Friday, March 10, 2017

Eric Hambrick's killer gets a blessing from Tomie Green

Eric Hambrick
The life of Eric Hambrick is worth less than ten years in Hinds County.  Hinds County Circuit Judge blessed his killer, Arkel Coleman, with a sentence that put him back on the streets in 2025.   Coleman beat him to death and robbed him nearly two years ago at the Waffle House on High Street. 

Mr. Hambrick was an employee at MEMA.   He was a talented singer as he performed in the Mississippi Opera and in the choir at First Baptist Church (Jackson).  He attended Thursday night choir practice on May 28, 2015.  He unfortunately stopped at the Waffle House on High Street at 10:30 PM.  The 19 year-old Arkel Coleman thought the 52 year-old man would be easy prey and beat him with his fists.  Mr. Hambrick fell to the ground and sustained more injuries when his head violently struck the pavement.  His family removed him from life support a few days later.  Arkel Coleman and his accomplice, Sherderwick Anderson, removed a ring that they fancied from a dying Eric Hembrick's finger.  Police arrested the pair within a few days. 

A grand jury indicted the feral Coleman for first degree murder and robbery on June 26, 2015.  He pleaded guilty to manslaughter.  The District Attorney accepted the guilty plea and dropped the robbery charge. Attorney Ali Shamsid-dunce represented Coleman.

Judge Tomie Green reviewed the case and blessed Coleman.  She sentenced him to serve fifteen years in prison but suspended five years of the sentence.  She ordered him to take an anger management class and enroll in a GED class.  She naturally gave him credit for time served in prison.  Thus the amount of time he will serve in prison after conviction is less than nine years.  MDOC records state he will be released on May 30, 2025 - ten years to the day when Eric Hambrick died.  Keep in mind that Shamsid-dunce clerked for Judge Green.

Meanwhile, Anderson was indicted for robbery.  His case is currently growing mold as Judge Kidd continues his usual practice of continuing cases for several years. 

Kingfish note: All Eric Hambrick ever did was serve.  He served the community.  He served at church.  Friends, family, and colleagues all said he was a blessing to others.  His life was taken by a savage, an animal who would never amount to anything and should have been put down like the dog that he is.  However, he is just marking the time until he can party in freedom on his thirtieth birthday while Eric Hambrick will never see another birthday.  

There is no other way to put it: Judge Tomie Green is a threat to public safety.  Judge Green considers her courtroom to be a social experiment instead of a place where justice is meted out to those who deserve it.  Thugs are turned loose to terrorize the community.  Killers such as Coleman get light sentences.  Fathers who rape their own infant children are given leniant but illegal sentences.

Then there is the District Attorney's office.  It negotiated this plea bargain.  It accepted the guilty plea and dropped the robbery charge.  The sad part is, they probably think they did a good job.  

This case is a miscarriage of justice.  Period.  This savage will be back on the streets before he is thirty years-old.  Free to rob and kill again and again.  We are in the middle of a Mayor's race.  Every one of the candidates will talk tough about crime but NOT ONE OF THEM will address the real problem: the prosecutors and judges who backstab the police.  None of them will criticize this sentence or other similar verdicts that are issued in the Hinds County criminal justice system again and again.  At some point, the people who keep putting judges such as Tomie Green bear the blame for what happens in her courtroom and that my friends, is the bottom line .

Here are some more Judge Green blessings
Judge Green's illegal suspension of child molestor's sentence.
No jail for armed robber who carjacks a few months later.
Suspends complete sentence for armed robber.
Suspends another sentence for an armed robber
Suspends two sentences for armed robbery. Maces female clerk and robs her 3 months later.
Suspends all but 20 years of sentence for 1st degree murder conviction.


Anonymous said...

Is there anything that the Bar or the MS SCt can do to admonish her or get rid of her? This is absolutely disgusting! The more I read about Tomie Green, the sicker I get to my stomach.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Kingfish, for staying on top of this. Eric was a choir friend of mine. A gentle, sweet person with a beautiful voice. He did not deserve this travesty of justice. His mom died in January, 2017. She did not deserve this either. No one who knew Eric deserved what, to me, is a slap in the face. So, the killer is supposed to get anger management classes and work on his GED?! And he was convicted of manslaughter after a plea deal. The grand jury indicted him for FIRST DEGREE MURDER AND ROBBERY. Those two criminals who beat Eric down TARGETED him in the parking lot of Waffle House. Another plea deal. The police did their job. The grand jury did their job. The judge failed. Wow. Just Wow.

Anonymous said...

We'll never hear a peep about this out of that fraud DonnerKay.

Though she reads every single word here at JJ.

Anonymous said...

Judge Green is an embarresment. But she accepted the plea bargin that our esteemed DA negotiated - manslaughter and dropping the second chatge of robbery.

The problem here is our drug-addicted DA who refuses to do his job. Try this basted for murder. Then the judge might be forced into sending him away for life which is what he deserves.

Anonymous said...

Shame on the DA for agreeing to downgrade the murder charge and dropping the robbery charge.

Anonymous said...

It's about time we realized that the true reason crime is out of control is the judicial system. The police (JPD INCLUDED) really do a fine job tracking down and building cases against thugs like this. This thug is going to thug school for a few years and is going to get out and do it all over again. Perhaps this 'blessed judge' will not be on the bench the next time this waste-of-human DNA comes into the courtroom.

Why can't Trump end the baby bonus for welfare and social programs? If we can control the breeding of the thug population....(and no, thugs are animals NOT human beings.)

Anonymous said...

My best advice: Never stop in Jackson for anything, day or night. If you have to be here as many of us do, get gone as soon as possible at the highest allowable speed. Sorry for Jackson businesses, but my life is worth more than late-night bacon and eggs. How sad.

Anonymous said...

I need to move, and not just out of Jackson.

Anonymous said...

We're looking at a negative of 1959 Mississippi justice.

Anonymous said...

KF: By dropping the robbery crime didn't that take capitol murder off the table? The DA got paid off somewhere along the line and I would bet the judge did as well.

Anonymous said...

I realize that you think that you are a deep thinker.
You're about as deep as a saucer full of water.
If you were as concerned about what happened then, you would be outraged at what is happening in Tommie Green's courtroom now.

Kingfish said...

He might be.

Anonymous said...

you can't deny credit for time served IF the reason for being in jail is the case being sentenced. you can't earn credit for time served for unrelated cases.

Anonymous said...

"At some point, the people who keep putting judge's such as Tomie Green bear the blame for what happens in her courtroom and that my friends, is the bottom line."

Those people will keep electing judges like her because the leniency benefits their sons, brothers, cousins, etc. Jackson is Little Detroit, circa RoboCop (1987).

Anonymous said...

9:45 seems to have a valid point, not state wide but in at least several Hinds County courts. killed for a ring, there was much outrage when this occurred, even that allowed this to happen.

Anonymous said...

Jackson has become a Sundown Town.

If you are white and are caught on the streets after dark it is clear that you should fear for your life. The black separatist leadership of Jackson has made it clear that Jackson is.a BLACK city and refuses to protect white lives.

Where is the SPLC on this? Where is the ACLU?

Kingfish said...

There are alot of black crime victims too.

Anonymous said...

Chicago be worse 'n Jackson. I got held up at a Cupcake ATM last night. Fool took my cupcake n run off

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to look at how Tomie sentences black defendants versus the way she sentences white ones. I would bet good money that there is a pattern of racial bias.

This woman is a racist. She is no better than those judges in the 1950s who let civil rights murderers go lightly punished if at all.

Anonymous said...

"Judge" Green is a social justice warrior. She is battling against white privilege. The Democrats are proud of her and continue to elect her.

Anonymous said...

The DA went after Ben Allen with more vigor than this murderer.

Anonymous said...

Judge Green and Judge Kidd are a cancer on central MS, not just Jackson. These catch-and-release participants are not just robbing/harming in Jackson, but in the burbs as well. The way each of them handle cases is EGREGIOUS. Anyone with a law degree could sit in that kangaroo court for a day and find 10+ reversible errors.

Unfortunately the metro area will be held back by these two until they dies, because their constituents continue to re-elect them. I guess when you and your relatives and friends are involved in lives of crime or filing lawsuits against businesses it makes sense to elect people who help your cause.

Anonymous said...

This should be a bigger story than the water outages, streets, etc. No one is doing more to harm the city than Green or Kidd.

Anonymous said...

Was the victim's family apprised of and did they agree to the recommended sentence?

Kingfish said...

I apologize for forgetting about this case and not attending the sentencing. Frankly, this case moved along faster than I thought it would. Didn't think it would go down in 18 months.

Anonymous said...

So, somebody please tell me why I should move back to Jackson to retire. I am a Jackson native and recently returned from out-of-state to see if I wanted to live here in retirement. It was not the city I remembered. This is third-world and still going down. Nothing works. The courts are screwed up, the streets and water systems are broken, the schools are crap, and crime is a huge problem. Entire neighborhoods are falling apart and real estate values make it a huge gamble to invest in a home. A long-time friend can't sell his house and his new neighbors aren't exactly people you want to invite over for a drink. His car has been stolen once and burglarized twice. Am I missing something? I regret it, but my decision has been made.

Anonymous said...

11:19, be a part of history! Wouldn't you have like to be related to the victims of Pompei, Rome, Fukoshima, Hiroshima? You can pass this honor down to your grandchildren! They can say one day that their grandfather witnessed the monstrosity what is Jackson.

Over Easy is unsafe said...

Unfortunately, Mr. Hambrick wasn't meeting Mr. Parish for a waffle, else we might have had 2 perps served up "to-go" in the parking lot scattered, smothered and covered like they DESERVED to be.

In reply to 11:19 a.m. said...

I think James Brown would consider you properly vetted for "The City with Soul" having lived here 2 times.

Anonymous said...

As terrible as this case is, I have no sympathy for Eric. He was well aware of the risk he was taking when he went into Jackson. This is something that could have been completely avoided if he would have exercised the common sense that most of us do.

Anonymous said...

If Chicago's murder rate was the same in 2016 as it was in jackson, Chicago would have had 1067 murders instead of 762. Thanks in part to Judge Green.

Anonymous said...

I'm certainly not a Judge Green cheerleader, but at the end of the day, despite Judge Weill's belief, a Judge's job is basically to call balls and strikes, and in the case of open pleas or jury verdicts, sentence folks. It's not to prosecute. If the guy did the crime, all this righteous anger needs to be directed at the true culprits. ADA Sue Perry signed off on the plea and presented the Order to Nol Pros the other charge. There should be a motion and or Order reducing Capital Murder to Manslaughter. A Judge can't just reduce a charge or dismiss a charge on their own. There has to be something filed for them to rule on to do so. And defense lawyers can't file a motion to reduce a charge. And without the plea petition, we don't know, but I'd bet it was, the plea offered by Perry. Judge Green could have sentenced the guy to 20 to serve, nothing suspended, but other than that, there wasn't anything else she could have done.

And if he's been locked up pretty much since May of 2015, he's probably only got a little over 3 years left to serve. Manslaughter is a 50% crime.

Kingfish said...

That was very concise. Very eloquent even. Very factual.

However, it left out one fact. The prosecutor made an open plea, as is standard practice by the D.A. in Judge Green's courtroom. Judge Green decided this sentence.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 11:56 am is absolutely absurd. Eric had been to practice at First Baptist Church as he did frequently. He stopped to eat dinner and was attacked. Are we to close all the churches in the city of Jackson? These thugs beat to death a teddy bear!! He would have given them anything they asked for; they did not have to beat him to death.

Anonymous said...

11:56. Blame the victim much? That is ridiculous!! Eating dinner in Jackson is not an open invitation to be murdered. Get a grip.

Anonymous said...

It is easy to sit behind a computer and criticize. As an attorney, there is always more to the story. It is horrible that a person died. Yes, I agree that the individuals responsible for his murder should be held accountable. My question is, how strong was the case against this individual? Who evidence did the DA have that would hold up in court? Sometimes a plea bargin ensures that person does jail time, whereby with a trial, there is the possibility that a not-guilty verdict could result.

This happens in every county, not just Hinds County. Brandon pharmacist Timothy Rigdon pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual battery. Rigdon was charged with having sex with a minor. He received a 15 year suspended sentence and five years probation. Rigdon also paid a fine of $2500.

There are problems with the criminal justice system in every county. By the way, the prosecutor who handled this case was a white experienced prosecutor who has worked for other prosecutor's office. She had to approve the plea offer. It's just more fun to talk about when we can focus on a black judge.

Kingfish said...

Well my little criminal sympathizer, let me clue you in on one little fact:

The whole incident was captured on the Waffle House surveillance video.

Anonymous said...

Why on Earth would Sue Perry reduce a 1st Degree murder charge all the way down to Manslaughter and then dismiss the armed Robbery charge? She could have reduced it to 2nd degree murder and then let him plead open. Then the sentence would have had to have been between 20 and 40 years. Additionally, I believe 2nd degree time must be served day for day. Was the family of the victim notified of the plea bargain?

Burke said...

One of the predictable consequences of institutionalized white racism is black racism. And Judge Green is a racist.

But as the balance of power has shifted, and white racism is no longer nearly as institutionalized (make an exception for voter id), the main question is why haven't more people of color taken advantage of their increased power? Why are so many locked into a culture of dependency and grievance? I supported white "agitators" back in the day, but their work is pretty much done. Did it go to waste?

It's telling that apparently no person of color will run for office in Jackson by being honest about a systemic lack of accountability in the black "community." It's sad to say, but black politicians, like white politicians of yore, just find it too easy to get elected by blaming everything on the "other people." So the Judge Greens get re-elected. It's a form of corruption, and it breeds other forms of corruption. But at this point, there are fewer and fewer "other people." And we're not powerful, and few of us are racist. Won't someone on the majority side of the street step up and cry out: "The Emperor has no clothes!"

Anonymous said...

The problem with all of the explanations above about how "you have to understand the specifics of this particular case" is that in Hinds County it seems to happen in every case. Every time one of these cases comes up on this blog it is always explained away in comments by apologists yet again. And it keeps happening. And happening. Maybe it is not reported on, but you don't read about appropriate sentences for violent crimes being handed down regularly in this County. You do read about them happening in other counties. A fed up Jackson resident.

Anonymous said...

Attn 3:08 You may be an attorney, but not much of one. If you think evidence such as possession of stolen ring, video tape of the assault, and (likely) testimony by the co-defendant for reduced sentencing is not valid evidence, then you missed the days in law school that dealt with evidence. P.S. You are an attorney, but are you bar qualified?

Going to meet with the devil said...

If Mr Coleman were white, he would have been put away for life. Judge Green is a racist pig. May she meet her maker in hell.

Racist Judge said...

Kingfish, can you look at sentencing by Judge Green for black vs white criminals? I bet it would illustrate total racism in her sentences.

Anonymous said...

The man got beat down cause he would not fight back you got to fight back or you a willin victim

Anonymous said...

When is Judge Green up for reelection? Sounds like whoever runs against her will have a lot of donors here on JJ.

It is stories like this that keep me and my family from visiting Jackson. We will not stop in Jackson to shop, eat or get gas. So for those people who support this Judge you are only ensuring that knowledgeable people spend there money elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Just curious -- if statistically it can be shown she is ruling in a racist manner -- can DOJ be called in to review her cases, for potentially reverse racism? Whether you live in Madison, Jackson or Brandon -- releasing these thugs is dangerous for everyone. I'm not an attorney, but is there some way to have her rulings "reviewed"? What does it take or is it even possible?

Anonymous said...

As of this week, the Hinds DA has lost 11 trials in a row.

Anonymous said...

"It is stories like this that keep me and my family from visiting Jackson. We will not stop in Jackson to shop, eat or get gas."

@ 6:49: You are very wise.

Jackson is my hometown, and it makes me sick to see what it's become. I never stop there either.

Even the great Civil Rights figure, Mr. Charles Evers was carjacked a year or so ago while filling up at a Jackson gas station.

" So for those people who support this Judge you are only ensuring that knowledgeable people spend there money elsewhere."

Most of these these voters can't comprehend the long term effects of continuing to elect such candidates as Judge Green, Councilman Stokes or the other "George Jefferson" officials.

Moreover, they don't give shit.

As long as the candidate for _______ (insert position) promises to get back at "da White man", there is no hope for our Capitol City.

However, on a positive note . . . some Jackson voters may realize a change is in order when this water issue continues way past Sunday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

The Legislature & Gov can remove Judge Green whenever it pleases them.

They haven't.

Quit whining, Republicans, & call your reps & senators. Or STFU.

Anonymous said...

I make a lot of trips to Jackson. I have stopped spending ANY money in Jackson a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Voter ID is 'institutionalized racism'? Burke is a fool.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile: The punk who held up the Jacktown service station with a pellet gun got sentenced, this week, to fifteen years. But the jurdge skipped the anger management.

Anonymous said...

10:02 I can appreciate your points but you can't fix stupid. Jackson is another Petri Dish of Democrat Rule. Maybe one day the Jackson majority will understand that self-reliance is more important than retribution by mis-managed government and tax dollar appropriation but that will be a few generations away. There's dignity in working a job, no matter how lowly or dirty, bringing a paycheck home, fathering a child, remaining sober and managing a household without government assistance. That dignity comes before leadership and then morphs into a demand for better leadership. It's also important to understand that no one has "rights". No one is entitled to anything. This is why Obama nearly destroyed this nation and is a lesson that Jackson desperately needs to learn but you have to hit rock-bottom. Maybe rock-bottom will be below the water and sewer pipes.

Anonymous said...

9:13: "Jackson is another Petri Dish of Democrat Rule"

To repeat: the GOP gov & legislature can remove Green. They won't.

Ask them why not, & quit blaming the Democrats who do not in fact run this state.

Anonymous said...

And exactly how can the gov or legislature remove a duly elected county official?

Anonymous said...

12:32 - Democrats may not 'run this state', but they do 'run' Jackson and Hinds County where this person is an elected judge. She's not a state judge, as if there were any. Do you suggest democrats are not to blame but republicans are? Who the hell do you think elected this person? But, as you sit there and whine, it's your suggestion that republicans in the legislature should remove her from office?

Would This Apply?.. said...

Mississippi judges may be removed in one of three ways:
• On the recommendation of the commission on judicial performance, the supreme court may censure, remove, or retire a judge.
• Judges may be impeached by two thirds of the house of representatives and removed by the senate.
• Judges may be removed by the governor on the joint address of two thirds of both houses of the legislature.

Who hired them... said...

Eric went to this place "frequently" as an earlier poster said and if anyone knows what his job entailed (approving agency purchases), then it's enough to make one wonder who wanted him dead. Two young black men in Jackson hired to take him out because he wouldn't do what he was told by those in higher places in MS that could never happen...and a deal worked where the murder charge was dropped to manslaughter (!). WOW

Anonymous said...

The constitution of the state of Mississippi, which y'all patriots seem unfamilar with, says:

The governor and all other civil officers of this state, shall be liable to impeachment for treason, bribery, or any high crime or misdemeanor in office.

SOURCES: 1817 art “Impeachment,” §3; 1832 art VI §3; 1869 art IV §28.

Judgment in such cases shall not extend further than removal from office and disqualification to hold any office of honor, trust, or profit in this state; but the party convicted shall, nevertheless, be subject to indictment, trial, judgment, and punishment according to law.

SOURCES: 1817 art “Impeachment,” §3; 1832 art VI §3; 1869 art IV §30.

When the governor shall be tried, the chief justice of the Supreme Court shall preside; and when the chief justice is disabled, disqualified, or refuses to act, the judge of the Supreme Court next oldest in commission shall preside; and no person shall be convicted without concurrence of two-thirds of all the senators present.

SOURCES: 1869 art IV §29.

For reasonable cause, which shall not be sufficient ground of impeachment, the governor shall, on the joint address of two-thirds of each branch of the legislature, remove from office the judges of the Supreme and inferior courts; but the cause or causes of removal shall be spread on the journal, and the party charged be notified of the same, and have an opportunity to be heard by himself or counsel, or both, before the vote is finally taken and decided.

If you really care about getting Green off the bench, call your senator & your representative. If you don't really care, keep posting comments blaming everyone but yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but if you go in that zoo they call Jackson unarmed and get mauled there is nobody to blame but YOU.

Dead and Live Flies Inside the Plate Glass Windows said...

The lettuce-heads who suggest that it's the fault of the deceased for (a) stopping for a bite to eat in Jackson or, (b) getting pummeled because he 'didn't fight back' are off the chart ignert.

This happened at one of the busiest, most visible, high-traffic areas in town. And here I thought the worst that could happen at a Waffle House was a waitress getting shot to death for asking a customer to put out his cigarette.

Anonymous said...

11:19 am If you have been living in a suburb or small town, you might not be happy in Jackson. If you have no street smarts about avoiding being a crime victim, you should not live in any city. But, if you have been living in a large city , you will find it a relief. Crime, though high, is in poor areas and highest in the black community.
Cases such as this make headlines because unlike in big cities, many white Mississippians expect immunity from crime.
Your chance of getting murdered as a white person by a stranger of a different race is pretty much what it is in any city and much lower than in many cities across the nation. Jackson still hasn't had the trouble with serial killers and children being kidnapped off the streets that you find in many cities like some southern cities have had for decades. Also, our criminals tend to be much dumber and not pros... except of course for white collar criminals and corrupt politicians but we don't like to talk about being the most corrupt state in the country. We'd rather focus on problems in the other race so we don't have to deal.

Anonymous said...

9:31 - If you were writing a weekly paper for sociology 202, I'd have to give you a D. Nothing you posted has anything at all to do with this man being killed on one of the busiest streets in Mississippi.

There are too many fallacies in your post to count.

Anonymous said...

Consider abolishing the subdistricts and make the four judges run countywide.

Anonymous said...

This is bullshit..... this crazy ass judge has my fathers murderers case and I will tell you this if she allows them out on a short sentence then she better be ready for some "Law Abiding Citizen" kinda of problems. That is not acceptable man robs and murders someone and gets 15 years HEY JUDGE GREENE ASK YOURSELF WHAT IF THAT WAS MY BROTHER!! How would you feel. They need to fire her she is just a politics judge she plays the politics game. My father was murdered in Oct 2014 and I'm still waiting on the dam court case. I promise you this if the outcome looks like this hell will rise again! And anyone who stands behind her and her screwed up justice should be fired as well! I'm tired of this stupid judicial system it's broken now fix it!

Anonymous said...

7:31 - Go ahead and stand up in the back of the court room and holler that crap. Bring a change of clothes.

Unknown said...

Tommie Green is an idiot. Jackson will soon be tried world status. My advice: Move today. Let them have it. They keep voting in idiots then let them have it. Never shop in Jackson. If the VA and Kiefers would move I would never go back again. That is the only 2 reasons I go there now.

Anonymous said...

All --

Anonymous said...

Is this the same case where according to the rumor mill the people got caught, because they were overheard bragging about it during a JPS basketball game?

Anonymous said...

If anyone read today's Clarion Ledger story supposedly the young man struck Hambricks because he was gay and propositioned him for sex. All Judge Green said was maybe something made you angry... blah blah blah.

So GBLTQ community, if this is the case, where is the outrage on the sentence? Manslaughter carries a max of 20. This young man, who is clearly a bigot to boot, is only getting 10. Can you say Hate Crime? Where are the protesters at Ali Shamsideen's office? He probably perpetuated this hoax to get his client off with a plea bargain.

3 things are at play here:
1. Seems that only conservative bloggers are concerned about equal justice for Hambrick
2. Judge Green doesn't value a gay person's life as much as others.
3. GBLTQ community is too scared to call out a democrat when clearly justice is not being served. Even if Hambrick wasn't gay or didn't proposition him, the fact that Ali Shamsideen, Judge Green and the DA are willing to devalue a life using a 'gay' narrative is a horrible ploy that should be called out.

Anonymous said...

I knew Eric and I don't believe for a minute that he was gay. The WJTV video posted March 21 has the killer Arken Colemen's attorney saying that Eric made a "lewd" comment and said something about the guy's sagging pants. Eric was quiet, not a person who would ever confront someone. I do not believe that he said this to the killer. The Clarion Ledger on March 22 printed "“Mr. Hambrick propositioned him,” Coleman’s lawyer, Ali M. Shamsid-Deen of Jackson, said his client told him.' 10:17, I do believe, like you said, this is a hoax conceived to get his client off with a plea bargain, and it worked. It's a crying shame that Eric cannot tell his side of the story. RIP, Eric. Sorry that you are not getting justice for your life being cut short.

Anonymous said...

As an outsider looking in, I find the whole mess a discrace

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Trollfest '07

Jackson Jambalaya is the home of Trollfest '07. Catch this great event which promises to leave NE Jackson & Fondren in flames. Sonjay Poontang and his band headline the night with a special steel cage, no time limit "loser must leave town" bout between Alan Lange and "Big Cat"Donna Ladd following afterwards. Kamikaze will perform his new song F*** Bush, he's still a _____. Did I mention there was no referee? Dr. Heddy Matthias and Lori Gregory will face off in the undercard dueling with dangling participles and other um, devices. Robbie Bell will perform Her two latest songs: My Best Friends are in the Media and Mama's, Don't Let Your Babies Grow up to be George Bell. Sid Salter of The Clarion-Ledger will host "Pin the Tail on the Trial Lawyer", sponsored by State Farm.

There will be a hugging booth where in exchange for your young son, Frank Melton will give you a loooong hug. Trollfest will have a dunking booth where Muhammed the terrorist will curse you to Allah as you try to hit a target that will drop him into a vat of pig grease. However, in the true spirit of Separate But Equal, Don Imus and someone from NE Jackson will also sit in the dunking booth for an equal amount of time. Tom Head will give a reading for two hours on why he can't figure out who the hell he is. Cliff Cargill will give lessons with his .80 caliber desert eagle, using Frank Melton photos as targets. Tackleberry will be on hand for an autograph session. KIM Waaaaaade will be passing out free titles and deeds to crackhouses formerly owned by The Wood Street Players.

If you get tired come relax at the Fox News Tent. To gain admittance to the VIP section, bring either your Republican Party ID card or a Rebel Flag. Bringing both will entitle you to free drinks.Get your tickets now. Since this is an event for trolls, no ID is required, just bring the hate. Bring the family, Trollfest '07 is for EVERYONE!!!

This is definitely a Beaver production.

Note: Security provided by INS