Friday, June 3, 2016

Get a job!!!

The city of Jackson issued the following statement on the youth summer jobs program:

Mayor Tony T. Yarber Announces Official Start of Summer Youth Employment Program

Mayor Tony T. Yarber and the Department of Human Cultural Services’ Family and Youth Division on Thursday, June 2, officially announced the start of this year’s Summer Youth Employment Program.

The City is employing 300 youth, while private sector partners are employing another 425. Youth are working a wide-range of jobs, including within City of Jackson departments.

“This program is a building block for our youth,” Mayor Yarber said. “They gain on-the-job training and they’re educated on financial literacy. This program also helps to build a stronger Jackson.”

Greg Riley, the manager of the Family and Youth Division, said the program employs youth ages 16 to 24. Riley said the city has partnered with 30 businesses so far and is still accepting private sector partners.

“The program is designed to help youth focus on career and educational opportunities,” Riley said.


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if Mayor Yarber and Jackson's Senior Staff will also take advantage of the education on financial literacy...they seem to need it!

Anonymous said...

“This program is a building block for our youth,” Mayor Yarber said. “They gain on-the-job training and they’re educated on financial literacy. This program also helps to build a stronger Jackson.”


Really Tony? Maybe YOU need to look into that! You just defaulted on a 90K mortgage and you are going to tell others where they can get FINANCIAL LITERACY?

It is unbelievable that this guy even shows his face in public anymore. WHAT A JOKE.

Anonymous said...

ages 16 - 24?
Since when was 24 considered a "youth"?
When I was 24, I had a job, a wife, 2 kids and a mortgage.
24=youth, my ass.

Anonymous said...

WHAT 3:30 SAID ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Anonymous said...

Same here, 3:30. Except for the 2 kids part. I was on the one to #1.

Anonymous said...

I was barely civilized when I was 24, but I was not considered a "youth." Even though I may have been a dumbass, I was expected to fend for myself.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if these are minority set aside jobs?

Anonymous said...

Give all 300 of the yewts a shovel and a bucket of hot asphalt and turn them loose on the pot holes.

Anonymous said...

Just another way to funnel a little more tax payers money to certain people.

Anonymous said...

Ditto 3:30 - I began practicing law when I was 24. Don't think I was considered a youth.

Summer Yoot Jobs said...

I helped administer Summer Youth Employment Programs and Neighborhood Youth Corps in the seventies, all affiliated with counties and municipalities. Nothing but a way for a municipality or other entity to ripoff the gubment for a hundred thousand bucks over the course of two years. Copy machines, adding machines (remember I said seventies), office supplies out the ying yang, mileage and transportation costs, meal allowances......and of course a little money in the pockets of yoots who worked three hours a day and farted around another four.

And even when jobs could not be developed in the public or private sector, the cities would get paid for 'efforting' to develop them. Got a lot of preachers a job glad handing and a few teachers during the summers. Especially if they knew somebody who knew somebody.

Does this sound like Yarber might be interested?

Anonymous said...

I thought the city was broke!?!? How can they afford to do this?

Anonymous said...

The city is broke. Has been for a long time and the future looks like more of the same. That does not mean there isn't any money a politician cannot skim off the top for their pockets and the pockets of their friends. There are many federal programs that are favorites of crooked politicians. There are programs for building that is another favorite. Even though the city cannot afford the up keep to what they already have. There is still money to be stolen.

Anonymous said...

Get yo summa job on in Jacktown!

Don't forget the JFP internship program. No pay, but VALUABLE experience!

Anonymous said...

Ripping the city for a summer jobs program. How dare the city of Jackson try to help its young people, try to teach them work ethic, understand the value of work, and keep them out of trouble! If they have jobs, I won't be able to harangue "THOSE" people and the city in these here comments errday. I'm conflicted.

Anonymous said...

The real cream of the summer jobs program are those jobs funded for old political retreads who have a four month job canvassing the community to 'develop job opportunities for yoot'. Not much results from that, but it's a real nice gig if you can get it.

And don't forget the articles the CL interns (and Mitchells) will write....those articles about black yoot unemployment and lack of opportunities and what we can all do to save Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Hell, this jobs for the summer - to teach the youth how to work - is nothing. Look at the programs the city runs to teach contractors how to become contractors. They call it 'mentoring' and pay a few individuals hundreds of thousands of dollars to watch the real engineers do their work. Much more to steal, and share, in those programs. This 'summer jobs program' is just to get everybody's eyes looking at these few dollars while the big bills are trading hands in Kishia's old office.

Anonymous said...

3:30 and 4:13 The JOBS program is in coordinated with the Dept. of Labor and has been around a long time. Most, if not all States take advantage of the program.
The age range is 18-24 to include college students.
If you are a student who is on an athletic scholarship or who worked for a few years to afford college or are in a program where scheduling conflicts for required courses is common, this program is very helpful.
It is more helpful now than when it came into existence as it now takes , on average, 5-6 years to complete college. It's no longer easily done in 4.
18+6=24. The age range expanded for a reason. Try to keep up with how the world changes.

Anonymous said...

At 3:30 , yes 24 is still considered a child by today's standards. According to today's society, you aren't able to get out from under mommy and daddy (if there is a daddy around) until you're 30 or so. If you are a business owner and you try to hire one of "the TODAY" youths you will absolutely pull your hair out! They don't listen and if they do, they don't pay attention because of all the mental issues from the ADHD meds prescribed to them. One thousand questions about how to do the same thing over and over. And it gets worse. They eventually have children and they will be worse! So, tax dollars are being spent to actually baby sit. Hell when I was in high school I had to sit on the hood of my car for 1 week at the ONE business that was hiring (1980's) and wait for someone to be fired just to show the owner I was willing to work! My how times have changed. We REALLY need some hardship in this country to get things back right again, but the problem with that is we have about 2 generations deep that would literally explode and start a revolt. And it would be a revolt against what is right. I have no problem with someone wanting to better themselves but I'm sick of it being done on my dime without my permission. Did I mention there might be a revolt? Take away the give away programs and you will see how much time YOU will be spending protecting your homes and businesses . As a matter of fact, next time you look at the supermarket grocery bagger notice how slow and lethargic they pack your groceries. Parents are not teaching their offspring about how to sweat. Afraid the Big Man gonna make too much profit. Also, notice the average age of men in construction...... Late 40's to 70's.... It's real, it's here and we are in trouble!

Anonymous said...

@6:44. the whole problem is the Dept of Labor! Unionized federal employees trying to tell the open shop private sector what to do. If the unions didn't work for private sector then why does it work for the public sector? I know I got off track here but the government needs to stay out of our business!!!

Early To Bed Early To Rise said...

6:44 - NEWSFLASH....

17+4=22. There is no reason someone should still be in high school at age 18, much less 19 or 20. And college is easily completed in four years. Even less if one bothers to attend summer school while working. I did. So did millions of others.

Someone over the age of 19 should not be in a youth giveaway employment program. I was managing those programs before you were born.

Gimme A Break said...


15 - 17 yr olds lied in order to enlist to fight in WWII. Like others above, I and my siblings all worked every summer and after school and weekends during school.

Todays kids, and young adults, can't even get up and going before 9:30-10:00 so they have a hard time "finding" meaningful employment. And, yes, like a poster said, they want to work at their own pace and "do it their way".

At 24, many of these scholars are only 2 - 3 years away from becoming grandparents.

Anonymous said...

When a person gets to the age of 18 they are considered a grown person. Most are not but that is because of the way they were raised. How many kids now days have a job after school? Not many. Not many will have a job after they get out of college. The govt. has raised most of their parents so they are very satisfied with the govt. raising their kids. No one ever thinks about the people who have to foot the bill for these kids. We now have generations of people who do not have a working member in their family.
The number of working people is getting smaller every year. We have passed the time when the working people afford to pay for these free loaders. Our country is going farther into debt trying to pay for raising them.
What happens when there isn't anyone we can borrow from? People should be thinking about it as the time is coming closer.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:32, the 15 to 17 year olds who lied to get into the military ( and the rest of the greatest generation) is the cut of cloth that made this nation, but we have lost it. How I wish I could have been a part of that generation. My dad and uncle lied to get into service. I am thankful everyday that my dad was very disciplined on my brothers and I. Spare the rod, spoil the child.....we are living it now. And with the 40 to 70 year olds in construction we are living on borrowed time if we don't teach classes in private school that educate about work ethics, because the public school system will not. Just think about it. A whole course on work ethics. It's not a bad idea and we as a society could use it now more than ever. 30 years ago we didn't have technology to build like we do now. No aerial lifts ( you climbed a ladder or built scaffolds), geospatial technology for building layout, alignment lasers ( try and teach a young one patience these days about using a Plumb bob to plumb a 4 story building in the wind!) It's a whole new open chapter that can change our nation for the better if we just take advantage of it and quit beating into this generations heads they HAVE to go to college. There are plenty of very well paying jobs and satisfying jobs if you just put forth the effort and use a 4 letter word that has become "nasty" to some.... WORK.

There is a certain part of our population who believe in coasting through certain colleges just enough to get some kind of degree, get a public sector job and have benefits out the wazoo while the private sector suffers! Big government has to stop now because we have gotten too top heavy. Half or more than half of government employees would not make it if they worked in the private sector.

Anonymous said...

12:49, there are also an alarming number of college grads that coasted through college on some major that has little use in todays job market. They have thousands of $ in college loans and can't get a minimum wage job. They are too educated to work and too dumb to get a job.

Anonymous said...

At 2:29, you are CORRECT nod the sad thing is they will vote for a presidential candidate who will want to forgive their tuition loans. Does anyone realize this generation only wants what is only in their interest at that very moment? We are in serious trouble

Walk The Stage, Get A Damned Job! said...

The present occupier of The White House will find a way to forgive all minority-held student loans before the next seven months expire. Book it Danno.

17+4=22? Nobody caught it? You should be out of college no later than age 21 unless there are critical extenuating circumstances. Not "I were helpin' my momma." Not, "I got a late start." Not, "I change my major three time and work some part time." Not, "I were takin' my time to check the job market and make my grades."

Anonymous said...

Early to bed
You are embarrassing yourself.

6 + 12 = 18

If you went to a nationally accredited college at all, it hasn't been in quite a while .
You haven't put any kids through college in the last decade either.

In some majors, it's impossible to graduate in 4 years even with going to summer school!

And, you certainly haven't looked up the actual national statistics for the average time it now takes to complete college. A college grad ought to know to do that before opining.

If you went to college at all, you must have cut class the days your professors tried to teach you that your personal experience and anecdotal knowledge is unreliable.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how the kids have decided to do it today but when I went to college 4 years was the usual time it took. Some finished in 3 years. I can understand how it would take a kid now days several more years. First they have to take the puff classes, then they have to take the classes their friends take, then comes the classes to make up for changing their major several times.

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