Thursday, February 1, 2024

Governor Releases Budget Recommendation

 Governor Tate Reeves issued the following statement. 

Governor Tate Reeves today released his Fiscal Year 2025 Executive Budget Recommendation. The Budget Recommendation highlights an agenda focused on maintaining Mississippi’s record-shattering economic momentum, further strengthening education and training Mississippians for the jobs of the next 50 years, enhancing efforts to preserve public safety and reduce crime, sustaining a culture of life, and protecting women.
“Something special is happening in Mississippi,” said Governor Tate Reeves. “Together, we have built the greatest economy in the history of our state. Since I have been governor, Mississippi secured $20.7 billion in new private sector investment. This includes the largest private sector investment in Mississippi history, the largest payroll commitment of any major economic development project, and thousands of new high-paying jobs. Mississippi’s unemployment rate reached an all-time low five times since March 2023, and our state’s economy is delivering results to every region of our state.”
“Our unprecedented success has not been limited to our economy,” continued Governor Reeves. “The educational achievements of our children have been so profound that they have been deemed the ‘Mississippi Miracle.’ Mississippi was recognized as a top five state for high-quality pre-K, and our high school graduation rate is at an all-time high and better than the national average. Our state is leading the nation in fourth grade reading and math gains, and we’re excelling at preparing students for the jobs of the next 50 years.”
“It is on the heels of unprecedented success in our state that I proudly share several of my priorities for Fiscal Year 2025,” said Governor Tate Reeves. “My objective this year is to keep our state’s momentum going – for all Mississippi.”
Governor Reeves’ top priorities for Fiscal Year 2025 include:
-Eliminating the income tax & laying the foundation for more record-shattering investment
-Delivering a quality education while still elevating parents’ voices
-Enhancing public safety for Mississippians
-Strengthening hospitals & improving quality of healthcare
-Sustaining a culture of life
-Protecting women


Kingfish note: Posted below are the highlights of the budget

* Tax Cuts. The Governor proposes taking half of the revenue that is more than the budget estimates and using half of the surplus to cut income taxes.  He also advocates implementing the following income tax schedule: 

2026: 3%

2027: 2%

2028: 1%

2029: 0%

* Speed to Market: Governor Reeves wants to spend $100 million in site development efforts in every region of Mississippi. 

* The proposed budget appropriates $30 million to airports, ports, and railways for modernization. 

* Recommends spending $291 million for adding capacity to I-55 in Desoto County and Highway 7 in Lafayette County. 

* Appropriates $1.8 million more funds for the ESA Program (Education Scholarship Account)

* Create a Parents' Bill of Rights in education 

* Appropriate $5 million towards a Patriotic Educational Fund.  MDE would issue local grants for patriotic educational programming. 

* Hospitals.  The Governor wants to increase MHAP  4.6%, an additional $70 million for hospitals. 

*Jackson.  Who could forget Jackson.  Governor Tate Reeves wants to  increase Capitol Police funding by $10.35 million as its jurisdiction expands this year.  

* Courts: Increase funding by $4.4 million.  Appropriate $10 million to establish youth courts in all 20 Chancery Court districts. 

* Women's Issues.  The Governor wants to establish a "Women's Bill of Rights."  The supporting legislation would recognize and codify the biological differences between men and women. 

* Ethics Commission: The budget cuts the Ethics Commission from $729,687 to $715,151.  

* Higher Education: Cut $81 million, $37 million for IHL, $44 million for community colleges

* Public Education: Increase budget $5 million to $3.093 million

* Public Health: Cut $5.5 million but $4 million is burn care fund. 

* Economic Development: Increase funding $75 million


Anonymous said...

It costs X amount of money to run our state government. If one revenue stream (income tax) is removed, then another tax category or categories has/have to be increased.

For those retirees who don't pay income tax, well bend over because your current tax rate in some other category or categories will be increased to make up for the huge loss of income taxes.

It's a friggin' shell game. Political theater. GOP virtue signaling.

Anonymous said...

20 billion this year right, Louisiana has had 20 billion three years in a row topping 25 Billion in 2023. Sadly the only keeping them from being last is Mississippi .

Anonymous said...

I Didn't See $!&@* About Any Funding For Our State Parks!

Anonymous said...

When most Mississippians don’t work or don’t pay taxes or work for cash and don’t pay taxes, the honest working taxpayers look at this budget proposal as welcome relief. We are tired of pulling the wagon for all the freeloaders in this state. It’s way past time to go to a state sales tax so everyone can contribute to our government and its many expenditures.

Anonymous said...

I’m all for eliminating all taxes. When the state wins the F***ing lottery! Our roads need fixing, crime is bad everywhere, mental health patients have no place to go but jail and hospitals are closing. Come on man, we need a state that we can live in and be proud of.

Anonymous said...

“ Anonymous said...
I Didn't See $!&@* About Any Funding For Our State Parks!
February 1, 2024 at 8:53 PM”

lol. Yes. That’s what’s holding our state back 🤣

Anonymous said...

8:53 - This is a huge disappointment

Anonymous said...

Shut up flag boy and send the guard to TX.

Anonymous said...

@6:20 is exactly right. This is all about Tater laying the groundwork to run for CHS senate seat. This state has so many problems that need addressing. Take the city of Jackson, for decades politicians neglected the infrastructure issues, while spending money on new shiny things in order to get re-elected, knowing that when the collapse of the infrastructure happened they would be long gone. Same here, Tater wants to be able to say he eliminated the income tax, so vote for me. Politicians whether they are Republican or Democrat rarely have our best interests at heart unless it aligns with their desire to be elected. Don’t be fooled by the freebies they are giving to us now, at some point we will have to pay and they will be long gone.
Government provides services, those services cost money, that money is collected in the form of taxes. So unless he plans to outline the services he wants to cut to align with the reduction in taxes, he’s playing the same game, knowing he won’t be around to clean up the mess he made.

Anonymous said...

Apparently tater misses the irony of the so called Parent's Bill of Rights which has a last sentence of "Such legislation would reassert clearly that parents represent the sole decision-making authority for their children.", unless of course parents have a trans-gender youth and then tater and maga cultists think they should make the decisions.

Anonymous said...

His governorship has yet to propose any way to replace $2.4 billion (FY 23 figure) in individual income tax revenues, which made up approximately 31% of total state revenues.

Also, eliminating the individual income tax does not help retirees. How about reducing sales tax on groceries (estimated to be around $725 million). Reducing the grocery sales tax is much more affordable and benefits everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hey 6:20 - reading is fundamental. You didn't. Page 3.

And by the way, I'm a retiree with no currently-earned income. And I pay plenty of income tax to the State of Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

So at the same time the gov is bragging about bringing in high paying tech jobs from Amazon, he wants to cut higher eduction by $81 million? Sure, that's a great way to increase the workers such companies are looking for. Yet, he has no problem letting Amazon avoid paying income taxes or sales taxes for 10 years.

Anonymous said...

State Parks should be privatized. State retains ownership of the land. Private companies improve and maintain and pay the state a cut.

Anonymous said...

For those of us over the age of, say, 50...Who, among our deceased or institutionalized grandparents would have thought that in the legislative session of 2024, the members would spend time drafting several paragraphs that define 'woman'?

As for 10:32, I don't care that Reeves might replace Cindy Hyde-Bryant long as somebody does.

Anonymous said...

No state has ever taxed itself into prosperity.

Anonymous said...

I’m in the top 10% of wealthiest Mississippians and I haven’t paid any state income taxes in 40 years. Income taxes are for the middle class.

Anonymous said...

@11:17 PM - I have been retired for 10 years and don't pay state income tax, nor federal for that matter, and haven't since at least 1999. Not one penny. As 6:56 AM penned above, income taxes are for the middle class, period.

Anonymous said...

The solution is easy. Cut an equal number of state gov jobs to the tax cuts.
Easy peasy. HR should already have the dead weight identified in the HRMS.
State government agencies do have an HRMS, right?

Anonymous said...

Hey @8:57, the state doesn't maintain county or city roads.

Anonymous said...

Kabuki Theater, Tater version. Yo Tater, are you fixin' to get ready to run for U.S. Senate?

How about reducing the sales tax on food? You know, the tax that is the highest IN THE NATION? That would help almost everyone.

Anonymous said...

I heard that MDOT was going to be cutting jobs because someone invented a shovel that stands up by itself.

Anonymous said...

6:56 and 8:02, y’all are both prime examples of why we need to eliminate the state income tax and move to a state sales tax.

Anonymous said...

It is possible and easily so to cut taxes while fully funding everyone’s pet priorities … in Minecraft. Or Fairyland. Or with a government that lives within its means, says Our Governor. And when is the last time we’ve seen that? Approximately never.

Anonymous said...

MML doesn't want the sales tax on groceries cut or reduced. The notion that Reeves is the sole party standing in the way is an opinion of ignorance.

Anonymous said...

@9:36, when was the last time Mississippi ran a budget deficit?

Anonymous said...

Pretty big snip snip for IHL.

Anonymous said...

Individual Income tax was 34.8% of State revenue, second only to the sales tax which brings in 35.5%

Corporate tax is on 12%

The next categories a single digit starting with 6% to .4% on beer and wine.

Given that the new industries aren't operational yet and with best estimates bringing that all than many new jobs so that sales tax revenues are sufficient to cover the loss of income tax, and the short time line from our current individual income tax to no tax at all, I want to see the numbers that will show where the current tax income is replaced and/or what's being cut out of the State budget.

Will we be even more dependent on the federal government? Cutting out state support at every IHL except Southern? Raising health insurance rates so our hospitals get more money to contribute?

Or will we have the hidden tax like the ones we have for junior colleges where their trustees can raise our county taxes?

How about ad valorem taxes?

Insurance premium, gaming tobacco, Alcohol, oil and gas, and beer and wine taxes can all be raised. And,of course, there's that ubiquitous " Use Tax".

Sales tax isn't paid per percentage back to counties, towns or cities that generated them. If it did, Jackson and our coast would be doing much better as would university towns (except Hattiesburg which just gets the tax money it wants).

Maybe planning to raise in state tuition junior colleges and universities?

Will state employees never get a pay raise again and state property no more maintenance as it becomes needed?

This is the problem in "trusting" a political party rather than being skeptical of both. This is what happens when economics isn't taught, math and science aren't more than basic through high school and now have become optional or elective at colleges and universities instead of given a basic two years first.

God knows Jackson is the major source of sales revenue and if you keep trying to destroy it, that will go down not up! Not all the businesses here can MOVE.

So SHOW US WHERE THE LOST REVENUE IS RECOVERED! And PUHLEEZ don't tell us you are so stupid you'll do this based or PROMISES and PREDICTIONS not yet fulfilled. That's like me deciding I will get increases in income I don't yet have and using my child's college fund for a vacation based on those hopeful future income calculations.

God won't save us. He already gave us all we need to save ourselves and the ethics He expects. And, it's our ticket to Hell if we follow false prophecies whatever their source!

Anonymous said...

9:55 "when was the last time Mississippi ran a budget deficit?"

I'm pretty sure all 50 states are required to avoid deficit spending. Only the federal government is allowed to borrow money indefinitely, covered only by IOUs assigned to future generations.

Anonymous said...

Sales tax isn't paid per percentage back to counties, towns or cities that generated them.

As to municipalities, INCORRECT

Anonymous said...

6:56, I am in the same category you are. You know what else is middle class? Having a car note and not own at least one house outright. We live like kings in this state. Cheapest state in the US to live.

Anonymous said...

Highest grocery tax in the country.

Shape on the GOP

Anonymous said...

10:05 "God knows Jackson is the major source of sales revenue and if you keep trying to destroy it, that will go down not up! Not all the businesses here can MOVE."

Judging by the growth of transplanted businesses in Madison and Rankin counties I would say a substantial number of businesses have already fled Jackson/Hinds County. The numbers would be interesting to see, but I suspect Jackson is now a "paper tiger" compared to the rest of the state in regards to generating sales tax revenue.

Anonymous said...

One of the most useless exercises in government - a governor preparing a budget recommendation.

Anonymous said...

This is 11:17 again. According to Business Insider, I'm at 3- to 4- times what is considered "middle class" in Mississippi, and I pay state and federal income taxes. I have no job and no paycheck. But then, I'm not a cheater.

Anonymous said...

@2:08 PM

You either need to stop filing your own taxes or get a better CPA. My CPA stays current on all of the available deductions. If DOR and the IRS permits a deduction then it is not cheating!

You sound like a child saying it's not fair because you didn't know!

Anonymous said...

Come on you tax cheats, pay your taxes. Someone has to fund all of that free stuff given to the free-loaders.

Anonymous said...

@10:05 - You pumped a lot of bullshit through that pipe-organ, but the only thing you were accurate about was this:

God won't save us. He already gave us all we need to save ourselves and the ethics He expects.

Anonymous said...

I'm at a loss trying to figure out how Jackson's sales taxes are floating the state. Help me out here Gomer.

Anonymous said...

This is from the year 2021. I know some will hate to see it, but Mississippi isn't first, or last in this list.

Anonymous said...

While I like most people don't like paying Taxes, they're necessary to Fund levels of Government-Federal,State, and Local. I'm tired of seeing our State Government cut Taxes only to shift that Burden to Counties & Municipalities instead. Not many buy into State Tax cuts when we have Mental Health issues that need some attention, Transportation Issues that need attention, Law Enforcement shortages due to low Salaries, ( I don't buy into the Dangers of the Job vs Workers Comp rates for other Occupations) MDOT needs workers, Ms Forestry Commission needs workers, all State Employees but the Gov wants to cut Taxes-more like Shift Taxes to another Entity. Get it together Ms, let's quit the Shell Game -meet your competitive obligations.

Anonymous said...

10:32 for the win!

Anonymous said...

@9:18 PM

The problem is too many government jobs are make-work for politically connected dead-weight. I had the displeasure of working in state gov for a year.. Most of the “office workers” had only GEDs and were not qualified. They showed up but barely did any work. The state needs a way to identify them and get rid of them. The state could then redirect those funds to competitive salaries for the productive workers. There should be a public feedback system for public facing workers like clerks and DPS driver’s licenses workers. These people are slow time wasters who treat the public like dirt instead of valued customers, and these DPS workers should be replaced by people willing to do the job efficiently and with a good attitude.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:08 - You don't know what you're talking about. I use every possible deduction for my situation, which is precious few. There is no legitimate deduction for cheating. I challenge you to name ONE possible deduction which I could take but haven't.

Anonymous said...

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