Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Dispatch from Pelahatchie: SHOWDOWN!!!

Nutshell version: The Mayor, Aldermen, and Alderwoman fussed and fought for ten minutes before going home.  No action was taken. 

Watch the fireworks streamed live below from Facebook:


The word is the Mayor contacted the software vendor and locked several employees out of their computers.

Board President Alderwoman Margie Warren asked her to give the employees their computer access. Mayor Ryshonda Beechem refused to do so. Mayor Beechem said the computers are not off.


Anonymous said...

By the way before anyone complains that they can't see the video, this one has the facebook logo just like all the others you say you can't play.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where to start.

But the little renuzit air freshener thingy added a touch of class to the town meeting.

Anonymous said...

This mayor is awful! She tries to be authoritative and knowledgeable, but she comes across as toxic. She’s causing the friction and keeping the board out of the loop (as she says, “I have an email on that”) because she’s the “executive officer”... but holds no true power.

She’s after Barbara. I don’t know Barbara, but I feel sorry for Barbara. I believe Barbara buried herself in January when the mayor was absent and Barbara didn’t defend her during the discussion of the mayor’s pay demands continuing to appear on the agenda. If I were Barbara I’d request to see if the mayor changed any transactions behind me... the mayor is suddenly hellbent on making Barbara look like an idiot.

I don’t trust the mayor further than I can see her. What’s sadder is she isn’t doing this herself... she’s being prompted and prodded by Bellinder and friends. It’s surreal!!! One benefit, she’s learned some big words.

Her end goal is huge pay and back pay for herself and an abundance of employees to manage daily. The one important factor she can’t seem to process... the damn town is broke!!!

Anonymous said...

So what I gather is an old lady wants her computer turned on and the mayor has an air freshener in front of her. Sorry but the video didn’t live up to the hype. Still no clue what’s happening. Can’t Rankin county just dissolve this pathetic city?

Anonymous said...

The air freshener makes things smell not so bad.

Anonymous said...

@6:29 PM

I commented about the air freshener to my son. He thought it was a hoot!

I have a heard time hearing the audio on these meetings. Can someone fill me in on the highlights of what was said? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This mayor is being puppeted by Bellinder and Co. I don't understand how she can sit there and act like she CARES about Pelahatchie while SUING Pelahatchie. I gotta hand it to her though... her game is manipulative!

Ms. Barbara... get out while you can!!! The mayor is setting you up! Her waving of overpaid bills/returned checks that SHE placed on the agenda and allowed the board to approve put her game on FULL DISPLAY. The "overpaying" (according to the mayor) of overtime that the MAYOR has final approval in system before paying makes it blatantly obvious the mayor is playing dirty!

She's not even a real accountant/CPA. It's disgusting when people stretch the truth to title themselves.

She's knowingly allowing mistakes to happen to sink her foes. That is NOT a characteristic of a true leader. A true "executive"/leader would prevent the downfall and embarrassment. She's so desperate to be right that she's destroying the town.

Those of us with a brain are wondering how the mayor can have total control of the accounting processes and signatory process YET scream fraud at every turn? Wake up Pelahatchie!! Quit buying in to her race and old-school cries. Her ONLY contributions are cosmetic... decorations, free food from churches, etc... She's done NOTHING to grow the town. She's continued to screech and screech to media and make a fool of Pelahatchie!

Anonymous said...

I'm on Firefox and I can never see these videos, just FYI

Anonymous said...

Just wait til female arm wrestling is an Olympic sport. Yall wont be hatin on Pelehatchie no more. That's some guns in that room.

Anonymous said...

I still don't understand why the mayor thinks her behavior makes her appear competent? She claims Barbara's access has been cut because of the overtime issue and review by State Auditor's office. THE MAYOR LITERALLY viewed and pushed the overtime paid to Barbara through the direct deposit process. SHE FREAKING PAID IT!! Further, the overpaid bills she waved around were presented at the meeting and approved for payment. If I were Barbara, I'd play JUST as dirty and wave the mayor's lawsuits around every time she tried to point fingers at anyone. That's the only way to fight someone who plays dirty like this!

It's quite obvious that the mayor controls the strings regarding the accounting system being used. It's quite obvious the board is not tech savvy. It's quite obvious the board doesn't trust the mayor (I wouldn't either given the history before and during her holding office). If the mayor truly loved Pelahatchie, she wouldn't be destroying it to try to make a name for herself. It's one of the saddest things I've ever seen. There are only a handful of actual Pelahatchie residents that support her. I don't think the town will EVER make the mistake of having so many people run for mayor that someone like Ryshonda wins. It's a tough lesson learned and I hope the town survives to see a new mayor.

Anonymous said...

Where was the impeachment part? All I see is a bunch of old geezers fussing at an idiot mayor who tries really hard to sound smart and looks like a fool in the process.

Anonymous said...

I'm on Firefox and I can never see these videos, just FYI
May 27, 2020 at 7:31 PM

Then use another browser. How hard is that? Are you a Pelehatchie resident?

Anonymous said...

Good job Kingfish. It's obvious the mayor is playing a game. Her statements sound prepared and while she may have a good coach, she is a poor student. I'm surprised the council isn't better prepared. They could easily confuse her and cause her to implode.

Anonymous said...

When they say BBI, do they mean BCI?

Anonymous said...

Then use another browser. How hard is that? Are you a Pelehatchie resident?

If you're going to insinuate someone lives there, can't you at least spell it correctly?

Rather than suggest multiple people switch browsers, a better suggestion would be for the blog to tweak it's system to accommodate all visitors. No?

Anonymous said...

Could care less. I’m more concerned about the old bozo without a mask.

Grammar Coach said...

It's "couldn't care less."

Anonymous said...

i hope she gets re-elected. she’s had to endure all this fake news, witch hunt hoaxes, and obstruction and lies. the towns economy has never been better and the people love her.

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares that you are too inept to interweb. Learn2surf, charlie

Anonymous said...

At least she doesn't have a little cardboard pine tree dangling from a banana hanger. Now that would be supreme comedy.

Anonymous said...

Why are people on this board so worked up about what happens in Pelahatchie?

Anonymous said...

@8:37a- I assume you are being sarcastic... nothing you said is true or factual.

Anonymous said...

11:29 8:37 again

yes, i hope she gets reelected

so she calls the board on a pay cut that she got (to clearly force her out), calls them out on the police funds, and has to endure them trying to change the rules and her job description on a meeting-to-meeting basis?

and yet somehow, she's the problem??

Anonymous said...

BBI is the water, sewer and accounts payable system for the towns.

Anonymous said...

11:20 , this was a nice little town that was moving up . It was under very good leadership , Knox Ross, who was very well respected. Some how a very poor new leader get elected all heads to hell.

Anonymous said...

Mayor laying the smack down on the board. Who or what is BBI?

Anonymous said...

@12:11p- You are thinking with emotions and mistruths... not facts.

She received a pay cut at the exact same time the board received a pay cut. The pay cuts came because the town learned their use of drug funds was considered misappropriation (remember, they had previously been advised it was acceptable.)

No one is changing job descriptions. SHE found out upon arrival that SHE wasn't in control of hiring and firing. That really seems to chap her hide! She is NOW manipulating what power she does have by locking the clerk out of the system while the State Auditor reviews payment of overtime that 1.) THE MAYOR APPROVED, and 2.) THE MAYOR PAID TO THE CLERK VIA DIRECT DEPOSIT.

SHE is the reason everything is difficult. WHAT BOARD IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would willing work with her, given her past behaviors. 1. She's SUING the town for a salary that is 40x's higher than the previous mayor's salary. 2. She's SUING the town for back pay in excess of $60k. 3. I won't list the countless times she involved news and social media to argue her "side" to the detriment of the town (a few examples are the whole stupid rope debacle and the screaming match when she was refusing to sign pay checks because of her shallow pride). And, since you want to continue to bring up the misappropriation... SHE didn't "discover" that on her own... there's a posse of pissed off people pulling those strings.

I have YET to see her offer ONE thing to the town that is for the benefit of the town that SHE actually came up with herself. Her only pitches involve past events that the town can't afford to hold now and screams to fix up parks. Honestly, given the recent vandalisms, I don't even see HOW that even sounds like a good investment. The town employees, both black and white, don't want to work with her. It's clearly the chaos she has caused, not her skin color (as her few supporters like to claim), that is the problem.

I know she grew up there, but do you know when she actually started spending the night in Pelahatchie (because she doesn't own the property)? When the board pushed the residency issue. That doesn't really sound like a person committed to a community.

She was only elected mayor because too many people ran. I don't believe Pelahatchie will make the same mistake again. Besides, most of her support is from outside of city limits.

Anonymous said...

12:41PM and 12:11PM must be Chokwe's goons.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear that the deputy clerk has been cleared. No embezzlement. Y didn’t she call the news and report that. Kingfish can you pick up that story.

Anonymous said...

@2:47p- If that’s true, the mayor’s ass needs to hold a presser and admit she was wrong!! That poor clerk has been drug through the mud and called a thief and embezzler publicly by the mayor and her supporters!

Financial Planner said...

This inept mayor will never reach PERS retirement eligibility. She'll probably retire from Dollar General out on Highway 25.

Anonymous said...

@KF- PLEASE get us an update on this!?? NOTHING was said (well, from what I could hear) about this tonight. The mayor does NOT deserve a free ride on this issue if she was dead wrong given the way she behaved and the things she said.

It did seem like the mayor was caught off guard by Mrs. Margie's business she brought to the table tonight. How can the mayor NOT know about these things?? Any human who "works" in a town this small should know if these type of issues are outstanding. And, of course, when they pointed to her (cause you know, in her words, she's the "executive"), she TOTALLY THROUGH THE CLERK UNDER THE BUS, AGAIN! How can the clerk work if she doesn't have full access to the town's records?

I think the board did a good job of putting the mayor's lack of knowledge about city's urgent needs on full display tonight. She needs to quit piggybacking on free giveaways sponsored by outside parties and figure out how to keep Pelahatchie afloat!! There's not enough people in the town of Pelahatchie to eat all the food they've given away in the past week or so. She's more worried about catering to the feel-good crowd than tending to the town's business.

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