding a few will dismantle the process.

Nobody wanted The Tea Party to be a true reform party with good leadership more than I. Unfortunately, it was hijacked early and you, sir or madam, have been badly played.

Anonymous said...

Coco the drag queen'spolitical future looks brighter and brighter with each passing day. How this clown still is a named partner at a law firm of any respect is beyond the pale. Who would hire them after this show?

Anonymous said...

Just who are these "volunteers" who have not worked for 3 weeks while they scour the state for an extra 4 votes. What a spell Chris has them under. Scary is the word

Anonymous said...

Ok TP folks, we need to get together here. We came so close to winning the primary. This election is within our grasp. The Founding Fathers have proclaimed our right to stand and fight through a proclamation of manifest destiny that ensures that core values will be applied to everything that we strive for in the most fundamentally sanctimonious way. We cannot let the people of Mississippi rely on money from DC. We must be resilient and stand on our own credentials. Stand and fight, be true to fiscal conservatism, keep hope alive. Washington works on seniority but let's get rid of that process and start all over and be proud of our independence. The Founding Fathers would be so proud.

Anonymous said...

10:30 I am praying that you are totally sarcastic. Because if you are not you might want to read some history since those founding fathers had Senators chosen by the state legislatures. You know. Like Tate Reeves presiding. Please tell me you are joking.

Anonymous said...

Based on feedback from a few clerks, expect a few national stories next week about the McDaniel campaign's attempted suppression of elderly African American voters by extra scrutiny of their absentee ballots. That is a story they won't be able to survive and the racist tag will stick with him to his grave if those stories hit the press.

Anonymous said...

I agree. McNuts could not have made a more determined and capable enemy than one D. Hoseman. Delbert will be up late every night figuring out your lasting downfall buddy. I look so forward to watching it.

Anonymous said...

McDaniel is an idiot. And the only ones in this cluster-f*ck who are dumber than their fearless leader are the unemployed country-ass pig-f*ckers still believing McDaniel's lies that this is anything more than a crooked preacher taking all the ten & twenty dollar bills out of the offering plates and sending them back out to be passed around again & again until ALL the suckers are dead broke.

But what's even funnier is listening to these dumbasses complain & trying to be all pious and shit, because now they are so embarrassed since they realize they were snookered, but rather than cut their losses, each of these idiots is intent on giving McDaniel the rest of their measley monthly government check AND voting for the Democrat in November! BRILLIANT, SUCKERS!!!

Just where the hell was the goddam McDaniel VOTING INTEGRITY TEAM during this election, and did they actually "pole sit" or did they sit on their asses and just got a free t-shirt for eating breakfast at McDonald's and then go home? Or are these fake integrity team members actually fake workers for Obama who are part of the "CONSPIRACY" run by Thad Haley, Ricky Cole, Bill & Hillary, The New World Order, Rick Flair, The Rock, Rock Hudson, Doris Day, Daniel Day Lewis, JerryLewis, the Goldiggers,John Birch Society, Koch Brothers, Jesse Jackson, Saul Alinsky, the duPonts, the Masons, The Illuminati, George Bush Sr, Skull & Bones, Alex Jones, the Bush Family, Earl Warren, Lee Harvey Oswald, Joe Pesci, Joe Biden, Vince McMahon & WWE Wrestling, Ted Turner, Roddy Piperx CIA, Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid, Beyonce, Bill O'Reilly, Stephen Colbert, Donald Trump, Herman Cain (previously known as the Junkyard Dog),the lamestream media,Rupert Murdoch,the King of Saud &Royal Family, Fidel Castro and brother Raul(real killer of MLK Jr, Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray, Ray Nietzche, Rosey Grier, Deacon Jones, Paul Hornung, Alex Karras, Carlos Marcello, John Gotti, Edwin Edwards, Dick Cheney, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, aRichard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, the Rockefellers, NY Yankees, Joe Namath, Neal Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin, Al Sharpton, Barry Bonds, James Bond, Pussy Galore, Sarah Palin, Stephen Spielberg,the Shark in Jaws, Richard Kiel, George Steinbrenner, George Costanza, Jerry Seinfield, Tom & Jerry, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Steve Young, Eddie DeBartolo Jr, Eddie Munster, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, etc. Anyway, you get the point. It's ALL just one big f*cking conspiracy, but you figured it out. Moon Landing? BAM! CONSPIRACY. Obama elections. BAM! BAM! CONSPIRACY, both of em. Now, MSSEN 2014... well now you know. Hey, what's the first thing u know??? That's right. Old Jed's a millionaire. And now. Old Chris McDaniel is working on being one, too.

Yeah, you Baggers got it all figured out. It's too bad you're broke now, most of you without jobs and such, you win. Enjoy your illumination and the spoils of success. In Jones County.

Anonymous said...

What is a large majority ? A simple majority of the 82 counties would be 42( half of 82 plus 1) but they were unable to gain access in 58 counties ??? Instead of protesting sign up for a GED class !

Anonymous said...

If this was from any other politician, I would say that McDaniel is crossing his fingers that he hits pay dirt between now and Wednesday; otherwise, Wednesday will be the "election was stolen, but due to the depth of the conspiracy, Thad, Delbert, the Cochran's, etc, I have decided not to challenge the result for the good of the State and good of the party." speech. However, since this is McFührer, I predict that he will continue this display of personal vanity and absolute inability to come to terms that in three weeks he went from promising political future to washed up hack. The only future text book McDaniel will find himself in will be a half-assed PowerPoint titled "Narcissistic politicians who almost made it, and how they blew it with the help of their delusional supporters."

Anonymous said...

12:09 am. Excellent and classic. We'll said.

Anonymous said...

1:37 obviously failed GED class. Your brilliant comment about the 82 counties really shows your lack of intelligence. The candidate with the most TOTAL VOTES wins not the simple majority counties.

Anonymous said...

50th anniversary of Freedom Summer and McCrazy excoriates Thad for reaching out to our black fellow citizens to vote. Shameful. Spitting in the face of all our progress in MS over 50 years. Dos the word diversity mean anything to you Chris? What about inclusion? Or is the party in your mind confined to angry white men?

Anonymous said...

What 8:30 said. Well done.

Anonymous said...

10:30 pm Please look up " Manifest Destiny". Clearly, you don't know what it is or isn't.

Have you read Patrick Henry's ENTIRE pamphlet or do you just know the most famous quotes from it? Have you read the ENTIRE Declaration of Independence or just know the first 2 paragraphs that is most all ever seem to know? Have you read Madison's Papers or Adam's own words on the Constitution? Have you ever heard of The War of the Regulators and know that battles occurred long before Concord? Do you know WHY colonists showed up to fight the Battle of Saratoga or King's Mountain, both of which were key to our victory? Do you know the arguments that went on for years between Adams and Jefferson? Do you know the arguments that went on for years between Hamilton and Burr or just the last straw that led to the duel? Do you know which of our Founding Fathers were notorious drunks?

And, by the way, Revere never made it out of Boston. That was a poem, not history. And, nobody was ringing bells or shouting, that would have been insane as the Brits weren't deaf and the real heroes weren't stupid!

I'm descended from more than a few Founding Fathers and I'm damn sick of those of you who are misrepresenting what they thought and what they did and who they were and you've even misrepresented their religious beliefs!

You have no clue about what their histories were in " The Old World" or about the influence of " The Age of Reason" on their thinking. You seem to miss that the Protestant/Catholic wars were as fresh to their family memories as our Civil War and WWI and II and Vietnam are to us!

And, you're using the Founders as your justification for nonsense without having read in full one diary or letter or paper they actually wrote!

Be at least honest enough with yourself to just think how few weeks were spent on our Revolution in your years of public education.

I'm damn sure my Founding Fathers would be challenging you to a duel as I'm wishing I could on their behalf!

At the very least, they'd be calling The Tea Party, " The Know Nothings and No Nothings".

Anonymous said...

Good one 12:09! But please allow me to elaborate further. Of the approximately 185k ("k" means thousand to you hard core McDaniel supporters) voters who supported McD, I estimate some 5% represent his hard core base, which equates to some 9,250 pig boinkers. I further estimate another 5% who are sympathetic to the hard-core supporters but not quite crazy enough to qualify (IQ levels begin to approach 3 digits). The remaining 90% are good, conservatives who want to see a major change in Washington. These 90% will accept the loss of their candidate and support Thad in November.

Of the 9,250 hard core supporters (pig boinkers) I estimate that 100% of them are avid fans of WWF Championship Wrestling. And not only are they avid WWF fans, they ACTUALLY believe that it is real. And if these 9,250 supporters were to watch the movie
"Deliverance" they would relate, and be sympathetic, to the banjo-playing boy and the hillbillies who had their way with Ned Beatty. They would leave the theater cursing the evil Burt Reynolds who brutally slayed their brethren. I can hear them exiting the theater spouting off about the "conspiracy" to besmudge the reputations of their hillbilly, pig-squealing brothers. And when they get home from the theater they would begin banging away on their computer keyboards about the vast conspiracy. And how evil Burt Reynolds really is. Maybe even mount a court challenge to have the movie "Deliverance" banned. They would viciously attack the producers, directors, writers and anyone else associated with the conspiracy.

But at the end of the day they will lose their challenge to ban "Deliverance" and they will fade away and resume their irrelevant lives. Yes, back to their dueling banjos, WWF and making pigs squeal.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know McDaniel was telepathic!

He must be since he claims to know Hoseman's " intentions"!

Aside for the FACT that clerk instructions should have been clear to any competent clerk,
had they been poorly written how in the hell would McDaniel know whether than was " intentional" or just poor writing?

Given some of the blogs here, that something far harder to write ( instructions...or did y'all miss that in English class too?) could have been poorly worded wouldn't have surprised me.

McDaniel is counting on his supporters not to read the instructions...or apparently anything else!

Unknown said...

What's to hide? Why are county officials hiding the records when GOP officials have had unrestricted access? It would seem that if the Secretary of State and County Election Commissioners wanted to show the election was not corrupt they would allow access to the proof. What is there to hide? I am glad McDaniel is fighting for a fair election. Without fair elections in America, we have no America.

Anonymous said...

I wish that the buffoons dressing up as "Patriots" could talk about their characters the way that 9:27 talks about history. I don't like "re-enactments" a great deal, but when you talk to those guys, you, 90% of the time, find very knowledgeable folks who are quite interesting, even if they march to a 1863 drummer instead of dubstep. And, then there are the folks like 12:09 so classically described. Still laughing. 12:09 is what you WANT to say to them, but can't. When folks with higher math skills (addition, subtraction,..) look at the fringes of any political movement, they recall that our nation has around 3,000,000 schizophrenics. And then there are the angry, the gullible, and the naive. Led by folks like McDaniel and Limbaugh and Beck. The biggest nuts in politics belong to the Tea Party. Note what it says and doesn't say. It doesn't say everybody or even most or many folks in the TP are nuts. It doesn't say that the other parties don't have nuts. It's just that the types of people on the lunatic fringe such as the Nevada cop killers, the "world is ending" folks, the "this is our nation's destiny", the "end times" hysterics, are driving the wagon. McDaniel is not nuts in this clown car. But he is lead clown. So, Chris, stop the act and take a break.

Anonymous said...

Chris: have you ever reached out to black citizens for anything more than yard work? How do you expect our party to ever win in black majority counties like mine (Hinds) with your narrow attitude?

Anonymous said...

Barry, nothing is being " hidden", rather personal information about individual voters is being PROTECTED!!!! That's ALL the information to be redacted BY LAW is!!!!!

Don't you understand why we have secret ballots?????

Your zealots have already made public an entire page of names of those who voted in the primary!

It matters JUST as much what party you voted for as the person!!!!

What if one party were to gain total control of our Nation???

How easy do you want to make it for them to round up those who have opposed them or have them take loyalty oaths???

Damn it, learn how elections work and why the laws have evolved as they have!!!!

This was a PRIMARY and NOT a national election!!! Learn the f'ing difference!!!!!

Learn some history about how other citizen have lost their freedoms!!!!!

If the citizens on that page work for a fanatic in the opposing party , do you not think that employer could keep them at work all day and keep them from voting against HIS party????

America is in far more danger from uninformed , gullible, easily manipulated citizens like YOU!!!!!

You don't even know who is financing The Tea Party here or nationally!!!!

Wise up buddy and do some studying before it's too damn late!!!! Start with researching Murdock and the Koch brothers and their family histories!!!!

Anonymous said...

9:35....i am one if the last people on-board with chris. it was because I believe we are a nation governed by laws and not men. I voted for Cochran in every race he's ever been in and same for barbour, EXCEPT this one. the is not a chance in hell I'd ever bite for Cochran again or anybody that he or barbour maybe I'm at the opposite end of your perverted bell curve

amazingly how you fascists are so strictly following the Alinsky model...not surprising though, just amazed that you can do that with the goofy barbours running things

Anonymous said...

McDaniel is fighting for nothing. He is a classic narcissist who thought he had the thing won and can't stand the fact that his 15 minutes is up.

Anonymous said...

To echo the second poster: McDaniel, you just committed political suicide! You would be wise to never run for another office and that includes Dogcatcher! I don't believe I have ever seen anyone as "hell-bent" on destroying themselves publicly as you have been during this Senate race. You can now go back to radio full-time!

Anonymous said...

McDaniel and his group of "advisors" are basing all their effort and rhetoric on one assumption -- that the greatest indicator that the election was unfair is the fact that McDaniel lost. The only thing that's evidence of is that he didn't win.

10:28, you are glad he is fighting for a fair election. THERE IS NO EVIDENCE IT WASN'T FAIR. The only accusations of unfairness have come from people who don't like the outcome -- and those accusations are based on the notion that if the election didn't turn out the way they wanted it to, something crooked MUST have happened.

What happened is this -- Thad Cochran's campaign took the time to understand the rules and campaign to their fullest advantage within those rules. McDaniel had the exact same opportunity. It is the height of irresponsibility for him to throw accusations around simply because he now recognizes a failure in his own strategy and wants a do-over.

Which, by the way, dude is Chair of the Senate Elections Committee. And these laws are a surprise to him?

The clerks have allowed these people access to the things they LEGALLY HAVE ACCESS TO. And by following the long-established laws governing records access and reproduction, they have been accused by almost every media-hungry Tea Partier of being part of a conspiracy to defeat McDaniel.

Thing is, a LOT of those clerks were probably McDaniel voters themselves. That's a group not known for its love of Washington. But McDaniel has thrown irresponsible and BASELESS accusations at them, simply because he LOST. Another exceptionally unwise strategic move.

There is no THERE there. The absence of evidence is not evidence of a greater crime. The reluctance of local and state election officials to allow a losing candidate to run roughshod over established elections laws and procedures to delay an inevitable outcome is not criminal or unwise. Accusation is not the same as existence.

I honestly can't help but wonder how McDaniel has survived in the legal profession if his understanding of "evidence" and "proof" are really this weak.

Finally, Anon 8:15 -- 1:37 was referring to McDaniel's press release (scroll to the top of your screen) where the candidate claims that in the "large majority" of counties, his volunteers have been welcomed by conscientious clerks -- but they've encountered resistance in 58 counties. Since he seems to be utilizing comparison/contrast logic in that paragraph (i.e., failure to let his people do whatever they went with the records means clerks are NOT conscientious people who take their jobs seriously), then McDaniel's use of the word "majority" is inappropriate at best and, at worst, shows a pretty poor understanding of basic mathematics.

I like the way 1:37 said it better, but it apparently confused you, 8:15.

Anonymous said...

Go to and look up "Alinsky." When the McDenial crew gets off conspiracy websites and researches all these "Patriot" and "Constitutional" zealots, they will find a lot of what they "know" to be manufactured. As in every conspiracy, there is a little bit of truth. But, please, the "Alinsky" crud is a joke. Get away from the birther crowd, the black helicopter crowd, and the "New World Order" crowd.

Unknown said...

WOW! There sure are a lot of haters on this site. Why are so many against fair elections? What's the harm in investigating? Everyone must remember that the Primary Elections are run by THE PARTY not the county. Is it really that hard to believe that the Republican Party violated election law to make "their man" win? WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Anonymous said...

Here's the problem. There isn't a coverup. It's not a "conspiracy." It IS politics. But the finger pointing from McDaniel and his acolytes is far beyond the usual sour grapes. The SOS doesn't run the election. It's a party primary. McDaniel foolishly decided to stab the party incumbent in the back. He signed up to play by the rules. The rules say it's the counties and the party. If he doesn't like the rules, change them or leave the party. He's seen fit to vote Democratic. He attacks each and every party stalwart. So, I don't think too many tears would be shed if he left. If he can get over his big ego, like LeBron, maybe someday they will take him back. But each and every day that a lawyer issues inflammatory press releases with typos, bad grammar, and he can't even capitalize Senate, most Mississippians think they are glad he lost. The witch hunt for "irregularities" such as "pressing too hard" make voters think that the Tea Party is rabid, insane, vengeful, desperate, vindictive, and untrustworthy. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. And McDaniel is blowing that bugle. It's beyond clear that there was no vote buying. It's beyond clear that there was little bad crossover voting. It's over. But McDaniel can't walk back the angry outrage.

Unknown said...

I have seen poll books that show people voted twice. Many County Circuit Clerks are blocking access to the signatures that would prove people voted twice.

Kingfish said...

The law allows for review and challenge of the election process. It is there for a reason. Mr. McDaniel has every right to avail himself of those means.

However, Mr. McDaniel has gotten, shall we say, very aggressive on the PR front, as is his right. There will come a time when Mr. McDaniel has to present his evidence. We can all judge whether or not the evidence substantiates his charges. If it does, ok, the law allows for some remedies. If not, then he will earn the criticism he will undoubtedly receive.

Kingfish said...

Calm down Francis, I mean Barry. We can read your thoughts just fine without the caps.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty galling to see McDaniel people call others "haters" when your camp tried to post photos of a dying disabled wife. I suspect most Mississippians figured that was a sick act, but initially gave McDaniel the benefit of the doubt to a very large degree. Then, the "outrage" that blacks voted. Yeah, Cochran had been elected three times just to the House in a district that was 40% black. Maybe besides learning election law, a little factual US history (and not what a deranged "Patriot" writes), and accepting defeat would have been a good idea. Nope. Doubling down on dumb, sore loser McDaniel labeled the election a "fraud" and "a sham." Lies. His compatriots called Thad Cochran "scum." There's hate, pal. McDaniel, despite every warning, came out with the "stole the election" whine. You can blame the refs all you want over football, but big boys don't look at a 7,000 vote lead and claim it's fraud. Now, looks like yet another out of state group is alleging a crime, or hinting at it, in official court filings, and it looks like another white Grandma. Now, it's hard to get much stupider than the nursing home stunt, or the courthouse stunt, or the "vote checking" fits and stunts, but they seem to be there. Beyond stupid. And Chris "ain't" a gonna back down still!!!! Son, McDaniel is stupid. It's gotten to the point that no one respects him. No one wants to hear the latest conspiracy claim off of the Internet, or the latest lie about fraud. There were DOJ observers in the polling place. There was voter ID for the first time. There was everything in place for a fair, albeit heated, election. And McDaniel lost. Period. End of discussion. Chris needs to borrow some Big Girl Panties and try them on. Then he can "deal with it." He ought to have seen this coming. But it's damn the torpedoes full speed ahead and I don't care who goes down with the ship. That's not leadership. That's a tragedy.

Anonymous said...

If there's one thing I've learned in life as a " constant variable" along with many others is the fact that one cannot reason with unreasonable people.

John Pittman Hey said...

Re: signature books not being made available.

In an election contest I once won, the signature books could only be examined, but the clerk would not not permit them to be copied. That meant I had to spend a day or two with a whole room-full of people watching me laboriously matching signatures to voters who voted in the pollbook and compiling a line-by-line index of the receipt book to the pollbook.

But doing so was the only way to prove that one person actually voted twice: once by absentee, and once on the voting machines on election day. His signatures on the receipt book and the absentee ballot matched.

His absentee was opened and counted after he voted in person on the voting machines.

His name was marked "voted" in the pollbook. But it would have been, whether he voted in person or not, since the election code requires the poll workers to make "voted" in the pollbook for each voter that casts a counted absentee ballot.

So free access to the receipt books as well as the pollbooks is crucial for a complete election investigation.

Circuit Clerks who will not permit copying of the books are obstructing the investigation, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Barry is Franc? Shiiit !!

Anonymous said...

I would love it if the press just didn't show up for the press conference Wednesday. Isn't there a bake sale or a skateboarding cat that could distract them Wednesday?

Anonymous said...

Any idea why Wingate recused himself (and why he hasn't filed the recusal order yet?) Guesses on who the new judge will be?

Anonymous said...

KF, Mr. McDaniel does indeed have the right. We all have the right to be stupid or try to persuade the gullible to give us money. And, that's what challenging an election with no basis is... one or the other.

Anonymous said...

Well past time that McDaniel Et Al learned that having a right to do something doesn't mean it's the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad y'all liked my Founding Fathers Post at 10:30. It was sarcasm! McDaniel has more in common with Cliff Finch than he does Ronald Reagan.

Anonymous said...

I had a dream last night. It was about the same time in 2015 and this subject was still going on, with no clear winners or losers. Just a lot of name calling and just when you thought pig f&*k^% was the bottom of the pit, it got worse. Ministers from all branches of religion were called to arms to help stop the profane language but to no avail.

It just proves when you are passionate about something that little voice in your head get a little drunk with powerful thoughts and out comes word you would never use normally.

Welcome to politic Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe there are so many stupid people on jambalaya site!

If you think I am wrong about calling them stupid... scroll and read their comments.

Obviously I am right about them!

dumbarses, they are!

Anonymous said...

If you see some of the vitriolic comments from McDaniel supporters, most really aren't that educated. Most, according to their FB profiles have nothing more than HS degrees, you see the occasional AA from Jones or Pearl River. Rocket Scientists they aren't. That's for sure.

Anonymous said...

They can all go to Hades, Thads a liberal, McD is a sore loser, and Delbert is in bed with the establishment...

Anonymous said...

The McDaniels type believe that if you are not a "Conservative Republician" exactly like them then you are not a true republicain. Obviously there are different types of republicians who don't goose step to the beat of one drummer but in McDaniesl party they would not be welcome along with Black Democrats. I think the republicans lose this race in the general but I want McDaniels to keep kicking sand because the longer he does it the more irrelevant he becomes.

Anonymous said...

Can't we all sing kumbaya ?

Anonymous said...

Delbert Hosemann is the most ethical politician we have. McDaniel is desperate and needs to quit blaming his political shortcomings on the everything and everyone but himself. All of you people hating on Delbert need a reality check. McDaniel lost. First it was crossover votes, then it was vote buying, then it was absentee ballots. None of those excuses panned out for McDaniel, so lets try another tactic--blame Delbert. I guess these guys really are trying to raise money. They are willing to take the whole GOP down with them. Good job guys, that's the best way to elect a democrat in November.

Anonymous said...

Talk about strange bedfellows... Now Chuckie Johnson and Matt Boyle of Breitbart are retweeting stuff from Donna Ladd. I can't process this any more. Make it stop!!!

Anonymous said...

glad to see that at least one other person has read Alinsky and recognizes those tactics and when they are being played:

Anonymous said...

Wingate refused himself? So there's hope of having this decided in this century.

Anonymous said...

7/11@750p its not McDaniel that's destroyed the Republican Party, it is the unethical tactics that has destroyed the Republican Party and that wasn't the TP candidate. However they have to blame it on somebody they always do.....

Anonymous said...

The strongly unfavorable ratings of The Tea Party have more than doubled among Independents and you barely retain 51% favorably among Republicans in the latest polls( that includes " somewhat". 69% of Democrats don't like you.

Gallup finds support for The Tea Party at just 22%.

When you consider that many Americans share your concerns on many of the issues, you should ask yourselves why you are so strongly disliked and have so little support among your fellow citizens.

Your tactics aren't persuading others to your cause. They are, instead, making others strongly dislike you.

Anonymous said...

McDaniel needs to give up the race and resign from the State Senate! Can you picture McDaniel walking into the Senate Chamber in January knowing that 43 of your fellow Senators voted against you! And then to sit on the first row and looking up at the President of the Senate who worked hard for Thad. All nine of the nutcases in the Senate need to be shaking in their boots because each of you will have opponents next year and hopefully your asses will be sent to the house and I don't mean the Mississippi House! Maybe Gandy can get his cloth out again like he did election night!

Anonymous said...

I hear his wife has really turned the heat up big time!

Anonymous said...

John Pittman Hey, your reference to the one case you have one is helpful. But your claim that the Clerk's are being troublesome because they will not allow copying is crap. As you should know, the Clerks are not allowing copies to be made based on an AG's opinion issued first in 1983. While I personally don't like the opinion, it is still the operating rules until it is changed, and the Clerks are following the advice given to them by the AG.

Yes, there are many ways to make the examination McDaniel's folks are conducting, there are also many specific laws governing the process. It is not designed to be 'easy' or 'convenient' but rather to protect the integrity of the election materials.

McD can cry all he wants to because he is a sore loser. But he has had three years as chairman of the Senate Elections Committee to try to change these laws and made no attempt to do so.

Guess he just enjoys being a sore loser and trying to make himself into a martyr instead.

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