Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fondren fracas

Seems as though we had a little ruckus at the new park in Fondren a few weeks ago. The "incident" was discussed on a Fondren-related message board although I've removed the identities, I've inserted "Kaze" for the ones written by Kamikaze. Read on:

"I just had to call 911 because a large mob of people were brawling in the new park. Shouting, fighting, cursing, fists thrown, wrestling to the ground...very scary. One police car showed up but couldn't handle the crowd. In fact, when the car pulled up, someone then pulled a 2x4 out of a vehicle. Now there are 4 police cars out there. Is this what our park will be like? Is this what I have to look forward to with living across the street from it? I won't be here for long if this is a regular occurrence. Very sad."

"I just passed by and saw the police cars myself. Although this is the kind of attention we DONT want to draw to our new park. Lets not let this one incident be the rule but the exception. You did the right thing by calling 911 and we should continue to call and make enough of a stink. We should request more frequent patrols. Perhaps we should think about hiring some form of permanent security just to have some sort of authority figure in place. Im just down the block from the park myself so what happens there affects my family as well but again, I dont want a "stigma" put on the park or the kids that frequent it. We'll be "losing" before we even started!" Kaze

"Just a thought. When calling 911 for a group of people 5 or more, consider saying GANG ACTIVITY, this will let them know to send more than one car. It would also help officers if you can tell them about how many people are involved. JMO"

"I did let 911 know about how many people were involved, but I used the term mob instead of gang. I was very descriptive about what was going on. I agree, I want to consider this the exception and not the rule, and I don't want to stigmatize the park or the people who frequent it. However, we have to make sure that it IS the exception...this cannot happen again. The park will be wasted if people are too afraid to use it. Maybe the neighborhood security car could make more rounds? As I've said before, I rarely see it patrolling on this side of State Street."

"I think we could just as easily tell the operator that there are 5 or more people present and ask for more cars. Five or more doesn't mean "Gang" and even using it as a means to get more cars there puts a "tag" on kids who either A. May be causing a ruckus but May not be in gangs. Or B. Could just be gathering and hanging out causing NO ruckus and get unfairly treated by police. I want a safe, fun park for me and mine but with fondren residents maintaining order the right way. Kaze

I will be glad to join any of you in going to the precinct and asking for more frequent ride-thrus. Maybe even occasionally stopping, getting out, and walking through the park on foot. A mere presence will make a difference. Folks will know "Not in this park". But I'm afraid this convo alone has started "told you so" rumblings from negative thinkers. So we agree we want to nip this in the bud right? What do we do?" Kaze

"BTW Here's Commander Watts # 601 506 7868. We ALL can use and let him know our concerns" Kaze

"I agree completely, we need to nip this in the bud as soon as possible. I didn't use the word gang for the exact reasons you stated, Brad. And just to clarify, this group was not just "kids"...older adults and younger children were involved which makes it all the more shameful."

"My parents live near Manhattan Park and hve been very active in keeping it neighborhood friendly. I'll ask them for some of the tactics they have used successfully. I do know they do not tolerate any music (whether the style is to their liking or not) after a certain hour -- 9PM I think. They report any cars that park and no one gets out. My mother knows every family on the 5-6 streets in her area and who lives where. Anyone who doesn't belong she approaches very nicely but firmly and asks what business they have in the area. She makes it uncomfortable for the uninvited to stay. In other words it is easier for them to move on and not return. Precinct 4 knows her well. It might not hurt to ask Precint 4 to park an old police car in a nearby driveway for several evenings. Will it take work and vigilence? Absolutely! It's our Jackson and we have to care enough to stay and to be proactive."

"I think it is very sad that gang activity and mob are being thrown around a public website. This is what the media feeds off of. Can we just think before we post something on a public forum? I am in Fondren for the long haul and am here to help in any way possible. Call commander Watts and 911. He wants to hear from us! "

"The definition of a mob is a large and unruly crowd of people. Sorry if the word bothers you, but that is exactly what I witnessed - a group of approximately 25 to 30 people beating up on each other with lots of screaming and shouting. I'm still shaken that I had to see this right outside my front door. I don't care what the media reports or feeds off of, it is what it is. There is no pretty way to dress up what happened."

"Thank you xxxxx for reporting the facts. Lets stop this PC nonsense regarding how crime is reported."

"What ever happened to the gang/mob/group of people who were committing crimes? Were they arrested? Do we know their names and addresses? Are their parents involved in some disciplinary action? What steps are being taken to assure residents that such actions do not occur in the future?"

"I would invite all of you to attend the COPS meeting. This is where you can get updated information on arrests and other suspicious activities. As far as the gang is concerned as well, it never was considered a gang. In fact, commander watts stated that over and over at two COPS meetings.
So, who wants to step up and start a mentoring program at the park for these kids? "

"I agree Eric. This is no time to get caught up in political correctness. Gang activity in Jackson is real . It must be dealt with if we are ever to get back to a safe (feel) within the city again. Examples that come to mind immediately, the dragging of the lady behind Duling school, multiple instances of brute violence in the Kroger parking lot, the killing of the well- loved teacher in her front yard, the antique shop shooting, the too numerous to count property crimes, broken car windows, etc. This needs to be discussed openly. That goes for "who" is committing the crimes whether they be white, black, or hispanic. Is it possible to find where these kids live from the police? It appears most of these crimes are school age kids. Very disturbing & sad indeed. Even sadder, if the people who care about this community do not stand together and do something about it"

"i agree with those who are more concerned and alarmed than heads-in-the-sand PC; if we have a community problem, SHINE LIGHT ON IT! our goal is to make fondren a great (and safer) place to live and shop, not impress outsiders (c'mon - folks from madison and etc. are not even supposed to be logging ON to this site...)."

"Broadmeadow United Methodist Church operates a great ministry to at risk males called Bibles and Basketballs. It is a great mentoring program, and has been very successful in providing guidance to teens over the years. Contact me or any other church member if you would like to get involved. All of these posts have discussed the manifestation of the problem, but change will only occur when the community addresses these issues in their infancy."

"I think ALL of us posting here are concerned. I know I am. So I dont understand the "head in the sand" train of thought. FYI, Im but a few yards away from the Park and the incident could have easily spilled down the street and ended up on my doorstep. I dont know where any of you live in proximity to the park but im Damn close! So if anyone here is concerned for safety and family its THIS GUY! Hel, I SAW the incident as it ended driving home and NO I dont want that happening in my neighborhood. WHO DOES?

However, Im interested in being proactive in the proper manner to alleviate incidents happening again. We could just as easily become a mob on our end if we're not careful. and PC is always used when folks want to be able to profile or single out a particular group of people. And I dont want THAT kind of talk in my neighborhood no more than I want fights in fondren Park.
We can talk this to death but when's the meeting? where? What steps do we need to take? and Langston when is the next COPS mtg? If you want to get addresses FINE. Lets get them and give them to the proper authorities and let them handle it, not worrying about whats going on in those kids homes. Theres a "cause" to this "effect" Why did the fight take place to begin with?
I again think we need some type of on sight presence at all times, especially in the evenings that can quell problems before they start, identify repeat troublemakers etc WITHOUT simply accosting kids who are hanging out at a park. Thats not the look we're going for Im sure.
I want to sent the message "NOT IN THIS PARK" and it can be done in a non-offensive manner. i have no doubt" Kaze

"I agree. Let's have a meeting. But a meeting that comes with actions on the back end. I had a conversation last night with a person who was in the park when this was going on and they said they never felt threatened at what was going on. This has been, which is not surprising, blown out of the water for what it really was.
Next COPS meeting is at Redeemer Church either he 21st or 28th. Will let you know."

"Here are a few other words that some people are afraid to say.
This is a FACT, no matter what happened in the park.
INNOCENT VICTIMS are included in this war's casualties. These THUGS TARGET INNOCENT PEOPLE to prove their mettle. They also MURDER EACH OTHER.
This is what we are dealing with in Fondren. The more you know!"

"See now, I've been trying to keep out of the rest of this talk, but Langston, I do not appreciate your comment about this being blown out of the water, as if you are dismissing what I witnessed. That one person may not have felt threatened, but I'm telling you this was an ugly scene. My God, if someone is angry enough to get a 2x4 out of a vehicle right in front of a police officer, we are not talking about a group of people who were having a slight disagreement. This is where the head-in-the-sand comments come from...don't try to downplay what happened or else you are just asking for more of the same or worse to occur! "

"What Mr. Bronson just said does not dignify a response from anyone. So sad he as well as others are creating things in their head that do not exist in the way they write it."

"Everything I said comes from speaking with law enforcement officials. Also, I have been a victim of gang violence in Fondren. It exists, and not just in my head."

"A 2X4 taken out out of a vehicle when the first cop car drove up sounds intensely alarming in my opinion. Had I experienced what xxxx witnessed, I respectfully disagree (& strongly so) about the blown out of proportion comment. Witnessing this would create substantial trauma for most readers of this I would imagine. One might wonder what weapon is next. Let's not downplay this as blown out of proportion. It is what it is."

"Well, yall have fun with your complaining and reporting and non-doing something about it. This is so not what I want to be a part of. I actually think this message board thing should be done away with. More harm than good.
See you on the WEST SIDE!"

"Threatened is in the eye of the beholder. So we CANNOT discount how xxxx felt. And we can't downplay her feelings. We have to be concerned for our neighbors. Langston, I have to tell you, Gangs are returning to Jackson. Well, they've never left, but the are experiencing a resurgence. Having been born and raised in Jackson. Having been here when the first rash of gang activity took place in the late 80's I've seen it all. Lets not fear monger. You'll know when there's a turf war going on because the signs and tension will be visible. Again, lets work with precinct 4 and JPD(because they now have a gang task force led by Juan Cloy) and HELP them identify problems. That incident in the park was NOT gang related! So lets squash that right now"

Naturally the Jackson Free Press jumped on this story but seemed to worry more about the misuse of the word "gang" or "gangs" then whether a brawl broke out at the park.

Then there was this priceless comment by public intellectual Tom Head:
"I went to a community policing meeting once (I won't say which one, but it wasn't Precinct 4 COPS). Main topic of discussion was a guy who went to a few elderly residents' homes with a baseball bat demanding money. I have to admit the meeting worked, after a fashion; once I'd heard residents in this 99.5%-white gathering tell black police officers things like "I own you," demand racial profiling (prior to any information on the race of the suspect), and talk about various Chuck-Norris-style interpretations of the Castle Doctrine, the mugger was no longer the scariest thing on my mind.

Also, with accidental police shootings of young men of color in larger cities being a regular problem, falsely reporting a bunch of black teenagers arguing as "gang activity" isn't just a racist lie; it's a racist lie that, if it did in fact alter police behavior, could potentially result in the death of a child. Shame on whoever suggested that. Tom Head on 04/27/11 at 05:50 PM"

or this one by Editor Ronni Mott:
"If you want to find racism in the Jackson area, all you have to do is read the comments on any Clarion-Ledger story (or any of our local "conservative" blogs) with a racial aspect. Under cover of anonymity, some of our fine upstanding citizens can become downright ugly, mean and disgusting—and blatantly racist.

Falsely labeling a group of people a "gang" is simply wrong. And it is racist behavior, regardless of whether you believe it happens. posted by Ronni_Mott on 04/29/11 at 02:25 PM"

Gee, I wonder which blog she is referring to? What nonsense. She should see the racist comments I reject but of course, that would require her to actually know what she is talking about for once as I'm still waiting for her to retract her "strangling" comment about the Heather Spencer case. What is disturbing is a brawl broke out in a newly built park. Now people are scared to take their children to the park. Instead of focusing on that problem, some of the commentors on the Fondren website thought it was blown out of proportion or was a case of overreacting while some at the JFP site think being subjected to racist behavior is worse than getting the shit beat out of you. Did anyone notice in the JFP comments the entire discussion focused on whether profiling or use of the word "gang" is racist instead of the actual mini-riot itself? Why am I not surprised?


J. Kev said...

Astounding. Thugs create mayhem in a city park, and the apologists' biggest concern is that a stigma might be attached to said thugs.

People who live in Jackson get what they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Say it ain't so .  Maybe they can work out their lil' disagreements and enter a decorated golf cart
in the 2012 "Zippity doo dah Vaginafest " Celebration .

Anonymous said...

J.Kev is right "People who live in Jackson get what they deserve".
For the life of me I can not see why anyone would move to and/or stay in Jackson. I refuse to go past the River on Lakeland or County Line Road, I can get to Clinton via Natchez Trace if I need to go there. I will do just about anything to keep from even driving through and refuse to spend even one $$$$ inside the city limits, I would rather do without.

Anonymous said...

OMG. I am amazed at this. Did anyone really think this new city park was only going to be used by the friendly, quiet, law abiding white citizens of Fondren? Thugs and druggies live in Fondren area, and the JPD can't keep them from walking from their homes and breaking into businesses and other people's homes now, so how could they possibly keep them out of a public city park? I bet the woman who was dragged down the street by thugs in Fondren won't be going to this park. You think?

Anonymous said...

so, were the 25-30 people fighting, cursing and yelling white or black?

Anonymous said...

there were at LEAST 30 shots fired in Fondren yesterday. Was at a friends house barely a block away, and for a second, didn't think it was going to stop.

Didn't see one cop car drive by for the next hour.....

I've lived in many major cities, and many "questionable" neighborhoods, and have NEVER heard nearly that many gunshots and not seen a swarm of police show up with a quickness.

Jackson is dead, it's just still twitching

Anonymous said...

As a Jackson Native 45+ yrs and Fondren resident, I am disgusted at the attitude from those who want to see Jackson die. Yes we have our problems as does every metropolitan area. However if those of Madison, Ridgeland, Clinton, Brandon, etc. continue to bash and not support the capitol city they will see it die and they will end up with the same issues in their precious swinging suburbia. Ironically, they already have these issues but just don't realize they exist because they are not talked about 24/7 on the news, blogs etc. As for shots in Fondren, didn't hear them haven't gotten alert on them and really question if that was truly a gun incident. When I had a crime scare the police, neighbors and securitas reacted quickly and timely. I was impressed. It takes everyone to stop crime. Protect yourself and your property and realize that the police department in any town or city is truly a reactive entity not a proactive entity. That is why we have the right to bear arms and in the state of MS have the Castle Law. As for the term gang- look it up in the dictionary- it does not always mean Vice Lords, Crips, Bloods, etc. Do these exist in the state of MS yes they do and not only in Jackson but through rural and populated MS. However a group of people fighting in a park could be considered a gang of people and not a organized gang turf war. Citizens and residents have the right to call 911 and report a saftey/crime concern and describe it however they want. If a person is white, brown, black, green, yellow etc. as descriptives used to report an incident it is not a racist comment. If you consider giving an appropriate description to a law enforcement agency racist then take a look at yourself. For those who think Jackson is so dangerous try traveling out our our beautiful state and city and see what you experience. Our cost of living is great, weather most of the time wonderful, the people truly care about each other (all shapes, sizes and colors)...go to NewYork/NewJersey/California and tell me if you experience the same thing? As for the person who took these postings from the neighborhood private site and posted them on a blog. Shame on you for not protecting your neighborhood and casting a black eye on something that is a neighborhood concern and not a public commentary for jackson haters. Prime example if you don't like it here then move on we don't need this kind of back stabbing support. The neighborhood site is meant to be a private communication within the neighborhood. Shame on the person who breeched that confidentiality and gave these posts to a blogger and newspaper.

Anonymous said...


Someone might actually waste their time reading your drivel if you'd use paragraphs.

Anonymous said...

I live in Fondren; just got home and most of my black neighbors have trotted their stereos out to the yard and are blasting them. They do this on EVERY holiday. Diversity sucks.

Anonymous said...

Anon @2:52. I'm white, live in Fondren, and I'm blasting my radio right now. Got a problem with it? That's what I normally do on nice days like this. If you do have a problem, feel free to come and find me. Always willing to discuss these things over a beer...and some good music.

And by the way J. Kev--doesn't your law practice sort of demand these "thugs" stick around to help keep your office door open?

Anonymous said...

yes, it is crucial for the neighborhood to cover up its crimes. idiot. i spent 20 yrs in belhaven fighting the fight. for my family's sake moved to madco-- incredibly happy, and a quality of life you will never have.

precious swinging suburbanite...

Anonymous said...

Do you have a four feet speaker in your front or back yard? If so, you are probably annoying your neighbors. When I blast my stereo, I do it INSIDE.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the free "hood" Rap, Hip/Hop concert on this fine Sunday afternoon.

Not to worry, the music of the 9 mm automatics should start shortly after dark.

Kind of like the encore fireworks display at Pepsi Pops out in precious burbs' this past Friday evening.

Anonymous said...

Toto, we're not in Madison anymore. I am seriously rolling my fat ass on the floor laughing so hard that I spilled my beer! Luckily, I live in a city that sells it 24/7.

Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

2:11 People don't have to read a private neighborhood posting to know Fondren is a high crime, thug infested area of Jackson. Everyone already knows it, and your drivel didn't convince one soul you feel safe where you live. The truth is you don't, and you have to lock up every single thing you own day and night so it won't be stolen. You can't even leave a window or door open to get fresh air without fear. It's your choice to live where you want, but don't think you are to convince anyone to join you there.

Anonymous said...

2:11, They were most definitely gun shots. I've been owning/shooting guns since i was big enough to hold one. I own and shoot .22, 9mm, and 45acp chambered pistols. I know what gunshots sound like, especially mid-afternoon, less than a couple hundred yards away.

I have also lived all over this country, and if you think the Jackson Fondren "community" is somehow rare and special, you are sadly mistaken. Many, MANY, other neighborhood communities in large cities actually have low crime, and decent public schools for their children, and not just try to "stay funky".....

Mustang1972 said...

Do they still serve breakfast at Brent's?

Anonymous said...

Breakfast is served for now,

If that's what you want for breakfast, you better hurry.

I hope Brent's keeps that soda counter open forever. Breakfast was never a part of Brent's history from the start..

Curt Crowley said...

I'm willing to wager that Tom Head was lying. His little story regarding comments made at the meeting sounds like some crap he made up just to chime in.

That's the way Tom rolls. He will invent some "facts" to support whatever position he's taking. Then when someone calls him out on his bulls--t, he attacks the person who busted him. When that doesn't work, he gathers up his toys and goes home.

And bless Ronni Mott's heart. There must be a serious electrical fire going on inside that woman's cranium. She displays her chronic inferiority complex with the obligatory swipe at the C-L, and then stupidly says that incorrectly labelling persons as a "gang" is "racist behavior."

The image the word "gang" conjures up in one's mind depends on the individual's perspective. Personally, when I hear the word "gang," I think SCR (white), not BGD (black).

It appears that Head and Mott associate the word "gang" with black people. The article itself mentioned "black kids" in a general manner only once, and that was in a quote from Kamikaze. The article *never* stated the actual race of the hooligans.

Even though the article never stated the actual race of this group, Head and Mott jumped to the conclusion that they were black. Apparently, Head and Mott hear the word "gang," and think "black."

Perhaps someone should let them know that "soft" bigotry, is still bigotry.

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time figuring out how you can stigmatize some dumb shit who is engaging in the behavior of a five-yer-old. Sort of like the libel-proof plaintiff. If they are being stigmatized, aren't they doing it to themselves.

What I don't get is why move out of the ghetto if you're just bringing it with you?

Anonymous said...

i fell very sorry for the people who are left in Jackson.I must be be a sad trapped feeling.BUT get out now while you are still alive.

Anonymous said...

I choose to live in jackson and can't understand why so many people in the suburbs spend their time commenting on it to relieve their guilt about their own racism......or perhaps they can't afford to live in jackson neighborhood of their choice and they are angry? I saw a black family in Madison the other day....uh oh......better move to gluckstadt

Anonymous said...

i chose to move here from rankin county. i live in fondren, feel safe, and don't know what you people think is so g*ddamn wrong with this city. problems, yes, but aren't they everywhere? if you choose to think otherwise, YOU are kidding YOURself.

i'm so sick and f*cking tired of the jackson bashers. stay in flowood, madison, or wherever else you CHOOSE to live and let us enjoy the choices we have made. oh, and btw, i sat in the front yard of a fondren home yesterday, drinking a beer (or two), listening to music, and enjoying my neighbors company late into the evening. and amazingly, no one was shot, raped, mugged or killed.

Anonymous said...

I live in Fondren and am watching it decay from within. Cultural differences create different priorities which reflect directly and negatively upon real estate values. Want to see the future? Go to Westland Plaza and explore.

Anonymous said...


MOVE if you don't like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

11:26 IS A LIAR. Closet BIGOT.

Anonymous said...

Seriously. As a Belhaven resident, I have to wonder about you people who "feel very sorry" for me. Believe it or not, it is not a "sad trapped feeling." I actually enjoy living in the city. Shocker, right?

Anonymous said...

7:55 AM

Liar? Bigot? Hardly.

The term is "realist."

If you think Westland Plaza is a thriving area and hub of business where people seek to move and raise kids...then I suppose I am a liar.

If you think anywhere in West Jackson is thriving...then I suppose I am a liar.

I like Fondren. There are some wonderful people trying to do great things....nice park (gang attacks), nice events (gang beatings), new businesses (purse snatch and drag), etc.

Crime will retard development. Lack of adequate schooling opportunities will further stifle development. No development means no people...more delapidated housing...and more crime...(psst..see West Jackson).

Crime and bad schools are not "racial" issues....calling someone a "bigot" for pointing out facts is a "racial" issue....think about it...feel good Bull Connor?

Move? Will do when the market corrects not worry.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again...the " cut and run" folks aren't satisfied just to wimp out and leave, they have to cover up their cowardice and abandonment of their capitol by continuing to justifying it.

You are all about your guns but don't think you can out fight or out wit teen thugs with double digit IQs or druggies?

You can't outsmart bad city officials either?

And, I love how you all like to forget that Canton is in , oops, Madison county.

If the black gangs scared you, your going to really love your budding cartels.

Anonymous said...

this is hilarious. i just found the location of the park;between state street and mill street?!?! who were the idiots who didn't foresee exactly this type of problem?

it wont be an isolated event. you nitwits need to stay put in fondren, i don't want you dumbing down madco-- and yes, canton is a lost cause, so i don't go there either. unbelievable...

Anonymous said...

things are looking rosy for the park:

reximus said...

what exactly is it about Fondren that make it's residents swell up with such misplaced pride and admiration? It's like a toddler pointing into the toilet and saying "look what I made".

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem with a blasting boom box on Sunday afternoon when I wanted some peace and quiet. I figured what's good for the goose is good for the gander. I got my big stereo speakers , put them on the porch, put on the "Victory at Sea" CD and turned the volume up so everyone could hear the big guns and music. After about 10 minutes my area was peaceful again. Something about classical music and rap, they don't mix.
Great fun!

J. Kev said...

10:28, a/k/a Langston Moore:

You moved from Rankin County because you suffered a midlife crisis and fell in with Donna Ladd. Moron.

BTW, if your little boy lived with you, would you send him to Jackson Public Schools? You know Donna -- who doesn't have kids -- would expect you to.


J. Kev said...

3:46, a/k/a Langston --

Yes, I represent criminals. Key point: I choose not to live around them, you dumb shit.

I would hope that if I ever decided to move from Madison or Rankin County to Fondren, a good friend would do the right thing and shoot me in the head.

You should be sterilized, Langston.

J. Kev said...

See, here's the problem with Fondren people. They think if you move someplace that has high property values, low taxes, well-performing schools, low crime, etc., well then, YOU'RE A RACIST!

Shame on you for thinking of your family's safety and well-being! Don't you racists know WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER??

Donna Ladd is a race/gender diversity consultant, people! Listen to what she says. There's no crime in Fondren; just hysteria over non-existent crimes dreamed up by white men in an effort to further repress African Americans.

You should move from Rankin or Madison County into Fondren. Then, no one can ever call you a racist. Right, Langston? Then Donna might let you churn out white-guilt drivel for her Bolshevik publication. Right, Langston?

Anonymous said...

j. kev,

Pretty intuitive, but WRONG. I'm not Mr. Moore. Not by a longshot. Believe it or not, there are MANY people who move from the burbs to Jackson. I don't envy the ignorant like you, sir, who choose to lump all of Jackson's problems into one issue, crime, and call it a lost cause.

Enjoy your tan bricks, your cookie cutter housing, your SUV, and your city where NOTHING bad ever happens, right? I'll stick with a charming neighborhood that, yes, has its issues, but has potential and already, so much going for it. I love my home, my community, and my place in life.

reximus said...

@2:13- I'd suggest stockpiling ammo, but it would probably just end up getting stolen.

Anonymous said...

Kaze obviously hasn't figured it out that the actual property owners in Fondren, versus renters like himself and DonnerKayfeatPartnerTodd, are not going to kiss his ass.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't send my children to public schools in Madison.

Comparing two awful systems is almost funny.

And, let's pretend redneck influence is ever so much better than thug...pregnant at 13 is pregnant at 13. Boys with .357s or boys with their hunting rifles...what a choice. The Neanderthal mentality is the same.

J. Kev said...

Two types of people move to Fondren:

1. Those who could just as well star in a sequel to "Grizzly Man"; and

2. Those who aspire to be the next Bernard Goetz.

Why else would anyone put a park between State and Mill Streets?

A quaint, bohemian lifestyle and an easing of deep seeded white guilt are no substitute for Kevlar.

J. Kev said...

2:13 --

Mea Culpa. Langston doesn't know what "intuitive" means, so I guess you've got me there.

I drive a truck, not an SUV. My house is made of bricks.

I've found that when a Fondren person calls someone "ignorant," it carries as much weight as when you people call folks "racists." That is to say, none at all.

I really hope you don't get capped in your quaint little Bohemian neighborhood with its lovely parks and uber-responsive city government.

Anonymous said...

The park as a green space was one thing. It became a much bigger project thanks to an $800,000 grant from that master of pork barrel politics Thad Cochran.

reximus said...

actually, it's "fauxheminan", Kev.

J. Kev said...

Well, put, Rex. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Really, it was not even dark at 7:00PM, and the thugs were already out Saturday shooting people in Fondren.

Updated May 7, 2010
by Julie Straw

Jackson Police were investigating a shooting Saturday that sent three people to the hospital. It happened around 7:00 p.m. on Dunbar Street near State Street.

According to Officer Colendula Green, 36-year-old Gabrielle Donald confronted two people who she says jumped her 15-year-old nephew. When Donald drove away shots were fired into the vehicle. Donald's 15 year old was in the vehicle. The teen was shot in the head and the thumb and is listed in critical condition at UMC.

Donald and a 21-year-old passenger, Antione Thomas, were grazed by bullets.

Anonymous said...

A $800,000.00 "green space" park between State and Mill Streets? Thats ground zero for the latest gang war turf .


During the 1800's, Fondren was the site of the original state insane asylum .

Can you say irony ? Sure, I thought you could.
♫ Won't ya please, could ya please...please won't ya be my neighbor ! ♫

Hello Fondren neighbors.

reximus said...

"Only positive Fondren spoken here" /s/ D Ladd

Anonymous said...

Any fool(s) who thought you could build a safe, fun, peaceful $800k "family" park on the Jackustan DMZ should be summarily shot.

Anonymous said...

It is telling when there is gunfire and bloodshed erupting at exactly the same time there is a ferocious debate brewing about just exactly how to describe the crime/violent activities which are occurring in the exact area.

Kaze...this attempted murder occurred on your street sir. The gang/mob violence occurred on your street sir. Are you going to sit around with one thumb up your ass bitching about how to classify "attempted murder?"

Here is something the FBI calls a clue: when children are shot outside your home...its an indication that there is something afoot...something bad...something that affects people and property values negatively. When gangs of people are out of control and have to be beaten up and broken up with a likewise really screws up property values.

You and Donna can try to figure out how to "spin" death and attempted death and mayhem to the unknowing masses...but folks who live near by and who care are not going to tolerate this for much longer...I can promise you that.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase the " Visit Fondren" website:

" Fondren is one of the funkiest, hippest places to enjoy great food, fashions, art, merchandise,
and the coolest vibe around the Capitol city. "

Yes, ... there actually exists a website as such :

Where would a visitor lay their weary head after a night of exciting gang shootings and purse snatchery ?

One of the many Fondren Hospitals perhaps ?

No wonder St. Dominic's is spending so much money promoting this area.

The progressive , artsy "Avant Guard " white guilt crowd needs emergency room care too .

Anonymous said...

Wow! It is amazing that in the poorest state in the union, with the worst history of race relations, and in a capitol city with debilitating White flight, its well to do residence choose a pre-existing park on a street that is a social, economic, racial, and generational line of demarcation with hopes that a few new swings, trails, and festive events will remedy centuries of hate. Rather than go to the homes of your neighbors, you cower in convenient meetings behind armed law enforcement to extend your sense of extended ownership beyond your own yards. For the last four years, I have lived in Fondren in walking distance of the park, and those "unruly kids" have been congregating there most school nights, weekends, and holidays. They do "kid stuff" like talk loudly, play ball, date, and yes, argue.
I think that many of you faux liberals should find strength in your intellects not apprehension in your fears and go to the park, together, on a weekday evening and talk to your young neighbors and their parents. Give people a face to face chance to understand your concerns. I am sure that you would find that with all of the social, economic, racial, and generational chasms, your need for a safe, shareable public space appeals to them, also. They would agree with you and assist you. Together, we Fondren neighbors could facilitate meaningful change that is illustrative of the inclusive “Bohemian-like” Fondren featured in our brochures and on our websites.

Anonymous said...

I think that many of you faux liberals should find strength in your intellects not apprehension in your fears and go to the park, together, on a weekday evening and talk to your young neighbors and their parents. Give people a face to face chance to understand your concerns.

I was out there yesterday anonymous. Where the hell were you? You were nowhere to be seen and it is plainly obvious who I am.

Anonymous said...

wow, 12:30pm. WELL said...

Anonymous said...

uh-- who the hell can hang out in a public park every day? i have a job and family . oh, and a public park where there have been recent brawls and shootings?

free advice: take a couple of twenties with you, maybe you can buy you're way out of a beating.

Micah said...

This blog is soo funny...
Oh, I learned how to drive an 18 wheeler through Fondren. I nearly took out a hippy, and a blonde headed loud mouth when makeing a wide turn on to Lakeland Drive. I guess you can call me RACIST.

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