Friday, August 12, 2022

DPS: Video Clears Trooper

 The Mississippi Highway Patrol issued the following statement and video.  

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety (“DPS”), the Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol (“MHSP”) and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation (“MBI”) have completed all necessary inquiries into an incident involving a state trooper that occurred in McComb on August 5, 2022. 

This incident has been the subject of significant attention on social media and with media outlets. Commissioner Sean Tindell commented, “While DPS and MHSP recognize and respect the right of citizens to observe, and even record, law enforcement officers executing their duties, those rights are not without limitations. As you will see, this event is a prime example of how even a routine traffic stop can quickly turn into a dangerous situation for both citizens and law enforcement officers when subjects resist arrest and when uninvolved persons interfere.”

Pursuant to recent policy changes of this administration to create greater transparency, the agency’s video footage of the incident is today being released. The video being released combines and synchronizes footage from the involved trooper’s dash and in-cab cameras with the phone video that has been widely circulated on social media. The relevant events of August 5 are timestamped below, as follows:

Trooper Hayden Falvey initiated a traffic stop on Eugene Lewis after observing Mr. Lewis on Delaware Avenue in McComb traveling at a high rate of speed, passing vehicles on the right, not wearing a seatbelt and speeding up to travel through an intersection after the light turned from green to yellow.

Trooper Falvey pursued E. Lewis, ultimately stopping him on Schmidt Road. This area is rural and unpopulated. When approaching E. Lewis’ vehicle, Trooper Falvey smelled a strong odor of burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle. He noted that E. Lewis’ eyes were bloodshot and glassy and that there was a strong odor of burnt marijuana on his breath. It was determined at that time that E. Lewis’ driver license was suspended and that he was driving without liability insurance. E. Lewis admitted to Trooper Falvey that there may be a burnt marijuana cigarette, or “roach,” in his vehicle. [0:55]. He also admitted that he had smoked marijuana about 45 minutes to 1 hour prior to the traffic stop. [1:10].

Having developed probable cause that E. Lewis was driving his vehicle under the influence of marijuana and may be in possession of illegal narcotics, Trooper Falvey placed E. Lewis in handcuffs and began searching his vehicle. [2:10]. During the vehicle search, Gary and Derrius Lewis drove up in a Dodge Charger, stopped in the road, and exited their vehicle. [14:45]. They identified themselves as E. Lewis’ brothers. [15:00]. Because he had no backup and was in an unpopulated area, Trooper Falvey directed G. Lewis and D. Lewis to return to their vehicle and leave the scene. This order was given for the safety of Trooper Falvey and all involved. After initially protesting, G. Lewis and D. Lewis left the scene.

When Trooper Falvey advised E. Lewis that he was under arrest and attempted to place and restrain him in the front passenger seat of Trooper Falvey’s police cruiser, E. Lewis became belligerent and physically resisted. [16:45]. At this time, Trooper Falvey radioed Dispatch and requested assistance. [18:28]. Trooper Falvey was still attempting to place the resisting E. Lewis into the cruiser and buckle him in when G. Lewis and D. Lewis returned to the scene, again stopped in the road and again exited their vehicle. [18:50]. Believing that he had buckled E. Lewis into the front seat of his cruiser, Trooper Falvey stepped to the back of the cruiser and again directed G. Lewis and D. Lewis to return to their vehicle and leave the scene. [19:06]. Unfortunately, E. Lewis had not been buckled in, and he immediately exited the vehicle and began shouting at Trooper Falvey.

All three Lewis men ignored repeated commands by Trooper Falvey to return to their respective vehicles (E. Lewis to the police cruiser). All three men continuously shouted expletives at Trooper Falvey and made it clear that they had no intention of following his commands. This placed Trooper Falvey in an untenable position and created a dangerous situation for all four men. Nevertheless, Trooper Falvey never struck any of the Lewis men or used any force beyond the necessary restraining techniques used upon E. Lewis.

Eventually, another man pulled up to the scene. [21:00]. Keeping his distance, he asked Trooper Falvey if he needed to call someone to come assist. [21:25]. Trooper Falvey advised him that additional police were already on the way and asked the man to watch G. Lewis and D. Lewis and make sure that they did not attack Trooper Falvey from behind while he worked to place E. Lewis back in the police cruiser. The man agreed, and Trooper Falvey commenced his efforts to place E. Lewis back in the cruiser. E. Lewis physically resisted these efforts, resulting in both E. Lewis and Trooper Falvey falling to the ground. [21:31]. Trooper Falvey immediately worked to secure E. Lewis with his knees and legs so that he (Falvey) would have access to the tools on his belt in case G. Lewis and/or D. Lewis approached him. Eventually, E. Lewis indicated that he would willingly move to the cruiser. [24:13]. Trooper Falvey helped E. Lewis to his feet and brought him back to the passenger side, front seat of the cruiser. E. Lewis again resisted Trooper Falvey’s efforts to place him fully in the vehicle, but Falvey was ultimately able to secure him with the vehicle’s seatbelt. [24:40].

Once E. Lewis was secured in the cruiser, Trooper Falvey approached G. Lewis and D. Lewis, advising both men that they were under arrest. [25:15]. At this time, Trooper Joshua Huhn arrived at the scene and assisted Trooper Falvey with completing his arrests. [26:15]. Trooper Falvey noticed that D. Lewis had a strong odor of intoxicating beverage from his breath and was slurring his speech. D. Lewis admitted to drinking earlier but refused a preliminary breath test (“PBT”). G. Lewis was unable to produce a valid driver’s license, and the tag on his vehicle was expired.

E. Lewis indicated that he needed to go to the hospital. [30:27]. Trooper Falvey immediately contacted Dispatch again and requested an ambulance. [30:31]. E. Lewis began violently thrashing around in the police cruiser and damaging equipment therein. [30:55]. Paramedics ultimately arrived on the scene, examined E. Lewis and determined that 1) his vital signs were normal, 2) no injuries were observed and 3) he was medically clear to be transported to jail.

Pursuant to MHSP procedure, all three men were ultimately transported to the county’s holding facility, the Pike County Jail. Eugene Lewis was charged with Careless Driving, Seatbelt Violation, Disregard for Traffic Device, Window Tint Violation, No Proof of Insurance, DUI Other 1st Offense, Resisting Arrest, and Failure to Comply. Gary Lewis was charged with two counts of Obstructing a Public Street, Resisting Arrest, Failure to Comply, No Driver’s License on Demand, Seatbelt Violation, Expired Tag, Improperly Displayed Tag, and Window Tint Violation. Derrius Lewis was charged with Resisting Arrest, Failure to Comply, Public Drunkenness, and Disturbing the Peace.

“A review of this incident by MBI agents and command staff produced no evidence of criminal conduct by the trooper throughout the encounter,” said Lt. Col. Charles Haynes, Director of MBI.

DPS and MHSP take all allegations of excessive force and other employee misconduct seriously. Such allegations will always be investigated and given due consideration. Given the number of traffic stops and other interactions between law enforcement officers and members of the public that occur every day, unpleasant incidents are an unfortunate inevitability. “MHSP’s internal review of this matter revealed no evidence of excessive force,” said Lt. Col. Malachi Sanders, Director of the MHSP Enforcement Division. “All evidence indicates that Trooper Falvey demonstrated exemplary patience, judgment and skill in maintaining the safety of all involved throughout what could have easily become a tragic incident.”



Anonymous said...

*slow clap*

Anonymous said...

Will one of you woke liberals please add ‘Resisting Arrest’ to y’all’s CRT curriculum?

Anonymous said...

This poor kid deserves a medal. Holy hell how scary was that situation for the trooper!!??

Anonymous said...

Bullshit, this is typical, driving with a suspended license gets you arrested 100% of the time. PERIOD. So yes he should have been arrested. Then he acts like a fool and deserves any and everything he gets.

Anonymous said...

Great decision making by Ross Adams and the braintrust at WAPT to make this a race incident.

Anonymous said...

Great job ! Thanks for what you do and the bullshit you guys put up with.

Anonymous said...

That "seizure" was hilarious! That accused is a clown. He side-eyed the patrolman to see who was watching while having his seizure. Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Hope the AP does a follow up......

Anonymous said...

Love how he played the seizure card and couldn't pass out! Should have called animal control for back up. Sometimes you have to dart the big ones and use a catch pole.

Anonymous said...

If the trooper had yelled "SNAKE" while the perp was in the ditch he wouldn't have had to load in the car...he would have loaded himself. LOL

Anonymous said...

Justice for the Lewis brothers! The next voice you hear will be Carlos the clown. Or should I say, Judge Carlos.

Anonymous said...

Lots of parallels between the D's and related media outlets that immediately take the side of accused (against LEOs) in this circumstance and R's related media that immediately claim LEO's are corrupt/biased by executing a search warrant (authorized by judge) at former president's property.

We're really not that different.

Anonymous said...

I got pulled over once. Made sure I was respectful and even admitted wrong doing when the officer called me out for driving like an idiot.

Drove away with a ticket peacefully. Weird how that works.

Anonymous said...

Bravo MHP & DPS !

Give this Trooper a medal and a promotion,

One trooper held his own against three drunk/stoned hostile and aggressive ,,, "brothers".

I love it !

More money for the MHP Academy !

Anonymous said...

The suspect should claim the cop planted the evidence and was politically motivated. It’s a witch hunt! Defund the FBI

Anonymous said...

Wait, you mean the intelligent persons that kept incessantly repeating themselves in a selectively edited video (who happen to be brothers of the arrestee), tried to stoke a false police brutality event? Say it ain’t so! I can’t believe the lawman was in the right. The POlice is always in the wrong.

Here’s an idea, don’t ride dirty. Don’t drive impaired. If you do and get caught, take your licks like an adult, and say, “my bad. I knew better but made a poor decision.” Or just don’t say anything at all. And of course, the “journalists” that originally posted the story got exactly what they wanted, lots of clicks, truth be damned. “Disturbing Video” should have been referring to the idiot that didn’t act like a responsible citizen.

Anonymous said...

Why do patrolmen carry a taser if they are not going to use it? The short fat man should have been tasered before the other two winners showed up. If he would have been twitching on the ground the patrolman would have had time to handle the other two. I think the partolman should have to go through training again to learn how to handle people who are resisting arrest.

Anonymous said...

If you want the truth, you never watch WAPT.

Anonymous said...

May God Bless and watch over all Law Enforcement, what a thankless and dangerous job.

Anonymous said...

Good one 3:52 - made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

" I got pulled over once. Made sure I was respectful".

You have common sense.

If one thinks a traffic stop was unfair, fight the charge in Court.
( Not on the side of a road with a State Trooper)

A few results will always happen:

1. You will loose the fight.
2. Instead of a just a citation (ticket), you might find yourself in a rural County jail for a few days.
3. You will NOT be new the "George Floyd" style celeb ... no matter what you may think.

Just some unrequested advice ...

But by all means, anyone should handle a traffic stop as they wish.

Anonymous said...

Perfect example of the place the left and media (but, I repeat myself) want us: taking sides, and at each other's throats. The "viral" video paints a C O M P L E T E L Y different picture than what is clearly shown here.

We all know the game, it's just that the left never sleeps and never lets an opportunity go to waste. Notice that the viral videos will NEVER mention any criminality. It's always painted as "a man is driving to church, he stops to pick up the bible that fell out of his car, and a police officer drives by and beheads, just because he's so hate-filled against other races."

The victim knows that if he can survive his encounter with the LEO, his video interaction will hopefully land a big payday in the future. If not, he'll end up in jail, where he has no fear of going, because he's gone before.

Anonymous said...

Admiral restraint on the part of this trooper. Unbelievable what they have to put up with! Not only resisting arrest but DUI, possession etc. the others need jail time as well. Kudos to the citizen who assisted. He should make a great witness!

Anonymous said...

If Trooper Hayden Falvey ever pulls me over, it will be a yes sir , no sir , visit.

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of trooper that comes out of the Academy when the cadet and the instructors are at their very best.

He has been trained and honed to a sharp edge. Look and listen to his entire exchange with all parties from beginning to end. Extremely polite, professional and never lost his focus.

What could have ended very badly was handled in the highest possible manner.

Bravo !!

Anonymous said...

"Bullshit, this is typical, driving with a suspended license gets you arrested 100% of the time." BS, not in Canton. Get a ticket and they let you drive away.

Anonymous said...

Ops Normal, family was hoping to win the lottery with typical fake outrage. @4:07, no parallels, Orange Jesus isn’t on tv screaming racism with Ben Crump and Rev. Do-Wrong Sharpton in the background coming up with excuses.

Anonymous said...

All the local media, especially WAPT, need to apologize to this Trooper openly and their viewers for helping push a false narrative without first validating the credibility of the information they had. It’s divisive rhetoric that just tanked the credibility of many local news organizations, reporters and management. Heads should roll!!!

One more thing, in the initial reports by the drama thirsty media they reported obvious disinformation such as the claim the officer pulled his, “service revolver”. It’s clear in the videos earlier this week that he pulls his taser, but that didn’t fit the narrative. And umm, I haven’t seen an officer on any force carry a revolver as their main duty weapon in decades. Local news departments, you have to do better!!!

Anonymous said...

Whoever did that FANTASTIC EDITING JOB, quickly splicing-together the various sources of video and audio, deserves much praise. That excellent video made it crystal-clear, what was happening, and in what sequence. This was better work than we usually see from even the major media networks. Kudos!!!

Anonymous said...

This makes me Proud of DPS, MHP.. I don't know how anyone could have been More Professional in this situation.. They should have moved on down the Road as requested, but deserve what they got.. Interesting they wanted McComb PD to show up though. Great Job Trooper- You certainly have my Respect..

Anonymous said...

I fought the law and the law won.

Anonymous said...

As I said on the previous article on this incident, let time tell the truth of the matter. We have it all on video, and as some above me have posted, the officer is due an apology.

I, appreciate this officer following his training. I don't know his length of service, but he handled himself very well, all things considered. It's one thing to stay with protocol at the academy, but to follow it on the roadside takes a cool head.

Anonymous said...

God Bless the Troopers they are often far out and alone. You can't fix stupid.

Anonymous said...

To all the politicians in the McComb/ Pike County Mississippi area that were on TV saying the Trooper abused this gentleman, “go to hell”! You got your 2 minutes of fame making asses out of yourselves!

What you should be doing is to inform your constituents to do not resist Law Enforcement!

Now you can help these fools pay their fines! I bet they won’t see your fame seeking asses!

Tell the people the truth. Do not resist and go home alive!

No I got to go to McComb and see where they got that dope from, that must have been some good shit!

I know MBN will now be taking a good look at these fools in the future. Driving nice cars and no jobs, smoking that good shit!

Anonymous said...

Reportage like was done by WAPT on this incident (and by other local media concerning other stories) is why local media no longer has a comment feature like this blog has that's available to the public. The Clarion-Error may have one for wbich I have to register, but nowhere is it like it was ten to 15 years ago when anyone could comment on a news story; the media bias and shoddy work got called out regularly and made the journalistic "professionals" look bad, and that was the death knell for comments.

I say the Clarion-Error may still allow comments because I haven't looked at their site for years and I'm not going to. That poor paper of theirs, if it gets any narrower they can print it in rolls with a cardboard tube through the center.

Anonymous said...

The Brothers Lewis, at least these 3, have about 10 felony convictions between them. They aren't the most reliable witnesses. In addition to the average person, Mayor Lockley, Rep. Darrel Porter and Enterprise-Journal Editor Jack Ryan owe the trooper an apology, but that would take moral fiber, a trait utterly lacking in those three.

Anonymous said...

7:03, that right there is the problem. When you integrate videos you often upset the narrative. We can't have that. I think we should all suspect that the DPS cut and spliced the video to create its preferred narrative. You do know that allegation is coming, right?

Anonymous said...

5:44, you nailed it. That’s exactly how it works in Canton. Canton……

Anonymous said...

So, I guess this is the *good* kind of law enforcement that allows MAGAts to “back the blue.”

Federal agents executing a lawful warrant against their pagan god, or Capitol cops defending Congress?

Not so much.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the state legislature will craft a resolution commending Trooper Falvy and present it in the House Chamber on a day when Darrell Porter actually bothers to show up.

Anonymous said...

This is how most of Jackson drivers operate. Switching lanes without a signal and most of the times multiple lane changes, passing in the shoulder, tailgating, speeding and running into barriers and light poles along with traffic signs. Its a cultural thing to not have insurance and dangerously these days.

Anonymous said...

The trooper and the "reporting"

Bravo and thank you to the trooper for performing perfectly and keeping the citizens safe from the drugged up vermin.

Secondly, the reporting by the likes of WAPT is inexcusable. Zero credibility. WAPT was my go to for years. But with this type of crap and having to listen to the pinky ring wearing, thick tongued lisp of the big ego weatherman became a deal breaker. But I digress.....

Anonymous said...

I am in the House and that sounds like a good idea!

StarRider said...

Fantastic job by this trooper.

Anonymous said...

It must really burn your ass that this wasn't a racist cop abusing some innocent person of color.

Nevertheless, you have to denigrate some imaginary MAGAt, whatever that is, like a high school girl upset that the prom queen stole her date.

The majority of law enforcement are decent people doing a hard job to the best of their ability.

Then, there are the riffraff that are present in every profession. You should be quite familiar with the riffraff, that's the category you're in.

Paul Davis said...

“ But if you've ever seen somebody high on marijuaner, uh, you can tell, they cuticles are dialated. Now. I learned that in the Nar, in the Narcotics Trainin' Prevention in Tupelo MS.
They teach that ever' 6 months, and we went up there, and, to see it. And they had a boy that, that tried that marijuaner pill. And, uh, his eyes rolled back upon his head, and he liked to, he liked to kicked over. He was shakin and uh, hollerin', uh.
He was hollerin' that "Trip Out" just as loud as he could. And that's what he, uh, he was actually what they call "Freakin Out."”

Anonymous said...

To Representative Daryl Porter and the Mayor of McComb tell yo folks do not resist Law Enforcement. It just ain’t right! They had been smoking that good weed and lost sight of the issue at hand!

Please tell the people the truth! Now you two fine gentlemen owe our Troopers an apology! For my take in this situation, you both can take your cowardly asses to Jackson, I mean hell!

You know you are hurting the people that you represent when you speak without the facts!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad this Trooper was exonerated.

And regarding the comments about "16 WAPT".

That station hasn't been relevant since the 1980s.

The last time anyone took them seriously, Cal Adams was the lead news anchor.

Anonymous said...

I am calling on all the politicians in the State of Mississippi to inform your constituents to Not resist Law Enforcement. Go along peacefully and have your day in court.

I know we have some really intelligent people in this Great State, then we have these dumb asses that you have to show the way!

People do not resist, you will loose that battle.

Now Representative Daryl Porter, you know better! Don’t get caught up in that dumb shit again.

Now call Attorney Ben Crump and tell him “ My Bad”. No pay day this time!

And yes be the man you say you are and apologize to MHP and that Trooper, cause you will need his assistance one day!

Anonymous said...

Have the politicians in the McComb/Pike County area that were throwing this Trooper under the bus thought for one minute, why is this young man wrestling with the Trooper?

To the Trooper, next time you need help on a call, ask the Mayor of McComb and Representative Porter to come assist? Now that’s if you have the time!

When I first saw the video, I said to myself, Self! Why is this man resisting police? Is the trooper taking him to a job, Child Support Office, repo man or the weed man he owes!

Yea, I got jokes!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the trooper for his service.
Glad he was able to weather the storm.
Very professional work.

Anonymous said...

Don’t hold your breath that all of the social media woke “experts” will accept this. Multiple choice:

A. The Highway Patrol video was altered.
B. The officer wrongly stopped and arrested him anyway, so the perp’s actions were justified.
C. Even if the officer made a legitimate stop and arrest, he shouldn’t have used any force whatsoever, despite how the perp may or may not have behaved.
D. “That just ain’t right!”
E. All of the above. (Plus anything else I’m not thinking of.)

Anonymous said...

None of the local news stations are worth a damn. I only watch the weather but I can get that online without listening to the people on the local news. We need a news station that will report the news. We do not need another news station that tells us what they want us to believe. We do not need a news station that does not report on when their favorite politician messes something up again. We do not need a news station where the people think their talking to each other is something worth watching.

We just need the news, what is happening, without the slant they want to put on it. We do need a news station that will report when their favorite politicians is caught with their hand in the cookie jar, when some politician is caught enjoying insider trading, and when our leaders break the law for friends or relatives.

I know, that is a lot to ask for.

Anonymous said...

" None of the local news stations are worth a damn."


I watched all three Jackson stations (trying to find the latest about this McComb incident).

It wasn't even mentioned until about 20 minutes into their broadcasts.

I had to sit through 5 minutes of twenty-something weather "experts" get way too excited about 90 degree temps in a Mississippi August.

A rehash of their national news feed. And a fluff story about a cat in New Hampshire.

After more "hot weather" drama, and a live broadcast about free school supplies for Lil' metro "scholars", finally the results of the MHP internal investigation are briefly mentioned.

But even that was less than ninety-seconds.

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