Thursday, March 4, 2010

Farm Bureau and Chism admit trying to kill Animal Cruelty Bill

"On Saturday afternoon, October 18, the Humane Society of Missouri responded to a call from the St. Louis City Police Department and a concerned citizen about an injured cat in north St. Louis City. The HSMO Animal Cruelty Investigator and St. Louis City Police Officers determined that the cat had been bound, beaten numerous times with a metal object and set on fire. Humane Society veterinarians who examined the cat found she was suffering from numerous abrasions and bruises, her lungs were irreparably damaged by inhaled smoke and her flesh was severely burned. To alleviate further suffering, the cat was humanely euthanized."

Mississippi Farm Bureau thinks this should be a misdemeanor. The Columbus Packet reported in its February 18 issue a story about SB #2623 with the headline :"Animal Cruelty Bill dominates Farm Bureau Legislative Breakfast". Representatives Gary Chism, David Gibbs, and Senator Terry Brown attended the Lowndes County pow-wow (Why does this make me think of Jock and JR at the Cattlemen's Club?). Article

Farm Bureau President David Waide said "We're very sympathetic to abuse, but I've yet to see a state pass one bill for dogs and cats and didn't impact meat producers. It has tremendous impact on things you don't think about, like soybeans and corn.' He said he didn't want to see those industries hurt 'simply because there are those who want to see a first-offense felony for animal abuse." Waide then further justified his opposition by citing the costs of investigating prosecuting, and incarcerating.

Chism spelled it out for everyone: "On the dog deal, you really need to kill it in committee and not let it come out (to the House floor). If you do, you'll have alot of people in the gallery- and they don't' tell you what he just told you. maybe they'll tell you some horrible stories about setting a dog on fire. That's horrible but I'm like him, it doesn't need to be a felony. The papers called me about this little dog-fightin' bill and I said, "It's not even a felony to kill a baby and we're talkin' about making it a felony to kill a dog?!" Mr. Chism, perhaps you forgot the Supreme Court had something to do with that little angle of the law and that actually it IS illegal to kill a baby or kill someone else's unborn child. Chism continued: "Don't let it get out of committee or it might have the same fate as the Senate."

I think what really disgusts me is their attitude. They weren't interested in a compromise or fixing the bill. I think most if not all supporters would favor changing the bill to protect Mississippi farmers and industries. Unfortunately for them, Waide, Chism, and Farm Bureau gave them no respect whatsoever and had their little lapdog, Billy McCoy, require two committees pass the bill. It looks like supporters of #2623 will have to wait another year.

Note: This group also opposed the bill.

The use of Mississippi Farm Bureau's name and logo in this post is for criticism of MFB policies and additional commentary. Such a use is deemed fair use under the following statute:

"(d) The following shall not be actionable under this section:
1) Any fair use, including a nominative or descriptive fair use, or facilitation of such fair use, of a famous mark by another person other than as a designation of source for the person's own goods or services, including use in connection with:
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Mississippi Code Section 75-25-25


Anonymous said...

Animal cruelty is heinous and unimaginable.

There are laws on the books outlawing sexual predators, child abusers, murder, rape, etc etc etc. , yet it all happens with mindboggling frequency.

I cant put my finger on why you devote so much attention to animal
issues. I would say 99% of animal abuse is related to neglect and laziness / irresponsible owners.

I always distrusted Tony LaRussa, and his obsession with PETA and animal rights, yet he was at the epi-center of HumanGrowthHormone/Steriod freak show.
not trying to be a A%%HOLE but
do we have to see this picture of arrow shot dog or this poor kitten.

Anonymous said...

If the anonymous poster doesn't want to see this, go to another blog or simply stop looking at the picture. I appreciate the fact that the person behind this blog is filled with COMPASSION for God's creation. It does hurt to view animal pictures showing abuse, but we shouldn't just ignore the problem.

Animal cruelty has been linked to individuals convicted of violent crimes. Remember Luke Woodham (a local boy from Pearl)?

The proposed animal cruelty law needs to define clearly, and not ambiguously, what constitutes an heinous act. I have no problem with the first offense being a felony if it clearly fits within a clearly defined definition of heinous act. Otherwise, it should be a misdemeanor.

Just because someone loves animals does not make them a radical nut.

Anonymous said...

IF you want to see the smear campaign led by Daivd Waide, check our the Columbus Packet for Feb. 18. Everything you need to know is in there.

KaptKangaroo said...

I believe if you look deeper into the psyche of this blog you will notice the strange irony of it all.

Take notice, we have a law now that bans novelty lighters, alerts the police if our elder gets lost, bans sex between inmates and guards, but we cannot, in this state, see it in our right minds to elevate the heinous acts of cruelty. Whether directed at a person or property, or an animal, the fact remains, our legislature is a joke; focused on the wrong things and elevated to a level of compensation that many in this state will not make in a lifetime.

Isn't it ironic...don't 'cha think?

As to FB, they stuck their neck out on this issue to sink the bill because of chickens. I personally don't eat the filthy animals, but I didn't see squat in that bill that was ambiguous enough to worry me that the big bad animal police are gonna' show up because I shot, humanely, a rabid skunk.

FB deserves the criticism for their actions.

Kingfish said...

Send me the packet or a link to it.

Anonymous said...

Can't find the original article, but here are some LTE's in response that ARE online -- pretty good ones, too. You get a feel for what Waide said.

Anonymous said...

Our legislaters are always behind the curve

Kingfish said...

of course.

Kingfish said...

Anonymous said...

If I may respond to some questions being asked about this bill. If you would read it, it would also help you understand the bill is not only designed to protect animals but people. This bill was supported by the MS Law Enforcement Officers' Assn. as well as the MS Psychiatric (can't spell...) Assn. It has nothing to do with meat production (I eat the stuff with a nice glass of Zin...) or growing corn or soybeans. If you go the FB website, they have Youtube videos talking about how much they take care of their animals. Shouldn't that care be afforded to our pets? After all, those cows are "personal property" too.

Anonymous said...

This "horse" is dead for not; for goodness sakes, stop beating it.

Anonymous said...

Well I hope Waide and Chism are proud of making us look like a bunch of backwoods, redneck idiots.

Anonymous said...

No, 3:09, I think hell should be raised over it and as many people as possible need to know exactly who was behind defeating this bill because those efforts are disgusting. They need to know good and damn well that come next time around, there names will be chanting near and far and that they will be exposed for their lying and ridiculous twisting of the truth.

KaptKangaroo said...

Is that how MS politics works? I knew MS was last in everything, but this gives new meaning to "last"; I wonder, after reading that, if MS might actually be negative in rankings or completely off the chart? I condemn those who actually believe this line of crap.

Logic here in MS
1. If abortion is legal, then, you should be able to maim, torture, set fire to, etc. a dog. Why stop there? I was not sure why they didn't try and bring up the fact that fish have vertebrae. I would have said, yes, and then said, put in an exclusion. Same for hunting.
2. How does this impact meat producers? I really don't understand this unless he has a lot of Chinese restaurants in his town that serve traditional meats.
3. And how in the hell does it impact soybeans and corn? Wait, I think I know. Nope. The animals pee on it? They look at the plants menacingly? Nope. This is one for the loony bin.
4. If they are in such support for agriculture, why not lobby for cultivation of marijuana? I know, because then you have dogs eating it and you might have to go pet the animals while you enjoy a spliff. I know why not introduce the animal affection statute, replete with medicinal mayhem.
5. "[He's] never worked so hard before on any other bill." I'll give him that one. He piled it high, deep, wide, sideways, inside-out, and damn he really sounded like a backwoods redneck.
6. Their fear is what? Avoiding a dog on a road at night? Let's check his eyes and see if he can tell the difference between a dog and a cat at 20 feet away, on a dark night. Bet he couldn't. He would hit it and not even know. Maybe he does fear the cops hiding in the trees waiting for the opportunity to enforce this specific statute.
7. Why does FB not want this bill? I really wonder. Any one out there an insurance expert? Does this bring any Federal pressure to the table? I would think opposing it like he did would invite more opposition in the future from PETA/GP/ETC. But I forget, its MS; don't think. I really wonder. WHAT IS IT?

Anonymous said...

3:09...unfortunate choice of words..creepy even since appears on a page with photos of such cruelty.

It is not a surprise that McCoy would be an errand boy for the Farm Bureau.
It IS a surprise that the Farm Bureau via its agents are so insecure, intellectually bereft and shallow that they feel they must exercise muscle just because they can. Its members are accountable for allowing such small minded people to run their organization.
I get to hold them all accountable and berate them for as long as I like. That's the price they pay for being being self important jerks!

Indeed, since they are all asses , they shouldn't have a problem with being abused, now should they?

Keep it up KF!

And, any of you who can't tell the difference between a PETA supporter and those who find psychotic behavior towards animals sickening are illogical. SOME of us even know that such animal abuse is the earliest warning sign of a psychotic KILLER OF HUMANS!

Paul Mitchell said...

Just one little point, David Hampton wrote in today's paper that not passing this bill is a travesty. How big was the tax increase attached to it?

(For really dense people, this is SARCASM.)

Anonymous said...

geez us, enough whining. you got your ass whipped politically. try again next year with a better bill and better promotion.

indeed, this horse is dead and deserves a peaceful rest now.

Anonymous said...

We will see how dead it is. I took the liberty to forward to the news agencies. Maybe they can get in touch with FB and get a little bit more insight into why soybeans, etc.

Anonymous said...

we can ban stupid novelty lighters, but we can't pass an animal cruelty law. unfreaking real!! I hope to leave this damn crap state as soon as I possibly can!!

KaptKangaroo said...

re: March 4, 2010 4:48 PM

Since you are wise in the ways of "rednecktology" and since you seem to understand/sympathize with those who "whipped [ass]" perhaps you can shine a little light into the lunacy your brethren shoveled in defeating this bill.

I would love to hear you explain it here. In fact, I put it to you to put up or shut up.

Have a nice day. ;-)

Paul Mitchell said...

Anon 5:03, do not slam the door when you leave.

Justin said...


Keep it up, man.


Lisa said...

I hate to look at the pictures as well but I think it reminds us in an all too shocking way of the terrible things human beings do to innocent animals. What type of filthy scum would do this?

KaptKangaroo said...

From Marshall Ramsey today...

Anonymous said...

sorry paul mitchell, but I do plan on slamming the door and never looking back.

Paul Mitchell said...

That's cool Anon 11:55, and then collective IQ of the state shall increase exponentially.

Anonymous said...

what is your problem paul mitchell??

Paul Mitchell said...

I was unaware that loving my home state passionately was a problem.

Anonymous said...

well that is good for you, but just because I do not feel the same way, doesnt mean that you have to throw insults my way.

Paul Mitchell said...

Oh good Lord, this is NOT an insult to ALL Mississippians? "we can ban stupid novelty lighters, but we can't pass an animal cruelty law. unfreaking real!! I hope to leave this damn crap state as soon as I possibly can!!"

Sorry for initiating the insults, Anon 12:07. I am such a jerk.

Just for the record, YET AGAIN, the proposed dog and cat cruelty legislation seemed to be a good idea on the surface. What my statement meant was NOT that I am opposed to making this a felony, but that I unconvinced that it should be necessary.

If you took offense to my comment, maybe you should take a look at what you posted as well from a position of NOT being a victim of 20th century backward thinking rube farmers.

Kingfish said...

If you are going to keep criticizing the bill then why don't you actually read it.

ChevyF16 said...

If you read the Columbus Packet Article (18 Feb) regarding the Farm Bureau Breakfast, I was the constituent Rep Gibbs and Sen Brown spoke about in that article. All three were for the bill and I found out they changed their minds in this article. I responded to Rep Gibbs in an e-mail
and went to see him at the Capitol. After we spoke, for over an hour, he supported the bill. Chism is another story, and I haven't spoken to Brown. Just thought I'd let you all know that Gibbs changed his mind when he heard the facts instead a bunch of propaganda and fear-mongering. -Audrey Orek

Paul Mitchell said...

ARRRGH! I am NOT criticizing the bill.

KaptKangaroo said...

Has anyone realized that Paul Mitchell is having a bad hair day, week?

Paul Mitchell said...


I really am not.

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