Friday, February 26, 2016

How to counterattack

Pure political theater is the only way to describe the Donald Trump rally in Fort Worth today.  He supposedly got hammered by Rubio and Cruz last night only to emerge unscathed in Texas today.  The rally was one hour of pure energy and political rambunctiousness as Trump shrugged off the blows and gave it right back to his opponents.  Shades of Andrew Jackson campaigning comes to mind.   I'm not leaning towards Trump but I can appreciate a rare moment in politics when I see it.  The video is posted below. Pour a drink and enjoy.  This is a performance worth watching regardless of who one is supporting. 


Anonymous said...

I predict if Trump is elected, people will be enormously disappointed. The only thing worse would be a dimacrap.

Anonymous said...

Shades of Nuremberg is more like it.

Anonymous said...

Freedom is another word for nothing left to lose.

Kingfish said...

Nuremberg? I bet you said the same thing about Obama's mass outdoor rallies complete with columns.

Jeff Rimes said...

The problem is the free ride the media continues to give Trump. If he clinches the nomination, that free ride will be over but the media won't come after him until then.

Anonymous said...

What a joke Trump is. He has his two or three issues that slash thru political correctness and on them he says some things that need to be said. Otherwise just hot air. Watch him in a debate. More than 50% of the time he won't give a real answer. Either he attacks someone with irrelevant drivel - so and so is a liar, or he says I make great deals, or some other bs. I have been waiting for the stage to get smaller so he gets more questions and cannot dodge so easily. Certainly he was toasted last night. But there should have been three guys on stage last night. The other two have zero chance and are doing a disservice to the country at this point. Cruz in particular cut Trump to pieces last night and it appears that much of American does not care. So it seems that for the third election in a row Americans will make a horrible selection for President. It seems that we are not intelligent enough to be a democracy any longer. So sad.
People who think this guy can be a good president are going to be very disappointed. There has never been a President with so little knowledge of government. The closest match is Hoover, whose record tariffs set the stage for the Great Depression.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the way he threatens the Republicans who support his rivals. He will use the IRS and FBI to harass them when he takes office. Didn't Nixon have an "Enemies List?"

Johnny Weir said...

If Hillary is the Democrats & Trump the Republican we all will have to hold our nose when we go to the voting polls in November.

Anonymous said...

Everyone, especially in MS of all places, said the same thing about Ronald Reagan. So there.

Anonymous said...

I will admit that Reagan was much better than I expected him to be. But he had been a governor. And he had converted to conservationism long before he sought political office. Trump has no moral compass. He is just saying whatever will get votes. He is going to be a lot like Oboma. In love with himself. Thinks he walks on water. Thinks laws are things that apply to other people. With all of that he would be 1000 x better than whoever the democrats nominate.

Anonymous said...

Trump (and Sanders, though I'm afraid we're seeing the beginning of his fade) rose from a backlash against the Beltway overlords in their ivory towers who are insulated from the decisions they make. Peggy Noonan nailed it this week. Establishment Republicans and establishment Democrats share the blame on this one. Trump is their creation, and Sanders finally has an environment where he can be relevant. While the "protected" (as Ms. Noonan called them) are usually insulated from the decisions they make for the rest of us, this time they'll share the pain if we end up with a Trump presidency.

Anonymous said...

There has never been a President with so little knowledge of government.

If some (ambigious) level of government "knowledge" is now a prerequisite to hold the job then this country is doomed.

Rocket Surgeon said...

Obama had almost zero knowledge of how Washington (government) worked (or anything else for that matter). That's the reason he put Rahm Emanuel in the White House to run the show for two and a half years.

He hit a double when he put Hillary in The State Department. He got her off his ass AND he knew she could 'manage' that side of the 'government'. Same with Biden. Obama had no real knowledge of things senatorial or how the circus worked in D.C. but knew Biden did, even though Biden became the court jester.

The men who designed this republic would roll over in their graves if they knew how many of us think a president has to be a Washington/government insider. A man who is chained to 'the way the government works' will never turn it around.

Anonymous said...

Trump is one scary dude. No moral compass. Bankruptcies, 3 marriages, insulting to POW's, handicapped ridicule, the obese, hiring of illegals, Trump University fraud, Biblical & Christianty ignorance, porn star for wife,disrespect for women, lying about immigrated, hiding his tax returns, past support of Hilary and Clinton Foundation, no respect for those that have an opinion different than his. Do we really want this guy to be President? Can't we do better? We got to do better.

Anonymous said...

The big lies continue and I am appalled that the media isn't well informed.
The media should know that owners do not hire workers, they hire the contractor who hires subcontractors and his own workers. Trump is an owner, not a contractor.
The media should know that " natural born" refers to being born from the womb of a female and has throughout history. It doesn't matter if an American citizen's baby is born in another country. It ONLY matters if that baby's mother was an American citizen at the time of birth.
The lies coming out of the mouths of the GOP frontrunners in this nastiness are awful. And, while a few media outlets do a weak " fact check", that gets a few late night minutes that is drowned out by the daytime arguments of invited fools and biased guests defending the nonsense for their candidate.
Where is our generation's Edward R. Murrow? Who has the balls to say " Sir, have you no sense of decency?"

Anonymous said...

To answer your question 7:39 yes. Trump at least is not a liar that hides in a basement cheating on his disabled wife while his party papers the black part of town with flyers denigrating a candidate from his own party.

Anonymous said...

Voting for Cruz or Trump. GOP puts up ANYONE else I'm punishing them by withholding my vote. Go find another whore aholes.

Anonymous said...

South Carolina Yesterday

Anonymous said...

A vote for Trump is really a vote against the Republican party. The party that claims to be fiscally responsible but spends billions on corporate welfare and special interests. The party that preaches "responsibility and hard work" but takes no responsibility for their own actions and inability to get things done. The party of "family values" whose leaders frequently don't practice what they preach.

Republican politicians in Mississippi are a special kind of hypocrite. They will spend their whole career working for the "GOVT" collecting a "GOVT" check while demanding that unwed mothers or poor people suck it up. So many of them do little to no actual work (Leonard Bentz comes to mind) Then they drive off to Disneyland in their taxpayer, campaign funded, RV thinking they just work harder than everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Rocket Surgeon said...
Obama had almost zero knowledge of how Washington (government) worke....

And he proved it by being possibly the worst president of all time.

Anonymous said...

We are suffering through the worst President in US history. Yet a Trump presidency may make Obama look semi-competent.

Anonymous said...

Y'all need to get over your partisan bitching. Neither party has a lock on the entitled elected/appointed government officials at the federal or state level. We're well past Republican vs. Democrat in this country. It's become the governing class vs. the governed, courtesy of both political parties. And in saying that as a middle of the road Republican.

Anonymous said...

Here in SC we are getting ready for the Dems H and B to fight it out. Last week I thought I had seen the worst week of political ads. This week the Bern is running a simple message but slightly racial. Hillary is burning every thing to the ground take no prisoners, black vs white,
black vs cops, blacks vs education, black vs wall street, on and on and on. Guess what its all South Carolina's fault, the terrible people of the state.

Any thoughts how this plays when she gets to Mississippi. Morgan Freeman voice over in her ads are.......chilling.

Anonymous said...

Every campaign in the GOP has had seasoned veterans on staff. Trump hired a nobody who left politics to become a cop. He has spent very little of his own money yet had been able to get free media by the truck load. He is running against senators, governors, CEO, son and brother of a president and a couple of doctors. Men,women, black white and Hispanic. All have their unique appeal to voters. So far he has lead in every category in the polls. He waits for his opponent to attack and then he strikes back. If all these other candidates are so smart, why can't they beat him? Everyone wants their cake and eat it too. Problem is only one candidate has been able to achieve that. For anyone to run against such a diverse field and be this much ahead is a miracle unto itself. Trump is bringing people to the polls in record numbers. No one is showing up to watch or vote for the others. It's all Trump. You don't have to like him but you have to appreciate what he has been able to achieve as a candidate, more importantly the timing of his run. He could have tried this many times. He chose the right year. The guy has been brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Even our current president realizes that China and Russia aren't exactly our allies in the world. It's a very sobering thought that someone who thinks we should become closer allies with those two countries could be president.

he's not going to reform obamacare. "replace it with something better". what's better?. who is paying for that? add it to the national debt?

building a wall--to keep Mexicans out or US IN? sounds like East Germany to me.

just like making 'deals' with corporations. give in to the power of the presidency OR ELSE? does that really sound like our country?

he really sounds like comrade trump. he supports the assault weapon ban and a waiting period for guns. just wait till he makes an executive order limiting gun ownership to a single firearm. oh yes, it will happen

Anonymous said...

I hope Trump gets the republican nomination. Just think how much fun it will be to see him take on Hillary. None of the others will dare say anything about Hillary and that will guarantee Hillary will be elected. They are too worried about their political future if they say anything about Hillary. Trump isn't worried about any political future. He will tell the truth about Hillary and Bill.
That alone is worth voting for him.
We do not need anymore life long politicians who are too afraid for their future to say anything. No more free loaders.

Anonymous said...

He wants to sue newspapers that run criticism of him. (Washington Post and NY Times) While these papers are slanted in their viewpoints, we have a constitutional right to freedom of the press.

He can tweet rude comments, but wants to limit the press when they are critical of him?

We will get the king we deserve if we elect him.

toejangle said...

To 10:12 am
Excellent Post!!! However I doubt that Trump supporters understand the damage a guy like Trump can do to the country----For those who think Obama is bad Trump will be Obama on steroids---

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness he will get rid of those libel laws! He hates Fox News, their anchors, and their owner. He will shut that down! Why else is nbc news soft on trump? Where does the apprentice air?

Anonymous said...

This could have all been avoid if our friends Wicker, Cochran, McConnell and crew would have stood up and told Obozo where to stick his Healthcare plan, his fast and furious gun running, his treaty with Iran, and his murdering of Americans in Libya. They think playing nice, reaching across the aisle is the way to work with the Communist Democrats. Im afraid the Republican party is over due to their lack of courage and character. Get out of the beltway and see whats really happening. Stop pandering to corporations and lobbyists. For me, its Cruz or nobody. He is the only one that has a record of standing against Obama and these crazy fool Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Trump wants to sue Fox News? Biting the hand . . .

Anonymous said...

11:42 you are exactly right. The sad part is they still don't get it. I have emailed and telephoned senators and representatives about standing up, and they still cave. Even after Thad had to go overtime against a third rate opponent who did everything wrong, they are in denial. I have told Greg Harper's office point blank - If a qualified conservative runs against you, you are toast. Greg is very likable, but he will not stand up and fight. Meanwhile, the Democrats continue on their quest - hellbent to destroy the country. Cruz is the perfect guy to begin to fix this mess. Very smart, and understands conservationism. And can explain it. We must have someone who, like Reagan, can talk directly to the citizens and explain to them why what they are proposing is better for everyone. Trump is in love with Trump. The man is for government healthcare for God's sake!.

Anonymous said...

The Trump supporters have to be the most gullible ,naive or ignorant people in the universe.
He has lied about the birther stuff. He has lied about getting Mexico to pay for a wall. He has NO PLAN for anything he claims he will do. He can't legally do what he specifically has said he will do .
He can't sue FOX. He's a public figure. Look up our libel and slander laws regarding what standards a public figure has to meet to prevail!
He can't bully other countries into doing what he says he'll get them to do. He can't fire government workers like he can his employees.

Sharing how pissed you are ( and justifiably so) isn't enough to be a good President.

He's conning you!

Anonymous said...

10:02, we are pissed. We have only one way to show the life long politicians how pissed we are. Yelling a lot then voting for the same life long politicians isn't working, hasn't worked in many years. The politicians are not listening to us as they know they do not have to.
Our only choice is to vote in someone who will make the politicians wake up. Crying about them then voting for them is sort of dumb. The voters have been dumb for too long.

If the republicans will put up a person who isn't dumb as a rock and the democrats put up a person who is not crooked as snake it would help. Don't look for that to happen until the voters get their attention, which hasn't happened yet.

Anonymous said...

1) Hillary isn't going to wind up in jail anytime soon ( reality check for you kololaid drinkers)
2) Trump is the only one that can bring the populace together from all parties ( that takes a lot of bullshit promises) in order to get to the White House to stick it to our " overlords".
3) at this povotal point in world history, we need someone a little too pissed off at the status quo. 8 more years of what has been going on for decades will be our undoing, so get ready for that to change.
4) Fu*k the neo conservatives and their big government ways. They got us into a terrible spot geopolitically and we need an America version of Putin to finish the damn Job.

Anonymous said...


Yep. Writing your congressmen is akin to writing Santa Claus. People are so naive.

Anonymous said...

Yep. People are naive. Just check out the comments at 11:20 - and plenty of others. The uneducated voters that Trump loves so much because they believe that being Biff from Back to the Future - trying to bully everybody on the playground because he has no qualities to put him in the arena - is all it takes to be our president.

Trump has not answered any questions in any of the debates, or in his 'town meetings'. Only shouts, cusses, and calls anyone who disagrees with him or calls him out on his shortcomings a liar.

He has failed in business and personal life - except for having a daughter so hot he would like to date her. He brags about what he claims he is worth and wants others to buy his ego-driven numbers to make him seem important.

Sorry - just can't imagine someone with his problems being put in charge of the country, much less being our negotiator with foreign countries. Obama proved what we get from someone with no experience and worse, no knowledge, to justify his being in charge. But if the uneducated that he loves so much want to stick a finger in the eyes of good, taxpaying conservatives, they are likely to succeed. And leave us all with four or eight years of Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Trump can say and do anything he wants. The other politicians have to say what the people who buy them tells them to say.
Most people are smart enough to know that all politicians lie to them. There are still a few that thinks their own personal choice does not lie. Again the Santa believers.
Trump hasn't been sucking on the govt. teat like the life long politicians. Some people think being a drain on society is all it takes to win elections. So far they have been right. Maybe the voters are pissed off enough to vote against the welfare politicians.

Anonymous said...

Trump hasn't been sucking on the government? Then why does he claim that the reason he has contributed to multiple politicans over the past several decades was 'to get what he wanted'? His theory - that he brags about in defending his many millions of contributions to democrats - was that if he gave money to them he expected to get something back.

If he was a participant in that process - how the hell do you think that he would operate any other way if he should happen to win?

And - if all politicians lie, I assume that includes Trump in Spades. He is not only a politician, but anytime anyone disagrees with him he calls them a liar. As the old saying goes - "it takes one to know one". With that basis, Trump is the absolute winner.

Anonymous said...

i love it when Republicans denounce everyone as uneducated when they dont get their ways.

A few misspellings and a profane word here and there--- they don't realize how bad theyve been trolled. Or maybe they do and the only graceful thing to say is 'undeducated'. Its the same thing they did to justify their loss to Obama when they didnt even want to take the reigns after Bush and purposely lost *gasp*.

I have talked to private sector and Government employess in MS and the only thing they can agree on is Trump. And, I may be brazen in some of my silly wordings, but I pay my taxes unlike the illegal aliens you've been bringing in for slave labor.

Good luck. You are going to need it.

Anonymous said...

The establishment Republicans don't get it. We won't help carry any RINO nominee across the finish line. They'll need to purchase some black Democrat votes somewhere to even get their RINO close.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Kenyan has already cornered the laughing stock market.

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure. A politician will be elected president. People do not have to be educated to know about politicians. I do not know a single person who will say with a straight face that they trust our government. The sad thing is we put the people in power. We deserve everything the politician does to us and our country.
Don't worry. We are dropping closer to the bottom. A few more years of electing politicians and we should be scraping the bottom.

Anonymous said...

8;56 you obviously don't keep up, with your claim that the anti-trump folks are the ones using the word 'uneducated'. Trump himself said "I love the uneducated". Which is one of the few smart things the guy has said. It is more than just a few misspellings and not a few but many, many profane words that shows his shallowness.

He cannot answer any questions about what he will do on anything that requires thought - things that would differentiate him from any other Republican candidate. Instead, he degrades either the questioner, or another candidate, and puts them down instead of answering on his own behalf. He calls anyone a liar that disagrees with him, and threatens to sue anyone that raises issues about his past, his business, his background, his personal life, etc.

I am proud that you 'have talked to' these folks. Your personal poll of your friends - both private sector and government employees -is supposed to impress just who? I imagine most everyone that even bothers to read JJ could give you a similar analysis and include any candidate's name. Glad to know that these 'employees' - BOTH private sector and government - in your opinion 'agree' on Trump. Maybe you ought to go into the polling business, I am sure a candidate like Trump would consider hiring you for all your expertise in the field.

Anonymous said...

People complain about Trump telling lies. Have you stopped complaining long enough to listen to the other politicians?
People complain when Trump does not answer questions. Have you ever heard a politician answer any question honestly?

Please take notice about how Bill Clinton decided not to attack Trump. That was not because he forgot to. Notice Hillary stopped talking about Trump. Do you think it was because she changed her mind?
Just wait until Trump and Hillary win their parties nomination. The fun will start. What will the Clintons do and say when a person who is not afraid of them decides to talk?

Anonymous said...

I am not happy about trump BUT, I am going to love seeing him take a chainsaw to Hillary Clinton on Live TV.

Anonymous said...

Rubio supports amnesty for illegal aliens.

HELL NO to RUBIO said...

A New GOP is Born

Undeniably, a Trump presidency would mean an end to the Bush and establishment policies on trade, immigration and intervention.

But those policies have already been repudiated in the primaries, as they have proven to be transparent failures for America.

As long ago as the early 1990s, populist conservatives were imploring George H.W. Bush to secure our Mexican border, as tens of thousands poured across in the San Diego-Tijuana corridor. Gov. Pete Wilson turned near-certain defeat into a stunning comeback victory in 1994 by promising to send the National Guard.

Why did the establishment not respond then to the electorate? Why, instead of trashing Wilson for imperiling future party prospects with Hispanics, did the establishment not do what the people had demanded and move decisively to secure our southern border?

What is conservative about uncontrolled borders?

Anonymous said...

Not exactly on the same field but has anyone noticed how SuperTalk is in the Trump tank - same folks who "wouldn't endorse during a primary" spend hours and hours mistakenly saying that only Trump can beat Hillary when the polling shows otherwise.

Honestly I'm thinking they are too close to one another in views from him to beat her. We actually need to send a conservative up there that hasn't just decided he's one this week.

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