Monday, November 25, 2019

Harreld Fights Banks

Jim Harreld is not taking his election day loss lying down but is fighting Karl Banks in Madison County Circuit Court.  Former Madison County District 4 Supervisor Karl Banks (D) beat Republican Jim Harreld by 51 votes.  Mr. Harreld filed a petition this afternoon contesting the election results.

The petition alleges a plethora of voting irregularities (Start on paragraph #6 on page 2).   The case is assigned to Circuit Judge John Emfinger. 


Anonymous said...

About 42 months from now, they will rule the election stands.

Anonymous said...

If all of the "wrongs" in number 6 can be proven, which I have doubt they can, there is no way that the election can't be thrown out. Having worked the polls in Madison County for a number of years I can say first hand that the election commissioners do everything in their power to properly train the workers, but I have seen poll workers at the training sessions texting on their phones and simply not paying attention. As a result, we have poll workers that have np idea what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

No, there is not now nor has there ever been any voter fraud in Mississippi. Oh, by the way, I have a piece of ocean front property in Arizona for sale.

John Pittman Hey said...

Emfinger won't try the case. The Supreme Court has to appoint a judge in all these contests from another district.

In fact, it's already been taken up to the Supreme Court (Docket # 2019-AP-01758), and is now awaiting appointment of a judge.

John Pittman Hey said...

Since Banks v. Bishop is still pending for Supreme Court decision, this means that there are now TWO active election contests, four years apart, pending for the same supervisor district.

Anonymous said...

Emfinger is bought and paid for by Republican Party.

Fred Samfurd said...

Do this mean Karrl need to hold up on the black Tahoe or do it be OK for him to go head-on and recieve that ride? There is bidness gotta be done like movin' on with Griffin Lake Plaza and gettin' them Banks relations in place and Haruld can't be holdin' up all that. Plus people has texedo on lay-away for swear ceremony and all.

Anonymous said...

Madison County's Election Commissioners pretty much do as they please in their Districts. The District 4 Election Commissioner is a Democrat that has been in power for about 30 years working as a tool for Banks. She ignored all the election laws in the last election trying to overturn Bishop's win. I am sure her hand picked poll workers knew what they had to do this time. While the voting mess that has been identified in the legal document may be partly due to Azzie's worker's incompetence, I am sure most was deliberate.

Banks (with Azzie's help) is a master at manipulating the election process. With a thorough audit, I would not be surprised if they find 200 or more fraudulent votes counted in Bank's favor.

Dealer Wheeler said...

This will tighten Steen's sphincter up a bit.

Anonymous said...

Ruh, roh, that's a lot of irregularities. At a minimum it seems like a recount is necessary.

Cynical Sam said...

Yo Banks, don't pick up your new county/tax payer "ride" and cellphone just yet, and no travel advances until this is settled.

You didn't blow a wad on the lottery today did you?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, the powers that be will go to great lengths to fully scrutinize these election results. Voting and election results in Madison County are nothing more than absolute cesspools. Rules are followed at very few of the polling places. Ballots are not handled as they should be and rules are something to be ignored. This district and Griffin’s district are the very worst. Federal poll watchers should be stationed at every precinct. Then and only then, will Madison County get fair and impartial election results.

Anonymous said...

Look for Steen's contractor friends to pump up Banks' defense fund. And Bishop's two top contributors (election and defense fund) will do likewise. Griffin will have all the churches in his district passing a similar hat.

Anonymous said...

See you in court in 2024

Anonymous said...

Phillette pack your bags girl

Time for daddy to get you a new gig

Anonymous said...

Karl’s election 4 years ago was stolen by the Republican machine and as of today, 4 years after the fact justice has still not been served because it would not be favorable for the Mississippi Republican Party. NOW the Mississippi Republican Party is pushing Jim Herrald to file this lawsuit while lining up the “good ole boy” judges to swiftly throw out Karl’s recent election. Fed better be paying attention. Many men died fighting for these very rights which are being undermined.

Anonymous said...

People have lost faith in our politicians AND if the judges in this country are not careful the people will cease to have faith in our justice system. For those who sit on the bench do you want your children raised in a lawless society? Are we already there?

Anonymous said...

As much as Gluckstadt voters that wanted to be the last one in i.e. oppose any further development of residential subdivisions like the one Bishop voted for on Deweese & Stribling roads i.e. want a visual deed to everybody else’s property (unless they themselves can make some money of course) deserve Karl Banks, Harreld needs to win this.

Madison County has already wasted too much money on engineering fees for jobs that were subbed out and/or projects that never happened.

Eye On MadCo said...

6:44 - Your baseless assumptions aside, how do you account for all of the specific irregularities and violations contained in the above document?

And, as to justice not being done in the prior Banks defeat, you might recall it was Banks himself who kept bitching (causing delays) about the judge(s) being beholden to republicans. He pissed in his own whiskey which is what you do when you attempt to steal a certified election result.

You obviously are of the opinion that the county needs thirty to fifty years of democrat shenanigans, payoffs, Christmas envelopes, Quid Pro Quo votes, nepotism and skirt-chasing.

Anonymous said...


Hi Karl!! Them sho' some fancy faux words coming from an accomplished election fraudster. Only your Dimocrat constituents believe your race baiting BS so save it for when you are busing in your voters.

You stole the first election you won 35+ years ago. Even after the Feds gerrymandered District 4 to make it a strong Dimocrat majority, you only "won" your first election by 7 votes. And this was before we had voter ID to help control voter fraud. The Dimocrat controlled Election Commission then would not allow a recount in order to insure your "win".

After that you screwed the whole county for decades with Rudy Warnock, Mike Espy, the Griffin Lake, garbage landfill dumps and the bogus county airport project, etc., etc., that made you, Warnock and all your friends rich.

As far as the election 4 years ago, there was plenty of election high jinks going on with your District 4 Dimocrat Election Commissioner . How did a box containing the ballots from a strong Republican precinct "disappear" overnight and later found in an obscure closet no where near the secure room where they were supposed to be locked up?? Your people had keys to everything in Canton.

We voters don't really care whether our Supervisors are black, white, Dim or GOP. We DO want our supervisors to be HONEST. We want them work together for the good of all the county and to end the ongoing pissing contests that prevents progress in our county.

Anonymous said...

Having worked on more than a few campaigns for candidates of both parties, the simplistic ideas most people have of voter fraud is silly.
Dead people may have voted decades ago, but not now. Illegals don't register to vote, it's too risky and expensive. Most of you apparently don't remember going to the county clerk's office the first time.
If you've never been in the military except for the National Guard, you may not realize that you can only have 1 legal residence and you have to declare it. Can you cheat on this? Yes, but it is owning two homes and declaring the one in which you do not actually spend most of your time as the legal residence.
Here in our own State, McDaniel's search for fraud turned up nothing. In NC, 10 people who were on parole still thought they could vote but their parole was a few days from ending.
The biggest fraud and the one that is successful , is hiring people to go door to door and telling registered voters they will "vote for them " with an absentee ballot. This is appealing to those who don't drive any longer or who are ill. There is a case in NC. The man arrested for offering this " service" is a GOP operative who had offered this service for some time.( See voter fraud case in NC).
The fraud in Mississippi was often paying for those who are registered to vote for their guy. The " buy a vote" includes registering voters and transporting them on the condition they vote for a particular candidate. Payment happens at the end. Sadly, I suspect strongly churches have been involved in this. Preachers have shown up at every campaign on which I was working. Maybe it was a very,very long prayer. Or they joke about things as they walk out the door that aren't funny.
In Mississippi , ALL machines with a touch tone screen can be easily compromised. Ballot boxes can be altered if not properly secured.
And, if you don't believe computers can be hacked, you lack computer savvy.
But, the worst thing happening is that some of you believe anything you hear or read without any knowledge of the veracity ( truth) or competence( dumb as rocks or insane) of the source. Or, you are naïve in believing those you hear on " news" opinion shows who are receiving a paycheck and getting to rubbing elbows with the powerful to tell you what they think you want to hear or manipulate you.
The mantras I heard most often from national party headquarter representatives (of both parties) was the following:
People don't get out and vote or work on a campaign when they are content, only when they are fearful or angry ( I resented this the most as I was working for or against an individual candidate.
Most American voters have the comprehension level of a 5th grader.
Negative ads and " dirt" works. Neither has to be true.
Muddy the waters. Make the issue seem more complicated than it is. Offer information that doesn't apply ( false equivalency or relevancy).
PS Those in the upper ranks of politics do NOT respect you and they live very well as a result of you being to busy or too lazy to fact check and to gullible to ignore blatantly biased sources.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Public Integrity Division of DA office on this?

Anonymous said...

9:40 AM

you win the internet.....forever

Liquid Manure Flows West said...

I read 9:40's post twice and don't see a thing in it that relates to Banks or the known corruption in Madison County. I didn't see anything in the post about those arrested and convicted in Canton a month or so ago, with others on the radar. And obviously that poster has never been an observer in a split district polling place where people are given the wrong ballot accidentally (wink) or upon request.

TheClintonscantsuicideusall said...

He'll promptly give the new ride he gets to his wife and use the old one for himself. The Public Integrity Division of the DA office will not touch this due to Banks business being in Canton, THE sanctuary city of Madison County.

Anonymous said...

Dear God :
Please let this be a speedy legal process and allow Madison County to welcome Jim Harreld as the District 4 Supervisor.
Can I get an Amen!!!

Anonymous said...

If we draw the same judge who screwed Hays Dent out of his rightful election, this is a real shit show.

Anonymous said...

🙌 Amen!

Cynical Sam said...

Amen! 🙌

Anonymous said...

Hayes was in an election?

Anonymous said...

Yes, he was, 7:44. You really should pay attention. But, it was a federal judge who screwed him out of winning so that judge won't be in Banks' pocket on this one.

John Pittman Hey said...

LAMAR PICKARD appointed to hear the contest.

Anonymous said...

Counselor Hey: Do you know if his is sort of a lottery drawing or how do the supremes make these choosings?

Anonymous said...

Chief Justice appoints from a list of Senior Active judges. Nothing particular other than not bring from the district. Sometimes being relatively close geographically may come into consideration, and the Sr Active Judge'a schedule.

Anonymous said...

6:02, not correct. Would be if this was a contest of a primary election but general election contest is to be heard by the local judge.

That is, of course, until the local judge or judges recuse themselve, which they always do. At that point the case is referred to the MSSC where the Chief then appoints a judge from elsewhere to hear the contest

John Pittman Hey said...

7:02, it used to be like that 20 years ago, but since 2000 or thereabout, general election contests are heard by specially appointed judge. See here:

23-15-951 reads in part - "Except as otherwise provided by Section 23-15-955 or 23-15-961, a person desiring to contest the election of another person returned as elected to any office within any county, may, within twenty (20) days after the election, file a petition in the office of the clerk of the circuit court of the county, setting forth the grounds upon which the election is contested. When such a petition is filed, the circuit clerk shall immediately notify, by registered letter, telegraph, telephone, or personally the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or in his absence, or disability, some other Justice of the Supreme Court, who shall forthwith designate and notify a circuit judge or chancellor of a district other than that which embraces the district, subdistrict, county or any of the counties, involved in the contest or complaint, to proceed to the county in which the contest or complaint has been filed to hear and determine the contest or complaint. "

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