Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Full Moon Bar-B-Que Coming to Madison

 Full Moon Bar-b-que is coming to Madison.  The company issued the following statement: 

Rendering of proposed restaurant.

Alabama-based Full Moon Bar-B-Que, is proud to announce the expansion of its nationally recognized and award-winning brand into Mississippi. The 17th location and the first location outside of Alabama, will be with the opening in the city of Madison. Located at 1935 Main Street, Madison, Miss39110, the 5,000 square foot location is set to open Summer 2021. 


“Increasing the footprint of Full Moon BBQ outside of Alabama has always been a goal for our company and we have waited for the right timing and the perfect community to share our high-quality food and family recipes with,” says David Maluff, co-owner of Full Moon BBQ. “The city of Madison has been extremely welcoming, and we look forward to introducing our award-winning bar-b-que to their community and making Mississippi a new and forever home for our brand.”


With each expansion of the franchise, Full Moon BBQ places significant emphasis on entering markets with likeminded values and a supportive community with an appreciation of high-quality food and service. The city of Madison, and its wonderful citizens, made the decision to expand across state lines an easy one.


Full Moon BBQ is excited about the future of bringing the “Best Little Pork House” to the state of Mississippi. 


“The city of Madison wants to give Full Moon BBQ a warm Mississippi-welcome,” said the Honorable Mary Hawkins-Butler, Mayor of the city of Madison. “We are honored and excited to have this successful and family-based bar-b-que business enter our community with quality ownership and homemade dishes developed from original recipes.”


Full Moon BBQ Madison will be a quick service dining experience also specializing in catering for crowds of 10 to 10,000. Full Moon’s unique menus will be available to fulfill all catering needs from tailgates to corporate events. Full Moon BBQ Madison will serve an expansive menu featuring quality meats, cooked low and slow over a hickory wood-fired pit, by dine-in or drive-thru.


For more information about Full Moon Bar-B-Que, please visit www.fullmoonbbq.com or contact Krista Conlin at krista@kcprojects.net.



About Full Moon Bar-B-Que

Full Moon Bar-B-Que has been in operation since 1986. The Maluff brothers, David and Joe, have grown the business while continuing a family-owned tradition that caters to folks who know great 'que from the rest. The wood smoke from every Full Moon restaurant's fire pit shows the Birmingham-born brothers' commitment to top-notch bar-b-que. At the same time, they satisfy a variety of tastes with fresh salads, hand-breaded chicken tenders, farm-raised catfish, Buffalo-style wings and overstuffed baked potatoes.


From the famous Full Moon chow-chow to the baked-fresh-daily Half Moon cookies, Full Moon Bar-B-Que makes sure to use the freshest ingredients in their homemade selections. Most importantly, it's all served with a healthy helping of true Southern hospitality. You can dine in, get it to go or take advantage of Full Moon's catering and portable BBQ pits. However, you choose, Full Moon will have you beaming! "Full Moon is the “Best Little Pork House in Alabama.” www.fullmoonbbq.com.


 Kingfish note: What the hell? I just couldn't resist as it's a catchy little tune. 


Anonymous said...

Wow! A BBQ Bank! Will it be close to the Taco Bell Bank?

I actually like Full Moon BBQ a lot.

Anonymous said...

A highbrow alternative to Mama Hamil's? Just askin'.

Secret Shopper said...

But for Covid it would have opened already. This is otherwise good news, as Dickey's desperately needs some competition. That would be the Dickey's on Grandview that gives away a frozen soy desert and labels it "Ice Cream," and takes the tips left in the tip jar to fund "company parties." The same Dickey's that at 5:00 PM on a Friday has no ribs. However, the employees are friendly, when they aren't hiding in the back room doing who knows what.

Then there is Tay's BBQ that is a joke. They are the greasy spoon on Colony Crossing with aloof employees who are "doing you a favor" to wait on you, and the food is terrible.

Welcome Full Moon! We need y'all.

Anonymous said...

good news for a change!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Daddy's at the gas station in Gluckstat has the best BBQ in Madison County.

Anonymous said...

Have been a Full Moon fan for years. Looking forward to them coming into the area.

Anonymous said...

When will it be open?

Anonymous said...

What about that place next to Domino's off of I-55? Awful neighborhood, cheerful employees, amazing ribs.

Anonymous said...

Dickies BBQ is some of the best BBQ around especially for the money.

Good BBQ is hard to create consistently and economically.

Never heard of this new place but apparently they know what they are doing....except....where will people park on Main Street?

If people can’t park near the place they won’t go no matter how good it is.

Best of luck and can’t wait to try it out.

Anonymous said...

The building is Mary's typical allowed design. The food quality will depend on the employees and how the management treats them.

PittPanther said...

11:21am, this post is talking about white people's BBQ. You can tell by the comparisons to Dickies, which no black Jackson resident would ever bother to set foot into.

The place you're talking about next to Domino's is called Woodhouse, and they are excellent. As is E&L's. And a couple of other gas station BBQ places in Jackson which JJ readers will never visit.

Kingfish said...

This honky been a frequent visitor of Sweet Daddy's at Northside Drive over the years although the last two visits have been disappointing. Menu is getting a little too broad. Too worried about getting his fried chicken, chicken strips, and other additions to the menu out instead of those delicious bbq sammiches. Had to wait for her to make them last time when there is usually a bunch of them out there. Ribs were a little tougher as well.

But those sammiches are really good.

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of full moon......Bring on Jim n’ Nicks!!!!
What’s the deal about the best BBQ in the south is ALWAYS at a gas station?!?!

Anonymous said...

I’ve decided that there are many opinions as to what is “good” barbecue. I’ve had people rave about a particular place, tried it and went ugh.
Dickies is OK. Sonnys is very hit or miss, mostly miss. Guess it’s what your particular taste are. After living in Austin for several years I’m really hard to please.

Anonymous said...

"Sweet Daddy" works the one in Gluckstat, he franchises Northside and Crystal Springs.

Anonymous said...

Woodhouse has the best ribs in metro Jackson now

Anonymous said...

Burnt ends over fries with sauce. Extra napkins. Fanta (pick the color), because they don't even have bottled water. At E&L. Along with the armed guard in the parking lot and by the register. That is all you need to know.

Anonymous said...

@11:35 AM look up the address on a map - 1935 Main Street - there will be lots of parking. It is the large empty lot across Crawford Farms Blvd. from Academy Sports.

Dickey's - the first one we went to is in Alabama, and it was fantastic. They are franchises, and the one in Madison is mediocre and inconsistent, but ok. The owner is rude and defensive (through emails). The ribs are so, so, leaving me to smoke my own at home, but I do like their sausage (when they actually have it). Their brisket is too dry, but that is common.

Taking tips intended for employees is illegal per the FLSA. Selling a soy product as "ice cream" is probably illegal, but also dangerous, as it isn't labeled soy (some people are allergic to soy products).

Anonymous said...

Sonny's is the choice of the Cracker Barrel crowd who avoid food labeled "bold" or otherwise seasoned with anything besides Mrs Dash and margarine.

Anonymous said...

Expected nothing less than 11:47, PP, trying to create a black/white scenario about a restaurant opening in Madison.

His mama must be proud.

Anonymous said...

Some of us need to push away from the table.

Anonymous said...

Another place for many Mississippians to enjoy on their quest for obesity.

Anonymous said...

The best BBQ in Mississippi is E and L on Bailey Avenue, but I can't afford the ammo to lay down suppressive fire as I zig zag in a serpentine fashion to get in and out (alive). Guess I'll try Full Moon (Bubba the Plumber's Britches) BBQ to save rounds.

Anonymous said...

They don’t shoot white folks on Bailey Avenue. They are prejudice in their own right. E&L is good.

Anonymous said...

As of now, the best BBQ in Madison is Dickeys, which is kind of sad. Dickeys is good, but it should not be the best in town. Looking forward to this!

Anonymous said...

@11:47 Nobody in their right mind would set foot anywhere near the hell hole E and L's is in

Anonymous said...

Their buildings are entirely to neat and nice, everyone knows the best BBQ comes from the window of a converted garage.

Anonymous said...

Dickies BBQ is decent but they are HIGH for BBQ. Dont sleep on the fried okra for a side. Some of the best fried okra around.

Gag me with a spoon said...

Gas stations are also the best sources for sushi.

Anonymous said...

Red, Hot & Blue was the best in the metro, but 'you people' ran them out of town.

And nothing will EVER beat Kilpatrick's Pig Stand in Belzoni. So, for now, buy some dry, overcooked ham, slather it with sauce and pretend it's thumb-suckin' good.

Anonymous said...

" This honky been a frequent visitor of Sweet Daddy's at Northside Drive".

I hear ya KF.

Reminds me of busting into the old Pyramid BBQ joint on Robinson , , , a few blocks off of West Capitol . . . at midnight (back in the 80's).

Some of the best BBQ ribs I've ever eaten !

The Pyramid is long gone, but their legacy lives on in all gas station BBQ.

Anonymous said...

You just can't get good BBQ from a "house" like that - brand new $1,000,000+ KFC/Wendy's sorta-looking structure that complies with all Southern Building Code requirements, equipped with brand new kitchen, and completed with Czar Mary's ridiculous Disney World architectural requirements bearing Corinthian columns, faux chimney, and rooftop cupola to boot!! (Mickey and Minnie couldn't have designed a more laughable or pretentious BBQ joint).
Nor can you get good BBQ from a multi-store out of state operator or franchise. See Corky's, Dickey's, et al -- commercial tasting mall food. You might as well eat Applebee's ribs -- same institutional experience but with more TVs and better selection of beers to distract you from the very forgettable ribs that never saw a pit or a smokehouse.
Unfortunately, there is no great BBQ restaurant in the city of Jackson right now -- a few gas stations sell pretty good ribs and smoked chickens but that's about all they have, and you can't go after dark. Gridley's and Red Hot and Blue were good until they weren't. Hickory Pit still has good pies.
For the record, Boo's Smokehouse at Hwy 471 and Lakeland has excellent ribs, and is the best BBQ house in these parts and worth the short trip out Lakeland Drive. Good food, good service, good folks - nothing pretentious (or Disney) about it.

Anonymous said...

From the artist's rendition, I can't tell if the columns are Greek Doric or late Italian Tuscan.
(But it does has columns , , , and is red brick) .

So they did meet Mary's first requirement.

I really do hope they succeed.

However, the best BBQ seems to always originate from humble little parking lot smokers.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't they build in Jackson. The old Fuddruckers/Lubys is available. Get you a bullet for every rack of ribs. Long live The Queen.

Anonymous said...

This is what a real BBQ place looks like. Haven't been here in years (Jackson, Georgia just south of Atlanta) but my last visit was great. Wonderful BBQ served up with slices and slices of white sandwich bread:


Anonymous said...

I'll go after the Covid BS is over with. Just don't see the reasoning to wearing a mask to get into and out of a restaurant, but can sit at a table with several other folks for over an hour or more mask less. This Covid crap is just out of hand, but you chickens want it this way.

Anonymous said...

Been a Full Moon fan for yours! Great BBQ that I won’t have to drive to Alabama for now... and those dipped chocolate cookies!!! Yummy!!!!

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhhhhh yes ..........another grease house . just what the state that is the runaway leader in , not just obesity, but morbid obesity, needs.
mississippi is the fat capitol of the world.
i grew up in jackson. back in the 70s i remember that out -of state people and tourists always used to remark about how good looking the women were here, but no more........they all fat now.

Anonymous said...

Fat Eddies BBQ The man who laughs at heart attacks.

Anonymous said...

Good BBQ is in Canton.

It's Truly a Nightmare said...

Good BBQ is in Canton.

So is the third world trailer park full of illegals, the drive by shooting at McDonald's, sixteen gas stations selling tall-boys, tons of bums lounging along Peace Street (the irony), Penn's with the windows full of flies and the releasees walking back into town from the lock-up on 51. The best place in Canton is the Chinese owned donut drive-thru. Try the apple fritter.

Anonymous said...

Full Moon is a great BBQ place! I hope Jim N Nicks comes to Madison too!! I travel Bama one night a week and eat at both of them, very good Q!!

Anonymous said...

Back in the day went to Red Hot and Blue often. Great waitstaff.

Last visit to Dickie's wasn't too special. I never understood why there was never any smoke coming from the building. Learned their ribs, etc. come in frozen and they sort of finish them off in whatever little special oven they have there. That's not real barbecue.

No one mentioned Hickory Pit ribs in Jackson? The owner also had that place at the Madison exit years ago that was good. Before that it was Times Change. Went there for our first date 26 years ago.

Or that barbecue place in The Fondren whose name escapes me?

Ice cream from one of those machines is never real ice cream. There isn't even any milk in it.

Anonymous said...

usually , here in mississippi ,the beautiful and obese people of the SEC hate anything about alabama. mainly cause of auburn and the tide kick the crap out of them in football.
however when a alabama grease house comes to town they stand up (if they are able) and cheer.

Anonymous said...

wow, going on 50 comments so far. 50 is the JJ gold standard. proving just what a ''weighty" subject this is.

Anonymous said...

651 its Pig and Pint. Seeing Red Hot Blue commercials brought back many good memories they got a bunch of money from me. I can only imagine how much money they made back in the 90's. Seems like yesterday

Anonymous said...

You can tell the left-leaning posters on this here board. They hate for people to enjoy anything.

Anonymous said...

That was a good question. How can a million dollar building with city regulations out the whazoo make a profit selling sandwiches? If it has a double-lane drive-thru, it'll make a nice weed dispensary in two years.

Hookah said...

No serious BBQ conversation should include DICKEY's,

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