Monday, May 2, 2011

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Candidate for Mississippi House District #93 Kent Alexander posted on his Facebook page this morning: "I retract my statement from last night.. The more I hear the news coverage of Osama bin Laden's death and the holes in the story of the events that transpired, the more skeptical I am becoming of the whole thing.. I want to see pictures of the body and evidence of matching DNA before I will be satisfied.."

OK.... try this for starters:!/ReallyVirtual


Anonymous said...

Great. Out go the birthers, here come the "Deathers."

Frugal Gal said...

Sounds as though Mr. Alexander has been reading the "Trump Manual on Generating Press."

You know, it's really odd. Historically the greatest signifying characteristic of conspiracy theorists has been a sense of disenfrachisement, a believe that one is somehow cut off from the mechanisms of social and political power. But now all the conspiracy theorists are not just actively involved in the power structures, they often rule them.

I honestly feel like this kind of denialism is as much a political fashion statement as a real belief system. Which makes it more disturbing. I prefer the tin-foil hat wearing crowd to the politicos who will say anything, regardless of its liklihood or coherence, to take advantage of said tin-foil hat people.

And while I AM NOT accusing anyone of anything, I have long wondered where "birthers," "truthers," and now "deathers" come down on the Holocaust. Having met a few Holocaust deniers, I am afraid I see a lot of similarities between them and these new gangs of fools.

Curt Crowley said...

Wow. It's not everyday we hear a candidate come right out and call our Troops liars.

Frugal Gal said...

Check it out -- Mr. Alexander has an ally and ideological leader in Cindy Sheehan!

bill said...

Please. Mr. Alexander obviously doesn't realize how far a conspiracy like the one he's suggesting would have to reach to be successful. Virtually dozens of people, if not hundreds, would have to be in on it, and none of them could ever crack without the whole thing falling apart. The risk to President Obama is too great. Something like this wouldn't just cost him next year's election, it would call for his immediate impeachment and removal from office. I've been a frequent and vocal critic of his, but even I don't think he's that big of an idiot. OBL is dead and that's that. Bill Billingsley

Anonymous said...

So, a candidate for office in Mississippi is found to be a total idiot, and this is news because......????????

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but Mr. Alexander is far from being the only person to be questioning the 'total' veracity of this. While I agree with Bill B that it would take dozens of folks to be in on a conspiracy of this nature, its not as Curt C says that he is calling our Troops liars. The troops have said nothing that I've heard. Only folks in DC. But the questioning (other than Alexander) is also coming from DC, and its not from the usual 'kooks'. A couple of Senators have asked why the body was disposed of so quickly and without any verification from media types. And don't give me the "Muslin 24 hour" issue, because it was disposed of within 8 hours, and there were several other Muslim issues ignored.

I'm not claiming a conspiracy, but if Obama hadn't learned from the birth certificate issue that credibility has value he's dumber than I thought. There were plenty of ways to have handled this mission - after the successful hunt - that could have been far to both his (Obama's) and the country's benefit.

Curt Crowley said...

6:44, I disagree that Alexander is not questioning the integrity of our troops. When he questions the truthfulness of the Bin Laden raid and death, he questions the integrity of every member of SEAL6.

Me personally, I will take Admiral Mullen's word over some 26 year-old, morbidly obese, insurance selling, Southern Baptist fool who appears to have never spent one day serving his country in uniform.

Frugal Gal said...

I'll bet the team that faked the bin Ladin death is the same group who faked the moon landing.

And really killed Marilyn Monroe.

And shot down Pan Am 800 (where's Pierre Salinger when we need him?).

And blew up the levees in New Orleans when Katrina hit.

And bioengineered HIV.

OMG, could it be the same team responsible for New Coke???? Evil bastards!

bill said...

You know, I could almost buy a conspiracy, if only because I like conspiracies, except for one key person who would have to be in on it - the Chief of Naval Operations. You don't get to be the head Navy man without integrity, and I just don't think he'd go along. OBL could have died of pneumonia in a cave five years ago, for all I know, but this doesn't work unless some Navy admirals are involved, and I can't believe they could get that done. BB

LeBeau0605 said...

They showed the death picture for everyone they've killed. I, morbidly, want to see this photo!

Anonymous said...

OH's started already...we can't enjoy success and be proud of our country for 24 entire hours the nut squad kicks in.
Hard to decide what percentage of the nut squad have personality disorders with paranoid overtones, how many are political operatives engaged in manipulation , how many have double digit IQs or how many just can't enjoy the moment because if Obama ordered the kill the "Obama as part of a Muslim conspiracy" goes out the window and that means you've already been stupid or been duped.
But,Alexander is clearly in 1 of the 4 groups and therefore is unfit to hold office.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget , Bill, you'd also have to include more than a few naval personnel on the ship that's been mentioned by name, those filming the fire in the compound on Pakistani television, the guy in the neighborhood that did the live feed of the assault.
Then the conspirators would have to hope bin Laden didn't decide to prove he was still alive or none of bin Laden's relatives or supporters spilling the beans , but other than that, it's a workable conspiracy NOT

Anderson said...

"I hate to say it but Mr. Alexander is far from being the only person to be questioning the 'total' veracity of this."

Sure. Some idiots will question anything. So what if "Mr. Alexander" isn't the only one?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Alexander isn't the only one...

There are certain circumstances that makes this operation suspicious - namely the quick burial at sea. I think that is where Alexander was going with this.

And Curt, your assessment of Kent's motives is ridiculous. Its obvious, as a republican politician, his scepticism was on the democratic politicians involved, namely Obama. To say he is discrediting our troops is simply grasping straws.

Frugal Gal said...

11:22, neither you nor Mr. Alexander can separate the two -- you cannot suggest that Obama is lying without ALSO suggesting that the men who conducted the operation are lying. Obama hasn't claimed that he flew overseas to kill bin Ladin himself, and then told us all to "just trust him" that the deed was done, he's announcing what AMERICAN SERVICEMEN state that they accomplished under his order.

If the military really didn't get bin Ladin then the members of Seal 6 are either part of a cover-up or are too easily duped.

If the military really didn't get bin Ladin, then ALL the sailors aboard the USS Carl Vinson have been ordered to support an alternate version or they have all voluntarily agreed to support an alternate version.

To suggest that Obama faked all of this isn't just questioning the American military, it's insulting them.

Curt Crowley said...

11:22: "And Curt, your assessment of Kent's motives is ridiculous."

I never commented on his motivation. His motivation is irrelevant. His comments questioned the integrity and truthfulness of our troops.

Anonymous said...

Curt do u have irrefutable proof that OBL is dead. Could you charge someone with murder with the facts that have been presented?

Frugal Gal said...

1:40 -- Seriously? The new standard of truth in this nation is that its INDVIDUAL CITIZENS must produce evidence of what a government official claims, else that claim is suspect?

If Al Jazeera ran a grainy tape of undetermined origin and questionable veracity tomorrow showing an Arabic male 50 feet away from the camera holding a poorly-written sign claiming to be Osama bin Ladin alive and well as of 5/2/11, some of you would actually believe it.


You actually believe this crap you are spouting. That's a damned scary place to live -- so glad it's not the real world, where the rest of us live.

Anonymous said...

1) regardless of party Alexander is a dolt for insulting the troops and questioning their veracity. He should get no support from anyone who supports those who put their lives on the line to protect our freedom.

2) Burial at sea was a bad idea, as it feeds the tin-foil-hat crowd's conspiracy fetish. It would have been far more appropriate to focus a webcam on his body in a field in a pig farm for the next few days as the pigs finished him off.

Anonymous said...

LISTEN UP WOMAN - there you go putting words in my mouth again, typical. no i would not believe it, but do you beleive everything you read or hear. all i want is evidence, not here say, but evidence. Would you put it past the obama administration to bend the truth. lets just say they kill a man in said raid does it have to be OBL to say it is OBL. you need to take a deep breath of the smelling sauce and quit being so closed minded. And by the way this is not a far fetched conspiracy. you give me facts and ill shut my mouth give me a body, give me a reason that the obamas dont have motive to spike their numbers.

Frugal Gal said...


I was waiting for that, thanks for living down to the stereotype -- the inconsistent punctuation and capitalization were just icing.

Anonymous said...

and your superiority issues can only be mended by a professional, but hey i tried

reximus said...

I rather liked "smelling sauce". What an asshat.

Frugal Gal said...

"... smelling sauce ...."

See, I don't even WANT to know what THAT is.

Anonymous said...

Frugal Gal and Curt (if you really are different people):

In reference to not being able to separate the President from our troops; Kent did not say the operation never happened. Osama (like Saddam) had doppelgangers, and this whole conspiracy theory revolves around the concept that Seal Team Six actually killed one of the body doubles, which would explain the government's sudden burial at sea. To keep up this incredibly desperate attempt to spin this comment to imply that Alexander is calling our service men and women liars is disgusting.

Frugal Gal said...

Curt, if you are me, shouldn't I have met you?

9:27, let's look at Alexander's Twitter post.

"The more I hear the news coverage of Osama bin Laden's death and the holes in the story of the events that transpired, the more skeptical I am becoming of the whole thing"

Now, "holes in the story" is an idiom that refers to problems or inconsistencies in a story that make it obvious that said story isn't true. So, Mr. Alexander is saying that he heard a story that about the events that transpired that he considers untrue.

I go back to my original statement -- you cannot accuse Obama of untruth without ALSO implying that the people who ACTUALLY CONDUCTED THE MISSION are either lying in their belief that they got bin Ladin, OR implying that they are big ole idiots.

If Mr. Alexander wanted to suggest body doubles, then he should have done that. If he had problems with the burial at sea, he should have said that. But he did neither of those things -- he made one of those idiotically vague pronouncements that conspiracy theorists think sound SO DAMNED WISE when all they are saying is NOTHING USEFUL.

Now, I have never met Mr. Alexander (or have i?) just as I have never met Curt (or have I?). But it didn't take too many campaigns and elections for me to find out that just because someone claims the same party preference as me doesn't mean that he can't also prove to be a real dumbass.

If Mr. Alexander wants to be taken seriously as a candidate and/or (God help us) an elected official, he needs to learn now a very precious lesson -- LEARN THE PROPER USE OF LANGUAGE. CONSIDER WHAT YOUR WORDS MEAN. THINK TWICE BEFORE HITTING "SEND."

And, for crying out loud, he needs to learn that conspiracy theories will give you only one political future -- eventual alientation from all you supporters. You cannot stand on a single conspiracy theory and then just lead -- you have to keep going down the Yellow Brick Road or lose the true believers. But when you do that, you keep crossing lines that cause followers to say, "Even *I* don't believe that!" and they disappear. Your followers eventually will decide you aren't nuts enough or too nuts.

Let's call this a valuable lesson in political communication for Mr. Alexander and move on, shall we?

Tim C. said...

This discussion is incredible. I can not believe how people jump on board and misconceive what people say like many of you have on this topic. What I think is sad is how the "sheeple" are lead to argue the same point based on the insinuation of one bloggers post. I do not beleive at any point of this statement does Mr. Alexander say the troops (or anyone else to mention) are liars. The only thing this post says to me is that Mr. Alexander is wanting more proof of bin Laden's death, something that could validate the occurrence, such as pictures of the body and an accurate DNA match.

Personally, I am not too sure of what my Government tells me either. That does not mean that I question the troops, nor does it mean that I am a conspiracy theorist like you are portraying Mr. Alexander as. The SEALS were sent in on the mission to capture or kill "Geronimo" as the code name. No one was for sure that was bin Laden, not even the President or CIA, but there was speculation from a CIA report that it was him. The troops completed the mission that they were sent in to do by killing "Geronimo". Once the body was retrieve and brought on board of the USS Carl Vinson, DNA was extracted and a facial scan was completed. Then by order of the President, the body was released at sea within only a few hours. To receive accurate results, a DNA test takes up to 24 hours. This makes me wonder why they dumped the body so soon. Since there was not adequate proof of the body being that of bin Laden's, there is no way that the troops could be considered as lying. They were carrying out the orders sent down to them, so I can see where Mr. Alexander is coming from on this topic without ever insinuating that the troops are liars. The sad thing is that everytime I read this comment, I do not see where it is even suggested that the troops are the liars until the comment by Curt Crowley. So where does everyone keep coming to this conclusion unless they are blindly lead to making their decision based on the insinuation of another. But I do agree with Frugal Gal, its time to move on. Tim C.

Anonymous said...

Well said TIM C.

Anonymous said...

If you believe Obama faked all or part of this, wouldn't you also believe he faked the death photo, DNA test result, video, etc.? Can't the death photo (even if we agree it is an actual corpse and not something created by Hollywood) be of the alleged "body double"? Can't the DNA test result just be a forgery (like the birth certificate)? What if there is never another Bin Laden video statement released? Does that mean he's really dead? Will the conspiracy crowd stand by the plausibility of their "body double" theory if another video is released and the government says it isn't really Bin Laden?

Is there really any proof sufficient to satisfy a conspiracy theorist? Or does this fall under the category of "never argue with an idiot" (just donate to his opponent).

Anonymous said...

One question. How do u have DNA on file of someone you haven't been able to catch for twelve years

Anonymous said...

The burial at sea so soon after his death raised some suspicion for me. I found an article on the web that has a believable explanation....

"...the burial took place within 24 hours of the terrorist leader's death, which is in accordance with Muslim burial customs...."

"Bin Laden was buried at sea because no country would accept his remains, the official said."

Anonymous said...


You have DNA from various family members to match to

Anonymous said...

NOTHING from the Obama administration is to be believed.

reximus said...

I KNEW this dialogue would ensue. Pleade, by all means carry on.

Anonymous said...

so basically we could have Bin Laden's brother. And there is nothing simple about this situation. i dont by the burial, after 9/11 we are actually going to honor his relegion. I thought we didnt consider him a part of the nation of islam because of his extreme views? I do not doubt his death but this administration surely can screw up a wet dream.

AZFireHorse said...

Our government is definitely lying to us. What nerve! I am sick of them. They think the American people are idiots, and in reality a lot of them are, obviously. But not all of us are brainless drones refusing to think critically! Some of us can see what is going on. It is definitely time for a revolution!

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