Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Channeling Art Bell

Political strategist and operative Richard Buckman submitted this column about the Senate race to JJ:


Anonymous said...

"I listened to Art’s shows often enough to know that he was fundamentally a “Sucker” for the truth. This is why millions loved Art Bell because they trusted him. John B. Wells shares the same trait and engenders the same loyalty from his listening audience. The styles and personalities of both men are different, but their love of the truth is the same."

Dave Hodges

Anonymous said...

Oh dear...as if Democrats aren't part of " the establishment".

It'd almost be amusing to see the 60s " anti-establishment" cry raised again if I didn't know how that turned out.

Have party members of both parties gone politically insane or are they truly this out of touch with the hopes and dreams and common sense of the American public?

What is it about the approval rating of both houses of Congress that is unclear to these folks? Do they not understand that it's ALL of you responsible including Libertarians and Tea Party?

Joseph's Uncle said...


I'm not sure if this is the same "guy"; it may be. If it is I'm sure Thad and his other "supporters" will commend you for the posting from "The War Room".
By the by; I'm actually thinking a lot of plain ol' Mississippians are about fed up with you fellas and just might turn out come election day to point that out to you.

Anonymous said...

Is Art Bell the guy who 'drinks the rinse water'?

Anonymous said...

Actually -10:49 and Mr. Buckman, I posted the comment. I am a "NORMAL" citizen, who educated myself on the facts. Originally, the TP and all it stood for, attracted me, until the fringe element took over. In fact, I just wondered who this "guy" was and did a simple google search in MY WAR ROOM (which is my bedroom), which any of you can do, of his name. Up came this link -- and I questioned if it was the same person. With that said -- I find it interesting that he can absolutely disparage Senator Cochran, Haley, et. al. with the baggage he has -- and talk about "political operatives" while running a politically oriented company, and complain about who is behind whom. Well, does this apply to the TP? Are Mayfield, Sager, Kelley, and Mary comparable to Cochran, Barbour and the Establishment? What makes them different? They're attempting to create their own fiefdoms, and their methodology is not as clean and pure as Mr. Buckman would like it to be. At the end of the day, I will support the ESTABLISHMENT. Unlike Mr. Buckman, I climbed out of my attic through my roof, in a no flood zone, and appreciated all that Senator Cochran, Gov. Barbour, and other ESTABLISHMENT members did to help me and my family. I didn't just sit without power for a week or so........I rebuilt my life and the ESTABLISHMENT was instrumental in returning MY TAX DOLLARS THAT I HAD PAID IN back to me. Our family rebuilt our lives, I put 3 kids through college, have a home and a business, have employees that I sign the front of the check for and help feed their families, not the back, because the ESTABLISHMENT gave me a hand up when we were flat on our backs. Under Mr. McDaniel's plan, I'd still be cleaning out the muck, mud and destroyed remnants of my life, while someone else utilized my tax dollars that had been paid in by ME in some other place in the U.S. Does Mr. McDaniel feel he is so empowered and charismatic, that he can sway 99 other Senators when he walks in the door of the Senate???? That takes years and relationships -- and while he is voting no against everything, we'll see OUR TAX DOLLARS THAT WE STILL MUST PAY EVEN IF HE IS IN THE SENATE -- heading to another area of the country, because he just doesn't have the connectivity, horsepower, or interpersonal skills to make things happen. Talk to me when you can double down on my personal experience 10:49 and Mr. Buckman. We are in a poker game - I call!

Anonymous said...

I agree with him on the fact that Cochran is part of the establishment and that said establishment has a financial interest in keeping the man in office.

I just don't think sending a buffoon like Chris McDaniel to Washington is the answer.

Anonymous said...

8:50 You are very kind to classify McDaniel as a buffoon. There better descriptions for McDaniel and his minions.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure when this letter was written or submitted to JJ but one thing that sticks out is this guys "certainty" that the Cochran campaign is behind the nursing home break in/photo controversy. He writes: "Who else" could have gained access to the facility? Hasn't it already been established that Mark Mayfield, the vice chairman of the Mississippi tea party, had a relative at the facility and aided the defendants access to the nursing home? Is Mr. Buckman suggesting that Mr. Mayfield is an undercover sleeper agent for The Establishment who infiltrated the ranks of the tea party and rose to a leadership position only to await an opportunity to take down the tea party with a scandal.
If that is his suggestion, then he is as crazy as J. Everett Dutschke.

John Holmes said...

8:29 AM trotted out so many fallacies in his rant it would take a week to respond.

Anonymous said...

9:38 -- please do respond, I'm waiting. I can back up my experience with LOTS of facts --- what's your story?

Eyes Wide Open said...

What I hear the Thadders saying is, "Since we are going to piss away all our tax dollars anyway, we need a man like Thad up there helping to it since he's gotten good at it over time and needs no learning curve."

Is this really the information I should use to make my decision?

Can a man with a learning curve do much worse?

Anonymous said...

there is plenty of innuendo regarding McDaniel's relationship with a female campaign staffer. Spare me the "moral compass" lecture.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely a man with a learning curve can do much worse. Until you all are prepared to secede from the union, pay no taxes, and become an independent country -- we all HAVE to pay taxes. So.......we pay them and someone else benefits? Deal with LIFE AS IT IS not flowery prose, while you're drinking your Earl Grey. As a MINORITY PARTY in the SENATE, Senator Cochran has made it work for Mississippi, BECAUSE of his seniority and his connectivity. Everyone wants to look at this as a "bad thing". Well, it's not! McDanielites want CM to save the world -- well, let me clue you all in on something...... he cannot keep his appointments straight, how can he save the world. He will be JUNIOR senator, and NOT CRUZ!! Look at CRUZ'S BIO -- no comparison, so I hate to tell you guys -- he will be relegated to a sub committee on how we grow grass in Alaska. That really helps MS. Senator Cochran has not done everything right -- but at least he has a record we can review. CM -----2 terms in the MS Senate ...... I remember another guy like him....... he became President and how did that work out for us???? Yes -- we cannot afford Mr. McDaniel's learning curve any more than we could Mr. Obama's. I think at this point, Senator Cochran has received the message that we all want less or more strategic spending and a reduction of the debt. Sending him back to do it, allows us a voice -- sending McDaniel up there, allows a voice all right.....one in the WILDERNESS!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet the Cochranites that started the "innuendo" about McDaniels would love to have you compare that equally with an apparent philanderer that is known to live with and travel with his "special other" Anything to change the focus.

Anonymous said...

To hear you tell it, Cochran started at the top of committee selections WAAAAYYYY back when he first went to the Senate, right? Even John Stennis had to start on the grass growing sub committee. Cochran's record on the national debt, his voting to fund Obamacare, his voting for the NDAA to give the President the power to deny U.S. citizens rights afforded them by the Constitution, his avoidance of the public during this campaign, all these give him a ticket out of the Senate. I would say back to Mississippi, but I doubt he'll move back here.

Anonymous said...

Richard K. Buckman - a name that brings bring back memories, such as:



8 years if the federal pen!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile the MS GOP sweeps the fiasco that is Kemper County under the rug. Don't bet on the Dems not mentioning it.

Anonymous said...

So, 1:05 -- what I'm hearing from you is you're willing to let us implode for 40 years, while McDaniel learns at our expense. Is that correct? I'm not willing to let my tax dollars go to NEVADA or another state, while Mr. McDaniel gets ready for prime time, and feels good about himself in DC, as a US Senator. What you really don't want to discuss is that MANY TIMES Senator Cochran has worked as a MINORITY member of the Senate, and he still was able to make things happen. Senator Stennis also understood that we're a poor but proud state, and he brought a SPACE CENTER here because of his power, connectivity, and relationships. This created JOBS here. Can McDaniel do that or anything comparable in his first term or will we be having buyer's remorse because no one will answer his phone calls up there, and STENNIS Space Center is being defunded (which he, as a NO guy on everything, would have to support, since he's for smaller government)? Why re-work the wheel so he can feel good about himself. He will be 1 of 100 Senators and if you think he's such an amazing leader, that the other 99 will defer to him when he walks in the door, then you're quite naive. No experience, no ability to prove he can produce legislatively with the exception of his 2 terms in the MS Senate......we've been living that kind of inexperience out on a national level for the past 6 years......that's what we DON'T NEED now. For every bit of information you have stated, I can state an opposing view and support it with facts ....let's just agree to disagree and we'll vote our conscience on Tuesday. One additional tiny little issue here with Chris!!! We are in the minority, not the majority in the Senate, and probably will stay that way sadly since the TP did not target races they could have won like Louisiana, but came into MS in droves (heard on the radio the national TP in an email, handed out tickets and rooms to ANYONE who was in the party and willing to work for McDaniel in MS). Something bothers me when out of towners, influence our election, and if he's such a MS MAN (the big guy at that!!) then why is he not garnering this huge amount of support within the state, and is depending to the tune of 92% of his funding, from out of state sources and support. Do you really believe that he will not owe someone somewhere for that kind of support, or are you one of those guys, brought in to influence the election? It should be a decision we make in MS without outside influence. Last additional issue at the end of the day with McDaniel is that we'll be in the minority with NO SENIORITY in the Senate if this plays out and he's the winner!!

Anonymous said...

Yea, JJ, you sure can pick 'em. Way to "finish strong" on your senate coverge like you said on the radio today. I doubt you have the stones to publish this, but this guy Buckman is a total hack.

Busted for tax evasion.

Too fat to get a DUI in New Mexico.

What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I want to know if those supporting McDaniel actually believe he, unlike all the other Senators " won't be exempted" from Obamacare if you elect him.

And, if you know that's impossible, why are you supporting a man who will lie like that to try to get a vote from the clueless?

Kingfish said...

Some are trying to post comments about the author's personal background. I'm not approving them as they are not really relevant to this post. I publish submissions based upon the work itself. There is plenty here in this one for target practice.

Anonymous said...

Alright then 1:59
Let's hear your defense of Cochran voting to run the debt so high, Cochran voting to fund Obamacare, Cochran voting for the NDAA (which is a vote directly opposed to upholding and protecting the Constitution. How about his absence from the public? As far as Senator Stennis bringing the Space Center to Mississippi, he most certainly did not do that in his 1st, 2nd, or 3rd term. As with any influence Cochran has, they all start at the bottom and work their way up. It's time for you to put up those facts for the questions asked (you know, the ones you claim to have that will explain this all way). Put up or shut up.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks the long-winded unreadable NUTJOB downed too much dietary fiber this morning.

Anonymous said...

Is this the kind of "Katrina relief" that CM said he would have to take a hard look before voting for it?


(or maybe that's just what called being on "Katrina duty")

Anonymous said...

"Cochran voting to fund Obamacare, "

Uh, he has voted over 100 times to end it. facts are stubborn things.

As that noted political commenter Casey Stengel once noted: "You can look it up".

And is Stennis running again? I missed that somehow.

Anonymous said...

Cochran voted to end debate and allow Senate Dems to re-insert funding for Obamacare in the Continuing Resolution to fund the gov't. Then he voted against it (for show) knowing that a cloture vote to end debate would let Reid fund it by a party-line vote. So, in essence, he voted to fund Obamacare. Look it up. He also voted for the New Year's Day fiscal cliff deal that raised taxes on 77% of households. Voted to raise the Federal minimum wage. Shall I continue?

Anonymous said...

2:24 and 2:44-- where were you on August 29th, 2005? I've got pictures and boxes of post Katrina paperwork to prove where I was. Course you'd probably say you were in one of the coastal counties, since it would support your positions. Poor Haley -- dragging him into this one more time. Guess we're not supposed to mention that little group of 4 -- Mayfield, Sager, Mary, and Kelley ---- instead of the Fab 5 we have the Constitutional 4, or will it be 5 since more arrest are possible? No corruption on your side is there? Pure as the driven snow.

Anonymous said...

It is Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014, Republican Primary Election Day in Mississippi. For the voters in Mississippi who decide to go and vote in the statewide Republican Primary in the US Senate race to nominate a candidate for the November general election, you have a simple choice:
1. The incumbent Thad Cochran. Been in elected office in DC since the 1970's. Considers himself a conservative Republican. Votes 65% of the time with the Republican majority. Deeply feels as though he represents the poorest state in America and should therefore use his clout and seniority to route as much federal taxpayer money back to MS in whatever and however way he can. Is a social conservative in most regards. Is in the latter years of not only his career but also his life at 76 years of age. Obvious to all with eyes and ears that he lives with his top DC office secretary at her house on Capitol Hill and is probably her regular "manfriend". Has a wife that is tragically pretty much abandoned family-wise by him but not financially. Tragically, she is probably bedridden and mainly incoherent due to dementia and age. God bless and keep her in his hand. More than likely will not serve-out his entire 6 year term in office if re-elected.

2. The challenger, State Senator Chris McDaniel from Jones County, Mississippi. Is fairly young at 41 years of age, an accomplished attorney, and considers himself to be a true Constitutional extreme conservative. Is supported by those who agree with his theories and thoughts on the federal government. Wants to stop almost all government spending, including everything that comes back to the poorest state in America, Mississippi, and would closely huddle with what is commonly known as the "Tea Party" Caucus in the United States Senate, ie, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul. Has a colorful past as an extreme right wing conservative radio show host, and a rather spotty record of attendance in the state legislature. His campaign has at best been run in an almost amateur fashion, with a campaign manager who he appears to have placed in the position not because of past top Republican campaign experience, but for other rather unknown, or as Donald Rumsfeld would say, "known unkown" reasons. Would probably have never gained any real traction but for the outside extreme conservative groups and Superpacs from primarily Washington DC helping to fund and provide manpower for his campaign. I am sure that in Senator McDaniels own mind, he truly is on a mission from Constitutional conservative God!!!

Y'all make the call on Tuesday, we shall see...

Anonymous said...

2:19 -- 1. Have you ever taken Econ 101 --- might want to, and you'll understand that shutting down the government, losing our credit rating as a country, etc. all wreck havoc on an economy. In addition, do a little research on how often we've had a Republican held Senate/House/President over the past 50 years. All spending bills are created in the House. When you have spendaholics, the Senate has to deal with the debt created at times. 2. NDAA -- there were no amendments allowed and it was rushed through the Senate (thank you Mr. Reid). Reference this link:http://www.politico.com/story/2013/12/senate-national-defense-authorization-act-barack-obama-101364.html -- would Mr. McDaniel have stood firm on this one? It's kind of a double edged sword. 3. Absence from public -- I believe that's called working in Washington -- and he does have offices all over the state if there are issues. 4. Starting at the bottom -- yes, I guess you could say we're doing that if we vote in Mr. McDaniel. Only time will tell.

Let's Flush Thad said...

The goob at 11:32, who also rolls out his personal resume at 8:29 and gets lost in his own (non) eloquence at 1:59 would have me believe Thadeus is worthy of reelection simply because he has tenure. This is always the cry of those who believe in 'forever politicians'.

The people of West Virginia heard that for half a century too and what do they have to show for it? Every bridge, tavern, roundabout, public latrine and runway in the state being named for Robert Byrd.

That needs a personal staffer just to manage his naps and wake him if Hillary calls.

Anonymous said...

You're right. Only time will tell with McDaniel. We can already see what Cochran's tenure has done to the country. Time for him to go sit on the porch.

Anonymous said...

LFT -- 4:25 --- in a moment of non-eloquence -- can we offer you a one way ticket back on the TP Express bus that brought you into town to work for Mr. McDaniel?? You seem to know a great deal about WV -- I'm assuming that's where you came from when you answered the YOU TUBE request, from Jenny Beth Martin, to show up in MS.

Also, there are no forever politicians.....however......if you were going into battle, who would you rather have....General "Jones" who has the experience and understanding and has made the mistakes which allow him to make better decisions, or Private "Smith" whose only claim to fame was that he joined and went to basic training at the MS Senate? We have that already in the Presidency -- MS doesn't need 6 years of it in the Senate.

Thad Live in the Basement said...

What Mississippi doesn't need is another 6 years exactly like the last 40 some odd from the debt-addled Senator Somnambulist.

Your bombast is wholly unpersuasive.

Anonymous said...

TLB -- let's agree we're going to cancel each other out on Tuesday at the polls, IF you are actually a MS Citizen, and not someone who rolled in from out of state to man the phone banks.

Anonymous said...

Let's agree you don't remotely know what you don't know. If there is a troll on this thread it is you.

Anonymous said...

I will allow you your last word -- now go drink your Earl Grey and enjoy your evening.

Anonymous said...

One last comment to support the argument that out of town Tea Partiers are infiltrating our blogs and attempting to influence our election -- note the post at 9:30 a.m. -- from "JOHN HOLMES" -- please refer to this Tea Party website ---http://teapartyorg.ning.com/profile/JohnDHolmes?xg_source=activity --- Tea Party Command Center Blogger Spot -- John D. Holmes. Simple google of the name and Tea Party. Curious how many of these "anonymous" post are TP people who are blogging from out of state. Interesting that they're becoming more like Democrats -- if you don't agree with us -- your (fill in the blank with something negative and derogatory).

Anonymous said...

9:35 Great point. All of the "push polls" I have gotten from McDaniels supporters have come from non-Mississippi area codes.

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand all of this 'they are from out of state' stuff. That doesn't matter at all. Thad has been up there for what? 40 years. Seems like after 40 years your entire case for him should be how good he is at his job. Period. My problem with him is that he does not seem to realize that the USA is 18 billion in the red. We should be making major cuts to the Federal government. Get out of the home loan business, student loan business, farming business, auto business, energy producing business and all the other junk that is not authorized by the constitution. Not saying McDaniel could do this by himself, but that is the poster child for why we are so broke - 'Look at all the federal $$ I got for Mississippi.' Bull shit. That is why the USA is going down the tubes. Congressmen from 50 states are buying our votes with our own money and have been for years. To save the country we have got to stop playing that game. I addition Oboma is breaking the law constantly (example making major changes to Obomacare without congressional approval). Thad and others in congress should be either suing Oboma or impeaching him. Instead they sit back and do nothing.

Anonymous said...

1:14 put my thoughts to (virtual) paper very succinctly.

All you jackwagons bragging about how much Federal money Thad routes back home to MS, better be writing your checks to the IRS JOYFULLY every April. That money comes from us to start with.

Any money that he brings in above what we pay to FedGov ("but, but we get a 4:1 return on our money with Thad's seniority!!!1!1") might be viewed by some as selfishly beneficial, but it really just amounts to more legalized theft from others. Please check your greed at the door.

Anonymous said...

Excellent comment, 1:14. Thank you.

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