Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Don't forget: Farm Bureau doesn't think animal cruelty should be a first-offense felony

This cat was set on fire in Grand Rapids, Michigan last year. Article Farm Bureau doesn't think this should be a first offense felony in Mississippi. See Columbus Packet article, Farm Bureau Newsletter stating opposition to SB #2623, Interview with Farm Bureau President David Waide stating opposition to making it a first offense felony.

"Gee Kingfish, how long will you keep posting this stuff?" As long as the legislature is in session, I'm going to remind everyone who led the fight to kill SB #2623 every few days. I'll also keep reminding you that one of the bills it thought was a good compromise REDUCED the maximum sentence from the current six months to 48 hours for aggravated animal cruelty.

"Oh, and lets not forget this part since someone at Farm Bureau might think I'm trying to sell insurance on this website:
The use of Mississippi Farm Bureau's name and logo in this post is for criticism of MFB policies and additional commentary. Such a use is deemed fair use under the following statute:

"(d) The following shall not be actionable under this section:
1) Any fair use, including a nominative or descriptive fair use, or facilitation of such fair use, of a famous mark by another person other than as a designation of source for the person's own goods or services, including use in connection with:
(B) Identifying and parodying, criticizing, or commenting upon the famous mark owner or the goods or services of the famous mark owner;
(2) Noncommercial use of the mark; and
(3) All forms of news reporting and news commentary
Mississippi Code Section 75-25-25


Anonymous said...

Why aren't you posting photos of animals maimed in Mississippi rather than out of state? If we truly need this law, there should be no shortage of examples of animal cruelty that the proposed law would address HERE if passed.

Also, please address how our overcrowded dockets, judges, DAs and PDs should take on this extra work when budgets are being cut and people are leaving everyday? You see, well meaning animal lovers are going to sign multiple affidavits EVERY DAY over real and marginal cases. So where's the MONEY coming from?

Anonymous said...

Oh Lordy...9:36
That's not only the worst possible argument but ignorant , too. Let's not do any prevention because of MONEY? Prevention ALWAYS is CHEAPER!
Don't you understand that those who engage in cruelty to animals are also cruel to humans!?! Don't you GET that they are mentally disturbed? That isn't an opinion, that's a fact backed up by volumes of research on CRIMINALS and CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR and PSYCHOTIC behaviors.
You can't see that identifying these people in our community would help in police investigations and in prosecuting when these people escalate their behavior?
I guess you're against the cost of identifying members of terrorist cells in advance as well.
You oppose having a mammogram or colonoscopy because of the costs and time those doctors have to spend with the patients who don't have cancer yet, too?
You don't think that we have " marginal" reports of child abuse and so we shouldn't investigate those either because of the costs?
I investigated child abuse for a long time and you should have seen the "pets". That's one of the things abusers do, frighten the children into silence by hurting the pets. It's COMMON.
And, if you don't think we have animal abuse in Mississippi, you must have just gotten out of some institution and never read the papers or watch tv. Go to an animal shelter or talk to an animal control officer.
Just STOP being so ignorant. GEEZ.

Anonymous said...

10:40 you are the kind of preachy person that makes me want to throw up.

The bottom line on this is that
FB does not make laws, the legislature does and thats who KingFish should be chastising.

Anonymous said...

9:36, go to the website of MS-FACT for the section of pics displaying horrendous cases of abuse right here in our home state. There are no warm and fuzzies in any of the pictures.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I say keep on preaching Kingfish...

Anonymous 10:40..if you are going to throw up, why are you here?

Autogyro said...

Pour it on 'em, Kingfish.

Anonymous said...

Keep 'em coming, KF.

Anonymous said...

If only the sick, homeless, parentless and indigent received as much attention................

Anonymous said...

OK Obama disciples [spenders without income], answer please. Where. Is. The. Money. Coming. From ?

Anonymous said...

The money will come from the fines that idiots such as yourself will pay when you decide to abuse your pet.... now go watch fox news where you can relive the last 8 years of Bush ruining my country...

Anonymous said...

Keep up the fight KF! Awareness is vital!

Anonymous said...

2:00 - wouldn't the money come from the fines that would be administered? Bill 2623, Section 1$1,000 for each offense, Section 2 1,500 to $10,000. The court will also order restitution.

Anonymous said...

There must be a special hell for those that abuse animals.

Anonymous said...

fines go to general funds, not law enforcement, da's, pd's and judges.

most fines go unpaid.

you people all sound like nancy pelosi.

not against protecting dogs and cats, but this will generate a huge number of NON REVENUE PRODUCING CASES for an already overburdened court system that can't reach murderers, rapists, drug dealers, bank robbers, etc., in a timely manner.

just explain how this is going to help. i assure you agg assault over an animal goes to the bottom of the list versus the cases i reference. if you want them near the top, resources must be made available.

geez, histrionics aside, can someone tell me how these issues will be met, if at all?

Anonymous said...

you people all sound like nancy pelosi

Thats funny ! ! !

thumbs up

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm David..der, der. And, I'm, der, der, all for makin' shure no wun gets to da' pokey for hurntin' them there damn animals. I mean, we eats' them der, der, der amiminals.

KaptKangaroo said...

I will not been paid, have not been paid, and don't get paid enough to post here.

So, Mr. Farma' Boro'....PUT up or SHUT UP. You have yet to show any measure of integrity in an official response, instead, you appear to be cowering behind simplistic denial. Oh the shame my own Father would anoint you with.

Anonymous said...

I was getting worried, have not seen any posts in a few days. You are creating ripples in the legislature and with silly David Waide. The public is going to be the ones to make this a law.Keep it going KF.

Anonymous said...

Happy to see that you have another post on this.

The trolls that are monitoring this site waiting for the Farm Bureau to come up again are on top of their game today.

Trolls ask where are the Mississippi pictures- Answered.

Trolls ask: And we will pay for this by?....

First- Farm Bureau prevents effective anti animal cruelty laws
for it's own reasons-and money wasn't one of them- was it?

Second-Does the Farm Bureau worry about how its favorite projects are paid for?

I'll say it here and now:

Collecting subsidies to erode the soil, pollute the waters with manure and chemicals; and provide us with food and an environment contaminated with antibiotic resistant e-choli, staph and other bacteria.

The causes of the resistant microorganisms include
A. Using the same drugs on animals and humans
B. Farmers misusing the drugs.
C. The unfortunate fact that evolution works- in a short time the drugs when used as they currently are will cease to be effective.
D. Filthy practices on the farm and in the harvest facility (that is their new term for packing plant).

After all Farm Bureau as done for the average citizen taxpayer and food consumer- what does a little not caring about animal cruelty really amount to.

Farm Bureau= obsolete, corrupt, exposed.

Anonymous said...

OHHHH!!! I get it now! This is about money! I guess we should stop prosecuting agg assault, domestic violence, murder, et. al.? Makes perfect sense! Perhaps this is why there is a statute of limitations on every crime that exists EXCEPT drug cases. B/c the state can't make money on those either? Damn! Drug lords have one hell of a lobby!

ERAY said...

I used to prosecute for Jackson and was handling a horrible dog abuse case. I won't get into details since I've heard the case is still going on, but I knew the legislation would never pass this when I had several lawyers tell me that it "would've saved us a lot of time and money if someone had just shot the damn dog."

I don't know if this defendant will go on to beat a girlfriend or wife, but I sure wouldn't be surprised if he did (or has) after what I saw.

Anonymous said...

12:00 and later...calling someone "preachy" is the old " attack the messenger" because you can't dispute the message.

I'm unimpressed and your " money" argument not only because it is a junior high level debating tactic BUT because YOU can't substantiate your argument with ONE example of overburden courts or increased costs to taxpayers in a state where this law already exists!

On the other hand, the FACT that animal abuse is a predictor of future violent behavior towards HUMANS is well documented.

AND, no one is letting McCoy and company off the hook. KF has described quite well how this bill killing game got played and FB has very dirty hands, buddy.

Are those opposed to this bill really this ignorant or do we have some who want to continue their pleasures undisturbed?

Unfair accusation? Well..

If you are going to call those for the bill " Nancy Pelosi" or " animal rights nuts" then we get to suggest that those opposing the bill are really closet psychos who get off on inflicting pain or feel powerful when they create fear in others.

Anonymous said...

5:06 Everyone knows we have laws to produce revenue and not to protect the public...whaddaya nuts?

This isn't an " issue".

Laws against animal cruelty protect the public. Not only by preventing diseases ( I know that one is hard for you...please see the recent news stories on the crazy bird lady) but by idenitifying psychotics ( I know this one's really hard since textbooks on abnormal behavior and FBI profiles have big words but you could try some crime writers...Ann Rule, maybe).


Anonymous said...

Was driving through Madison today over by the Mouse Exterminator Business location (don't remember the name) and saw four black puppies, all dead, piled up and left for dead in a ditch. What is humane about that? I was going to take a picture, but I thought let them rest in peace, and I didn't have the heart. It was very upsetting.

just getting started said...

As far as I am concerned is the ones who don't want an felony animal cruelty law passed is the ones who are actually the abusers. I'm sure the idiots posting against it on here have abused animals and probably spouse, kids, or others. This is why they post! If they aren't the actual abuser, then you can probably bet that one of their "good ole boy" friends is and they are protecting them!

Anonymous said...

Got real quiet once the tables got turned. Apparently, the FB defenders can dish out the insults but go hide when it gets thrown back at 'em.
Bullies are like that.
AND,of course, they can't dispute the facts. Poor babies.

Anonymous said...

Punishing crime is not about turning a profit. Those who are arguing against this law using that asinine logic should know that this bill had the full support of the Mississippi Chiefs of Police Association and many others in law enforcement, including judges who have publicly lamented the lack of a law that lets them adequately punish animal abusers.
I ask these people the same question I have repeatedly asked Farm Bureau - where are your facts? As Farm Bureau can never answer this question, I am sure they can't either.
Please, KF keep up the awareness. Waide, Ward, and their cronies didn't give Mississippi's pets OR PEOPLE a break, so they certainly don't deserve one themselves.

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