Sunday, February 4, 2024

Bill Crawford: Trump's Power & Control Ballooning

 Democrats said they will accept some conservative policies on the border immigration crisis to get funding for Ukraine. Republicans ought to be jumping on that offer like ketchup on french fries.

Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell likes the sauce. The Hill reported McConnell sees this as “the only opportunity in the foreseeable future to get any Democratic votes to reform the nation’s asylum laws and give the president more authority to detain and deport migrants.” Sen. Lindsey Graham chimed in, “To those who think that if President Trump wins, which I hope he does, that we can get a better deal – you won't.”

For decades neither party has been able to get immigration reform passed (it takes 60 votes in the Senate). That’s because the rabids on one side want wide open borders while the rabids on the other want forceful expulsion of invading aliens. Bipartisan solutions in the face of this divide are, well, unprecedented.

“Biden willing to make ‘significant compromises’ on border policy,” reported The Hill. Unprecedented indeed!

While far from a complete solution, the Senate proposal would provide the first major changes to the U.S. immigration system since the 1990s, allow for rapid deportation of many illegal migrants, and moderate the current chaos.  

Kudos to ultra-conservative Sen. James Lankford for his extraordinary work as the lead Republican negotiator.

“The Oklahoma Republican Party approved a resolution over the weekend condemning and censuring Sen. James Lankford, the state’s senior senator, for his role in the ongoing bipartisan border negotiations in Congress,” reported CNN.

Uh oh.

Kudos to Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and other Republican leaders for trying to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

“Dead on arrival” House Speaker Mike Johnson told CBS News regarding the Senate proposal.

Uh oh.

Look to former President Donald Trump for these uh ohs. He wants to deny President Joe Biden any victory on immigration so he can campaign on the chaos.


If Trump were half as smart as he says he is he would have gotten behind the Senate compromise then taken credit for getting it passed. He could call it a conservative Republican win (which it is) and a small step until he wins and takes the big step.

Instead, Trump directed his sycophants to keep the border in chaos. “Blame it on me,” he said. That’s not America first but me first.

Observing Speaker Johnson, House GOP leadership, and the Oklahoma Republican Party leadership so meekly bow down to Trump – “ballooning clout” Politico called it –  suggests he has become more than a powerful demagogue, rather an emerging demigod.

“You shall have no other gods before Me,” Exodus 20:3.

Crawford is a syndicated columnist from Jackson.


Anonymous said...

Schumer's billious bill unnecessary: Biden, who intentionally caused border invasion conflagration with his executive order destroying Trump's successful border fix, can simply rescind his (Biden's) dicta, no bill required.

Anonymous said...

Maga is a cult. Like all cults, it will not end well. The question is how much more damage the country will suffer before the cult implodes.

Anonymous said...

There’s already laws on the books for illegal aliens, just enforce them. Unfortunately the Dems and Reps know what they’re doing without Orange Man. NIMBY Dems crying about busing illegals as human trafficking to Sanctuary Cities and Republicans cheering it on, the voters are too stupid to see what the politicians are doing. How else do you move people all over the US without any real issue? Do you think they’ll send any back that are here now, except a few if they make up new laws? Your overlords are rewriting law terms to be more PC for illegals, I saw that and couldn’t help but laugh.

Anonymous said...

Crawford supports wide open borders. Who is surprised? Salter has been on board with illegal aliens for decades.

Anonymous said...

The border should be a stand alone fix, independent from Ukraine funding, or any other issue.

Anonymous said...

Nothing in an almost equally divided Congress is a stand alone fix. Everything is compromise in both directions.

Anonymous said...

Why must one compromise when the law requires the President to enforce the laws on immigration? Biden says he will enforce the border if..., but there should be no if….. His constitutional duty is to enforce the law, not negotiate with Congress about whether he will or won’t depending on whether he gets money for other issues. For more than three years he has refused to do his job. Why would anyone trust him to do it now?
If there is a cult, it is the Democrat Party that believes sex is mutable, men should be allowed in women’s private spaces and sports, confused children should be treated with puberty blockers and mutilation, the border should be wide open, Hamas and its ilk are charities, budget deficits don’t matter, excess government spending doesn’t cause inflation, indoctrination is preferred over education, equal outcomes should be guaranteed over equality, Western culture is racist and must be remade. There is your cult.

Anonymous said...

It never fails to amaze me that while both parties "say" they want the independent voter who doesn't walk in goose step with either party, we still are no just ignored but insulted.

Yes, both are too old and show signs of being less sharp mentally and physically.

Now the GOP has made it impossible by their "us/them" approach and kowtowing to a man who is not just showing signs of old age that those of us older recognize, but he is ill-tempered, lacking in self control, rude, obviously a crook already ( see Trump University case), scams his supporters while claiming he's rich and "we" won't have to " pay" for anything. We did pay and he did take every dime he could get along with the classified documents.

We independents are fiscally conservative and have traditional values. Most of us also are Christians.

We judge others on their behavior and as long as they are lawful and don't harm other...not their person, not their purse, not their property, we mind our own business. We don't want religious beliefs forced on us. Freedom to us is making our own decisions about our medical treatments and how we vote.

We don't care about skin color. We can't look into your heart and soul. We can see if you treat others with respect and honorably. We can tell if you have control of your emotions and try to be well informed and do your best and work hard.

So , no we will not, as much as we worry about Biden vote for an obviously unhinged person who like Trump. He is not amusing. He nade the laughingstock of the world. And, he damn need lost us every ally we had. I think we are going to need them.

Some of us have enough sense to know Putin and Jong Un and the Ayatollah are NOT OUR FRIENDS and would very much like us to fail.

Instead we now have the best economy in the world. If we can get rid of our idiots, we might again enjoy the best health care and educational system.

Anonymous said...

People like 9:46 could not stand Trump while he was in office and cannot stand the reality that he will be the next president, so they blame Trump for all the stupidity that engulfs the idiot, Biden, now.

Those deranged liberals think Trump is standing behind a curtain that doesn't even exist, while it's actually Obama standing behind the curtain of the Biden regime.

That's some kind of psychologically twisted thought process, don'tcha think? We've heard Hitler was paranoid, but these people take the cake.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Maga is a cult. I'm sure glad we are no longer plagued with 2.5% mortgages, 4% growth in the economy and low unemployment. I'm so glad the FBI has come to its senses to investigate Catholics and those terrible parents who dare to speak at school board meetings. We now offer more grants to schools who teach anti-Semitism.

We never need Maga to return.

Anonymous said...

MAGA is not a cult. It is people who can't stand politicians and the political prostitution that both parties represent. the federal government has lost it's way and fortunately, or unfortunately, Trump is the main one speaking this language. That's it, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

If there's a cult, it's the cult of "democracy."

Anonymous said...

9:46 AM - MAGA may very well indeed be a cult but it pales in comparison to the leftist Democrat cults completely destroying cities like Jackson, MS, and likely our country in the long run.

These leftist Democrat cults intentionally destroy cities with crime and chaos in order to keep the kind of constituents out that would vote them from office. And while they destroy cities, rich white elitist Democrat politicians, professors and so-called journalists provide cover with their silence and even excuses, all in exchange for votes come state and national election time.

Many of the same rich white Democrats protect themselves with gates or even live away from the cities their party destroys, while refusing to offer “bipartisan” support for reducing crime in our state’s capital city. Dead children won’t even get them to join forces against this evil.

Read this very fine Washington Times article

to find descriptive words and sentences like

“Dysfunction,” “failed state,”
“violent protesters took over part of the city for almost a month,”
“don’t particularly want to make things better — and they may well want things to get worse”
“choose to increase their power by increasing dysfunction,”
“by permitting violence to grow and government services to degrade, such political leaders take advantage of the need for certainty by promising to make things better for those who support their cause,”
“experiencing an intentional decline,”
“in a failed state, things stop working because people with the skills and desire to make things better are prevented from doing so,”
“Jackson, Mississippi, leads the United States in population decline. Crime, corruption, incompetence and hopelessness are driving people away.”

When a country becomes a complete freak show full of so much evil that young little innocent children are being murdered and killed with stray bullets, yet rich white elitist Democrats refuse to be bipartisan in efforts to make the insanity stop, what choice do we have besides “Vote Republican – regardless of who then candidate is.”

Anonymous said...

I just hope there's enough of the Republican party left to salvage after the 2024 elections. Trump and his cult will come close to destroying if they don't completely it.

Anonymous said...

What laws is Biden not enforcing that would solve the border crisis if enforced (please be specific)? Were those laws enforced during the Trump administration when even more immigrants approached our Southern border (provide evidence)?

Anonymous said...

Who really believes we have the economy? All a person has to do is go buy groceries, buy a tank of gas, or buy anything. You can see the increase in price. Take another look at the border. Do you see the people running across our border to be welcomed by our government? More illegals came across our border last year then there were children born in the U.S. A good chunk of our tax money we pay in is going to the illegals. Even our V.A. hospitals have had to take a back seat to the illegals. Just think, the money that was supposed to be used for our veterans is now going to pay for illegals. Trump will have a big job repairing all of the mistakes Biden has made. If we, as a country, can last until Biden is kicked out of office.

Anonymous said...

"Were those laws enforced during the Trump administration when even more immigrants approached our Southern border (provide evidence)?"

You first, liar (or fool). You provide evidence Trump let in more invaders and criminals than have come in over the last three years.

Just a normal dude said...

A country without borders is unclaimed territory.

Anonymous said...

I just hope there's enough of the Republican party left to salvage after the 2024 elections. Trump and his cult will come close to destroying if they don't completely it.

The remnant you hope survives can then stop the pretense and just revert to their prior affiliation as Blue Dog Democrats.

Anonymous said...

2:48 - Where is the backup for that nonsense?

Meanwhile: "Latest polls show President Trump crushing Joe Biden by wide margins because Americans are sick and tired of the last four years of destructive policies that have brought nothing but pain and misery across the country," Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung said.

Anonymous said...

Some people here have never read the (USC) U.S. Codes in relation to the border and it shows. @2:48 Just go out and ask people and you’ll find all the back up for that “nonsense”.

Anonymous said...

You can’t find a single one of your friends on Facebook who voted for Biden last election and was VERY vocal about how good he is going to be over Trump making positive Biden posts since his election. Not a f’ing one. They are dead silent. Please tell me I’m wrong. This election they won’t be near as vocal as last election because the all know he is a complete failure. I am no Trump MAGA loyalist by any stretch of the imagination, but it takes a complete moron to elect Biden twice.

That being said, look for shenanigans closer to election time. Possibly Biden not even being on the ticket. The fed dropping interest rates at a fast place to make the appearance of a strong economy that the ill informed won’t realize what is going on, another major crisis, etc. The media will being asking Sleepy Joe about f’ing ice cream while he doesn’t even know what day it is. Mark my post, it won’t be straight up Biden vs Trump election.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to 1:20 for linking the opinion analysis of Jackson. It is excellent.

If you missed it, give it a read.

Anonymous said...

I don’t know what polls you reading, it must be the one with all male voters. Women vote in larger numbers than men. Abort is on the ballot, women are more educated about the border than men and are more compassionate. Trump will get his first criminal conviction in the hush money case. Even some of his most loyal fans will not vote for a felon. Just the fact that he cheated on his wife while pregnant will turn off legions of women. If republicans have any chance they will need to find a replacement before the convention or they are doomed.

Anonymous said...

10:20 PM, women are more “now” oriented; which makes them the incredibly phenomenal moms that most women are. And their “now” mentality does probably gives the edge to Dems.

With the federal government fully weaponized against Republicans you’re likely right about Trumps conviction. Which is laughable when looking at the Clinton’s and Biden’s.

There’s not much of an IQ required to see which is more corrupt. Just look at the tremendously shitty job Biden did raising his children. His own daughter spells it out in her diary; and Hunter’s photos alone speak for themselves. But Hunter keeps sliming by due to the media providing cover (like they do when children are murdered and killed with stray bullets in leftist Democrat controlled cities) and since the federal government is not weaponized against leftist Democrats.

Your Trump “cheated on his wife” comment with the left’s history means you are either tremendously ill-informed; or a typical rules for thee but not for me leftist Democrat hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

If you:

Haven't read the proposed bills

Learned what factors, especially in countries south of the border, drive the surges

Don't know the topography of our southern border

Don't know the actual amount of " wall" we have and the condition of existing walls prior to 2016 and the new walls now, the condition or if they have been breached.

I guess we are lucky that no tunnels were built under walls...oops they were by drug dealers. And, I suppose lucky that Tiajuana doesn't sell explosives or shovels. Heck they might start giving them away.

Yeah, you are a cult member swallowing what your party spoon feeds you. A cult member doesn't question what their leader says or does and dares not think for themselves!

It's actually pretty hilarious that in Mississippi, that some of the most rabid Trump supporters don't mind the cheap labor working in their homes and businesses.

The CCJ board who were hardly Commies when the skin color of the " help" suddenly changed (the help's ability to speak or understand English did too). The members who weren't blind and/or deaf had to notice the difference. Eventually, given business meetings were held there and/or that those who were replaced learned who replaced them, the feds found out.

None of the bills account for the fact that many of the immigrants are needed in small towns all over the country.

Many communities need skilled and professional workers.

I'd respect the "relocation by bus or train" to Alaska or North Dakota where they are desperate for workers. Abbott and his mimics are just grandstanding. It takes 48 hours or more to get emergency help in much of Alaska that isn't Anchorage...longer if planes and helicopters can't fly.

Indeed, this time in history, grandstanding is all either party does! It's easier, less time consuming and cheaper and since they have their cult members, they don't have to do anything more than entertain and blame.

And, those of you who don't like democracy, really need to learn what happened to Hitler's Brown Shirts and especially to the daughters of Germany. It's was the daughters of loyalists who first were given to breed good Aryans and the ones who didn't "fit" the profile of perfection didn't fare well.

Anonymous said...

For you to link a need for labor in North Dakota to justify Biden's 10M invaders is like welcoming more rats to NYC because Bismark wants a bigger zoo. BTW, resistance to living in ND (I have) has to do with harsh weather and miserable living conditions.

Anonymous said...

"Trump will get his first criminal conviction in the hush money case."

Since when is paying hush money a crime? Ask your dad.

Anonymous said...

11:14am voices my thoughts better than I could.
I voted for Trump twice, and I'll probably hold my nose and do it again.
But jesus christ, I am so tired of voting for the slightly less revolting geriatric.

And I think putting Trump on the ballot all but guarantees a Biden win. More so than any other candidate would. The people on the left who might have at least considered voting against their party will be polarized as hell and vote against Trump.

Trump is the only person that can energize the liberal nuts to vote for Biden again. Even though they would agree Biden is the worst. They would rather burn the economy with Dementia Pappy than let the Orange man win again.

Trump is not electable. If anything, he has lost moderates that voted for him in the past. The Dems will win easily. It feels very bleak and inevitable to have 4 more years of Biden.

Anonymous said...

11:14am voices my thoughts better than I could.

So why did you continue?

Anonymous said...

Trump is the offspring of all the republican hate a fear mongering since the forties. You got just what you deserve. Good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

It’s just amazing how republicans are investigating Biden and there is no evidence. If crimes were committed, you have to admit he and Hunter are smarter than the Trumps. The old CFO is about to take a plea deal on a perjury charge. Admitting that he lied on the stand. Meanwhile there isn’t witness to connect the Bidens to Criminal activity.

Anonymous said...

From reading some of these post, it appears the uni-party supporters are afraid of what will happen when Trump has the Oval Office. What is even more noticeable, is that TDS is running rampant among the fearful. I won't even address the ignorant posts that attempt to gaslight the notion that the Biden's are clean.

I have never voted for Trump, and will not in the future. That being said, the fear of Trump has caused the light to be shined on just how corrupt this government is. The weaponizing of the miss named justice department is clearly visible to those not blinded by the fear of Trump. Even yet, the Teflon Don seems to be still prevailing.

The entrenched bureaucrats that actually run this government, along with the surveillance agencies, are doing their best to stop the Trump train from regaining power. I really fear that Trump's life may be in danger. After all, they killed one president in broad daylight, will Trump be two?

Anonymous said...

The really sad part is the number of people posting on here that do not keep up with what is happening today. There are some who actually still believe the Russian story and that Hunter's computer wasn't real. These people are free to vote. That should scare all of the citizens of the U.S. but many of those voting are not citizens. We still wonder why the U.S. is becoming another third world country when we have more third world people voting than we have U.S. citizens voting.

Anonymous said...

February 5, 2024 at 10:06 AM, you have a third option. Robert Kennedy Jr.

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