Monday, March 27, 2017


The Speakah and the Leftenant Governor issued dueling press releases. 

Speaker Gunn/House Recommit MDOT Appropriations Bill
Effort will force Special Session, conversation on Mississippi’s ailing roads and bridges

Jackson, MS—Today, the Mississippi House of Representatives voted unanimously to recommit House Bill 1509, which is the Appropriations bill for the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT).

Without an Appropriations bill, MDOT is not reauthorized or appropriated with the necessary funds to run the agency after July 1. This move will force the Governor to call a Special Session.

The House, led by Speaker Philip Gunn, has made numerous attempts to begin addressing Mississippi’s roads and bridges need. The Senate has rejected all of the House’s attempts to provide funds dealing with this subject.

“Maintaining roads and bridges is a fundamental role of government,” said Speaker of the House Philip Gunn. “The House has prioritized roads and bridges time and time again. We have worked tirelessly to find a solution to start addressing the needs of our roads and bridges.

“We have adjusted our offers each time to meet the concerns of the Senate, only to have them dismiss our proposals,” he continued “We have not been presented with any public policy reasons why our ideas are not worthy of discussion. The House is determined to have a conversation about our state’s infrastructure.”

A Special Session will be called by the Governor at his discretion.


JACKSON – Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves today reiterated his opposition to implementing an unconstitutional tax after Republicans and Democrats in the Mississippi House tried to block next year’s budget for the Department of Transportation. 

After agreeing to a $1.2 billion budget for MDOT, the House reversed course on the agreement. They recommitted the budget bill, which forced the Senate to do the same. 

“The question that must be answered within the hour is: do House Republicans want to raise your taxes so badly they’re willing to kill the budget agreement?” Lt. Gov. Reeves said. “Are they willing to risk $1.2 billion in spending on roads and bridges so they can pass an unconstitutional tax?”

The deadline is 6 p.m. today for House members to honor their commitment.


Anonymous said...

Senate unanimously passed a resolution a few minutes ago to extend the deadline to midnight and reconsider the bill. Guess we'll see if the speaker hold his ground and forces us to pay for a special session so he can try to raise our taxes again. What a circus.

Anonymous said...

Tate is a DicTATER. He is slowly sinking his ship to be Governor...

Anonymous said...

They are behaving just like their mentors in DC, these fools can't governon either. Maybe moderate Republicans and Democrats can find common ground to save this country and state.

Anonymous said...

The Internet sales tax isn't technically raising taxes, it is forcing the online retailer to collect and remit the tax as they do for many other states. Currently you are supposed to pay use tax on items purchased online and out of state but no one really does.

Anonymous said...

I have voted for Tate Reeves before. If he runs for any thing including DOG CATCHER; I will not vote for him ever again!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't let up, Tate!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is like watching an episode of The Little Rascals.

Anonymous said...

Alfalfa vs. Spanky. I will leave it to you to figure out the stars playing Alfalfa and Spanky.

Capitol Street Mansion said...

This nonsense will land Jim Hood in the mansion

Anonymous said...

Jim Hood will not win Guv in 2019.

Anonymous said...

I believe I heard Mr Tate say internet sales tax is unconstitutional. I presume has is suggesting it's against the Mississippi constitution. Does anyone know which section or why?

Anonymous said...

@9:42 They said Trump couldn't win either. I could market Jim Hood so easy to the average voter in Mississippi. Hell he even has a mullet.

Anonymous said...

Tater Thot shouldn't even get a whiff of the Gub'nors mansion! That som'itch ain't worth a damn!

If you vote for that som'itch to be governor - you should be sent to Whitfield and considered a danger to public safety.

Anonymous said...

Although I am opposed to the enforcement and mandatory collection of the internet sales tax, the collection thereof is not unconstitutional. The fact is, most folks are in a grey area of ignorance where they're supposed to pay it voluntarily to the state. Our CPA's don't ask and we are just now finding out. The law is already on the books and has been for quite some time.

If my ISP can sell my internet history for corporate profit (thanks R's), then the state can collect taxes on internet sales.

Anonymous said...

Hood can't escape the national Democratic platform. His candidacy for Governor is DOA.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 4:50 am for your last sentence.
I wish the internet buying history was the only thing they sold, but it wasn't. It was every key stroke on every site, including internet banking, any doctor's sites, we've every looked up ever and personal emails as well. Any complaint you've made about a boss or colleague to others.
And, of course, every anonymous comment.

Anonymous said...

This is stupid.

Special sessions should be funded from the pockets of the legislators. For each day a special session is required, they should be docked the equivalent of their regular session per diem pay.

Hard to believe this is the best and brightest we are able to get to the capital.

Anonymous said...

The whole impasse is created in part by Tate's trying not to do anything that would allow Chris McDaniel or a surrogate get to his right as he seeks the R nomination for Gov. Another part of the mess is Gunn's determination to impose his Baptist beliefs about a lottery on the whole legislature. Clash of two big egos. Meanwhile MS's infrastructure is crumbling and important functions of state government are going to be starved for money. There is no one who is asking, "What does MS need? What is best for the state?" With the issue at hand, Reeves needs to negotiate with the House to find consensus that will work.

Anonymous said...

This is all about Tate running for Governor, period. He does not want any opponent (primary or general) to be able to label him as one who raised taxes. It is that simple...a talking point.

He actually could care less about roads and bridges in the state because he and his family are personally driven around by state troopers in a $65k Suburban that was purchased with your tax dollars.

I wish someone would submit a freedom of information request to DOR to see just how much the state spends on Tate each year so he is "protected" in view of his armed guards and vehicles.

Not Dumb As They Look.. said...

Look, need to rethink. It's pretty clever to figure out a way every year to get call-back pay while seeing your hide-away girl another four or five times.

The jury is still out on whether it's Tico's or Danny's sponsoring these special sessions.

Anonymous said...

@7:38 - Best and brightest? No one said anything about that. This is like jury duty: the ones who serve are the ones who don't have anything more important they could be doing. e.g. Bomgaars, McDaniel, the entire LBC, etc.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:28, don't be so quick to blame hard-headedness for the lotto. You may just get to play scratch-off yet.

Anonymous said...

Gunn said this morning he wants to borrow tens of millions of dollars. The credit card is already maxed out so I guess he will call and ask for a credit limit increase. Besides, bond attorneys and "financial advisors" make tons of money when the state issues bonds. Gallo is nothing but a mouthpiece for Bryant and Gunn.

Anonymous said...

Extensive sock puppetry on this one.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:05 could you please post a copy of the credit card statement with our Max Credit Line?

Tax by Anyother name said...

@9:02 If a person in Mississippi has to pay money that goes back to the State coffers- That is a TAX! I don't think the people of Mississippi think they need to give more money to the fools in Jackson to squander (I know I don't).

Anonymous said...

@10:51 I don't know about any max limits but I do know that in the 2016 legislative session Lt Governor Reeves pushed through a very large bond bill. So all of a sudden (2019 right around the corner) the Lt Gov is a born-again bond hater??? Hmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

You are clueless @11:44 AM. Will be fun watching your thumping in 2019.

Anonymous said...

Better medical and university faculty and more qualified state employees and elementary and secondary teachers will be fleeing the state as soon as they can after all this, especially if nothing is holding them down otherwise. The state, recently in a competition with Louisiana for 50th in education ratings, will securely settle into 50th again, with no competition. The state may even rate lower than Puerto Rico in many social indicators in the not-so-distant future. At least you'll have your money, though, and won't be giving any more to all the supposed thieves working for state government, even meager Internet purchase savings or 75 cents added to a tank of gas at a time when prices are historically bargain basement lows.

Anonymous said...

This last session was abysmal - they really didn't get sh*t accomplished.

Seat belts for back seat riders
Anti-sanctuary cities
Back the badge - making law enforcement more important than everyday citizens

They've had to make 4 budget cuts since 2016?

There will be more state workers forced to retire, or just outright terminated - with no alternatives for employment with good wages. So more citizens will be leaving the state for greener pastures.

The troglodytes in the legislature literally wrote a check, that their own asses cannot cash now! How freakin' ironic is that? SMH

Anonymous said...

Tell us 1:26, besides a lottery what legislation did you want passed? Please be specific beyond barfing soundbites.

Anonymous said...

@12:26 From the Sun Herald after the last legislative session:

Republican Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves, who in the past has been an outspoken opponent of increasing the state's debt, defended the nearly $249.6 bond debt the Legislature approved in the final days of the 2016 session, saying the state's debt will, in reality, be reduced this year because about $280 million in bond debt is being retired. Of course, in addition to the nearly $250 million in bond debt approved last week, the Legislature also passed $254 million in bonds in February for economic development projects.

Read more here:

Who is clueless?

Anonymous said...

We can't have anything here. This place is cursed by Indian nature spirits or something. Shitty weather. Shitty roads. Roads to nowhere.
Muddy ocean water. Religious extremists. Civil War revisionists (that flag is fugly). Race problems that will never go away. An army of corruption whose boot camp is known as Ole Miss. BANKRUPT GOVERNMENT.

Our only hope is to find a voodoo lady in the middle of the woods in Louisiana to put a root on a select few.

Anonymous said...

KF, I wish there was some way you could verify IQ before you let some of these winners post.
1-Tate is dead politically
2-Gunn is getting out of politics
3-They have created a disaster at the Capitol
4-Supermajorities from the same party calling each other liars
5-All this, drum roll, makes Jim Hood your next Gov. It's already over and Tate doesn't even know it.

Anonymous said...

I'm clueless 12:26? Very factually speaking the Lt Gov did indeed push through a very expensive bond bill in 2016. Embrace it. Its a fact. I'm not promoting anyone in 2019 as you seem to imply. I'm just saying that miraculously the Lt Gov is a "born again bond hater" as we move toward election year. Almost overnight he went from being a free-spending bond proponent to a bond hater. Hmmmm.......

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see if JJ or some other news outlet will pick up on Tate"s miraculous recovery from being a liberal bond proponent last year to a conservative bond opponent this year. Miraculous recovery? Divine intervention? Maybe but doubtful. Or possibly posturing to run as a staunch fiscal conservative in 19? Sorry Tate, you made your bed in 16. Now you gotta sleep in it.

Anonymous said...

This is one R who has never voted D for governor....never. But if Hoodie jumps in, I'm on his team.

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely"

Anonymous said...

Don't blame me!! I voted for Dave Dennis, Billy Hewes AND Herb Frierson for Speaker!! Watch for these bumpers tickers popping up

Anonymous said...

@ 3:29, so only 30 people or so can have that sticker?

Anonymous said...

The entire State of Mississippi would have been much better served if the members of the legislature had just stayed home this year. They have done absolutely nothing other than waste money that paid their salaries. Not one thing of any consequence to help the State of Mississippi has been accomplished; NOT ONE!!!! There is no leadership from the governor on down! They remind me of a bunch of pre-teens trying to outshine each other and prove who is the most important. And, now they want to come back for a Special Session? I'll just bet they do! Everyone of them should be sent home and replaced by a group of adults that know how to function as adults who have the best interest of the State of Mississippi in mind.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if there is a real picture of Billy Ray posing with Hillary or Obama? Betcha Tater and his minions are looking everywhere for it.

Anonymous said...

This is not the first time that the state has not had a bond bill - for all those haters here referring to last year. Check the one before when the Senate killed the bond bill outright. the 2016 total thrown about here could actually be called a two year bill if it were averaged with prior year.

Love all those folks that are crying big-ass tears about the budget this year. How many of you have been bitching about gubmint workers that don't work; MDOT folks watching each other as they lean on their shovels; bitching about Oxford Houses along with Will; and on and on.

Mississippi's budget has gone up a billion and a half over the past ten years; but when they stop that growth and tell agencies to cut back, all the sky is falling chicken littles come out of your coops just because you want to bitch about something.

Take your choice -- as far as I'm concerned it doesn't matter. Either be for less government, more efficient government, getting rid of waste, OR be for more spending which means more taxes (or fewer tax cuts) but everybody keeps their government jobs and we all have something legitimate to bitch about.

Anonymous said...

422... although we would like to think it's that simple but it's not so diametrically opposed. There is a middle ground there. Government is necessary and therefore so are taxes. Now I don't want to pay more than I have to but it really isnt fair for small town business to pay taxes on sales made but internet, often larger companies, business do not.

As far as unconstitutional, dont remember the constitution mentioning online sales; probably should be addressed again.

There are other places for trimming the govt fat. How about those good ole boy appointments by the Governor to cushy positions in DPS...among others.

Anonymous said...

2:15 pm
I'm with you. An IQ of at least 120 and I'd add falling within normal limits on a psychiatric exams as a minimum requirement for holding office and maybe even voting.
The ability to pass a college level civics exam and economics exam and math exam would also help.

Of course, it ought to be a clue that not only our legislature, but our federal majority is now in favor of raising the debt ceilings now that they are in charge. It is , after all, the only way to cut taxes without government collapse.

I love it. Cutting taxes will create more wealth but we can't wait for the wealth to actually exist so, spend it now! Don't do the math to see how much debt there will be by the time the new wealth is created or consider what will happen if you fall short. That's like thinking you can buy on credit forever because you want to believe you'll make lots more money someday. Losing everything is a risk you should take because...remind me of why?

Plain ol' Catfish said...

March 28, 2017 at 1:39 PM - "Tell us 1:26, besides a lottery what legislation did you want passed? Please be specific beyond barfing soundbites."

1. Eliminate the grocery tax - Alabama is doing it this session. That's putting money back in working Mississippians pockets - especially those of us that do not and cannot get food stamps.

2. Eliminate ABC - they markup liquor at astronomical prices and plus they block certain liquors from being sold in Mississippi

3. Allow grocery stores to start selling wine and liquor. Louisiana, Arkansas allow it - high time Mississippi does as well.

4. State Workers are long overdue a cost of living increase - its so bad that Mississippi is affecting the salaries of civil servants in the contiguous states because the legislature has suppressed wages. They are long overdue to approve COLA increase for all state workers.

5. A comprehensive plan to improve roads, bridges, and waters.

6. A comprehensive plan to implement a 6 lane highway between central Mississippi and the Gulf Coast

7. Grant a 4 year trial of Medical Marijuana sales for people with terminal illnesses

8. A comprehensive plan to realign school districts and properly fund public education

9. Implement a state lottery system. Due to the fact Mississippi residents are now traveling to Louisiana, Tennessee, and Arkansas - with Alabama pulling up the rear - you might as well keep those revenues in the state.

10. Expand Medicaid - the state of Mississippi has left $1 billion in federal aid on the table to give working Mississippians health care. It would have been an economic boon for Mississippi

11. Eliminate the birthday tax on all Vehicles in Mississippi. Its a regressive tax that should have been eliminated years ago. Georgia was the last souther Republican led state that eliminated the birthday tax car sales. Its long overdue Mississippi follows suit. We are the only state in the southeastern region that has a birthday tax on vehicles.

These so-called troglodytes that call themselves legislators did that or at least half of that in a session - it would make a world of difference.

4:22 responds said...

9:35 - you sure jumped to a conclusion with your interpretation of my comment. I believe that all purchases should be subject to a sales tax - whether on-line or in a store. If one purchases an automobile in Memphis, you pay the sales tax when you bring it back home - the reason is because we have a method to insure it is paid, called getting a tag.

I don't believe the so called internet tax - vs. the collection of the use taxes - is a new tax. Long before we had the internet, we had to pay sales taxes when ordering from the wish book (better known as the Sears or JCPenny catalog). Making the local store, be it a big box national chain or a local mom and pop, I don't differentiate, collect a tax is not fair when the same purchase on line doesn't, and I don't give a damn what the Koch Brothers and their local lackey has to say differently because that's what he gets paid to say. All while bitching about the power of local businesses that are working the legislature for what they think better, but that's another subject for another day.

But - my point was about the crying about not having a bond bill. Or the crying because some folks that are getting their weekly paychecks from state tax dollars. I am all for cutting much of this spending, I just wish there would be a better fillet knife used to do it as opposed to a butcher knife.

I readily agree that some government is needed. Some government programs are appropriate. There is a role for government to perform certain services. But I can name many, many current programs of our government, local, state and national, that should be eliminated. Not cut, but eliminated. Doing so would allow a better funding level for those programs that are appropriate for being provided by the state.

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