Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What are they afraid of?

It seems nothing can strike fear into a Senate candidate than a CNN reporter:

They claim they can stand up to Obama or take on Putin but let a CNN reporter with a camera show up.......

Then there is this video that ran on TV last Thursday:

What is interesting is you can't find it online.  Someone screen-grabbed it off of WJTV and posted it on the Clarion-Ledger website (where we found it). However, the video can not be found anywhere else on the internet.  The Cochran campaign website doesn't show any videos.  Someone must have figured out this ad was not a good idea.  Can we say "overkill"?


Anonymous said...

Would we accept it if an incumbent President Obama refused to participate in debates with his challengers prior to an election? Why is everyone not OUTRAGED that Senator Cochran refuses to answer to his constituents for his record? It is insulting to me, as someone who will vote in this primary, that he refuses to debate a challenger.

Anonymous said...

Saw that last night. Interesting dodge.

Of course, Cochran avoided the reporter completely in the same piece.

And, KF posted what I can only guess is Democratic hopes to use the anger of the Tea Party toward Cochran by painting him as the poster child for " the establishment".

God help us!

Anonymous said...

Chris said he's through talking about the violation taken against Ms. Rose and he denounced the terrible act more than once. He said he had nothing to do with it whatsoever. What's more to discuss? This is his perspective now. If the media wants to know more, they should ask someone who knows about it.

Of course I am paraphrasing him from what I have read put out by him and his campaign. He's moved on to the issues. The media simply wants to make it into something it isn't... which is all about him yet that is wrong.

Picture-gate needs to move on to the courts instead of a Senate race.

Anonymous said...

Heck mcdaniels is afraid of jt on super talk and he is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to radio shows

Anonymous said...


Yes, we would accept it if incumbent Obama refused to debate a fellow democrat before a primary.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone is afraid of JT.

No matter which side you're on, you must admit that Supertalk is Thad's talking piece. Gallo has talked about this photo business for a solid week now. They want it to be a scandal, and if they can keep talking about the "scandal" (instead of obvious flaws with Cochran, or positions on policy), it's a win for Thad. I have no doubt JT would have put Chris in a corner and asked him the same questions over and over again. He would be put in a defensive position for the entire show. Then, they would take sound clips and use it as a commercial for the JT show. It is what it is. Keep in mind, Davenport signs JT's check.

Cancelling with JT wasn't the worst idea the McDaniel campaign thought of.. (surprising, actually).

Anonymous said...

I see the McDaniel/Tea Party toters are out in full force on JJ today. Anyone that truly (and I mean sincerely) believes that Cochran will be defeated Tuesday is delusional.

Anonymous said...

"What difference does it make if it's true? If it's a story and it breaks, they're gonna run with it."

Conrad 'Connie' Brean

Anonymous said...

The Tea Party wingnuts have ruined our party forever.

Anonymous said...

The establishment manipulators have ruined your party.

Does it bother anyone else that Mr. Cochran has not spoken in public during the campaign? So, either he is taking my vote for granted or is not healthy/competent enough to speak in public. Both are a problem for me.

I am not a Chris McDaniel supporter & still haven't decided which way to cast my vote. Both have many issues as far as I'm concerned. I wish option C was not a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Being a Democrat has never been more fun. Welcome Senator Childers soon!

Anonymous said...

Agree with 12:22 PM. I came into this primary with an open mind, and found that Thad's supporters apparently feel like I owe him my vote.

I am not convinced that McDaniels is ready for prime-time, but I am not convinced that Thad is either, or for how much longer he will be.

From all of the arrogant dismissals of the Tea Party on this site, it sounds like we are all either expected to "fall in line" and vote for Thad (so that someone else can be appointed in a year or two), or sit at home and just not vote for his opponent.

Anonymous said...

12:22 and 1:26 express the feelings in our house. We came into this election time thinking Thad was the man. Now, we have not heard a word out of his own mouth. We hear of him being led around by the arm only to shake hands and smile and give an occasional "hello". We consider ourselves loyal republicans but do not know if we can vote with the establishment this time. Thad will probably win but probably not with our votes.

Anonymous said...

12:22, 1:26 and 1:48 are right.

I am worried that he will resign "for health reasons" or "to take care of his wife" soon after being re-elected.

Does anyone trust Phil Bryant to name his replacement?

I wish we had a better alternative than Childers, because his election would leave Harry Reid in charge of the Senate. McDaniels is totally unqualified, after watching how he runs his campaign (where has Sojourner been for the past two weeks anyway?)

Anonymous said...

Thad Cochran wins by a couple of points, stays less than one year, resigns due to health and Haley Barbour is appointed to complete his term. I believe this is the plan. Sen. Cochran is a fine man but age has taken it's toll. I saw him at a function last year and he appeared somewhat lost in the crowd. No way in hell he is up to six more years and he knows it. I will not vote for him or McDaniels and I am a conservative independent.

Anonymous said...

3:17 PM, I thought Haley Barbour was quoted in the media as saying that there would be no more public office for him?

I was under the impression that Thad's seat would be given to Gregg Harper when Thad steps down.

wilkiegirl said...

If the Establishment of BOTH parties had not made such a mess of this country INCLUDING Childers who voted with Pelosi and Obama over 90% of the time, there would be no tea party. The tea party is/was a response to total corruption in Washington. Everyone is talking about the Picture, no one is talking about Cochran's alleged ties to illegal loans, Fundraisers and rampant waste of the hard earned tax dollars of Americans.
I also find the the investigation and prosecution of all these people over a the actions of a couple of people disturbing. Again it is demonstrated that their is a different justice system for the Political elite and the rest of us.
I hope the recent murder in Madison is getting the same aggressive attention after all, they are not the family of a sitting Senator.
The Ad Cochran is running and he is still running that Ad in South MS is disgusting. Talk about exploitation..

Anonymous said...

Well I hope McDaniels does not win because if he cant handle JT he surely wont be able to handle the national media who will kick his rear end in an effort to elect the democratic candidate. If we cant stand a hostile JT and Gallo he should be elected.

He also should stop running the ads about thad not debating. He cant even debate JT

Anonymous said...

3:17 never believe a politician when they say they will never hold public office again. The 100 Club in Washington DC is just too strong of a draw for people like Barbour to say no to. These 100 Senators are consider some of the most powerful people in the world.It is hard to get there with Haley's Lobbying millions.

Anonymous said...

Thad spoke to a crowd of 500 on March the 18th in Jackson.
It cost money to attend, the only TEA was served in glass with ice and lemon.

Anonymous said...

6:26 - REALLY?? So Chris should debate JT who's station has done NOTHING but disparage and attack? The station that stands to loose about a cool MILLION in tax dollars a year if Cochran Looses? Is he running against JT or Cochran? WHY should he waste his time on JT who will ask one question over and over so that the sound bits can be used across the station on behalf of Cochran.. The Mississippi Media including the Taxpayer funded Supertalk have done a LOUSY job of covering this race or disputing the lies told by the Cochran Campaign. In fact, Supertalk has gone to great lengths to help advance the Cochran narrative which is rather pathetic. I expected much more. I guess we should not be surprised. When you are on the Government Dole, you tend not to want to stop sucking that tit.
If Chris is guilty because of association then Cochran is also guilty because his Top Aide was convicted in the Abramoff Case. AGAIN something the Mississippi "Media" and I say that with disdain, seems to forget.
I could care less if McDaniel goes on the radio with JT. Waste of time and nothing but shill for Big Gov and there is NOTHING conservative about it. The have lost all credibility when it comes to being Conservative.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:46 PM

QUOTE: "Well I hope McDaniels does not win because if he cant handle JT he surely wont be able to handle the national media who will kick his rear end in an effort to elect the democratic candidate."

I am of the opinion Elderly Senator Cochran is not competent to be my US Senator. Why should I waste another vote on him when I did that 6 years ago? He's been MIA for years now already!

Quoting you again: "If we cant stand a hostile JT and Gallo he should be elected."

You are being UNFAIR and dishonest! First off, he went on the Gallo show! He sat there and mainly listened to Gallo throw out Q after Q. It was all about "Gotcha Questions" and Gallo repeatedly cut off McDaniel. One time, McDaniel responded: "You told me before the show that you would give me an opportunity to respond!" Gallo was in the tank for Cochran and sent me researching McDaniel. He will gain my vote on June 03rd. Know why? Cochran won't even get on the JT and Gallo shows nor will he do Town Halls, nor return phone calls when people call him in DC or at the Jackson office! He is worn out and needs daily naps, I believe!

Cochran may not hitting on all cylinders because he has made huge gaffes recently such as confessing he has no idea about The TEA Party. If he doesn't know about the TEA Party, he is in a bad fix because politics has been his livelihood for many years.

Now you know why you are being dishonest... He never stood up either show. He cancelled with JT the night before due to his campaign bus scheduling from what I have gathered. So fact is, there was no standing up of either show.

Mississippi, VOTE Cochran out and permit him to live with Kay Webber in peace. Give the 40 something yr old a chance! Cochran has been paid mega money for many years and don't throw away your vote on him for another 6 yrs.

There have been polls done on both Republicans running against Childers. Childers has lost to both! This is all fear tactics to get you to vote for Cochran.

Again, why throw away your vote on Cochran? Haven't you done that already 6 years ago?

Anonymous said...

What IF the scenario were different in that a FEMALE senator were involved with a male travelling companion and housemate?
What IF it were disclosed that this female senator placed her husband, who was suffering from Alzheimer's disease, in a local nursing facility and made a nest with her boyfriend in another state?
How would this play out with voters? Would we see Trent Lott and others rallying behind the woman with their endorsements?
I think not.
This female senator would suddenly see a brand on her forehead. She would not be seen as fit to represent our state.
WHAT IF, folks?
Give this scenario some honest thought....

Anonymous said...

Did Haley say he'd never RUN for public office again, or he'd never HOLD public office again?

There's no "running" involved if he is appointed.

Speaking of Gregg Harper, I heard him in a radio spot on SuperTalk this afternoon, endorsing Cochran. If not Barbour, are the stars aligning for Harper to get a Senate seat as did Roger Wicker?

Anonymous said...

EVERYONE with close connections to our leaders knows that Gregg Harper will be the one appointed. Haley was pushed to run before but said he feels that he is too old. I think the truth is that Haley likes pulling the strings. There is more money and control involved with his current job. Holding office can at times muffle a person and he is not one that likes to be constrained. The plan is for Harper to be appointed in 1-2 years. It is also well known that Stacey Pickering will vie for Harper's seat once the appointment takes place. Whether or not Pickering works out in the end, I can only pray NOT, but anything is possible! You have to remember that Harper would have had to resign his position as House Rep to run for Thad's Senate seat. No one wants to give up a sure thing for a maybe and especially if you are not always favored by the public. Why go to that trouble when you can do it the easy, appointed way?! Just check out all of the photos of Thad lately. Harper is with him most of the time. That is what we call grooming or training your replacement, politics style!

Anonymous said...

Roger Wicker has turned out to be the joke we all knew he would be. Other than membership in Hair Club of America, what can he hang his hat on? He can rattle on about having cast three or four 'conservative' votes, yet, he's an empty suit.

Pugnacious said...

Thad and Jimmy Dukes appear together-- sporting their characteristic possum-mouth grin. Both have become wealthy duping the dumbkoffen for the past forty years.Dukes(and the Texas Ranger investigators) know where all the bodies-- and that purloined "bulldozer"-- are buried, and who put them there. According the Chancery Judge "Chet" Dillard,Dukes' FBI brother was involved in the FBI's COINTELPRO, planting evidence(dynamite) in targeted "suspects" automobiles, including Byron DeLay Beckwith's Plymouth Valiant that was parked in front of the Mayflour Cafe as he prepared to travel to New Orleans.. Jimmy Dukes is now law-partnered with the infamous Forrest County DA who was in office when that twin-engine plane-- piloted by Mr. Wiseman and bound for Colombia-- went down off the coastal waters of that country. The identity of the two females aboard has never been revealed.

Anonymous said...

Harper has been travelling with Cochran's campaign staff for the past few weeks. It would certainly appear that he is "next in line" for an appointment (if it comes to that).

I really don't see Thad stepping down though, at least not unless there are health issues that come up. He's in position to be the Chair of Appropriations, in other words, in charge of ALL of America's money (that is, if the Republicans win the Senate, which it looks like they very well might). Thad has been in DC for decades waiting for this chance, he won't relinquish it so easily.

Pugnacious said...

...Roger Wicker has turned out to be the joke we all knew he would be.
Roger Wicker's claim to fame is serving on the House Ethics sub-committee, joining Congressman John Lewis(GA)in recommending the expulsion of Ohio Congressman James Traficant from Congress. That and co-sponsoring with fellow Southern Company shill and Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman,Chip Pickering, in the repeal of PUHCA legislation that was reportedly written, word-for-word, by the Atlanta-based legal staff of Southern Company.

Anonymous said...

Harper has been travelling with Cochran's campaign staff for the past few weeks. It would certainly appear that he is "next in line" for an appointment (if it comes to that).

Since Kay Webber obviously can't join him to campaign in Mississippi Haley needs somebody he can trust to pull the string out of the back of Thad's neck that makes him talk. That is why Harper is tagging along.

Anonymous said...

11:00 am Some of us find " what if's" silly. What if pigs could fly?
Can everyone TRY to be honest?
Thad is too old (including too old to be any ladies' man...more like their responsibility). His staff still functions. He can still ( via them) bring home the bacon. He will likely retire and Phil ( not a happy prospect) will appoint someone.
Chris McDaniel, if he believes more than a few of the things he's said and campaigned on and can't control his campaign, is mentally ill ( I've ruled out stupid because of his educational/work history)or he's a sociopathic con man playing the undereducated or mentally ill who will do anything to win.

These are two poor choices.

For those of us not so party loyal we are self-destructive, Thad is a more benign choice .

And, sadly, so will be a Democrat if McDaniel wins.

KF, I keep getting polled by an objective polling group. They have the negatives. I'll bet McDaniel's are over the top, especially with women who have long memories, We haven't forgotten his position on the referendum.

Anonymous said...

Tate Reeves or Greg Harper would be Phil's choice. If Tate plans to run against Phil, Phil would choose Tate Reeves.

Cochran, baiting and switching CNN and avoiding the media and constituents shows he really should not be in office.

If you cant debate McDaniel or you cant come before The Clarion Ledger board for questioning,nor the constituents either, you may have issues at the age of 76.

I suppprt the RETIREMENT of Cochran today.

Anonymous said...

9:52 is disingenuous...

9:52 wrote:
11:00 am Some of us find " what if's" silly. What if pigs could fly?
...blah, blah, blah.

(9:52's WHAT IF McDaniel is mentally ill)
Chris McDaniel, if he believes more than a few of the things he's said and campaigned on and can't control his campaign, is mentally ill ( I've ruled out stupid because of his educational/work history)or he's a sociopathic con man playing the undereducated or mentally ill who will do anything to win.

(another WHAT IF)
And, sadly, so will be a Democrat if McDaniel wins.

Anonymous said...

It is apparent that Thad does not have enough self-control to honor the vows he took when he married his wife. Does he honor the promises he makes to voters?
As far as Thad being too old for a physical romantic relationship, as a silly someone suggested, perhaps he visited the WeenieWon'
I say let's put a brand on his behind in the shape of a boot print!

Anonymous said...

Neither of Phil's choices appeal to me if you are right 10:16am.

I doubt Thad is at the top of his game. But, even if he were, it's not politically necessary for Thad to debate or go before the CL. Incumbents avoid those sorts of situations all the time so as to avoid being misquoted later and to avoid a younger candidate with a pretty face.

How can you vote for someone who has deliberately tried to mislead you and clearly believes you uninformed if not stupid?

Anonymous said...

11:47 wrote:

"But, even if he were, it's not politically necessary for Thad to debate or go before the CL. Incumbents avoid those sorts of situations all the time so as to avoid being misquoted later and to avoid a younger candidate with a pretty face."

Well, this voter thinks it's necessary, if he expects to get my vote. It's the people's seat, not Thad's. The people should have a right to expect the differences between candidates to be debated for the benefit of a more informed electorate.

Lacking that, it appears that Thad is not willing to do the bare minimum that might be expected by interested voters. If he is too busy/tired/old/intimidated to debate a challenger and defend his record (for better or worse), then I guess I can't be bothered to vote for him.

Pugnacious said...

If a grand jury finds evidence for the courts to go after Kelly and the others arrested for plotting to take the photo of Rose Cochran at Saint Catherine's, will the defendants then be able, through "discovery," to view private medical reports and call witnesses(nurses and medical staff) from the time that Thad "committed" her to Saint Catherine's? That ought to be a hoot. No chance that Judge Hilburn will be called out of retirement, is there?

Disgusted said...

There are so many posts above that I agree with (12:22, 1:26, 1:48...) I can't even list them all.

I *don't like* McDaniel. At all. But I'm probably going to vote for him.

A vote for Cochran is a vote wasted because even if we reelect him, he'll retire within a year anyway. The man is pushing 80!

If you vote for Cochran you're voting for a pig in a poke. You'll find out which pig you got after it's too late to do anything about it.

Gregg Harper (shudder) is the name I keep hearing. If Gregg Harper wants that seat, and The Establishment wants him to have it, THEN HARPER SHOULD HAVE RUN IN THIS ELECTION. Thad didn't want to run again anyway!! The only reason to avoid running is because THEY WERE SCARED HE COULDN'T WIN.

So, they're pulling a bait-and-switch on the voters, and patting themselves on the back and laughing the whole time.

The whole thing is so disrespectful to the voters it makes me furious.

McDaniel isn't a great candidate, but at least he had the balls to run and put himself out there, knowing he'd be in the cross hairs. Can't say the same for Cochran or for Harper!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (9:52 a.m.) said...
"11:00 am Some of us find " what if's" silly. What if pigs could fly?

Some of US find ....
Who appointed you the spokesperson for "some of us".
Speak for yourself, lap dog. You, as usual, are tedious. Sigh...

Out To Pasture said...

Found this post early this morning on Facebook. All the untidy, snarky commentary aside, this sums up my position.

"Ok folks. I've thought this over, looked it over, and I'm voting for Chris McDaniel. I voted for Thad Cochran in every senate race he's been in up until now. I served in the military with his son and know the man personally, but I simply think Thad's too entrenched in Washington and has lost touch with Mississippi. I've tried on several occasions to contact him on various issues only to be told by some arrogant staffer that he doesn't agree with me and doesn't have time to discuss it. I'm willing to give a new guy a chance, and if he doesn't do better, then in six years, I'll be changing again."

Anonymous said...

I still say if McDaniels cannot stand up to the likes of JT he should just sshut up and go home.

Anonymous said...

7:18: So remind me then, how did Thad do on JT's show? Because I think I missed it.

Oh, Thad's refused to come on ANY radio? At least McDaniel appeared on an aggressive Gallo's show, which is more than Thad has done with a FRIENDLY host.

What's your argument again?

Anonymous said...

@1133- all the wingnuts have ruined ALL the parties

Anonymous said...

who do you want fighting for Mississippi? a strong courageous man that would risk everything including his career that is so passionate to do what is right? even go on national TV to fight for it? or a weakling that will not even debate a challenger. if thad will not debate a challenger then how in the hell can he debate and fight for Mississippi in Washington? or does he just sit there and nod his head (or nod off...haha) and just sign his name where needed? if thad has to be prompted on what to say how does he even hold his ground in DC? Noone should ever put themselves on a pedestal and think they're too good for anyone! When thad denies speaking to the media he is denying speaking to those who watch it which is "we the people". I can say - I give it to Chris for having the courage to go up against an old time senator that has an established seat. How many of us would do this? Not many, as evident by the number of people on this site that do not even have the courage to provide their name-including me. It is something to think about. Hhmmm

Anonymous said...

827. does anyone ever listen to Gallo and JT anymore? I'm an ex-listener. it got pretty boring especially when its so biased and not open for comments like KF. guess that's why we enjoy KF so much we can vent and he does not hang up in our face if he doesn't agree. so thanks for allowing a site for us to blow off steam!

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