Tuesday, October 29, 2019

NCAA Actually Votes to Change S-A Pay Rules

The NCAA issued the following statement. 

In the Association’s continuing efforts to support college athletes, the NCAA’s top governing board voted unanimously to permit students participating in athletics the opportunity to benefit from the use of their name, image and likeness in a manner consistent with the collegiate model.

The Board of Governors’ action directs each of the NCAA’s three divisions to immediately consider updates to relevant bylaws and policies for the 21st century, said Michael V. Drake, chair of the board and president of The Ohio State University.

“We must embrace change to provide the best possible experience for college athletes,” Drake said. “Additional flexibility in this area can and must continue to support college sports as a part of higher education. This modernization for the future is a natural extension of the numerous steps NCAA members have taken in recent years to improve support for student-athletes, including full cost of attendance and guaranteed scholarships.”

Specifically, the board said modernization should occur within the following principles and guidelines:

*Assure student-athletes are treated similarly to non-athlete students unless a compelling reason exists to differentiate.
*Maintain the priorities of education and the collegiate experience to provide opportunities for student-athlete success.
*Ensure rules are transparent, focused and enforceable and facilitate fair and balanced competition.
*Make clear the distinction between collegiate and professional opportunities.
*Make clear that compensation for athletics performance or participation is impermissible.
*Reaffirm that student-athletes are students first and not employees of the university.
*Enhance principles of diversity, inclusion and gender equity.
*Protect the recruiting environment and prohibit inducements to select, remain at, or transfer to a specific institution.

The board’s action was based on comprehensive recommendations from the NCAA Board of Governors Federal and State Legislation Working Group, which includes presidents, commissioners, athletics directors, administrators and student-athletes. The group gathered input over the past several months from numerous stakeholders, including current and former student-athletes, coaches, presidents, faculty and commissioners across all three divisions. The board also directed continued and productive engagement with legislators.

The working group will continue to gather feedback through April on how best to respond to the state and federal legislative environment and to refine its recommendations on the principles and regulatory framework. The board asked each division to create any new rules beginning immediately, but no later than January 2021.

“As a national governing body, the NCAA is uniquely positioned to modify its rules to ensure fairness and a level playing field for student-athletes,” NCAA President Mark Emmert said. “The board’s action today creates a path to enhance opportunities for student-athletes while ensuring they compete against students and not professionals.”


Anonymous said...

"Consistent with the collegiate model". What the hell does that mean?

The people who run college football will not be satisfied until it resembles the NBA.

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed having SEC programs in Mississippi.

Allowing payment for likenesses means every business owning booster can now legally bid for the best players to "attend" his school. Ole Miss car dealerships will be blown out of the water in this arms race.

The days of UM and MSU competing for four star athletes are over. They will line up and go to the highest bidder, at a market rate. Even if they miraculously make it to campus, when Texas A&M boosters decide they are willing to pay a talented freshman RB a $1M "appearance fee" to transfer, he will transfer.

Anonymous said...

2:42 pm

Spot on

And as it should be

Anonymous said...

3:21 -- 2:42 is indeed spot on, but this isn't "how it should be."

First, 99% of these athletes leech their notoriety from the schools. They are net money losers for their colleges, and are known publicly solely because of their affiliation with the school, not vice versa. Only about 2.5% of all the individual teams in the NCAA make money. In all but a few cases, the name on the front of the jersey sells tickets and drives interest; the name on the back is purely incidental.

So tell me again how we owe them unfettered profit from their affiliation with the school?

(And for those few superstars who do sell tickets by themselves, I agree they should be able to go pro right out of high school.)

Second, I guess if you're a hardcore Ayn Rand anarcho-capitalist, maybe you think that only rich schools should experience the joy of competing for championships. I would submit most sports fans disagree with that, especially in Mississippi.

College sports helps accomplish a net redistribution of happiness to less rich regions that pro sports won't touch. From a utility-maximizing perspective, That's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

2:42, I guess you haven’t heard that the Mississippi schools already have no shot at the top tier talent hence why they are perennially last. If someone is willing to pay a kid $1 million to go there, why shouldn’t the kid be allowed to do it? You’re school isn’t entitled to free service of an in-state kid just because he was unfortunate enough to be born in this shit hole state. Get your communist ideals out of sports, it’s pathetic.

Anonymous said...

3:21. hopefully colleges and universities will realize that Div I FBS isn’t for all of them...realistically we only need 64 at most Division I schools...

Ole Miss/MSU will be fine. All of the other Div 1 programs here..not so much.

Anonymous said...

Who cares - maybe all this shit will implode and colleges and universities can focus on education rather than ticket sales. Just think how much bullshit could be avoided, and how much money could be saved (e.g. coach's and staff salaries). I say get ALL of the money out of college sports.

Anonymous said...

This looks like the next step before the big schools, like Alabama, LSU, Michigan, Texas, and Oklahoma, leave to start their own organization or super conference. Then, they can pick which non-conference games to schedule.

Anonymous said...

3:45 -- There's no "free service" going on here. 99% of college athletes costs their schools much more than they bring in.

Literally every NCAA team in all but two sports LOSES money. UConn women's basketball loses money. MSU baseball loses money. All but about 35 athletics programs in the entire NCAA lose money.

For the 1%, the Dak Prescotts that generate huge net revenue -- if you want to go pro, you should be able to. In most sports, you can do it at 18. In football, it's the NFL, not the NCAA, that prevents it.

In the end, the idea that "if someone wants to pay a kid $1M, why not" means you get about 12 competitive schools nationwide. And that sucks for smaller states.

Call it communism if that's the extent of your vocabulary. Everybody's a free market absolutist in the anonymity of the internet, where your subsidies can't be scrutinized. But there's a reason the NFL uses redistributionist tools like the draft, salary cap, etc. For competitive leagues, "we have no rules enforcing parity" is a terrible, suicidal strategy.

It would be different if these kids were being forced to go to college and actually creating net value beyond their cost. But neither is true. This whole movement is just an excuse for free marketeers like Mitt Romney to join a woke crusade for once, and it's no more rational than other, similar crusades.

Anonymous said...

"..redistribution of happiness...from a utility-maximizing perspective..."

Do you always speak with a flip-chart off to your right? Say it together with me. Bull Shit!

Anonymous said...

2:42...you omit that the NCAA arbitrarily caps roster spots. Ole Miss and MSU will still get their share of B players that can't sign with Bama and TA&M. And because of SEC money, Ole Miss and MSU will still be able to spend much much much more than a Memphis or La Tech.

This doesn't change much at all.

Now, back in the days of Bear and Vaught, the two of them would sign the top 10 quarterbacks in AL and MS just because they could. All 10 of them. The day the NCAA expands the rosters is the end of OM and MSU in the SEC.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for this! Football is the most important thing at our colleges, and the football players are the most important students. Just look at the fans who come out on every game day to watch and support. This is what college is all about. Football.

Anonymous said...

This will not change the status quo in any way. It will simply reinforce it. The rich will continue to get richer and the gap will widen even more. Not only will that apply to the schools, but also to the players... Maybe even more so.

Anonymous said...

I guess USC (hollywierd) will become relevant again.

Anonymous said...

None of this will impact our two major Universities.

Ole Miss & State will still suck.

How this affects our lower tier schools (Hinds, Pearl River, Southern Miss, ect.) is yet to be seen.

I don't really see a college football player becoming a millionaire making commercials for a Hattiesburg
car dealership.

Pappy Odaniel said...

So, on the one hand we have college kids who will never repay student loans attending college because it is worth the value of having a sheepskin but not if you are a spoiled athlete. The full ride, private dining hall, world class gym, free clothes, lifetime connections and exposure just isn’t enough. 2:42 is right, this started in California and it’s about USC and UCLA bringing their boosters to bear to get their choice of athletes. Buh-bye college football.

Anonymous said...

If I see this become the rule then count me out. I will not be ordering season tickets again nor will I pay 1 red cent to the athletic dept. It's sickening.

Anonymous said...

This is insanity. This will become a money laundering scheme for recruiting. NCAA will likely put a cap on the amounts. I can see boosters at big money schools buying thousands of jerseys just so they can tell recruits that all their players get the max money allowed. I’m afraid the best days of college football are behind us.

Anonymous said...

What about the rest of the team that blocks and tackles and punts and kicks and runs that collectively make a Dak Prescott look good? It takes a team effort to make the more visible player stand out. Note how many Heisman Trophy winners played defense-one.

Anonymous said...

Lots of good comments here.

You die hard sports fans better get your checkbooks out. The old saying "anyone can be bought" is ringing true again.

bill said...

This has countless unintended consequences, but the posters who say it won't change much are right. The traditional powers will still get the best players, and whoever's left will play at the Mississippi States of the world. It won't change the product on the field, and fans will still come to the games. It will simply make it legal to put some money in the star players' pockets. The NCAA has been trying to find a way to do this for ages.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:40
You left out Penn State and Notre dame. Like these 2 programs or not they are the 2 most viewed college football programs in the nation per viewership numbers. This is why ND stays independent bc of the tv money. Ohio state is up there as well but shares revenues. Either way I played college baseball at Virginia tech and I'm horrified by this idea. For example if a player wants to be paid as a baseball player he has the option of entering the draft out of H.S. this is absolute garbage. I'm done with NCAA sports. Go to college like everyone else and get an education.

Anonymous said...

It the athletes are allowed to cash in on their stardom, then the schools should be allowed a part of the take for providing the athletes a platform, a venue to showcase their talents.

Anonymous said...

After buying season football tickets at Ole Miss and State for years to take customers to the games, I've decided this will be the last year for that. Between the NCAA deciding this and the new Trump tax laws that make entertainment expenses non-deductible, it just isn't worth it anymore.

From now on, I'll just enjoy the games with my big screen HD TV, air conditioning/fire place, private restroom, and beer/Scotch at my home.

Anonymous said...

Yea, one unintended consequence I see is the fostering of resentment toward the higher profile players. There is probably at most 1 or 2 players on any given team that could generate significant jersey sales or signing party money. These players already get all the attention, press coverage, girls etc. Now throw in a bunch of money and you have a problem. I can see a lineman that is ignored but an essential part of the team seeing his QB or high profile receiver driving his new range rover across campus and saying screw this.

Anonymous said...

The idiot pretense of amateurism in D1 college athletics just needs to die.

Anonymous said...

The ncaa is buying time. They announced a "working group" to study name, image and likeness in May. Yesterday they simply announced working groups per each division to "study" changes to be made to the by-laws for the 21st century under the "collegiate model". No by laws have been changed.. nothing more than an ambiguous press release saying they'd look at it... They realize their business model has a shelf life... crooks. We are years away from any systematic change while they rake in billions.

Anonymous said...

On another board this morning, Dabo Swinney was 'quoted' as saying if this happens, he will stop coaching. No validation of that 'quote' was offered.

Bill (above) probably is unaware, but the 'Mississippi States of the world' constitute 90% of all college athletics.

I'm left trying to figure out how 'the car dealers of the world' will work this to THEIR advantage. Nobody can leave them out of this mix.....NOOOOBADDY.

Anonymous said...

If we could post Gif's on here I would post one of somebody sitting back and chomping on some popcorn. This will be something to watch. Even though I am a free market person I am afraid this will only end up being detrimental to 95% or more of the college athletes.

Anonymous said...

NCAA: The Pay for Play
College Coach X: Hey Player Y. Go run some laps. Your late for practice...AGAIN!
Player Y: You can’t tell me what to do. I will make 500k this year. If you don’t like it, I will tell my sponsors who are major boosters to the athletic dept. and they will have you fired. Or maybe I should tell those sponsors I’m transferring and keeping their money.
College Coach X: This isn’t the NFL Player Y
Player Y: It is now Coach.
The actors in this play are fictional. The unintended consequences are real. Let’s all give a big hand to all those who have just destroyed the college sports experience. It would not have been possible without morons like you.

Anonymous said...

NCAA: The Pay for Play- Chapter 2
Booster X: We have lots of companies lined up to use your likeness in advertising Player Y. You should make 500k the first year. How does that sound?
Player Y: Sounds ok, I guess. But I want my mom to be in half those advertisements, so you will have to pay her 25% of what I will make. Also, my little sister wants to come to school here as well. She needs to be in 15% of the ads as well and also get 25% of what I make.
Booster X: That can be done. We look forward to having you attend Tech next season.

Anonymous said...

Once again California has wagged the dog. It's really a fantasy land place where all kinds of new and radical ideas can gain real traction without genuine concern for the consequences. After all, there's always plenty of money and money will cure all. So let's just pay the student/players and see what happens... California will be just fine.

Anonymous said...

NCAA: The Pay for Play
Booster X: Several of our boosters have an incentive clause in the advertising contract with you Player Y. The more points you score the bigger the payout. Are you comfortable scoring more at the risk of the team losing?
Player Y: How much money are we talking about?
Booster X: You could double or triple your payout!
Player Y: Get your check book ready.

Anonymous said...

8:42 Shucks.. you'll just have to do what the other 99% of us do.

...or you could shift all that money over to "buying" you a personal athlete.

Go Trump!!!

Anonymous said...

And, government officials are drooling over the possibility of not only taxing these new sources of income, but also taxing the total value of the scholarships -- all scholarships. The few benefit while the many suffer.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who thinks the status quo will remain is badly misinformed.

MSU and Ole Miss hover around 20-30 in the football recruiting rankings each year. They also at least flirt with the Top 25 in the polls about every other year and sometimes go much higher. They fall behind the powerhouses and the top half of the SEC, but ahead of pretty much everybody else.

But MSU and Ole Miss are nowhere near the top 20-30 in booster wealth.

If we legalize boosters making unregulated "endorsement" payments to recruits, you will see AP Top 25 rankings in major sports that basically track the endowments of the schools. You'll be far more likely to see Duke than Auburn in the football top 25 after all this shakes out. MSU and Ole Miss will be lucky to stay in the SEC.

Maybe you think, well I don't follow sports so this doesn't matter to me. Think again.

State funding of higher ed is abysmal in Mississippi, which makes OM and MSU heavily dependent on enrollment. A huge part of the draw is big time athletics. Maybe it shouldn't be, but it is. Our universities are critical economic development drivers in large part because they build enrollments and national reputations on the back of sports.

Bottom line: Don't be fooled. This is nothing but a power move by rich states like California and rich schools like Notre Dame to ensure they dominate college athletics at the expense of non-rich competitors.

It affects you. And California university officials are delighted that you don't yet appreciate how much.

Anonymous said...

ESPN hit the nail on The head. Places like Ohio state, Miami, southern cal although both USC and Miami are ramer private schools both are in large population areas for marketing and both have an huge amount of money. The rural schools exams Mizzou, ole miss MSU will greatly suffer.

bill said...

Agree, 9:16, which is why what I said is true. The best players will continue to go to Alabama and LSU, and the two and three stars will end up at State and Ole Miss and the rest of the lower 90%, which is just like it is today. Every once in awhile a three star will shine and someone will win a game or two they're not supposed to win, but the caste system will endure.

Anonymous said...

These players will now have to file tax returns in every state they play. Some professional
Athlete’s taxe returns are several volumes long.

Anonymous said...

What players from Mississippi have gone to Alabama and LSU?

Anonymous said...

Kids from Mississippi that played or play at LSU and Alabama.these are simply just a few and there are others.
Travis Dickerson (ocean springs) LSU dandy dozen tight end.
Freddie Millins (strarkville)WR at bama and Philly eagles
Jimmy john (brookhaven) RB stud at bama later arrested for drug charges. Was names all conference. Clearly your new to college football.
Brennan kid from st. Stanislaus high school is current back up QB at LSU clarion ledger dandy dozen.

Anonymous said...

Damien Lewis (canton) guard is playing for LSU as we speak. Had offers from all big 3 Mississippi schools.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:07
Current Alabama roster Mississippi kids
Matt womak (hernando)
Raekwon Davis (meridian)
Byron young (Laurel)
Nigel Knott (germantown)
Brandon furnace (Oxford)
Scott Lashley (West Point)

Anonymous said...

12;48 PM

Welcome to poor America! You see not every one just gets a new car for their birthday or a paid for college education.

Now that college ball will be paid for by corporations....get ready for MSU OM game to dwindle to nothing....where it really should be.

MSU and OM are shit holes. Big money made them somewhat prettier with 500K condos and expensive brunch places....but underneath the hollandaise sauce is nothing buy pure crap.

Broke counties in a broke debtor state.

When kids have to go to school......to get an education rather than drunk and high......well I bet OM and MSU fall by the wayside....and good riddance.

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