Friday, June 8, 2018

WSJ blasts Judge Reeves in Lamar Adams case.

The Wall Street Journal's James Freeman took notice of the whiff of affirmative action in the Lamar Adams case that was first reported on this website Saturday and had a few things to say about it earlier this week:

On Friday in Mississippi, federal District Judge Carlton Reeves surprised government lawyers by ordering that the appointment of a receiver to recover assets for fraud victims should serve as a vehicle to promote diversity in the legal profession.

“It is indisputable that systematic oppression lies behind much of the judiciary’s lack of diversity,” wrote the Obama appointee in his order establishing a process to select a receiver to go after the money taken from investors. Judge Reeves added that “when given the opportunity, courts should take steps to increase their diversity. Justice is a search for truth. That search will fail if a court does not incorporate a wide array of experiences, facts, and perspectives into its decisionmaking processes.”

As far as this column can tell, the case itself doesn’t have anything to do with racial or sexual discrimination. And while defrauded investors surely value the search for truth, they are also no doubt eager for a receiver to begin an immediate search for their money. ....

Whatever one thinks about government programs intended to increase diversity, is there an argument that the burden of advancing such efforts should fall on the victims of a Ponzi scheme—right at the moment they are trying to recover their stolen nest eggs? Rest of column. 

The affirmative action angle was ignored by the entire Mississippi media.  It must not have fit their narrative, right Jimmie and Jerry?  What is interesting is that the SEC wants to appoint a Hispanic lawyer from Miami and a female lawyer from Jackson to handle the receivership.  However, Judge Reeves, who is black, apparently doesn't think that the team has enough diversity.

 Judge Reeves also stayed all lawsuits in state and federal courts against Lamar Adams and Madison Timber Properties, LLC.  The order is posted below.

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Anonymous said...

I heard from a source (Unconfirmed) that William B. McHenry hired and prepaid a lawyer several hundred thousand dollars to "file the law suit against Adams". I know of no way I can confirm this. If this is true, people are already finding ways to get their hands on some of this illegally gotten money. The longer this game of my jurisdiction versus yours goes on, the less money there will be. It has been long enough that at least this part of the problem could have been completed.

Anonymous said...

It's wrong unless it matches up with what I think it's supposed to look like. - Isn't that the problem and not the solution??

Anonymous said...

Apparently a Hispanic attorney and a female attorney aren't black enough.

Cha-ching, keep that meter running members of the bar, until the well runs dry.

Anonymous said...

In reference to the first order posted, could someone smarter than me explain what authority a U.S. District Court judge has to issue a vague order enjoining any and all state court actions against Adams's entities? And how that doesn't violate the Anti-Injunction Act?

Anonymous said...

Sounds to ME, like certain somebodies have received "inducements" to throw obstacles in the path of Justice. I just googled images of the primary "somebody" I'm suspecting, and he sure does have a SCARY grin. He looks just plain cruel and evil, to be frank.

Anonymous said...

The dude in the robe Reeves, I shutter to call him a judge, should live under his "diversity" push when it is his ASSets on the line and not someone else's. I am sure if he had been duped he would want the meanest F. Lee Bailey looking son of a bitch out there to get him "his" money!

He has to be the most ineffective, overturned, incompetent dumb ass on the bench. And friends, that is saying something with the likes of Wingate and Green out there.

Anonymous said...

Should not be surprising that a quota pick likes quota picking.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 3:54 PM

I imagine that Paul Minor would agree with you 100 percent !

Anonymous said...

LOL. This whole thing stinks to high heaven, and everything available to the public has a reaction that basically amounts to, “do what?”

Anonymous said...

@5:22…Paul Minor?

The white collar thug son of now deceased Leftist Propagandist Hater Bill Minor?

The Bill Minor that hated Christians so much he likened a cross on Hwy 49 in Florence to the KKK in the 1960’s?

The same Paul Minor that along with his bogus dad Bill did what many left wing nuts did back then when things went wrong, blamed George Bush for wrongfully convicting him?

But then we learned how corrupt trial lawyers in Mississippi were when ole Richard “Dickie” Scruggs let us in on their little corruption secret, didn’t we?

If this is the same Paul Minor, then please tell us what he’s up to these days; besides screwing his old pals Chuck McRae and Oliver Diaz that is.

Anonymous said...

Utter BS.

Anonymous said...

This will be interesting. As an aside, the (real) Trump team isn't as wonderstruck with MS pols as certain MS pols might lead an unformed person to believe Do with that what you might.

Anonymous said...

to kingfish; once again i gotta hand out the 'guts' award to kingfish. this blog is the only media source in the history of this 3nd world country/state,that has ever had the cojones and the guts to call out certain federal judges over their shenanigans . prior to KF, federal judges were totally immune to scrutiny by the media in this state because everyone in the media was scared to death of them. think about it, other than this blog , can you recollect any scrutiny of a federal judge by any media outlet in your lifetime?

Anonymous said...

@11:50pm Agreed. DOJ has its sights on MS for a number of reasons - top to bottom. If/when Sessions is satisfied with his team, it's going to get interesting.

Anonymous said...

It's disturbing to me that in these cases, the victims seems to end up with very little given and the costs racked up by the legal system and whomever they hire are the ones who get most of the ill-gotten gains.

It's seems to me that those affected should be consulted and given a list qualified attorneys and the forensic accountant that should be hired along with the CVs and hourly rates and an estimated total cost for services as well as an expected timeline. And, the victims should be the first of any creditors to be made whole whether or not that is the law in their state if multiple states are involved.

The laudable effort to reduce the burden on the legal system, seems to have resulted in an gold mine for law firms and their " experts".

Anonymous said...

It is so easy to criticize Judge Reeves. It i s another matter if you wear the weight of a Judicial Robe and do so with a true conviction for Justice. An Article III Judge is the most Powerful Person in our System. Their burdens are heavy...when they care about their duties. When I began practicing we had many Federal Judges that got complacent. Judge Jordan made a bold move in the abortion matter because he followed the Law. Judge Reeves is doing the exact same thing -- following his convictions and honoring his Oath to uphold the Laws of our Country and our Constitution. He did so as an Attorney and has more integrity in his little finger than most Lawyers I have ever met. Judge Jordan and Judge Reeves have ruled for me and against me but always follow their honest interpretation of the Law. I am confident that Judge Reeves will twist arms and control this litigation so that the most just result for all victims will be obtained. There may well never be a just result for the decision of a group of people to defraud investors. I hope all people realize it wasn't Judge Reeves that defrauded anyone. It fell into his lap to assure an orderly outcome. How would you like to search for the wisdom to solve this gordian knot or to split this baby. I doubt Judge Reeves wanted this file -- but you can bet he will do what he feels is just.

Anonymous said...

7:25 pm: Please take your pills now.

Anonymous said...

@12:50 - blah, blah, blah. He's getting paid to do a job - do it or quit.

Anonymous said...

12:55 pm, I hope 7:25 pm has pills to take.
7:25 pm , if you are still that upset with people who are dead, seriously, something is wrong with you...dementia, a brain tumor , small strokes or a lack of oxygen affecting your brain or mental illness.
Seek help.

Anonymous said...

1250, all that you say about Reeves may be fine and good, except it is not the province if Article III Judges to enact social policy - however good it may or may not be - from the bench or in individual cases. Judges Reeves is free to establish a quota system for his staff if he so chooses. But before any public body establishes an employment hiring AA policy they must conduct a disparity study - has your acclaimed Judge Reeves done this in regard to appropriate potential receivers? Does Judge Reeves ignore Hispanics as minorities as 'minorities' eligible in his courtroom or only black individuals qualify?

Frankly I wish one or both sides of this argument would pitch this unilateral overreach up to the higher Article III Judges in NOLA, where they would again strike down your esteemed biased Reeves - who is injecting his personal opinions in the way of that law and Constitution you note he is supposed to be following.

Anonymous said...

Around 2 a m this morning I saw William Devane on one of those advertisements wanting me to buy some gold. I think I’m gonna do just that. Hell....what can possibly go wrong? Well he SAID that I can see it anytime I want to.

Anonymous said...

919 - I didn't realize Paul Minor (the croozed lawyer, not the senile liberal rag writer) was dead. Earlier comment was written about crooked, judge buying, Paul. Connecting him to his father that spent the last several years of his sane life, and all the years of his demented life, bitching about the unjust legal system that convicted his son who made millions (therefore able to keep daddy in a decent lifestyle) by corrupting the legal system.

Anonymous said...

11:50 - I have my own definition, but, please tell us what you consider an unformed person.

4:02 - The post you cite didn't claim Paul Minor is dead. The post clearly said the '...son of the now deceased Bill Minor'.

Put your contacts back in.

All - It's not the right, role or responsibility of any judge to engage in social engineering. Isn't he charged with responsibility for interpreting and administering law and justice? Regardless of the purity of his thoughts on the matter, mandating diversity among those in legal work is not within his job description or authority. But, he seems to think it is.

And for the suck-up who praised Kingfish for being brave enough to broach this subject, there were plenty of editorialists and attorneys who disagreed publicly with one-armed-bandit Federal Judge Keady, Greenville, who rewrote existing prison rules and reformed them. And there have been thousands of editorials regarding the fake-justice of Eric Holder and his band of goons. I'm sure there are plenty of other examples.

Anonymous said...

to 4:04 am suck- up here.when judge keady handed down NAZERETH vs GATES , back in the late 60s he at least had jurisdiction under the 8th amendment to do so. parchman prison was out of control at the time and was being run by the 'shooters' who were inmates themselves and served as armed prison guards to guard their fellow inmates. i was around back then while you were probably crapping in you hands and rubbing it it you hair. i dont remember any 'editorialists and attorneys" criticizing that ruling ,which was long overdue. as for eric holder, he was not a federal judge. you didn't know that? well....... now you know. before you spar with me , you best get your facts and history right. just saying "im sure there are plenty of other examples" may get you by in your little world of fox news, but it dont work here.

Anonymous said...

june 9 @7:50 is right. until jj came along federal judges were off limits to the media, scrutiny ,the works. that was because, for the most part they have unrestrained power and can put the brakes on almost anything. whats the difference between god and a federal judge ? god doesn't think he is a federal judge.

Anonymous said...

Can someone once and for all either confirm or reject the suggestion that this is the William B. McHenry, approximate age 73, raised and lived in Greenville, Mississippi most of his life?

Anonymous said...

Why does Kingfish shit-can the reply to the arrogant jerk at 10:11?

Kingfish said...

Because it told him to go stick something up his *** in the second sentence.

Anonymous said...

10:11, poor ol' 4:04 has trouble reading and comprehending. Maybe he needs to put his contacts in after he gets up at 4 a.m. and before he starts typing. I was quite aware that the earlier comment was about Paul Minor - and someone later talked about the commentor fantasizing over a dead guy. I thought the earlier comment was about Paul - and my sarcastic response about Paul evidently failed on 4:04.

Anonymous said...

5:51 - But your earlier post made no more sense than your most recent one did. Read your last one and see if you agree. And try to be honest.

Anonymous said...

Attn 5:51, I like to drink also, but I am usually not drunk by 5:51 P.M.

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