Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Klansmen charged with bringing weapons to Ole Miss flag rally

Scumbags gonna scumbag.  The FBI arrested Kyler Campbell and Virgil Dennison for possessing two shotguns on the Ole Miss campus.  The two men protested the vote to remove the state flag on October 22.  They were escorted back to their vehicle by University PD.  The police saw two shotguns in Campbell's truck and things went downhill from there for our two klukkers.  It didn't help that "Campbell had pending felony charges".   The affidavit posted below tells the whole story.

Campbell. Source: Facebook


Kingfish note: It appears Congress overturned U.S. v. Lopez.  So much for that moment of constitutional sanity.  Here is the law.  Read Section (q). 

The League of the South protested with the Klan?  Nice job, neo-Confederates.  Nice job. 


Anonymous said...

I graduated from MSU in 1972. Times of course have changed dramatically, but it was not at all unusual to see rifles and shotguns in gun racks located in front of pick up truck rear widows. I am not defending having weapons on campus, just pointing out the changes. By the way, don't tell me this was not true at Ole Miss and southern.

Anonymous said...

This is idiotic. I wonder how many of those drug dealing thug Ole Miss students have guns in there car? Or on there person? This is just sissies oppressing freedom of speech they don't agree with.

Secede said...

The League of The South isn't racist at all. They just don't care if the left wingers accuse them of being racist. They view that as a diversion attempt and a distraction. Which is what it is.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love how Kingfish scrolled past pictures to find the one with his face painted like that. Do us all a favor and go the hell back to Texas.

Anonymous said...

How ironic, a confederate flag facepaint while flashing a gang symbol. I guess you could call him well-rounded.

Kingfish said...

I'm sure you laughed at all those Facebook photos of ghetto thugs I posted on here.

If the League of the South doesn't want to be called racist, THEN DO NOT MARCH WITH THE KLAN or tell the Klan to get lost.

Kingfish said...

The Lopez decision apparently means nothing. Congress must have passed a law after Lopez that stated a nexus to interstate commerce. Several of the justices in Lopez said they would have voted the other way if such a nexus had been mentioned in the gun-free school zone act.

Anonymous said...

I think campus police did the right thing by kicking the idiots off campus, however the affidavit mentions that of the three outside groups (Black Lives Matter, League of the South, and the KKK) only 2 were removed from campus. I wonder what they were doing differently that caused them to be removed, while BLM were presumably allowed to stay on campus?

Question for the lawyers out there. If it is determined that campus pd unlawfully removed the two, does it have any bearing on whether or not the charges stick?

Anonymous said...

KF 11:19, that is exactly what happened.


(Introduced by one Joe Biden, btw.)

Anonymous said...

My advice to anyone who paints his face with the rebel flag would be "carry a loaded weapon with you", you are probably going to need it.

Anonymous said...

Odd. I don't see very many comments referring to these pieces of trash as "thugs," references to their upbringing or parentage, or commenters wishing they could meet these guys alone in an alley. Guess I should check my browser settings.

Anonymous said...

October 27, 2015 at 12:15 PM
Great spin on your post, but it doesn't work. Just because one guy has painted his face doesn't mean he is a thug. The Confederate symbol has never been determined to be racist anymore than a white sheet. Sure, some racist people display the Confederate flag, but they also display The United States flag.
Now if it's face painting that has your panties in a wad, I would suggest you stay away from any NFL stadium on game day.

Anonymous said...

12:53 The cleaners called and your robe has been dry cleaned, so you can pick it up before the next meeting.

Anonymous said...

So KF let me see if I understand your position - if someone opposes the same thing the Klan opposes then we should not voice our opposition because the Klan decides to show up? Appears two kids calling themselves Klan showed up; therefore the League of the South or anyone else that also feels like the flag should remain on state property until lawfully removed by voter approved amendment to the state constitution should just be quiet? Using this logic, if the Klan is against communism or ISIS or anything else I also oppose, then I should be for it or just stay home and say nothing? The Klan is a pathetic bunch of losers numbering about five people. A Klan rally can be held in the luggage compartment of a Ford Focus. But they are routinely trotted out as this HUGE bogeyman. The Southern Poverty Law Center classifies them as a hate group. Of course the SPLC classifies anyone who disagrees with their political agenda as a hate group. I suspect they will add the Catholic and Baptist churches soon.

The Klan is an irrelevant organization. And for people to use them as an excuse to diminish anyone that disagrees with the current fad of "remove all things remotely related to the Confederacy" is bull$hi+. If we are going down this path start with the one dollar bill and get George's mug off of it. After all he was one of the largest slave owners of his time. We can also add the next 8 presidents to the list of "forbidden" historical figures.

Anonymous said...

12:53 It's "spin" because I referred to thugs as thugs? THUGS show up to a college campus to provoke violent confrontation. These THUGS didn't comply with campus PD when asked about their firearms, which is what led to the records check, their arrests and the FBI stepping in. THUGS also have criminal records.

And where did you read anything in my original comment about face paint? The only football fans these THUGS would resemble are Niners and Eagles fans.

Anonymous said...

wait, the kkk was at ole miss?! shocker

Anonymous said...

Black Lives Matter was there looking for a confrontation. Do you consider them to be racist thugs as well? Or does that description only fit white people?

Anonymous said...

2:26pm, a flag is nothing but an creative expression of an ideal with its only value being a perceived meaning. The MS flag is associated with the hate spread by the kkk because of its unique symbol. You can't say you're different from the kkk and reasonably expect people believe you. If that was a sincere belief, you would have been fighting the kkk's use of that emblem for years. You didn't do that. If for a reason or for no reason at all, your failure sealed the flag's perceived meaning. Now that you fight for the continued use of that hateful symbol, you will be naturally aligned with the kkk. Deal with the consequences of your inaction.

Anonymous said...


Get outta here with that shit. I wasn't alive in the 50's and 60's when the bigots highjacked our flag. Rest assured I'll fight em over it if I ever see em.

Have you physically confronted them about their use of the American Flag? Didn't think so. Just wait until they're finished destroying everything confederate. The American Flag and American heroes are next.

Black/White amalgam said...


A state flag is a sovereign standard, a representation of a State. It's not a "creative expression of an ideal" nor is it some political or social symbol. It's value is the value of the sovereign state. Flippantly changing because of the real past is to ignore that past and pretend it didn't happen.

There are numerous symbols throughout life that represent both positive and negative things. The flag doesn't offend anyone. If you are offended, that's on you. Allowing an inanimate representation to offend you is purely a personal issue, albeit an irrational one.

It's certainly acceptable to be offended by some of the things that a portion of the MS State flag has been chosen to represent. We have no rights not to be offended and if the black race could accept the past and stop attempting to change the present and future, based on the past, instead of basing it on the present and future, the black race will always be behind.

Anonymous said...

Just give these two about 2 hrs in Parchman in a cell with about 20 black guys. Tell them why these two thugs are there. I'd pay UFC money to see that beat down.

Anonymous said...

"This is idiotic. I wonder how many of those drug dealing thug Ole Miss students have guns in there car? Or on there person? This is just sissies oppressing freedom of speech they don't agree with." October 27, 2015 at 10:40 AM

Funny thing you mentioned "sissies", because Richard Barrett, now-deceased former Grand Gizzard of the Pointy Hat Brigade, used to talk exactly like you're talking. He preached against "sissies", but had no problem, apparently, with (secretly) "practicing for marriage" with young men he was "mentoring" in Klukkerism. From what I'm reading, he was notorious for it.

It seems he met his end, when his African American "Yard Man" didn't want Mr. Barrett diddling him, anymore.

Oh, and instead of writing "...students have guns in there car?", you should have written, "...students have guns in their cars?"

I, personally, would like to keep the stupid, ugly, rednecky, loseresque state flag just as it is, just for spite. It frightens Yankees, and stops them from moving here.
And if the Klukkers are FOR the flag, the tendency will be for everybody else to be AGAINST it.

Please go klukking somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

3:48 - your post would have gone over a lot better on Donner's JFP site where all things PC are automatically embraced. I bet DL is doing back flips right now she is so happy. Your anti- flag gang is to be congratulated. You have successfully diminished all who disagree. But don't get too cocky. There is a reason Trump and Carson dominate Repub primary polls. Your tactics of PC dogma make most of the Repub primary voters sick. And a lot of independents agree. You have gone too far. I would be willing to bet a body part the 2016 election will see the wheel turn.

Anonymous said...

"There is a reason Trump and Carson dominate Repub primary polls."

Yep. It's that a plurality of Republicans are hateful, crazy fools. This is known.

Happily, as the last two elections showed, even a black guy with a funny name is preferable to the American public than the presidential candidates the GOP can put up.

Looking forward to President Hillary Clinton and her appointments to the Supreme Court. Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

October 27, 2015 at 1:31 PM
HEY THANKS.....I gave them your number because you said they would give you a discount due to your repeat business....

Anonymous said...

I had the same thoughts as @11:31 AM...waiting for response from some of our brilliant attorneys here...Granted, these kids are idiots and an embarrassment to their parents and our state. However, why were they prevented from exercising their First Amendment rights to express their opinions, just as the "Black Lives Matter" protestors were? They were removed from the scene, according to the affidavit, in order to "prevent violence", BEFORE the firearms were seen in their vehicle. Learned opinions, please?

The Real Haters Are Right Over There .... said...

"It didn't help that he had pending felony charges". What a stupid comment. Try bringing that up in a court of law. That a person has a pending charge has absolutely no bearing whatever on a subsequent arrest. Whether or not the shotgun in the vehicle was illegal will be determined independent of a prior (yet pending) charge. But, Kingfish is all about hype and fanning flames. And when flames aren't there, he will create them for you.

PS: The KKK has the same right to exist as does Black Lives Matter. Members of the KKK have the same right to exist and voice their opinions as do Jesse Jackson, Louie Farrakhan and any number of rag-mop spokespersons appearing in the Clarion Ledger. Or does Kingfish advocate only certain voices be silenced because he doesn't like their message?

Anonymous said...

Too many ignorant racist assholes on this thread. I'm out.

Anonymous said...

Yes you have the right in this country to try to intimidate others by opening toting your gun and pretending it's for self-defense rather than to announce you think your a badass when the truth is you lack brawn or brains. You have the right to call other people names and be antagonistic. You have the right to let everyone know you nitpick any subject out of context to suit your preconceived notions but are ignorant as you omit either what you don't know or what is inconvenient . You have the right to be tasteless and tacky in how you present yourself to others in both your person and manners.
And, we have form an opinion about you based on the spectacle you make of yourself.
We do ,after all, need to point out to our children how not to succeed in life.

Anonymous said...

8:00 a.m. shift at Krystal, 7:33? Have a good one.

Anonymous said...

8:53; I hate to nitpick, but, did you intend to say 'openly toting'?

Anonymous said...

Commenters vigorously defending the KKK in 2015, even after their arrests. Fascinating culture on this blog.

Stifle The Speech Of All Who Dissent said...

I haven't seen anybody 'defending' the KKK, only defending their right to exist and express their thoughts. They do have that right ya know. Or have you missed that part of the Constitution?

Meanwhile, Anderson Blogs use of the word plurality. Cool.

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