Thursday, December 5, 2019

Cowboy Cop (Who is not a Cop) Must Repay $30,122

- MBN Director John Dowdy not a certified law enforcement officer. 
- Director spent thousands on clothes. 
- Director used MBN vehicles for commuting. 
- Director lied about MBN personnel buying back comp time. 

State Auditor Shad White issued the following statement and report on the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics.

State Auditor Shad White released an audit of the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics (MBN) which shows MBN’s Executive Director will be required to repay $30,122 to taxpayers.

The improper payments identified in the audit came, in part, in the form of compensatory time buy backs. “Compensatory time” is paid time off earned for working beyond traditional work hours, though, in some circumstances, agencies are allowed to pay employees for (“buy back”) that compensatory time instead of giving paid time off. In order to buy back this compensatory time, MBN is required to obtain permission from the Commissioner of Public Safety, and the Director of MBN (John Dowdy) was paid for compensatory time without that permission and over the objection of MBN staff.

In addition, compensatory time buy backs are much more limited for civilians than they are for law enforcement officers. Despite not being certified as a law enforcement officer, the Director of MBN asserted that he is a law enforcement officer and exceeded the compensatory buy back limitation for civilians.

The Director was also given a clothing allowance that, by state law, may only be utilized by law enforcement officers.

Mississippi law clearly defines the requirements to be considered a sworn law enforcement officer, and the executive director of MBN does not meet them. Law enforcement officers are required by law to meet the minimum qualifications set forth by the Board on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Training. The Director is not certified by that board.

Auditors also determined the Director circumvented the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the internal controls designed to prevent unauthorized buy backs. The federal protections created by FLSA are not intended for highly paid managers and directors.

"The Auditor’s office must fairly enforce the laws around spending. Everyone—whether you are a clerk in a small town or a director of a large state agency—must follow those laws. Enforcing the law fairly is exactly what we are doing in this audit,” said State Auditor White.

These MBN findings were made during a routine compliance audit. “Thank you to the Finance and Compliance Audit team of the Office of the State Auditor,” said White. “This audit is the result of their diligence and expertise.”

Kingfish note:
Here are some key excerpts from the report.

During our review of salary and fringe benefits, we noted that the Executive Director of the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics (MBN) directed his staff to buy back his compensatory time on five separate occasions. While the Department of Public Safety (DPS) has special legislative power to purchase compensatory time from employees, authority must come from the Commissioner of Public Safety (as MBN is a Division of such) and must be approved by the Commissioner on a case-by-case basis. The Executive Director received no such permission for four of the five buy backs. Additionally, the Executive Director of MBN did not alert the Commissioner of DPS that such payments had been made. Upon inquiry by auditors, MBN personnel stated that there was no documentation of Commissioner approval for the Executive Director’s buy backs. Additionally, the Commissioner of DPS verbally confirmed he had not authorized the MBN Executive Director to purchase buyouts for himself. (Translation: Fisher threw Dowdy under the bus). (p.5)
 All memorandums provided by DPS only allow up to 50 or 60 hours of compensatory buy backs.  In two instances, the Executive Director was reimbursed for 200 or more hours....
The Director also considered himself to be a sworn law enforcement officer since he was the Director of MBN.  However, Director Dowdy never graduated from a law enforcement academy and is not qualified to be a sworn law enforcement officer under Mississippi law. (p.6)  The law also requires the Director to become certified within a year "from his employment start date of November 1, 2016."

DPS paid compensation of $313,261 from November 1, 2017 through today to Director Dowdy even though he is not a certified law enforcement officer.  The State Auditor recommended DPS formally declare the Director is a sworn LEO.  

DPS strongly disagreed with the State Auditor, claiming it didn't have to grant specific permission for the comp time buybacks.  The State Auditor said no MBN officers corroborated the Director's claim that MBN personnel were aware of the buybacks (in other words, the Director lied).

The Director also helped himself to a clothing allowance meant for law enforcement officers.  The purchases included $1,011 for boots and belts (got to be styling), $195 for Cole Haan shoes (Blew our money on paper welt fake stitched crap?), and $1,244 for polo shirts, blazers, ties, and other items.  The Director disagreed with the State Auditor as he claimed he is a sworn law enforcement officer and entitled to the clothing allowance.

The State Auditor ruled the Executive Director and four of his minions (p.10) used state vehicles to commute to work.   MBN agreed with the findings except for the claim against the Director.  MBN argued Director Dowdy is a sworn law enforcement officer and exempt from such limitations.

Bank accounts? Did someone mention bank accounts? MBN holds nine bank accounts.  Two checks were addressed to an authorized signer of account.  There is no monthly reconciliation of any of the nine bank accounts.  Only one person receives checks, makes deposits, signs checks, and approves checks.  Put these guys in charge of an HOA.

Simply put, Director Dowdy thinks he is a sworn law enforcement officer and that such status protects him from triffling things such as the law.

Governor Tate Reeves needs to clean house at DPS and MBN come January.


Anonymous said...

That’s Phil and Fishers damn boy. Way more corruption than that within DPS look at Fisher Mr. White. He is running for the hills now. He spoke openly a year ago without his attorneys present how he conducted himself while screwing over Troopers. Again! Thank you Mr. White for carrying out this investigation and showing no favoritism towards these corrupt animals.

Anonymous said...

We finally have a state auditor with some balls. I would be very worried if I was one of the legion of crooks taking advantage of the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Shad White may be the best gift Mississippi has ever received.

Anonymous said...

It is so refreshing to see these arrogant hillbillies getting knocked down a few pegs.

White males in state government cost us a lot more than black single mothers just trying to feed they kids.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight, Cowboy thinks he is a law enforcement officer because he was appointed to run MBN. He felt he was entitled to extra pay due to all of his hard work at destroying the agency he ran for the past few years. And to top it off he didn’t feel the need to pay his employees salaries based on total years of experience as spelled out in MS code. Damn, the citizens of this great state and the employees of that agency are so fortunate to have such high quality leadership. Hopefully the Governor elect appoints someone with integrity to replace Fisher and Cowboy.

Anonymous said...

At what point does fraud and perjury result in criminal charges for these thugs? I’m guessing never.

Anonymous said...

Not a dime will be paid or collected. It’s MBN and DPS after all.

Anonymous said...

IS this why Allison Killebrew, the Chief Counsel and Chief of Staff at the Mississippi Bureau or Narcotics, quit back in October?

Anonymous said...

Pretty petty "note" that you added, KF - "Fisher threw Dowdy under the bus".

NOT. Truth is, although because of your hate for Fisher you would not admit it - Fisher told the truth!

Gosh damn! Know you can't believe it, given your total disdain for the Commish. But, when it comes to an auditor sticking a mike in one's face, most folks will tell the truth as long as it doesn't implicate them.

Fisher did his job and answered White's folks when asked.

If you wanted to find him "throwing Dowdy under the bus", that would have been Fisher calling White in to look at Dowdy's actions.

(Bet this never gets posted, but what the hell. Truth hurts.)

Anonymous said...

When did Dowdy get a doctorate? Has he been working on a degree while being Director? Notice the letter addresses him as “Dr.” John Dowdy. A lawyer who has a J.D. doesn’t not have a terminal degree and, therefore, is not entitled to be addressed as “Doctor.”

Anonymous said...

Latin illiterate at 12:00:

1) "The "J.D." stands for Juris Doctor -" random web page #1

2) "the accusative form Juris Doctorem) and at some law schools Doctor of Law (J.D. or JD), or Doctor of Jurisprudence (also abbreviated JD or J.D.)." random web page #2

Shall we go on?

Anonymous said...

Well Barney Fifey Phil Bryant has done it again!!!!!!!! Narcotic enforcement is pretty important, look who he puts there and what happens to the agency. Prison and Corrections, pretty important and look who he had running the prison system and he never looked into fraud that was reported to him. Our children, pretty damn important, Phil Billy puts a retired judge with no experience so he can get his high 4 retirement years and CPS is in the tank with nothing set up from legislation that was passed, nothing happening to protect our kids and that is just WRONG! I could go on here but when is any worthwhile reporter going to shine a light on this horrible legacy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

No way I’m ever calling a lawyer “doctor”

Anonymous said...

How is this not considered embezzlement?

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely HILARIOUS. Plain and simple, he didn't graduate from the police academy so he isn't a police officer, agent, or investigator. He is a glorified civilian. He was hired as director and is the most paid at the agency, yet he thinks he is "owed" extra money through comp time. What a crock of crap. Look here folks, go to the academy if you want to be the police or "tell people you are the police". Tell him to go sit down behind a desk somewhere and push some paper.

Anonymous said...

Considering how many work in State government I wouldn't be so sure.

Anonymous said...

This one has Fisher written all over it. Dowdy is an ass but not a crook

Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself said...

Nobody should be surprised by this, Dowdy has always been a self-entitled jerk and never thought the rules applied to him.

Anonymous said...

If Governor Bryant doesn't fire this guy within 48 hours, Phil will no doubt leave office with a cloud that will be forever over his head.

Come on Guv . . . break out that chainsaw you've always bragged about during tornado cleanups . . . and
cleanup the MBN and DPS . . . before they hurt your place in Mississippi history.

Anonymous said...

Dowdy and Fisher are cut iut of the same, dirty cloth.
Thank goodness for Shad White

Anonymous said...

I may have missed it..reading through the posts rather hurriedly. But, what is the name of this individual?

Anonymous said...

Hurry and get a conviction so Feel can pardon him. Only a few weeks left!

Anonymous said...

Anyone energetic and fit enough to row for an Oxford College like Shad is going to be a formidable force. Cowboy met his match.

Anonymous said...

"I may have missed it..reading through the posts rather hurriedly. But, what is the name of this individual?"

Howdy Doody perhaps ?

Actually his name is John Dowdy.

Anonymous said...

@4:18 & @4:55 I kinda thought someone would reference him as the "Sissy" but hey KF can we get a link to your previous article titled something like DPS by the numbers (or something?)

Anonymous said...

Now Mr Dowdy you know better! A first year State Employee know when they are exempt from overtime and when they are not a Law Enforcement Officer(Certified or not). Who in the hell is your boss. I need that mofo to sign some shigity for me! I have upmost support for the men and women in Law Enforcement! But damn Mr Dowdy you are one kick ass Director to pull of some shigity like that. Mr Auditor Chad White. You got my vote for Governor. You are the real deal!!

Cynical Sam said...

$30,000 is chump change in the scheme of things in MS. This is the tip of the iceberg.

Kudos to Mr. Shad and his staff. Great job, and stay the course.

Anonymous said...

Phil approved his unmarked vehicle that he uses personally along with fuel man card.

Anonymous said...

Where are all the know it all’s who were hammering Shad when he was appointed Auditor. Seems like he knows what he is doing and isn’t afraid to do it.

Anonymous said...

Mr Dowdy had retired from the US Attorneys Office. He had to have a little common sense! What was he thinking! Must have thought our State Government workers were too dumb to know what he was doing, was unethical and flat out wrong. I am appalled at his actions.

When the Director is committing malfeasance acts, dang I wonder what the employees are doing!

You know what, on the other hand, his boss approved it.

Mr Dowdy you are one bold man. However, State Auditor Chad White is the man.

As my Commander would say, “. I need a kick ass First Sergeant. Chad you the man!

Anonymous said...

Marshand Crisler was shot in the leg.

Come Out With Your Hands Up! said...

Wasn't Frank Melton appointed to this same position years ago? I guess it's too late to investigate the shenanigans HE pulled at that time. Weapons, LEO badge, vests, uniform pants and shirts, fake LEO I.D. Did he also drive a Kia with white, flashing, dashboard lights? No, he drove around in an armored vehicle pulling people over.

Anonymous said...

Great job Mr White. Now, when are you heading over to the Dept of Revenue and shake that pit of corruption up and find out HOW and WHO have been washing vehicle titles for certain people.

Anonymous said...

9:01 - FYI, the Governor approves all unmarked vehicles, and just about every agency head has one. That said, Dowdy needs to be held accountable for all of the other crap he pulled.

Anonymous said...

4:30, and then head over to the gaming commission - they have a crew of "investigators" on perpetual travel who - as a matter of practice - overcharge license applicants on time and travel expenses (take a good look at overseas travel), and then commit mail and wire fraud when they transmit the fraudulent invoices.

Anonymous said...

How is it that Dowdy prosecuted and sent people to prison for much less than this and is allowed to pay back????? He (they) never allowed anything to be paid back without prison time. This will be investigated and this if Shad lets this go, he is corrupt as well. Phil is an idiot!!!!! I agree with 12/5 at 1:12 pm this is a crock!!!!! Shad looks like he is a part of this if he lets this go and it also looks like Phil is telling him what to do, since he is letting Dowdy off without an indictment and conviction for his crimes!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is widely known at the Gaming Commission that the deputy director threatened to expose the issue with travel and billing if he didn't get promoted, he's a lawyer and I'm pretty sure the good (juris) doctor committed an ethics violation by not reporting a pattern and practice of fraudulent billing and institutional fraud. Look into it Shad, and get the FBI involved.

Anonymous said...

This is a good start. We all know there are even bigger names out there who have done similar things.

If Shad White could take one of those good ol boys down, someone no one would expect, someone more powerful and influential than Dowdy...

..then I think we're looking at Shad White becoming the youngest governor in the history of our state.

Anonymous said...

8:45 - the state auditor INDICTED the guy from homeland security for MUCH less, and that was a bullshit investigation spearheaded by David Huggins that used taxpayer money to target a political enemy of Stacy Pickering.

This is actual fraud enabled by DPS leadership, not some made up bullshit - SO WHERE'S THE INDICTMENT SHAD??

If you want to keep your reputation as a stand up guy you better get this right!

Anonymous said...

Shad's job is easy right now.

He's getting the low hanging fruit. He'll never go after Butler Snow.

I know you read this Shad. Go for it, I dare you.

Anonymous said...

C'mon 11:26, you should know by now that there are two sets of rules. Dowdy will do "Queen for a Day" and get off scot free, although if it is found that he falsified records he could be in for an ethics violation like McDaniel from the gaming commission. And what if he does get convicted of a felony, what effect would that have on his retirement from the DOJ?

Anonymous said...

Such shenanigans are not limited to the MBN.

All State agency "brass" should now have much tighter anal sphincter muscles.

Anonymous said...

Shad doesn’t indict, the criminal investigation is turned over to the AG for that

Anonymous said...

Only a CONVICTION for treason, sedition or similar federal crime can stop a federal pension once you qualify for said pension.

Anonymous said...

I’m sure the Auditors Office HOTLINE is jumping off the hook ( reporting corrupt shigity in government) Our Legislators( were from the government and here to help you”)need to approve a bigger budget for the State Auditors office to investigate these corrupt state, local employees and officials.

Chad, you the man! The taxpayers with nothing to gain are behind you 100%. Or at least I am!!!

Bank On It... said...

So many experts posting as anonymous whistle-blowers who don't have the balls to step up to the plate. They sit in their gubment cubicles, shooting pocket pool and eating nabs and are proverbial chicken shits. They never got promoted and make up shit about those who did.

State Employee Handbook said...

Oh Lawd.

It's started.

Some State agency "leaders" are already scared.

6:06's anal sphincter has already gone into "lock jaw" mode.

And I'm willing to bet he/she is only an assistant to the assistant of the 2nd
"Deputy" Director of the Mississippi Department of ___________.

(Insert whatever agency you wish )

Anonymous said...

Phil Bryant needs to be exposed.
Someone should check into who is building his house . I hear a trooper from his security detail cleared and packed dirt for the pad for new house while on security payroll time and I also hear that a large construction company that got a lot of highway jobs recently is building the house although they do not do residential construction. Phil sure changed from being fiscally responsible. SAd Day in Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

6:06 gheese they are guilty until proven otherwise, and spend thousands of dollars hiring lawyers doing so. You must never worked in state government! Take your blood pressure medicine and chill. It ain’t that serious.

Qui audet adipiscitur said...

@2:50, then yes, that. Shad should refer this case for criminal prosecution; it appears that this case has strong enough evidence to demand repayment, let's see if it can meet the criminal threshold.

Anonymous said...

Shad White, the gift that keeps on giving!!! God bless you sir and your family! Keep up the excellent work sir!!!!

Anonymous said...

Phil is rotten and appoints rotten and now grossly incompetent leaders. Screwed all
Agencies in the ground. Hurry Jan 14

Anonymous said...

Dowdy does as he wants, look at his past, his brand; the Cowboy Way!!! His Cowboy Way has destroyed MBN! Governor what were you thinking when you put this Cowboy in charge of a State Agency when he cannot testify in court !!! Look at why he left the US Attorneys Office, the Cowboy Way, can’t follow the rules Unless he makes them! Time for the Cowboy to ride away!!!

Anonymous said...

The newly elected AG won’t touch it. Cowboy wins again and so does Phil what a joke you both are. It’s not criminal because you were Phil’s appointment

Anonymous said...

90% of the top heads at DPS are corrupt. And most would rather lie than tell the truth. Want to fix MS Government ? Abolish MHP and DPS TODAY !!!!!!!!!!!! Save the tax payers a ton of money. Hell anyone can write a ticket. Why in the hell do we need an organization that costs over 100 million to run ? for speeding tickets ?

Anonymous said...

@ 9:03, true, and if Delbert and Tater are the reformers they've sold themselves to be, maybe they should look into an alternative to the DPS/MHP/MBN organizational structure. MHP has way too much influence over some really important things in the state, and frankly, they aren't smart enough to be in charge of the criminal information center, the fusion center, homeland security, or anything related to grants or financial management. Break up DPS and put the troopers back in their place(on the road), establish a state bureau of investigation made up of real cops (not troopers) with a narcotics division. And while they're at it, return all of the uniformed troopers back to road duty who are in admin positions and replace them with civilians who will do the job better, and for less money. Seriously, how many uniforms are sitting in offices while the Commissioner whines about a trooper shortage - I call bullshit!

Oh, and Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself!

Anonymous said...

A couple of quick thoughts as it relates to John Dowdy from my knowledge learned over the last several years:

1. Dowdy was appointed as Director of MBN after he helped protect politicians in the DMR boat scandal. It was payback for hiding evidence while he was Assistant U.S. Attorney during the above scandal. Because of his actions, he was rendered "Giglio-impaired". A Giglio impaired law enforcement officer (Assist. U.S. Attorney at the time) is one against whom there is potential impeachment evidence that would render the officer or agent's testimony of debatable value in a case, meaning that a case that depends primarily on the testimony of a single Giglio-impaired witness is at risk.
2. There has been a mad exodus of experienced and remarkably talented MBN agents due to Dowdy's polices and the fear of retaliation if an agent did something that Dowdy did not like.
3. Dowdy changed the promotional exam so that his personal favorites could be promoted and get higher salaries.
4. Many of the agents who failed the promotional test miserably were promoted to high paying supervisory roles anyway.
5. Dowdy's Deputy Director has admitted to sleeping with female agents and putting them in higher paying roles.
6. Dowdy did not meet the requirements to continue in his position of Director of MBN. He has one year to go to police academy and he never went.

This case is much larger than the need for Dowdy to repay 30K. It goes to positions higher and lower than the Director of MBN. It also speaks to character, or lack thereof, of the person appointed to run a state law enforcement agency.

I believe that a further investigation would yield serious flaws within the leadership at MBN and DPS. These flaws would include theft, infidelity, sexual harassment, misuse of state property, embezzlement and other serious crimes.

Billy Jack said...

A giglio impaired federal agent cannot testify in court and therefore not able to perform law enforcement activities. In times past agents were fired! For many years now they have simply been promoted to supervisory positions where they are unlikely to have the need to testify. This is especially true with "protected classes". AUSA's are also unable to appear before federal magistrates or district court judges rendering them more useless than they already are. The aforementioned scenario makes for the need to resign or retire. How persons of this character can be appointed to lead a state law enforcement agency is indeed sad. And believe me when I say all of this was known to the person(s) who was responsible for hiring Dowdy.

Anonymous said...

Billy Jack-----You are 100% correct. MBN would not hire a brand new agent at 35k that was giglio impaired. Why appoint a Director as such? The vetting process for such a position is much better than that, the proper people knew about the issue. Why appoint Dowdy? The answer is a political favor, plain and simple. The Governor should have to explain his thought process behind this particular appointment.

Anonymous said...

Dowdy’s retirement from the US Attorney’s Office was not voluntary. He got caught up in some stinky stuff he was doing concerning a family member. Was either retire or be retired.

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