Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ole Miss FOOD FIGHT!!!

Daily Mississippi Opinion Editor wants to impeach an Ole Miss Student Senator for defending the Mississippi state flag.  Canton's Sierre Mannie filed a petition on Change.org requests Ole Miss remove Andrew Soper from his position as a member of the University of Mississippi Student Senate.  Mr. Soper circulated a petition last week defending the state flag.  The petition states:

As per the campus creed of the University of Mississippi:

"The University of Mississippi is a community of learning dedicated to nurturing excellence in intellectual inquiry and personal character in an open and diverse environment. As a voluntary member of this community:

I believe in respect for the dignity of each person
I believe in fairness and civility
I believe in personal and professional integrity
I believe in academic honesty
I believe in academic freedom
I believe in good stewardship of our resources
I pledge to uphold these values and encourage others to follow my example."

Andrew Soper is a student at the University of Mississippi and also serves as a Senator for the University of Mississippi's Associated Student Body.

Andrew Soper also publicly expresses and sympathizes with racist and homophobic sentiments -- sentiments which absolutely challenge the respect and dignity of each person, and are especially heinous, considering he is an official elected by the student body.

With Andrew Soper's racist and homophobic behavior, it is clear that he is not fit to serve as a representative of the University of Mississippi as a member of the Associated Student Body Senate.
Section 13 of the Associated Student Body Constitution states: "Upon petition of twenty percent of the student body for the impeachment of any elected officer of the ASB or appointed member of the Judicial Council, the Campus Senate shall have the power to try the case according to the Campus Senate Rules, and, if warranted, to remove from office by a two-thirds vote of the members elected thereto."

Please consider signing this petition so that the University of Mississippi Associated Student Body tries Andrew Soper for impeachment.

 Freedom is slavery.  Education is ignorance.  Ms. Mannie supposedly majors in the "classics".  Perhaps she should start with The Apology by Plato as it is pretty clear she never absorbed any of its lessons if she did read it.  Perhaps she should read Edgar Allen Poe as well for a lesson in irony.  Meanwhile, defenders of Mr. Soper started their own petition on Change.org:

We submit this petition in support of (1) the free exchange of ideas and opinions, without fear of consequence, on the University of Mississippi campus, and (2) Associated Student Body Campus (ASB) Senator Andrew Soper, as a counter against calls to impeach him.

Those calling for Mr. Soper’s impeachment assert that he “publicly expresses and sympathizes with racist and homophobic sentiments – sentiments which absolutely challenge the respect and dignity of each person, and are especially heinous, considering he is an official elected by the student body” and, therefore, render him unfit for office as a representative for the Ole Miss ASB.

It is troubling, however, that the creator of the impeachment petition does not include evidence of Mr. Soper’s words or conduct warranting such a serious allegation. Equally troubling is the possibility that, due to the very emotionally charged issues being discussed on campus right now, Mr. Soper’s character is being attacked because he (a) espouses a differing viewpoint from those that are calling for his impeachment, and (b) has been vocal in expressing his opinions.

A cursory look at Mr. Soper’s social media accounts merely suggests that he supports the use of the current Mississippi state flag on campus. Additionally, Mr. Soper has stated that he would “endorse any state flag that the people and government of Mississippi endorse.”

While we understand our university’s complex history and the conflicts and problems it still faces today, we believe that one of the most fundamental values of American society is that of free speech. Such a value was implemented, not to protect speech that all parties of an issue agree on, but to protect speech that may be controversial. (It should also be noted that protected free speech does NOT include hate speech. To date, no definitive proof has been produced that Mr. Soper engaged in the use of hate speech—thus far, such an accusation appears based solely on conjecture.) We believe this fundamental value should be vigorously defended, especially at an institution of higher learning.
While the number of community members calling for Mr. Soper’s impeachment is relatively few (http://www.change.org/p/university-of-mississippi-associated-student-body-campus-senate-university-of-mississippi-associated-student-body-campus-senate-impeach-andrew-soper), we circulate this petition as a declaration that the Ole Miss student body endorses the expression of differing, non-hate speech viewpoints—without risk of consequence, retaliation, or slander—on our campus.

(Please note that this petition is NOT a statement of opinion on the Mississippi state flag debate, nor an endorsement of Mr. Soper’s opinions. Rather, it is a nonpartisan declaration of support for Mr. Soper's right to express his viewpoint, and the bigger principle of the protection of free speech on the University campus.)

Until objective evidence is produced that Mr. Soper exhibited discriminatory behavior, hate speech, and/or words or actions that demean the dignity of members of the Ole Miss community, or otherwise proved himself unfit for office as a student body representative, we hereby express our support for Mr. Soper’s continued service as an ASB campus senator and the free exchange of ideas and opinions on the University of Mississippi campus.
Stay tuned. 


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mannie should attend a constitutional law class at Ole Miss.

Anonymous said...


Shut uo and write said...

Was Sierre Mannie one of Donner's lil' interns?

Anonymous said...

I hate the confederate flag, but let me just say ...

Oh noes! Did a widdle wibberal arts major get twiggered by a micwoagwession? Poor baby needs a safe space to suck her thumb and get away from all those nasty, toxic ideas.

Anonymous said...

6:26 - the constitution (state or federal) does not appear to have much force anymore unless it is used to advance the latest PC doctrine. Things are only going to get worse. The PC gang is on a role and keep chalking up victory after victory. The only reason I would follow the Repub leadership either state or federal is out of curiosity- what will they surrender next. Never seen such a concentration of poltroons in one location.

Anonymous said...

Political correctness is a boil on the arse of democracy. Funny how it seems to be a one way street though.

Anonymous said...

According to WAPT about 45 minutes ago the Guv said the following:

Bryant said the school’s decision goes against the people of Mississippi.

“It’s the people they need to respect, not the governor, but the majority of the people who voted for that to be the state flag,” Bryant said. “Now we have institutions that say 'we ignore the will of the people.' I think the people are sovereigns of state. They should be respected and their decisions should be respected.”

Now what is he going to do about it? Those are meaningless words if not backed up with action. Phil has a choice in his last term - hero to those that put him in office or a zero for doing nothing but talk. The Libs/Dems will him hate no matter what he does. As Obama and his bunch were fond of saying - 'elections have consequences'. That cuts both ways Libs.

Anonymous said...

Phil is a pussy. So are students that demand trigger warnings. Liberal and conservative. Let the kids debate this among themselves. At least they are debating politics as opposed to playing angry birds or binge drinking.

Its the adults that get so worked up about it that disappoint me.

Anonymous said...

What Phil really needs to do is grow a pair of gonads and ask the Legislature to change the flag.

Anonymous said...

So when does a student government organization with ZERO authority, and an interim chancellor, suddenly trump state law? State building, state property, state funding, and now a student government organization DECIDES for the voters of Mississippi what they will accept on a state funded campus? I have a few grown kids. When they were teenagers and decided my policies were unacceptable I had a very simple solution...funding cut. Amazing how fast they understood the old maxim - 'he who has the gold makes the rules'. These state universities are run by children and are currently OUT OF CONTROL. And it is not only Ole Miss.

Legislature meets in January. We better see some funding cuts for these universities on the agenda. If they are going to give the finger to the majority of voters they might want to consider privatization. Then they can run around with jock straps and cowboy hats and spout any jibberish they desire.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how DemLibs are all for getting the legislature to take up the issue, but terrified of putting it to a state wide voter referendum. Scared? DemLibs are great at getting their way when a judge or legislature decides the issues - Obamacare comes to mind. They are much less successful when applying true democracy with state wide ballot measures.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the American flag offends some people as well. Let's remove it too.

Anonymous said...

I'm offended by fat people. They need to be incarcerated.

Anonymous said...

Why not use the "Rebel Flag" solution? Keep the state flag; ban flagpoles on campus!

Anonymous said...

Since the term Ole Miss goes back to the plantation days. The University of Mississippi will no longer use the racist term. Hencefore they will be known as The School Up North. As Colonel Reb is racist, he will be arrested if ever appears in the grove again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, 10:01, for that insightful comment. Big thoughts for a graduate from that school under us!

Anonymous said...

The University of Northern Mississippi Bearsharktopuses will no longer tolerate the structural racism of the white cis-hetero capitalist patriarchy.


Anonymous said...

Brought to you by the tolerant, enlightened party.

Anonymous said...

The dumbest thing I've seen from a DM opinion editor since one of them argued that Iran had a right to nuclear weapons.

Anonymous said...

This might even be the dumbest thing I've seen from a DM opinion editor since one of them used her column to argue for a 9/11 conspiracy theory.

Succesful 30 year old said...

That should read born in the 50's-70's

rondonmonson said...

If Ms. Mannie studied history, she would know somthing about history. The War between the states had nothing to do with Slavery Lincoln admitted this, and Lincoln was a racst. Secondly, the U.S. Flag flew over Slavery for 89 Years and over the destruction of Native Americans... So are you going to call for the removeal of the U.S. Flag also ? If not you are a bigot.

Notices Profound Ignorance... said...

Commentary by 30 something year old liberals aside, a little education on war-time banners is in order. The Confederate States of America employed the use of a number of banners (flags) during the 'conflict'. None of them were racist. All of them were identifiers serving troops by giving notice of the allegiance of those traveling with the flag. It's just that simple.

Some of you neophytes like to suggest the banners were accompanied by signs proclaiming the hatred of people of color. Conversely, the Union Flag, accompanied by that hateful song penned by Harriet Stowe, signaled the 'stomping out' of the nation of The Confederacy.

Three is no such thing as 'The Rebel Flag'. Educate yourselves. Hollow-headed comments like "I hate the Confederate Flag" are displays of ignorance. Which Confederate Flag? Which representation of which National Flag of the Confederacy? What you should be 'hating' is your ignorance and only YOU can alter it.

No flag ever designed, approved by or flown by Confederate troops had one damned thing to do with slavery or hatred or intolerance. Now the US Flag, on the other hand.......Well, just ask a Native American. Or an old man sitting on a porch in Georgia who was burned alive by Sherman.

Anonymous said...

" He who has the gold makes the rules" seems rather on point since flags were more royal banners than symbols of the sovereignty of a nation for most of history. But, it seems an odd lesson to teach American kids who live in a country that started out being about freedom and equality among citizens in a nation and the a hope of merit and ability defining success and authority in the social order.
And, flags were altered world wide starting in the late 1800's and going into the 1900s. Some were just made larger. So, changing a flag was fashionable for that 100 year period.
I wonder how people knew who to shoot at before flags?

Anonymous said...

Nerd rage @ 4:05

Anonymous said...

Can't believe it took 23 comments for Pedantic Guy Who Read Three Books About the Confederacy and Denies the Link Between The Flag of Northern Virginia and Violent Racism to show up. Usually only takes him 5-10 posts to arrive and do his Comic Book Guy routine.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech is a two way street. You open your mouth and you ought not expect everyone to agree with you. And, if you open your mouth it ought to be to persuade others to your ideas, not to start a fight and piss off a bunch a people so the idea gets shouted down without a hearing.
And, if you lack wit and can't express your ideas without name calling like a two year old and being rude, then be prepared for others to take offense.
And, freedom includes the right to petition others to join your objections when someone tries to affect political thought in the U.S. of A.
We have a system of government and laws designed to let two people in conflict find a peaceful way to resolve conflict.
Let these two young people learn their lessons.
One hopes they learn to respect the rules of law and good manners, but they probably won't since the adults are all setting such bad examples these days. We just can't be patient and wait for any conflict between others to be worked out without somebody trying to make in a national cause of great significance.
There was a time when the ADULTS set a better example and intervened only when the conflicts escalated. They didn't jump in and escalate every conflict !

By the way, is it ok with those of you who think being PC is a threat to freedom of speech think we should let Americans who join ISIS spew their hatred without objection and without finding their speech offensive?

Anonymous said...

A degree in "Classics" will afford you the right to gripe about the minimum wage and affordable healthcare for the rest of your life, although I suppose the Latin emphasis route could qualify you to work for the Pope in some capacity.


B.A. in Classics

General Education

6 hrs social science
3 hrs humanities
6 hrs modern/ancient language 200+
3 hrs fine arts
3 hrs math 100+
6 hrs history
6 hrs literature survey
First Year Writing I
First Year Writing II
9-12 hrs science
2 associated science labs

Emphasis - Classical Civilization
30 hrs Classics courses
15 hrs 300+ from CLC, LAT, or GR
15 hrs of non-Greek, non-Latin

Emphasis - Greek
Classics residency hrs
6 add'l hrs Greek or Latin 6
6 add'l hrs Classics coursework

Emphasis - Latin
18 hrs Latin coursework - C min
6 add'l hrs Latin or Greek
6 add'l hrs Classics coursework

Anonymous said...

I hope that when the legislature goes into session in January they will de-fund a lot of the salaries of the leftist, so called "educators", who are filling the young students heads with these Marxist,communist ideas. These idiots are trying to convince us that removing a flag will cure all of the ills of society. We know that it will not. The flag of northern Virginia was a battle flag, not the national flag and was created to eliminate confusion between the stars and stripes of the north and the stars and bars of the south. It never had anything to do with slavery. I would like to see legislation passed to with hold funding to any school that shows disrespect to the people of our great state by refusing to fly it's flag.

Anonymous said...

To the guy who thinks the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery: Go read Mississipi's declaration of slavery, particularly the second paragraph. Then, come back to us. Your next post is sure to be an entertaining pile of blubbering obfuscations.

Anonymous said...

A degree in "Classics" will afford you the right to...

become an assistant to the janitor. A few years of experience you may rise to being an Assistant Janitor.

Anonymous said...

Mississippi Citizens had no say in what the corrupt politicians put in the declaration of secession. People fail to remember that a VERY small percentage of the Southern population owned slaves. No man will charge into the gates of hell so that another man can keep his slaves. The war was about taxation without representation. Simple as that.

Just Stopping By To Clarify said...

Where can I find 'Mississippi's Declaration of Slavery'? And what the hell is it? Are you talking about the articles of secession? Seceding from the union of states and the onset and prosecution of the war were two different things. I think it's at this point that you're supposed to claim 'The South started it all by firing the first shot'. Lincoln was at once the greatest constitution violator to have held the office (prior or since) as well as a certified racist.

And to the pedantic dunce at 7:37, who claims the flag or Northern Virginia had an association with racism needs to read the post at 1:04 a.m. You would not be able to identify the Stars and Bars or differentiate it from the Third National if your skinny-jeans and craft beer depended on it. Scoot on back over to Donner Kay's lap.

Thinking out loud said...

Flag issues and history aside (and I prefer our current state flag by the way, but if it has to change, then do it by statewide referendum), have we as a society lost the ability to debate?

You'll note that when people find themselves "offended", they now simply resort to elementary school-yard name calling as their preferred mode of defense. "You're racist" or "you're homophobic", etc. Frankly, how can anyone prove that they are NOT racist or homophobic?

It is indeed a sad state of affairs. But what I find more sad is that we don't stay above the fray, and find ourselves engaging those with elementary school bully mindsets.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure 8:08 meant Mississippi's secession declaration, passed Jan. 9, 1861 which stated in part "Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery- the greatest material interest in the world.....Its labor supplies the product which constitutes by far the largest and most important portions of the commerce of the earth...A blow at slavery is a blow at commerce and civilization." I would say that pretty much speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

Who is in charge here???? A bunch of long-haired hippie looking kids who are attending a university on their parents' dime or the parents and tax payers who are footing the bills???? Obviously, someone is confused!! It's about time those in charge grew some balls and stood up against this foolishness. We need to return to the golden rule; "Those who have the gold, make the rules!"

Anonymous said...

Articles of Secession. Damned auto-correct.

Anonymous said...

8:57 on Nazi flags: "You morons! The Fourth Panzer Division's Battle Emblem was never officially adopted by order of Der Fuhrer! You can tell because the swastika is surrounded by a gray circle, not an official black circle! So it's NOT in any way linked to the Holocaust!"

Okey-doke. Thanks, Racist Geek Guy.

Somebody Hold 10:59's Beer said...

A flag cannot be racist, diarrhea mouth @ 10:59. You obviously know nothing about battle flags. Do you actually believe people went to all the trouble of designing and adopting regional and national flags in order to express political beliefs and such non-existent things as racial leanings?

Furthermore, Lincoln's War was no more fought over race than it was over prostitution. It's a waste of breath to suggest you educate yourself. A person who wallows comfortably in ignorance has no inclination nor motivation to waste time becoming educated. And, sadly, you vote.

Anonymous said...

8:44 am:
"The war was about taxation without representation."
Exactly. The labor of slaves was taxed by their owners at 100%, and they did not get to vote.

Anonymous said...

Blaming ignorance and folly on 'auto correct' is getting old. Once opportunity exists, ignorance can only be blamed on laziness.

Anonymous said...

Symbols have no meaning. A war propagated by traitors to preserve the enslavement of blacks had nothing to do with race. Please continue to enlighten, 11:09.

Anonymous said...

11:32: So, MS's declaration of secession doesn't exist? Doesn't cite slavery as the reason for secession? Because someone may have misstated the title? Interesting.

Anonymous said...

If the South wanted to preserve slavery, all they had to do was lay down their guns.

Anonymous said...

11:09 AM

Ummmm, you got poopie-in-your-head?...

"Do you actually believe people went to all the trouble of designing and adopting regional and national flags in order to express political beliefs and such non-existent things as racial leanings?"

No, such symbolism would be wayyy too obvious...

"A person who wallows comfortably in ignorance has no inclination nor motivation to waste time becoming educated."

LOL... #diarrheamouth

Alpha Storm said...

How do you take a person with green hair seriously.

Anonymous said...

"How do you take a person with green hair seriously"

I think that pretty well sums it up!!!

Anonymous said...

USM just took the MS flag down according to reports online. I wonder when the Governor is going to step in and put a stop to blatant lawlessness on state property? If he doesn't put a stop to this bunch of PC groupies, they will show up at the governors mansion and demand the keys.

Anonymous said...


You and the governor are going to find yourselves on the wrong side of history on this issue. Fight it if you want. And on that day tell your grandchildren the world's gone to hell because we no longer allow a racist symbol to be part of our state flag. Your grandchildren will look at you as if you are a clueless old man whom the world passed by.

Anonymous said...

There is no law requiring the state flag to be flown on state property. Note the use of the word MAY in Mississippi Code § 3-3-15. Display of state flag:

The state flag may be displayed from all public buildings from sunrise to sunset; however, the state flag may be displayed from all public buildings twenty-four (24) hours a day if properly illuminated. The state flag should not be displayed when the weather is inclement, except when an all-weather flag is displayed. The state flag shall receive all of the respect and ceremonious etiquette given the American flag. Provided, however, nothing in this section shall be construed so as to affect the precedence given to the flag of the United States of America.

Anonymous said...


No worries. My kids will learn true history. Not the BS 'racist symbol' crap that's been made up by the public schools.

Anonymous said...

Hey, 4:38, The schools didn't make up the fact that the 'stars n' bars' have become a racist symbol. But you teach your kids whatever it is you consider "true history." It's your right to fuck up your kids' minds with the facts according to you and David Duke. I'm sure they'll go far.

Your aversion to public schools and belief that you possess knowledge of 'true history' begs the question - what level of backwoods home schooling education did you attain?

Anonymous said...

Quite a few of those posting above either ARE or easily COULD BE the snot-nosed teenagers who voted to remove our State Flag at a state university. Obviously that voting group has just about as much knowledge of history as those opining here. But, THIS group and THAT group both actually believe they are relevant.

Anonymous said...

5:14 - that bunch of kids are definitely calling the tune and the rest of us are still paying the fiddler. The solution is simple - cut the funds to the universities. Tennessee had a problem with the PC nuts about two years ago - if memory serves me the "children" wanted to have a university paid Sex Week PARTY/SEMINAR. Yep, cannot make this stuff up. Google it. A couple of Tenn State Reps had finally had enough of the bullshit. They introduced legislation to cut UT's budget. Suddenly the Sex Week is now a "student paid" week.

How many on here have ever had teenagers? They will get away with anything they can - a condition of youth. The only difference in a 17 year old and an 18 year old is that the 18 year old is now a legal snot-nose that is empowered because they are suddenly told they are adults. They pay no taxes, they live off student loans, or their parents, and expect the government to take care of them just like Mom and Dad. And then they graduate with that highly prized degree in...sociology. Yep, this is the bunch calling the tune. Incredible.

Anonymous said...

5:14, I'm convinced the above posts supporting the flag and demeaning the actions at Ole Miss are just those few KKK goons trying to occupy this site to preach that Mississippi's history and the flag have nothing to do with slavery, racism, oppression or hate. Either that or the commenters just share the KKK goons' feelings but are to chicken shit to stand with them.

someoneinnorthms said...

I'm not joking when I say this, but I am completely ignorant of what symbols and words are racist. My mommy and daddy never told me anything about any of that. Can someone please point me to an exhaustive, authoritative list of words and symbols that are deemed racist. Furthermore, is there any way to know when that list is amended, and who has the authority to amend it? I'm really serious. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The JFP hippies are out in full force.

Anonymous said...

5:05 drags his favorite whipping boy into the fray with a "backwoods home schooling" insult. I have friends who home schooled their kids. They have six home schooled children, all of whom were National Merit Finalists. I'd say we need more of that kind of "backwoods" education.

Here's Your Popcorn said...

Now comes 5:05; Yet another post teenager who has no clue what The Stars and Bars is. He actually thinks that's what he calls 'The Rebel Flag'. It's amusing to watch and read ignorant people attempting to describe their misplaced anger by tripping and stumbling over things about which they know nothing.

The Stars And Bars was The First National Flag of the Confederate States of America. What you incorrectly call a 'Rebel Flag' was The Confederate Naval Jack. And neither represented slavery or hatred.

And their silly retort is always the same: "Well, oh yeah? Oh Yeah? I know a racist when I see one. And the civil war was all about slavery".

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