Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Sissy Arrested in Byram

Byram police arrested the son of Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics Director John Dowdy, Jr. in August for allegedly trying to obtain narcotics through a phony prescription in August.  The police report is posted below.

The report states an unnamed individual dropped off a fraudulent prescription at the Byram Walmart Pharmacy on August 3. Dowdy, III allegedly attempted to pick up the prescription the next day but was arrested his troubles.  Dowdy was released on a $40,000 bond.

The case has not yet been sent to the grand jury.  The Byram police are going to wait until the new District Attorney assumes office before submitting the case for prosecution.  There are two prosecutions in this case.  One of the prosecutions is handed off to MBN for further investigation. 

There is bad blood between Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith and MBN.  Mr. Smith tried to frame MBN agents after they busted Christopher Butler several years ago.  Smith repeatedly and blatantly lied that they framed Butler.  Butler's security camera video showed Smith's claims were complete fabrications.  Butler was convicted and is currently serving time in the custody of MDOC. Consequently,  MBN rarely handles drug cases in Hinds County because of the animosity between Smith and the agency.


Anonymous said...

people around here see themselves as educated, civilized and uncorrupted. all you got to do is take a look at the type of people who run this state to understand it is nothing but a 3nd world backwater on par with some sub-saharan country.

Anonymous said...

howdy doody dowdy really ought to put his own house i order before he starts calling people out.

Anonymous said...

this is such poetic justice

Anonymous said...

I am sure it is purely a coincidence that his chief of staff just quit

Anonymous said...

I practice medicine and can’t write more than a couple of days of narcotics for a patient because of this prick. Funny that it turns out that is personal for him. Between Dowdy and that drunk Easterling, we live in the most fucked up place in America

Anonymous said...

As the parent of an addict, there is absolutely no winning. If you try to protect them from the consequences of the law in the hopes that you can help heal them, you're enabling them. If you make them face the music then you're essentially sending your child to jail, or worse, prison. As a parent this is simply the worst decision you'll ever have to make and no matter what, you can't win for losing. Addiction is a dangerous and deadly beast who takes no prisoners. I don't know what I would have done in Mr. Dowdy's difficult position but, right now we need prayer for those of us in Mr. Dowdy's shoes, and those in his son's as well. May God bless us all.

Anonymous said...

So Dowdy Sr managed to call out people in real pain when he threw them in with everybody else in his now-infamous comment about Sissies. Shame on him at the time and shame on him now. What a silly, stupid thing to say. Nobody respects LEO's more than me, and he certainly should not be one.

Anonymous said...

As much as I disagree with Dowdy on policy and morality issues, I would not wish drug addiction on my worst enemy’s family. This boy needs prayer and treatment, not internet justice on his dad.

Anonymous said...

Why is this just now hitting the media? Can you say coverup?

Anonymous said...

I am not a friend, or supporter, of Dowdy - not just because he is Wayne Dowdy's son (which was not his fault, but the result of a spermicidal interaction that he had nothing to do with).

But, I fail to see where Dowdy Sr did anything wrong, or out of line, here.

As the parent of two grown childrrn, I can say along with many friends, there but for the grace of God go I. Thankfully, my two children grew up avoided the scruge of drug activity and addiction, and are part of today's society living their lives happily and raising their children.

But I have several friends who do not enjoy that same feeling as we lay our heads on the bed at night - and I truly feel for them as they have to deal with the demonds that drugs can lay on people's heads.

Frankly, I have no desire to defend Dowdy - in fact, I would rather to pile cap on him for political and non-political reasons. But in this particular situation, at this point I can't see where he has done anything out of line. There are procedures in place to deal with conflicts of interest and it appears FROM EVERYTHING THAT IS PROVIDED HERE (from which others are quick to jump to judgment) that Dowdy Sr did anything wrong.

True, this might change as more info comes out. If so, I will quickly jump on the wagon and condemn him. But if nothing comes out to say Sr did anything wrong, I won't hold my breath waiting from an acknowledgement that many of you previous posters were too quick to pull the trigger before you loaded the magazine?

Anonymous said...

My guess is that Dowdy’s son did not receive a warm embrace and promise of protection at home. I’m thinking he has received multiple ass chewings and clarification that he may end up in the big house because of his ignorance. Not much dad could do at this point to help even if he were so inclined.

Anonymous said...

6:48 should not be writing scripts for narcotics.

Anonymous said...

Big Pharma has developed some really nice pills. There are very few illegal street drugs that make you feel as good as pure factory made prescription narcotics.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish , why is he called a Sissy?

Anonymous said...

Dowdy III lists an address in Bolton? Maybe Bennie can intercede.

Anonymous said...

The report states a 'known suspect' left the prescription at the Wal Mart and Dowdy later attempted to pick it up. If the suspect is 'known', why is his/her identity concealed? And if the 'known suspect' was not Dowdy, is Dowdy really guilty of forging a prescription or of simply attempting to pick it up after being filled?

Anonymous said...

Maybe dad will learn something from this experience and not be such an ass toward people struggling with addiction.

Anonymous said...

@6:48; 9:19

I disagree. I LOVE Dr. 6:48 and I agree with him/her. I love "Big Pharma," and the medicines they develop at their financial risk -- some of which do very well. I love American medicine, its innovations, the free enterprise system. I loathe "thinking" in sound bites which allows folks to have opinions -- if that's what you call them -- that include meaningless catch-phrases like "Big Pharma," or "Big Corporations."

I am sorry for addiction problems -- which I do not understand that well. I am glad we have got the means to provide pain relief for the poor folks who really need it and I am thankful for Dr. 6:48 and those like him/her who actually do the work.

Anon-E-Mouse said...

9:08. Wayne Dowdy is his Uncle, not his dad. Johnny is from Gulfport, not McComb.

Louis LeFleur said...

10/23 @ 10:47, see KF's earlier post hereto get the Sissy reference.

Anonymous said...

This story just goes to show how far reaching addiction truly is. I am willing to bet most, if not all of you, have an addict family member, friend, destroys lives and does not discriminate. Addiction and mental health are intertwined. It is really unfortunate our statewide elected officials and legislature won't even discuss mental health and options to provide resources to Mississippians who are struggling, they cut funding instead. Treatment and rehab (sometimes multiple rehabs) are costly for middle class families; can you imagine how impossible it may feel for those who want help but are below the poverty line? You see the results of a broken system walking around downtown Jackson every day. I hate it for Mr. Dowdy. Instead of throwing stones at a parent with an addict, how about showing a little grace and humanity.I pray those of you who are on your high horses never have to deal with addiction.

Anonymous said...

Well said @ 9:00 AM,

Anonymous said...

We don't know whether the son is an addict or a dealer. But kharma just bitch-slapped Dowdy. Meanwhile he blindly continues his crusade of ignorance by keeping CBD products along with that devil-weed out of the hands of cancer patients...

Plain ol' Catfish said...

@ October 24, 2019 at 9:58 AM

We don't know whether the son is an addict or a dealer. But kharma just bitch-slapped Dowdy. Meanwhile he blindly continues his crusade of ignorance by keeping CBD products along with that devil-weed out of the hands of cancer patients...

It's actually the "Devil's Lettuce" LMAO!!!!!

Kafka said...


I know that you are well meaning but just plain mistaken. Do you really want pot legalized? Can we risk having multitudes of potheads roaming our fair streets all-the-while drooling, convulsing and masturbating uncontrollably in plain site of our children.

I for one say no!

Yes, marijuana, from the devil's own garden, may be the best antiemitic known to man, but can we truly take the risk?

I thank God for fine christian men like Mr. Howdy Doody who don't mind confronting the forces of Satan!

With the strength of ten Baptist deacons, I plan to fight this scourge.

Errybody Gotta Stay Somewhere.. said...


Anonymous said...

I'm like 6:16am - I'm not sure I understand addiction. I do know that I smoked probably a boxcar load of pot in high school and college. Along with the occasional coke toot and recreational pills every now and then.

Did I become addicted? No. Did I drop my drawers and masturbate, convulse and drool in public like 11:07am says we will see if pot is legalized? No. I never craved and had to have any of the drugs mentioned above.

Who knows, maybe I got lucky. 9:00am mentions addiction and mental health go hand in hand. Whats he saying? Are addicts weak willed and weak minded? Hell, I dont know. I guess that's why I don't understand addiction. To quit anything you have to make your mind up to quit and WANT to quit.

My escapades in high school and college was over 45 years ago. I suppose things change. If Dowdy would have snatched a knot in his son's ass when he should have maybe he wouldn't be having the problem he's having with him.

Anonymous said...

@5:36: prolly not, Dowdy already knows everything, just ask him. That said, I know a lot of great people whose kids are first-rate f**k ups, and after several tries and a lot of money spent to help them, they continue to be f**k ups. Parents can only do so much to ensure their kids aren't a drag on society, the kid has to at least come half way...

I'm lucky, my kids made excellent choices, worked hard and now have great careers OUTSIDE of Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

11:07 was making a sarcastic reference to the old propaganda movie "Reefer Madness" (while simultaneously declaring his own superiority).

As I understand it, addiction basically comes down to can't quit or can't stay quit, and once the addict takes one, another one isn't far behind. My own experience is that I didn't achieve long-term sobriety until after my family quit trying to control it for me.

Personally, I think Dowdy III's issues may shed a lot of light on Dowdy Jr.'s crusade to control all prescription drugs in the state. There's a program for that too.

Anonymous said...

12:59 PM

9:00 AM here again.

To clarify, what I mean by saying they are intertwined is that people that may not have the resources to properly cope with an untreated mental illness may turn to substance abuse or drugs on the street to relieve said symptoms on their own (to feel better); then there are those that have been improperly diagnosed with a (or a host of) mental illness(es) by a greedy sham doctor that will just throw pills at the problem and shove them out the door, in turn creating the possibility for addiction - a prime example, mis-diagnosed ADD/ADHD children, that may not truly need medication, but are given adderall, ritalin, vivance, etc. from an early age, ingraining them with the thought they need them to function through adulthood;then there are people that may not have mental issues to start but choose to abuse drugs recreationally over a long period of time causing significant damage to the brain & neurological problems; chemical changes where an addict may not be able to live or function without the substance - alcohol withdrawal comes to mind - which can include seizures & possible death if not done under proper medical care; it is usually a dual diagnosis and you cannot successfully treat addiction without treating the underlying mental issues too; it is a vicious cycle unfortunately and one in which our broken mental health system & elected officials continue to enable & exploit for $$.

The son of an addict.

Anonymous said...

Kafka - you a funny guy. Well played!

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