Sunday, September 24, 2023

Honest Reporting or Cheap Shot? We Report, You Decide.

 Coach Prime may be gone but he can still dominate Jackson even from 1,200 miles away as shown last week on 60 Minutes.   

The turnaround at Colorado has been the biggest story in college football this year so the CBS news program broadcast a feature story on Coach Sanders.  The interview was moving along until Jon Wertheim compared Jackson to Boulder (6:30).  Jackson State University coaches were not too thrilled with the portrayal on national tv. 

JSU Women's Basketball Coach Tomekia Reed tweeted: 

@60Minutes y’all made Jackson, MS look horrible. You should be ashamed of yourselves for showing the worst house you can find in America and make it like that describes us. I’m not even sure if that abandoned house you showed is even in Jackson.

while Head Football Coach T.C. Taylor said: 

It gave a bad look on Jackson, I thought,” he said. “Jackson has plenty of bright spots. There’s some good things going on in the city with this program and Jackson State in itself. When you see things like that and how they portrayed it, you know, they’re the media, so they control the narrative. But if you’re from here, born and raised here, you know what the city of Jackson is all about and the state of Mississippi.

60 Minutes could have picked a better home to use in its story but it was comparing a South Park-esque city to one plagued by a record-murder rate, poverty, and water crisis after water crisis.  Considering Coach Sanders had to deal with crime and constant water outages, such a comparison was fair game.  However, Coach Reed was right as well. 



The Truth Hurts - As it Should said...

The MSM mostly goes woke and covers for Jackistan, but when the MSM tells it like it is the left go ballistic.

Anonymous said...

Reed and Taylor need to look at their community with some honest reflection.

I don’t live in Jackson but I can see it for what it truly is: a haven for crime and generations of bastard children getting neglected by absent fathers.

I think sometimes the truth hurts.

Anonymous said...

What’s makes Jackson look bad is that the criminals run the city and the smart educated people elected and in charge wont do nothing about it!

I lived in Jackson Mississippi for years and graduated from JSU! Jackson was a bold new city back then! Now it’s ran by dope boys and young fools shooting AR15’s from stolen vehicles.

When the opportunity comes both coaches that commented will be gone just like Prime! The way I see it the media was just showing you what was there! The house was is Jackson and their are some houses worst than that house! So what!!

“It is what it is”

What’s really important y’all need to get a handle on your crime problem!

And yes, I Love Jackson!

Anonymous said...

The truth hurts sometimes, and the "leadership" in MS has ignored the truth for decades.

Anonymous said...

The comparison is a valid point. Such a drastic difference will naturally cause some people to become defensive when it is illustrated. But Jackson's problems are real. Jackson is either JSU's blessing or it's curse. At one time Jackson State had tremendous potential because of the thriving city of Jackson. Now it's going to struggle because of the blight and crime that
dominate Jackson. Coach Prime brought a moment of light to the failing city and reminded fans of the enormous potential that Jackson State would have if it were not battling the demons of Mississippi. The problem JSU fans and supporters hate to face is that these demons are real and JSU's resources, whether they deserve it or not, are quite limited. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

I've never been a fan of 60 Minutes.

But what did they say that was false ?

Anonymous said...

Aren't these coaches? Don't they have to recruit to this city? What do you expect them to say? DUH. C'mon what do you expect?

Anonymous said...

It's clear Deion Sanders was tired of the crime, poverty & continuing crises in Jackson. His F-150 was broken into twice & his personal possessions were stolen from his dressing room at Veterans Memorial Stadium during a game. One of his first comments after arriving in Boulder was, " There's no crime here." As others have commented, 60 Minutes didn't make Jackson look bad. Jackson makes Jackson look bad.

Anonymous said...

Deion did all he could do in Jackson. It's time for Jackson to do what he did.

Anonymous said...

I thought they gave the City of Jackson a pass. It could have been much worse for JSU, too. For one, they could have brought up coach's things being stolen, his son's truck getting broken into, and the homicide on campus.

The emperor has no clothes.

Anonymous said...

WOW. 3:50PM is spot on in every point. It is sad. I also love Jackson, and I hope things can eventually turn around. Denial is never helpful - "it is what it is."

Anonymous said...

Let’s be honest. White leadership didn’t do a lot for the black population when they controlled the city. But at least they kept the city a safe place to life and financially sound. The current leadership feels like it’s their turn to make all they can while they can. Problem is they don’t know what they are doing and have led the city into a deep dark hole. There are black executives in Jackson who could help turn it around but some are too busy getting their share, some don’t want to be called Uncle Toms. If the right Black leadership would run and work with the remaining white leadership it would take sometime but a turnaround could happen.

Anonymous said...

Why are so many so quick to be offended at genuine FACTS and proceed to defend Jackson? Jackson is JACKSON'S fault, but people want to blame it on something / someone else! I've lived in Jackson for over 60 years, and I graduated from a public school. Jackson was actually a damn nice place to grow up! However, the culture of Jackson has changed. Drastically. And the people now "in charge" have no interest in hearing that it's broken and that it's their fault. Furthermore, as 3:38 posted, Jackson is horribly affected by the fact that it's a haven for crime and generations of bastard children getting neglected by absent fathers......while the majority of the citizens couldn't care less.

I, too, felt 60 Minutes was quite kind and generous in their assessment, because Jackson is an order of magnitude worse than what they showed, and without a wholesale change in the current administration and attitude of the citizens, it has zero possibility of getting better. Now THAT'S the truth!

Anonymous said...

Assuming KF overlooked my original comment, I'll ask again.

What did (60 Minutes) say that wasn't true ?

Anonymous said...

I agree @4:32 completely. Two J-State coaches defend Jackson MS. I'm sure Kiffen will defend Oxford, Saban will defend Tuscaloosa, Arnett will defend Starkville, and Kim Mulkey loves Baton Rouge. But Jackson is the exception. Two coaches. Is that a story?

Anonymous said...

3:50 - you say "the smart educated people elected". And just to whom are you referring? I'd like to know. They are neither smart, and IF they are educated, it ain't showing. The elected officials in Jackson are a representation of the people who vote in Jackson.

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that Coach Prime was lied to when he was lured to Jackson. "Honest coach, there is very little crime here in Jackistan, err, Jackson. Our mayor is as honest as the day is long."

Anonymous said...

All excellent comments, observations and recognition of reality.

Jackson has become what Jackson was destined to become.

When you take a nice passenger train with competent engineers, firemen, ticket-takers and caboose operators...lay them all off...and restaff with someone who has never functioned in an administrative environment and allow that person (the new engineer) to turn that train into a steam-locomotive staffed by incompetents, what in the hell do you expect?

The 'State' had no authority to intervene in Jackson's demise. Not sure what is meant by "Leadership in MS ignored the truth".

Jackson has suffered the fate of poor leadership for thirty years or more. 'Leadership in MS', had no authority to do anything about it.

Jackson, as with so many medium and large cities with liberal democrat administration(s), has died a slow death because of the "By God, it's our turn now, we in charge!, watch this ship sink!"

Deion did what he was supposed to do here. Chocwe has accomplished what his daddy told him to do. In an odd way, both have been successful in accomplishing goals.

Anonymous said...

60 Minutes was very kind to Jackson. Very. If you are offended, ask yourself why. Nothing they said isn’t the truth, which is seemingly rare by mainstream media in 2023.

Anonymous said...

Just about every comment mentioned or eluded to the crime problem in Jackson Mississippi! To the Hinds County DA and the Mayor let your people do their jobs.

Stop making excuses, you knew you didn’t have the resources when you ran and was elected to your respective offices.

Jackson needs your help, do your damn jobs!

Now if you can’t get a handle on Crime, we understand, just go away and let someone that gives a shit about Jackson and doesn’t need a bodyguard take over!

Please, please go away, y’all are hindering the process!

Anonymous said...

Coaches at JSU, open your eyes it’s real bad! Quit fooling yourselves, the kids know!


A JSU Grad

Anonymous said...

Last season going into JSU's first home game, the City of Jackson didn't have running water (for a month, until the state stepped in).

Maybe that also had something to do with Coach Prime leaving.

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad the 60 Minutes crew did not quote the daughter of Deion about Jackson.

Her comments were BRUTAL.

Anonymous said...

Lubumba 2025! Vote early, vote often!

Anonymous said...

The problem is evident now. These coaches are content with the inferior lifestyle it takes to feel positive about the city of Jackson. They’re either brainwashed, lying, or simply do not know any better.

Kingfish said...

Record murders under Ditto, not surpassed until Lumumba the Younger became Mayor. He also got rid of the $5 monthly surcharge on water bills that would have been used for maintenance, upgrades, and pipe replacement.

Anonymous said...


Haven't read all the comments -- I'm sure I can guess where they come from.

Yes -- honest reporting. There are plenty of houses in Jackson (and specifically in the area of JSU) that look like the one shown in the CBS report.

NO - totally dishonest, biased, reporting. Obviously there is much more to Jackson that would compare with the pictures shown of Boulder in the CBS reporting.

Hell, they could have shown the mansion that Deone (yes, he chastised local reporter for not calling him "coach prime") lived in while enjoying the nice benefits of Jackson. They could have shown the nice hotel in Fondren where all his staff, coaches, etc were living. I'm sure --- although I haven't been there personbally to see lately -- that there might have been "A" house in Boulder that would compare to the one house that they chose to represent Jackson. Maybe not. But, gige me a chance with a camera, and their dollars, and I'll bet I could have made a similar (albeit wrong_ comparison.)

Anonymous said...

10:04 - Is it not true that at that point (Ditto as Mayor), Jackson had crossed the mark of predominantly black?

Your comment about the $5 monthly water-bill surcharge is silly. Imagine what any of the past seven mayors (including the incumbent) would have done with that slush-fund.

Anonymous said...

@11:24 PM - BS! Prime's home WAS NOT in Jackson. It was in Madison County northeast of Canton.

Anonymous said...

@11:24 Coach Prime's house was in Madison County. Nothing to do with Jackson

Anonymous said...

Jackson is just doing what Baltimore did. Watch The Wire.

Anonymous said...

@3:50, I was with you through half of your first sentence. Put a period after the word “city,” and you’re on to something. “What makes Jackson look bad is that the criminals run the city.” Criminality exists on a broad spectrum. You’ve got the open and obvious type roaming the streets with assault weapons. You’ve got the respectable-looking type with their smart wardrobes who use elected office to grift at the expense of the people they claim to represent. If we had more honest, hard-working, civic-minded elected officials, we’d probably have fewer roaming bands of armed thugs. That’s not just Jackson, either.

Anonymous said...

Deadliest City per capita in the U.S. and the leadership preys on the middle/low class to get what they want. They are just as dirty as the entire group in DC both democrat and republican. Stop being followers and step up and be leaders. Hey coaches - If Jackson is not a crap hole then why do you have your entire campus fenced with officers running checkpoints.....

Anonymous said...

Jackson makes Jackson look bad. The Hell Hole of the South.

Anonymous said...

Deion talks a good game and he may very well be genuine. I may be the lone wolf in this camp by saying Deion is all about Dieon. He never misses an opportunity to be in the spotlight and will do or say anything he believes will increase his draft stock.

Anonymous said...

I hope the mayor saw this.

Anonymous said...

Jackson is a 3rd world city and covered in blight. The citizens who live there are so stupid they continue to re-elect the politicians who caused it and do nothing to improve the situation. This is not news to anyone with half a brain and can think for themselves.

A ring lady said...

I admire his restraint in not saying all that he could say about Jackson--all negative. He is being kind and generous.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Who says the 60 Minutes report was unfair or inaccurate? Most Jackson residents share the frustration expressed by these comments. A couple of JSU coaches who must RECRUIT players to come to JSU found the report unfair and the image too harsh. Suddenly people are shocked. I would be shocked if any coach at JSU would admit the city is crap. Why cut your own throat if your job is to attract athletes to your campus in this crap city. Who are we disagreeing with?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he's thankful he got out of there alive because it was only a matter of time.

Kingfish said...

I think what riled what everyone up was that shot of the house.

Anonymous said...

You need a 4x4 to travel I-20 from Gallatin to Robinson Rd both East and West bound lanes, the asphalt is gone and worn down to the ground surface some areas(Terry Rd exit is deplorable). Weeds growing through the cracks in places, litter, abandoned and vandalized cars on the side of I-20 and 55. What a warm welcome to out of state travelers. County Line resembles hwy 80 today. Shoe Station, Chick-fil-a, TJ Maxx will be gone soon. TJ Maxx is looking to relocate. Nobody feels safe over there with MBar. I travel to other states and still see On The Border and Romanos Macaroni Grill but they left Jackson over 20 years ago. What was Chipotle thinking? The vacant and dilapidated YMCA at East River Pl reminds me of better days. Will the city level it and create a green space? City leaders aren’t responsible for resurfacing I-20 I realize but the Governor should get involved. The entire infrastructure is in shambles and it’s embarrassing for our state Capitol to resemble a war zone.

Anonymous said...

"Considering Coach Sanders had to deal with crime and constant water outages, such a comparison was fair game. However, Coach Reed was right as well."

Now I really hate to break it to all of you people who have lived in Mississippi their entire life, but 60 Minutes is a nationally televised show - so when they show Jackson, Mississippi vs. Boulder, Colorado - at the end of the day, to a national televised audience, its Mississippi vs. Colorado, not Madison vs Jackson in their mind.

When it's all said and done that's a reflection of your home state. It blows me away that people are trying to keep this argument local - when a nationally televised in actuality made it one state versus another, in quality of life.

Tomekia Reed, T.C. Taylor, and Peter Keith should have not been the only people speaking out against what 60 Minutes did. The Governor, the Mayor, members of the city council, and local businesses should have been up in arms about that portrayal, instead, they remained silent.

Mississippians are their own worst enemy. SMH

Anonymous said...

Why do you want the media to lie 1:09?

Honest reporting is not causing MS to fail.

Worthless parents are almost the sole cause of our failure.

Good luck fixing the lack of fathers and moral households that is churning out the criminals that Jacksons broken judicial system refuses to incarcerate.

But if makes you feel better to demand we all blindly cheer for the state we also hate to see in ruins...go off, I guess.

Anonymous said...

@ September 25, 2023 at 2:15 PM

You take a person who has never been to Mississippi, and they just happen to watch that episode of 60 minutes, and they were considering visiting Mississippi, and after watching it that was an instant turn-off for them.

Now many people will say, well that's their fault for not doing more research.

But I will go deeper, I have come across many videos on YouTube where vloggers from outside of Mississippi, come here and really sh*t on Mississippi, without showing the whole story.

There's more to Jackson, than what was shown in the clip on 60 Minutes. That was an insult to the people who live in Eastover, LOHO, Fondren, Belhaven, Woodlea, Heatherwood, Carolwood, Rolling Meadows, Jackson Country Club, Plantation, and many other subdivisions that do a good job of maintaining their neighborhoods in Jackson.

I've had so many encounters with family, friends, and business associates who are shocked when they come here and see the diversity of restaurants and that we actually have a Whole Foods.

(Mississippi Burning has done a number on this states image)

I would be just as pissed if they have shown the roughest areas of Canton and spun it as Madison, Mississippi exclusively

All I am saying, is when are you guys going to start standing up for your own backyard - when outsiders are not telling the whole story of Mississippi and its locations?

Anonymous said...

OHmalawd them hayseeds have a national chain grocery store!
Get over yourself, 3:11

There’s plenty of bad press about the crime in Jackson.
Jackson, Mississippi is literally the rape, robbery, and murder capital of the USA!

Anonymous said...

3:11 I totally agree. However the City and County officials, you too judges 1st priority is to get a handle on Jackson’s crime epidemic.
Who wants to drive near the Hinds County/ Jackson boundaries with fools shooting from vehicles. They do it in certain areas because there is no deterrent! Every now and then the ones that can’t read may venture into another jurisdiction, but when they realize they turn around and come back!

If the officials in Hinds County/Jackson do not take action and get these fools off the streets, one day it’s gonna hit home!!!

Jess Curious said...

What did Sanders' daughter say about Jackson that was 'brutal'?


Therese Apel's #1 Fan said...

7:43 - you do realize there were incidents in Brandon and Madison where there were fools shooting between cars as well

Anonymous said...

6:03. Lazy ass. Google "deion sanders daughter trashes jackson". All you want is right there, with just a little effort.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that’s not how it works.
If you are going to make such a claim then you cite your source, post the URL.
Otherwise you have no argument and you are spewing ass-pulled nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Calm down children. Deiondra's comments are old news. She said that there was a homicide on the JSU campus every month. She has since apologized for her exaggeration. The only error she made was limiting it to the JSU campus.

Anonymous said...

Was a single frame of the video footage they used not of Jackson?

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