Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bennie boycotts Bibi.

Yup. The Wall Street Journal reported our own Bennie Thompson boycotted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech today. Here is the speech in case you did not get a chance to see it. 


Anonymous said...

Bennie was probably at a fish fry

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Bibi failed to mention that lil' fib at the UN.

The man is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

that lil' fib at the UN.

What did he say at the UN?

Anonymous said...

2:57- here you go:


Anonymous said...

Oh Mossad is less alarmed than Bibi.
What about you! don't you think it would be better to stop Iran from getting the bomb now than waiting for Mossad to get more alarmed. Iran is a theocracy it is run by imams who believe if they cause so much chaos and hell on earth the twelfth iman will crawl out of a well and run the world. With sharia law and if YOU don't convert oh well look at what ISIS does not only to Muslims who believe different than them but Christians , ect.

Anonymous said...

Bibi probably didn't have enough cash for Bennie's campaign or maybe he didn't meet the EBO requirements.

Anonymous said...

"What me worry?" I am so sure that Uncle Bennie was up in the Delta fleecing some "contiturants" out of something which is far more important than what some silly PM has to say. Plus we all know what Calypso Louie thinks about Jews don't we? hmmm?

Anonymous said...

Purim is tomorrow. Very good speech
Bibi is a true leader

Anonymous said...

Not to deprive anyone of their pleasure in fearmongering, but here's Peter Beinart, on the fact that Iran's leaders are not crazed jihadis:

That’s why the Bush administration’s 2007 National Intelligence Estimate said Iran is “guided by a cost-benefit approach.” It’s why Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said in 2012 that “we are of the opinion that Iran is a rational actor.” It’s why Benny Gantz, then head of the Israel Defense Forces, declared the same year that “the Iranian leadership is composed of very rational people.” It’s why Meir Dagan, the longtime head of Israel’s intelligence agency, called the Iranian regime “rational” in an interview with 60 Minutes. And it’s why Ron Burgess, the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, told Congress that “the agency assesses Iran is unlikely to initiate or provoke a conflict.” Could all these men, who analyze intelligence about Iran for a living, be wrong? Sure.

No one can force Iran not to build nuclear bombs. But someone is doing something to convince them not to do so: Obama. I know y'all hate that.

Bennie Da Chump said...

Bennie is the ultimate 'Step and Fetchit'. He marches to whatever drum brings donations to his tent. Net don't give a whit about chumps like Bennie Thompson, Sharpton or Rangel. As they say in the hood, "Ain't no percentage in it".

Anonymous said...

At least he left his cartoon bomb at home this time.

Anonymous said...

Will check on peter beinart and Benny gantz,Meir dagan.
Don't have any faith in political gen. Martin Dempsey.
And there is no way on gods green earth I believe B Obama gives a damn

Anonymous said...

Peter Beinart. Yup. There's an expert. LOL

Anonymous said...

So 4:54
Iran wants nuclear for the energy right?

Anonymous said...

Bibi, much like Esther, spoke the truth even though the truth may have been inconvenient. For just such a time as this, indeed.

Guess who is playing the role of Haman?

Anonymous said...

I have questions.
1) why did bibi tell the diaspora jews of Europe to come back home to Israel because no one wants them?
( after the attacks)
2) if he's so scared of this nuclear thing, wouldn't he want to keep them out of Israel, or is he wittingly inviting them into nuclear trap based on his premise of Iranian nuclear bombs?
( according what they're saying about iran, they would love that!)
3) I support Israel, but we have our right to be skeptical in an age of opportunistic fear mongering - if we are to truly understand 'the issues' with our dearest ally, then why can't we question motives and rhetoric of the current leader without being accused as anti-Israel?
4) even Israelis are mad about this.
5) having this meeting right before a jewish holiday is really skeptical IMHO.
6) Israel already has nuclear weapons- they could wipe Iran off the map if need be.
7) we try our best to pursue diplomacy before resorting to other options i.e. "War"! before sending more of our troops into harms way like blind sheep. ( we care for them as well, too).
Intelligent people ask questions.

Anonymous said...

6:10 - less oil they need, more they can sell.

Didn't help that Bush invaded Iraq & demonstrated what US does to non-nuke powers. Frankly I'm not sure I'd deal if I were Iran: would YOU not want a nuke defense, if you were them?

But sanctions are burdening them, & a deal might give Iran a way to back off without seeming to let US walk over them.

Anonymous said...

There was over 50 elected officials who didn't attend meeting. List below.
Rep. Karen Bass (Calif.)
Rep. Earl Blumenauer (Ore.)
Rep. Corrine Brown (Fla.)
Rep. G.K. Butterfield (N.C.)
Rep. Lois Capps (Calif.)
Rep. Andre Carson (Ind.)
Rep. Joaquin Castro (Texas)
Rep. Katherine Clark (Mass.)
Rep. Lacy Clay (Mo.)
Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (Mo.)
Rep. James Clyburn (S.C.)
Rep. Steve Cohen (Tenn.)
Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-N.J.)
Rep. John Conyers (Mich.)
Rep. Danny Davis (Ill.)
Rep. Peter DeFazio (Ore.)
Rep. Diana DeGette (Colo.)
Rep. Lloyd Doggett (Texas)
Rep. Donna Edwards (Md.)
Rep. Keith Ellison (Minn.)
Rep. Chaka Fattah (Pa.)
Rep. Marcia Fudge (Ohio)
Rep. Raúl Grijalva (Ariz.)
Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (Ill.)
Rep. Denny Heck (Wash.)
Rep. Ruben Hinojosa (Texas)
Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (Texas)
Rep. Marcy Kaptur (Ohio)
Rep. Rick Larsen (Wash.)
Rep. Barbara Lee (Calif.)
Rep. John Lewis (Ga.)
Rep. Zoe Lofgren (Calif.)
Rep. Dave Loebsack (Iowa)
Rep. Betty McCollum (Minn.)
Rep. Jim McDermott (Wash.)
Reps. Jim McGovern (Mass.)
Rep. Jerry McNerney (Calif.)
Rep. Gregory Meeks (N.Y.)
Rep. Gwen Moore (Wis.)
Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D.C.)
Rep. Beto O’Rourke (Texas)
Rep. Chellie Pingree (Maine)
Rep. David Price (N.C.)
Rep. Charles Rangel (N.Y.)
Rep. Cedric Richmond (La.)
Rep. Jan Schakowsky (Ill.)
Rep. Bennie Thompson (Miss.)
Rep. Mike Thompson (Calif.)
Rep. John Yarmuth (Ky.)

Sen. Al Franken (Minn.)
Sen. Tim Kaine (Va.)
Sen. Patrick Leahy (Vt.)
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)
Sen. Brian Schatz (Hawaii)
Sen. Martin Heinrich (N.M.)
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA)

Anonymous said...

The list of non-attendees speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

Hamman is BO? Cuzz BO sure ain't the king.

Anonymous said...

This man from a foreign government walked into the United States legislative chamber and tried to take over U.S. foreign policy. He said, ‘You should trust me, not your president on this. I am the man you should trust, I am your true leader on this question of U.S. geopolitics. To protect yourself, you must listen to me and not this president. The GOP assisted in a "takeover attempt" by a foreign government.

Anonymous said...

@9:26 the takeover of US foreign policy by Saul Alinsky occurred on January 20, 2009. May Yahweh God protect us from the scourge that is the current president. I pray daily imprecatory prayers for his devilishly inspired plans and schemes to fail.

Anonymous said...

9:39, When a Speaker of the House allowed a foreign leader to give a speech in our congress to undermine a U.S President and our foreign policy goals, it shows just how far off the rails they have gone. So lost in their lust for war and hate for this President, they have become traitors to their countrymen.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post over at the American Conservative Magazine: The Disgraceful Spectacle in Congress.

Some highlights:

One remarkable thing about the event was how shamelessly the prime minister repeated one dishonest or tendentious claim after another. He held up an utterly unrealistic “much better deal” that Iran would never agree to as the only alternative, and he absurdly claimed that the deal currently being negotiated would “pave” the way to an Iranian nuclear weapon.... Needless to say, Netanyahu’s record of false predictions and warnings about Iran’s nuclear program makes him an especially unreliable source of information.

The audience this morning enthusiastically cheered on the sabotage of a major U.S. diplomatic initiative, the undermining of an important U.S. policy goal, and the blatant meddling of a foreign leader in our domestic politics. It is one of the more disgraceful things I’ve seen an assembly of American political leaders do, and that is really saying something.

Anonymous said...

9:39, maybe you should sacrifice an Amalikite infant so your prayers will be VERY pleasing to Yahweh. He's into that kind of thing.

I bet you see yourself as very different from ISIS.

Kingfish said...

I seem to remember Speaker Jim Wright meeting with the Sandinistas and trying to undermine Reagan's Nicaraguan foreign policy.

Anonymous said...

I see where you're going Kingfish, but I think the comparison would be more apt if Wright had invited Ortega to address the Congress (and America) to discuss why Reagan's plan for Central America was bad.

Anonymous said...

@9:26 & 9:41....Mexico's President spoke before Congress in May 2010. He SLAMMED Arizona's handling of immigration issues. Democrats stood and applauded, including Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. He also took swats at the 2nd amendment, blaming Mexico's violence on America's weapons and demand for drug....the Dems stood and applauded many of those comments.

Anonymous said...

Israel is our ally. What the heck is wrong with y'all? Iran is not an ally and wants you dead idiots. Where did Valerie Jarrett and Susan rice grow up?

Anonymous said...

9:41 please spare us the mouth-breather liberal talking points. Your president and his enablers in the prior congress, namely that hag, Pelosi, happily invited Felipe Calderon to Congress and gave him a similar platform to rail against the sovereign laws of the State of Arizona. Don't act like this was some major affront to US sovereignty. Your community organizer in chief just got one-upped in the Saul Alinsky sweepstakes. Beaten at his own game.

Anonymous said...

9:41 - either you think we're stupid, you're being intellectually dishonest, or better yet you are stupid.
I love how this is now a pandering partisan issue.
Bibii's financial backers can try to spin this in whatever way they want, but in the spirit of bibi, I think I'd like to go to Israel and vote in their upcoming elections.

Anonymous said...

It is not acceptable for the leader of ANY foreign government to try to undermine our President and State Department EVER!

It is fine for another country to lobby our legislators and there is, after all, an American-Israel PAC.

If there is a good case to be made and this isn't a political stunt, it can be made through normal channels.

This is a terrible precedent to set!

And, some of you might care more about Israel's interest than the interests of the United States of America. You seem to also think Israel should have a blank check for U.S, taxpayer dollars, but most of us are Americans first!

And, here's a new flash, Netanyahu is more "revered" here than in his own country. You might try reading Israel's newspapers rather than reading what the JDL tells you is in Israel's newspapers!

This was also a move by the GOP that failed. The President's ratings went up and more than a few American Jews, who are better informed, are not pleased!

I Draw muhammed said...

The energy argument is dumb. "The less oil they need, the more they can sell." Iran really doesn't have much oil. They do, however, have more natural gas than they could ever dream of consuming.

The ONLY reason Iran wants nuclear power is to bomb Israel and America.

The time is coming where we will just have to start either executing the muslims or deport them back to the sandbox.

It doesn't help that Hussein Obama is on their side.

Anonymous said...

I wish some of these posters understood the difference between foreign policy, domestic policy, and international relations. Calderon spoke to Congress (with the approval of the White House) on several domestic issues and the implications of those domestic policies on a bordering country. It is not uncommon for heads of foreign states to address Congress, but it is odd for such a session to occur without conferring with the White House, and especially odd for that speaker to deliver a repudiation of American foreign policy.

Kingfish said...

Obama screwed up by making it more than it was. Should've just quietly let him speak. All the protesting, trashing, and private villifications just pumped it up.

Dumb Bennie's Arse said...

But; back to the stated subject of this thread. Bennie was quoted in todays paper as saying "I wouldn't miss an opportunity to be with my people back home".

WTF? Who does that whiz-bag think he is kidding?

Anonymous said...

The conduct of the democrats demonstrates that they are incompetent to be trusted with the defense of this country. They are appalling, as is their wretched President.

Anonymous said...

I Draw, so you are stating that Iran is going to develop a nuclear arsenal to bomb Isreal and the US.

I'm guessing your International Relations coursework was completed at Ole Miss.

Anonymous said...

4:35 pm Yes foreign leaders have addressed Congress but with the approval or at the invitation of The White House.

KF, this is a bad precedent. To let a foreign leader interfere in our politics is just not acceptable especially when he is do so to try to win an election in his country.

The citizens of his country, particularly those in the opposing party who just might win the election, might also see through this stunt.

And, for the others, every US official in this administration has stated publicly and clearly that a nuclear armed Iran is not acceptable.

I would also remind everyone that in the Middle East, that friends and enemies aren't so easy to predict. We are in the unfortunate position of preferring helping Assad and Hamas ( thus Iran) when we fight the common enemy, ISIS.

Foreign events require a bit more expertise and knowledge ( like daily intelligence reports) of changing events in other countries than is gotten watching TV and surfing the web!

Oh, Puleeze said...

4:35; As if 'with the approval of the White House', somehow diminishes the fact that a number of foreign leaders have taken the same podium to (more directly) denounce our country.

You're wrong. Holder's standing to applaud a foreign leader who attacked one of our sovereign states is way more outlandish and inexcusable.

None of you libs can point to a single thing Bibi said that directly attacks, insults or demeans the US or its leaders. The rest of us are beyond tired of you people wanting to silence others who don't march in lock-step.

Anonymous said...

6:42p.....maybe bibi just returned the favor...it's been widely-reported that his o-ness has had somebody working to defeat bibi in israel election for some time now and i also remember his o-ness hissef insisting on addressing the israeli people early on in his 1st term to the consternation of the leadership

face it, his o-ness could not stand to be treated the same way he has treated others...should he ever get out of the white house, he will quickly become just a bad nightmare that we went thru...a younger version of sharpton

Anonymous said...

7:20, how about Bibi attempting to drag us into a war by "misleading" regarding Iran's nuclear progress? That is odd way to respect our servicemen and women.

(For how many years has Israel claimed that Iran was "one year away" from obtaining a nuke? Hint: it isn't one.)

What's the first casualty of war?

I Draw muhammad said...

Regardless of if Itan is one year away or ten years away from a bomb. We must stop it. All we have been doing is kicking the can down the road. And obama kicks it like a bitch.

Maybe we'll get lucky and the muslims will become more efficient at killing each other and america won't have to get involved.

Anonymous said...

"4:35; As if 'with the approval of the White House', somehow diminishes the fact that a number of foreign leaders have taken the same podium to (more directly) denounce our country.

You're wrong. Holder's standing to applaud a foreign leader who attacked one of our sovereign states is way more outlandish and inexcusable.

None of you libs can point to a single thing Bibi said that directly attacks, insults or demeans the US or its leaders. The rest of us are beyond tired of you people wanting to silence others who don't march in lock-step."
It is of great concern that you think people that don't march in lock- step with your view are 'libs'. That's a logical fallacy. No sane person wants Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon. Some of us may know more than you on how Israel and the US have prevented such a dangerous ambition from coming true thus far. Trying to make this a partisan issue, when indeed it is not, is only further polarizing politics in the US and in Israel.
Have you ever heard the phrase " United we stand, together we fall?"
It's been in songs and been said by presidents. Please quit this nonsense. We, as a world power, cannot handle any more polarization here at home or abroad.

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