Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Trick shot defense?

From the Clarion-Ledger forums yesterday:
"Manzoni wrote:
i have it on strong authority that the toxicology reports came back negative on Mrs. Irby. I was told that is the reason JPD is leaving the option to file charges with the grand jury. Don't know it for a fact but i did hear from the same authority that there were concerns in the wreck investigation that the steering column of the mercedes may have locked up do to overbreaking by Mrs. Irby. Something about a possible malfunction of the onboard computer system in the mercedes. But i was told it couldn't be proven for sure one way or the other due to the massive damage of the car. I suspect that, along with the negative test results will stop the grand jury from bringing charges against Mrs. Irby4/21/2009 5:36:13 PM

One wonders if this will be the defense line as the grand jury hears the Irby case. From what I've been told, the case will be heard in the grand jury in the next couple of weeks. The Clarion-Ledger reported the police gave its report to the D.A. Article By the way, a quick google search revealed no recalls for steering column problems for 2009 or 2008.

As for conspiracy theories involving JPD, I went back through online stories about similar cases in Jackson and JPD has not released the toxicology results before an arrest or indictment occurred. In all of the cases mentioned in most forums and media outlets, those were cases that were NOT in JPD's jurisdiction.


Autogyro said...

I heard a bit of scuttlebutt the other day to the effect that Karen Irby was not a heavy drinker - that one or two glasses of wine was all she would drink on most occasions. Dunno if that's correct or not - it's just scuttlebutt, but pretty well-sourced scuttlebutt.

Kingfish said...

I'd heard that too actually but then who knows. Or it could be a combo. Say if she was taking xanax and had wine with it, in some people it can make them very intoxiciated or rev them up or knock them out. Depends on the person's biochemistry.

Anonymous said...

This makes me Sick!!!! That car was new there was nothing wrong with any part of that car except for the Driver.I can't believe this.She is getting away with Murder! This is what Money can do people buy you out of anything.I bet this is costing them an arm and a leg. This is the fine work of there attorneys.Karen Irby how in the world will you be able to live with yourself and look your self in a mirror each day is beyound me.You No the truth and so does God.You sicken me.

Kingfish said...

1. Hold your fire until a decision is made on an indictment.

2. If you DO have to make your opinion known, do it in a way that counts: Call up Smith's office and tell them. Remember, his office works for YOU! that will do more good than just posting on message boards. 601-968-6568

Anonymous said...

Good work Kingfish. Glad you are being fair about this at least until the results are made public.

Anonymous said...

It is possible for a steering failure in the event there is a problem with a front strut. Not sure what year the Mercedes was, but there was a recall on problems related to struts in Nov. 2008. Depending on the manufacturing date of the car it could have happened.

Kingfish said...

Nice try but there is a flaw in your argument. The Mercedes is a 2008 model if I'm not mistaken.

Let me throw this out to you guys. Suppose she gets convicted. Think Haley will commute sentence when he leaves office as they are huge Republican contributors? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Would the steering failure cause speeding above the speed limit in a very populated neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

She's toast. End of story.

Anonymous said...

KF. You are correct about one part of the story and incorrect ain another, "As for conspiracy theories involving JPD, I went back through online stories about similar cases in Jackson and JPD has not released the toxicology results before an arrest or indictment occurred." I'd draw your attention to the fact that in most of the JPD cases they didn't wait on an indictment. They arrested the individual and then reported the results in the same story.

The missing component here is that Karen Irby didn't get arrested, fingerprinted and booked. Instead JPD chose this route instead of the most common.

Beating paying customers out of the perp walk that so many enjoy in the meantime was an extra benefit.

Anonymous said...

Overbreaking? Did you see skid marks? I didn't see skid marks! Did the gas pedal lock too?

As for the scuttlebutt,'s a news don't have to be a " heavy drinker" to be over the legal limit. " One or two glasses on most occasions" ? Define the " occasion. Are we talking at a public benefit or at the CCJ for over five hours partying or at Watercolors with friends?

And, if they didn't test for controlled substances, I, for one, will be outraged!

The damage to that Mercedes says it all. THAT doesn't happen at 45 mph in a Mercedes Sedan!

Anonymous said...

Oh, but she and Stuart will be relaxing and partying down at the beach in the meantime............why worry about a pesky potential trial?

Anonymous said...

KF thanks so much for this blog, does anyone know when the Grand Jury will actually meet on this?

Anonymous said...

Are you really so stupid to believe they are relaxing at the beach! Some of you have so much hatred, would it really matter what they did? Just because they are home does NOT mean they are well and having a great time. The injuries sustained in this accident should require a lot of time for treatment and healing. Some may never heal. If you read the posted updates regarding medical conditions, you would be smart enough to figure this out. Those of you with so much inside information of toxicology results, black box results, etc.---where do you work, how did you obtain the results, and were privacy issues violated in obtaining all of this information? If law enforcement or DA's are talking to some of you, isn't that also a violation?
By the way, I hope ALL of you are calling for a ride home if you have even the slightest amount of alcohol in your system. Do you ever have a glass of wine with dinner or meet friends for a quick drink? Think about it. You can say what you want, but you could end up with a situation that is made public.

Anonymous said...

Opps! It posted twice.

Kingfish said...


First of all, alot of us don't believe the caring bridge website. First three weeks or so I did but the last few weeks it was up I didn't. Nothing was being posted unless it was screened first or approved by lawyers. They know what kind of case this is and its pretty obvious after awhile that the site was being used for spin.

Oh, Kingfish, how can you be so crude? You are a total jerk Kingfish. Well, they had the option of making that site more private and chose not to do so. Second, they had no problem with the media going to it repeatedly and reporting what was on there. Most families would've asked the media to stop it or would've made it more private.

Friends of mine who are nurses, doctors, and therapists said there was no way he went from a GCS of 3 or so to suddenly waking up in as good a condition he was in.

My take on this is she is probably getting indicted and all the wild claims about steering columns breaking and overbraking and other such fantasies will prove to be just that: wild claims and fantasies.

Anonymous said...

I understand your feelings. Don't understand all the brain stuff so I won't go there. Just really believe they are in worst condition than some people think.

Anonymous said...

There is no " hatred" of the Irbys personally of which I am aware. There is outrage over the perception that they are receiving special treatment and has been a general disapproval/concern of/about their behavior for some time.

The Irbys have neighbors. They have friends who either aren't quite as good a friends as they imagine or innocently make a report.They have relatives who have friends in which they confide who may not be so deserving of that trust.

As far as violations of " privacy", anyone who believes that you can keep a secret in northeast Jackson ...that husbands,even professional ones, don't talk to their wives about work...that wives are never clever enough to worm out information or are too clueless to connect the dots even when no names are mentioned ... or think that housekeepers and others not bound by professional ethics are deaf and dumb..needs a reality check.

The social set in Jackson may as well be a tiny town. And , the grapevine,for the reasons above,is amazingly accurate.

When I see remarks like " are you so stupid...?", I figure the person is either " old Jackson who may not approve of Karen and Stuart but care very much for the rest of the family, acquaintances who know them only through " good works" and or hope to improve their standing with them by demonstrating loyalty,Karen's " before Stuart" friends, or relatives.

As for calling for a ride...some of us have heard of " designated driver". In some social circles , it's not uncommon to hire a driver for the night when one will be partying. Some of us take our responsibilities to our children and families and professions seriously enough not to put ourselves or others in danger.

Of all the arguments made, " it could have been you" says some very bad things about the judgment and/or psychological health and IQ of the writer! There is NO excuse for an ADULT to be drinking and driving!

Kingfish said...

It also doesn't help when someone is prominently mentioned in divorce cases and its laid out there for the whole world to see.

Anonymous said...

I realize that the Irby's were hurt pretty bad,but it was of there own doing.They are healing at this very minute,you can't say that about the other two victims. It scares me to think about how all this will turn out.I'M going to put my trust in Lt.Scott and the J.P.D.And hope that they put there job before any thing else.Thats the only way they could sleep at night.Is by doing the right thing.Just think of the respect you guys would get.You can't put a price tag on that respect is earned not bought.

Anonymous said...


Nothing wrong with my psychologicial health or my IQ!
Just know that when you are a professional and are not supposed to talk, you keep you mouth shut. I don't care how tempting it is to be in the know. As far as it could happen to anyone--- have you ever driven a car after having a drink, that is if you drink? Some people NEVER get behind the wheel even after having 1 drink. Some think it is OK after 1 drink. With today's laws and for safety sake it is smart to have a driver or call a taxi. You can say what you want about my psychological health and my IQ, but I am a very cautious and careful person and there is nothing wrong with my judgement. Seems like you could have a problem if you really believe this could not happen to someone else. By the way, "are you stupid" refers to the comments of them being at the beach. Do you really believe that? Go back and read some of the comments here and on CL- sounds a little like some hatred going on to me.

Kingfish said...

partying on the beach? Wow. Don't think they'll be doing that. Would be stupid if for no other reason and I'm sure they are a little bit too banged up to be partying. Am sure they have a condo down in Gulf Shores or Destin like most rich folk here do (Now if they were like th rich in Baton Rouge it would be in costa rica which shows you the difference between the baton rouge rich and the jackson rich). And by the way folks, compared to the CL comments since this started the comments here have been MUCH better and I'm proud of you guys for that.

I do have an opinion but I'm going to wait and give this thing a chance to play out.

And by the way, if the Irby camp IS reading this, can you do me a favor? Since you gave so much money to Frank, get that idiot to lay off this stupid deal on the bond refinance. The bond slut getting 60,000 before she leaves office isn't worth bankrupting the city. and no, I'm not kidding.

Anonymous said...

This is a sad and devastating event for everyone connected to it. No doubt, Karen didn't associate drinking?/speeding? with
felony manslaughter and it is easy to accept that she didnt intend to harm anyone. It is also easy to accept that she feels extreme remorse for the deaths and injuries that resulted.

BUT, unfortunately for her, this lack of intent and deep remorse doesn't count for anything. Otherwise, DUI behavior would be rampant....if after a DUI crash, all you had to say was 'I didnt mean to and I'm really sorry'

Anonymous said...

'Social drinkers' are the worst kind of DUI. They don't think they're impaired or have 'had that much to drink'.

I'd like to know if either of them have had a DUI before. In this state or any other. Can the DA get that sort of information?

I'm pretty sure she's SAYING she feels sorry about it. What ELSE would she say. And if she were a 18yr old college freshman who'd never had a lot to drink before I'd believe it. She's nearly FORTY people. She's seen and heard of DUI wrecks and deaths before now. She knew EXACTLY what she was doing. And did it anyway. Because for some reason the laws of physics and chemistry (and apparently all the other laws as well) don't apply to rich white chicks who get drunk at CCJ.

Anonymous said...

" have it on strong authority that the toxicology reports came back negative on Mrs. Irby."

IF true, who got paid for that lab error?

Anonymous said...

Stuart has been resuming life with the help of a driver. He's been to the bank and to get a hair cut on his own steam and without OBVIOUS impairments...speech more deliberate when he talks but otherwise he SEEMS the same. Karen will recover. The doctors are DEAD !

If you don't think that people with medical problems can get to the beach and recuperate there, I'm dumbfounded.

Intention only matters in first degree murder. Drinking and driving and driving at high speeds is NEGLIENCE! It's called negligent homicide for a REASON.

I believe it could happen to "someone else" who is careless and thoughtless of others! IF you and " someone else" haven't bothered to learn how much alcohol it takes to be over the legal limit and impaired, I suggest you do so IMMEDIATELY! YOU should believe it could happen to YOU if you don't educate yourself...including how alcohol reacts with any medications!

And, YES, I drink responsibly! You have a computer, look up how many ounces of alcohol it takes to impair your ability to drive! Why the hell haven't you already? If you have children, why haven't you learned so you can tell THEM before handing them car keys?

What you should have GOTTEN if you are a friend of the Irbys and think it could have been YOU, it COULD. STOP engaging in behaviors that could injure yourself or kill others! It's not HARD!

If you feel the need to " fit in" at a party, plain tonic or soda and a lime will fool everyone! GEEZ!

If you really believe a Mercedes Sedan is damaged THAT badly without high speed involved, I'd like to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge!

If you ( or anyone else reading this) seriously think what Karen did that night could have been YOU and base your sympathy/opinion on THAT, you need to grow up and behave like a responsible adult! Realize that just because countless others are irresponsible doesn't give YOU a pass to be equally stupid and self-centered!

The laws about speeding and drinking while driving exist to protect people like me from people like YOU if you think you measure alcohol impairment from the NUMBER of drinks rather than amount of alcohol..." one drink..ok"...are you nuts? If you have 4 fingers of Scotch ONE drink is too many, if it's a half glass of wine on a full stomach, ok. If you're on MEDS ONE can be too many. LORD HELP US!

Anonymous said...

kingfish i don't get out much who is bond slut? is female as in slut? i wonder who you are, kim wade is way cool...........i just hate what has happened to jackson, i remember walking to leavell woods to swim,to sykes park for the ballgames running thru the woods, even walking to school, would get shot now...who was mayor then? bye the tornado-no fema thank you

Anonymous said...

?? that last comment was pretty random. whatever.

Has there been any news from the DA's office?

Kingfish said...

I meant Bond Slut, as in Sarah O'reilly-evans is a bond slut as she gets paid up to 1% on every bond deal.

Anonymous said...

WAPT broke the story...

BAC .09 HOURS later, speed in excess of 100 mph

Of course, SOME of us could look at the accident scene and not fall for the tales of the Manzonis of this skid marks, demolished car and truck...head on collision at night...

It will be interesting to hear what defenders of Karen will say now. The hypocrisy may be a bit hard to take.

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