Saturday, January 17, 2015

Guest has had enough.

Rankin-Madison District Attorney Michael Guest had a few things to say about the crime problems in Jackson that spill over across county lines.  The Madison County Journal reported:

Two of the three teens charted with capital murder in the Belhaven shooting death last week were out on bond for armed robberies in Jackson, the authorities said.

The minimal bonding levels set in Hinds County often bleed trouble over into Madison County, law enforcement authorities here said this week after Carolyn Temple died Monday night in a Jackson hospital....

"Had they been in jail we would have been able to prevent a murder," Madison County District Attorney Michael Guest said.

"Cases readily occur in Madison County from individuals who reside in Hinds County and are out on bond there."

Antreal Jones, 18, Jerome Moore, 17, were arrested Tuesday after a standoff with JPD. On Wednesday, the third suspect, 17-year-old Antwain Dukes, turned himself in to authorities.

They all face capital murder charges.

Dukes was out on a $25,000 bond and Jones was out on a $10,000 bond - both on charges of armed robbery, Jackson police officials said....

"For the crimes they are alleged to have committed, I don't believe the bonds set in Hinds County were adequate bonds," Guest said. "I believe one thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the safety of the general public. Does the bond also assure the public will be protected?"

Guest said bonds are set high in Madison County for that purpose and while amounts for non-violent crimes are generally lowered, that's rarely the case for violent offenses.

He said his offices in Rankin and Madison counties are often dealing with Jackson offenders, pointing to a recent carjacking of a woman in the Flowood Bed, Bath and Beyond parking lot in December.

"That's the second time the defendant was released from the jail without bond - the second time," he said, saying past charges included armed robbery, aggravated assault, and rape and sexual battery. "We routinely see individuals who are charged in crimes in Madison and Rankin County who are out on bonds in serious crimes."

He also pointed to the Madison carjacking in December that ended in police fatally shooting the Jackson man. While that suspect was not out on bond, Guest said there was an active warrant for the suspect since October in a different shooting and robbery.

Guest added, "It's to the point it's almost an epidemic."

Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker echoed Guest's sentiments and said he likes to see bonds on the higher end of statuary guidelines when dealing with violent crimes.

"It's not intended to be punishment," he said. "You have to take into consideration the safety of the community and prevent flight risk."... Rest of article


Anonymous said...

What Guest point out is nothing new (and it’s already an “epidemic”, Mr. Guest). This has long been recognized as one of the glaring deficiencies in the Hinds County criminal justice system. With the corrupt and incompetent decision making and apathetic attitudes among the majority in leadership in this county, this vicious cycle will continue to be the norm.

Anonymous said...

The criminals who haven't figured out that they can commit crimes in Jackson and get away with them but will face still sentences in Madison and Rankin for the same crimes are just stupid.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say "stiff sentences".

Anonymous said...

Time for HindsCo to build a new jail and build it in downtown Jackson to eliminate the exorbitant transportation costs back and forth to Raymond.

Anonymous said...

Obviously he just can't handle the fact that a proud black man is in the Oval Office. That's all that this is about.


Anonymous said...

@ 1:59 PM, to whom and what are you referring?

Sick of the race card said...

1:59: This has nothing to do with the president. This is a local problem that has grown from bad to worse. Mommas who have kids with men who aren't fathers is a root cause. And mommas, like the one whose son is charged with capital murder, saying her son ain't no shooter, "he just a robber" and his specialty is house burglary...??? This is about responsibility and, yes, race is a factor simply because of the number of young black thugs on the street. So, write a letter to your president and ask him to step to the plate. And by the way, his hometown of Chicago is a killing field.

Anonymous said...

And in response to the murder in Belhaven....

JFP equates it to why no one is talking about the murder of a black male in Terry (South Jackson) and asks the question - why is it all about white folks???

Anonymous said...

Darryl deadmon was rankin born and bred...

Anonymous said...

I received a notice a couple of years ago telling me I had not paid a ticket I got in Yazoo County maybe 12 years earlier. I knew I had and called the clerk in Yazoo county. She was extremely nice and told me they don't know who paid and who didn't, so the collection agency sent everyone this collection notice. She cleared my file. Upon research, I found out that Mike Guest, yes that Mike Guest owned this collection agency. I wonder how many rural Yazoo County people paid these bogus bills. Needless to say when I called and left a message about why I was calling, he never returned my call. I reported this to a state agency, and never heard from them either.

Anonymous said...

@2:29 You're right. The problem has been here for a while. It is sad that it took a rich white woman's death for people to realize the problem.
At least now people are talking about what the DA and judges have been doing and letting them know they want something done about it.
I believe if that problem is fixed a number of other problems would be fixed. Morale at JPD would go up because they'd feel like the officers would feel like they made a difference. People that live in crime-ridden areas would feel safer. If they feel safer, they'll leave the house to shop in their neighborhoods. Businesses would spring up. Property values would rise.
It could be a huge domino effect.

Anonymous said...

KF, you're a pretty good big-picture guy with intimate knowledge of how all this works. What can be done to remedy the situation...short & long term? What are the issues and logjams in the system?

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the collection agency you are talking about is actually the DA's office, not a company. There was a story a few years ago about the office having less money available because there were fewer collections contracts because of more electronic transactions, verifications or something.

Anonymous said...

There was a guy marching today in MLK parade. His name was Stanley Alexander and he's the current Assistant Attorney General that prosecutes public corruption... And he's running for District Attorney of Hinds County against incumbent Robert Schuler Smith. The entire Hinds County Bar is supporting him.

Anonymous said...

Preach on, brother Mike

Here's The Point said...

Damn, 'you people'. Get it through your thick heads that this is not about an incident in Terry, and it's not about a notice that you didn't pay a ticket and it's not about the MLK parade or crime being at epidemic levels.

What it's about IS NO BOND AND LOW BOND.

I'm no lawyer but bond ought to be less about 'ensuring appearance at trial' and MORE about 'protecting the safety of the general population'.

How anybody who wears a robe can set low or no-bond for these people is baffling. There are excuses but there are no reasonable explanations.

Anonymous said...

KF lacks the knowledge of how to properly answer that question. Just as a football announcer may tell you how an offensive play is supposed to be run, the audience places no stock in the commentary when they realize he's never played the game.

Anonymous said...

Stanley Alexander worked for Faye Peterson when she was DA which should tell you something about his intellectual capacity. At this point, though, I guess even an idiot would be better than Smith if the idiot at least gave a shit.

Anonymous said...

time to hold judges accountable; media should post the bond amounts and the judges who more or less gave these kids another opportunity to commit more crime.

Anonymous said...

We need to stop electing judges.

Parallels said...

@8:34. Even a broadcast announcer need not have ever played the game in order to keep count of (and report) the number of turnovers in a game.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Jefferson once said "You get the government you deserve."

Anonymous said...

@8:58 AM
Please explain how prosecuting as an assistant D.A., under a former administration, almost a decade ago tells "you" anything about Mr. Alexander's intellectual capacity. Also, as reflected in your post, surely you are not suggesting that Mr. Alexander is an "idiot".

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter high the bond it set. As long as you have personal surety bail agents they will post a bond for a $50 processing fee and a $25 jail tax. They will put the rest on a no interest payment plan. Until the legislature does away with personal surety bail agents and extending credit on bonds. These thugs will continue to get out with no real money.

Anonymous said...

Here are some facts that everyone needs to acknowledge:
1. Madison and Rankin Counties need to understand they would not exist except for Hinds County. If it was not for Jackson many years ago, the suburbs would not be here. Because the affluent has moved further out, does not mean that the crime will not follow them out to the affluent areas. It is a metro problem. The quicker we address as a metro problem, the quicker we can fix it. For those OF you that doubt me, I remember Northeast Jackson saying the same thing.
2. Would the freaking State do something? The Youth Court laws in this State are antiquated. No one cares. If you want to stop crime, then you have to catch it before they are 15 or 16. Do you realize you basically have to commit three crimes to get 90 days under the system now? If you try the certify them as adults, Judge Greene sends them back to Youth Court. You need to get these kids to be able to do two years if they are doing their third felony or a violent crime for their own sake. Also, Legislators you have to pass requirements if the children are missing schools and/or DHS are involved, THE PARENTS MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!! Working freaking community service to pay back the State for the Services. I know this will not be passing more useless abortion laws that will be overturned or the Bible as the State book, but why don't we address the problem.
3. The Youth Court needs to start holding these parents financially responsible. See Statute below.
4. We can all bitch about bonds, but if don't have anymore jail capacity, it doesn't matter.

Youth Court § 43-21-619. Power to order parents to pay child's expenses and restitution or to participate in counseling or family treatment program; orders to constitute civil judgment

(1) The youth court may order financially able parents to pay for court ordered medical and other examinations and treatment of a child; for reasonable attorney's fees and court costs; and for other expenses found necessary or appropriate in the best interest of the child as determined by the youth court. The youth court is authorized to enforce payments ordered under this subsection.

(2) The youth court may order the parents, guardians or custodians who exercise parental custody and control of a child who is under the jurisdiction of the youth court and who has willfully or maliciously caused personal injury or damaged or destroyed property, to pay such damages or restitution through the court to the victim in an amount not to exceed the actual loss and to enforce payment thereof. Restitution ordered by the youth court under this section shall not preclude recovery of damages by the victim from such child or parent, guardian or custodian or other person who would otherwise be liable. The youth court also may order the parents, guardians or custodians of a child who is under the jurisdiction of the youth court and who willfully or maliciously has caused personal injury or damaged or destroyed property to participate in a counseling program or other suitable family treatment program for the purpose of preventing future occurrences of malicious destruction of property or personal injury.

Anonymous said...

@ JFP & 4:20

Are you suggesting that the black community either didn't care enough or know how to voice contempt?

It appears from your comment that only the white community has the ability to articulate and call for change… which now befuddles the former?

You probably won't like it, but I'd have to agree.

Anonymous said...

Guest indeed owns the collection agency that has many contracts to collect fines for small cities and counties.

Guest indeed has two counties with pro law enforcement jury pools and mostly competent law enforcement.

Guest indeed has judges that will set high bonds and keep high profile defendants in jail.

Guest indeed does a job that a retarded kangaroo could do with such resources.

Anonymous said...

Stanley Alexander, regardless of his affiliation with Faye Peterson, would be an upgrade over Robert Smith. It is widely known that Smith rarely shows up at the courthouse AND he has tried like 3 cases in his nearly two terms.

The guy is an incompetent egomaniac that needs to go.

Anonymous said...

He (Guest) is just starting to position himself to run for A.G. Time to expand his audience. Nothing more.

Anonymous said...

1) A better and safer Hinds County is a better and safer Madison and Rankin county.

2) We need to stop electing judges.

3) Basically anyone other than Robert Smith would be an improvement.

4) Its great to see that someone (Michael Guest) has the balls to call out the deficiencies in Hinds County, since the media is too incompetent or lazy to do so independently.

Kingfish said...

When Guest took office, he hired several Faye Peterson prosecutors. Does that mean they suck?

Anonymous said...

We're going to keep electing new DAs because anything is better than what we have now. That's why Smith was elected and what a total disappointment he has been.

Anonymous said...

It baffles me how time and time again everyone is too politically correct to address the elephant in the room.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Echo sentiments expressed about Stan Alexander- He is a rude egocentric blowhard,as well as a loudmouth. I'm all for new leadership if that's what ya'll think will help, but Stanley Alexander is NOT the solution.

Anonymous said...

Smith was not elected because he was thought to be better than the previous DA. Smith was elected because his entire campaign was furnished with funds from prior and current politicians, organizations and indiviuals who had an interest in making certain Jackson and Hinds County would maintain the status quo or worse. Smith is controlled by certain people in power in the legal community, politicians such as supervisors and council members and the criminal element. Combine that with his basic incompetence, lack of ethics and basic laziness and we have our DA.

Hell, even Smith was shocked that he was elected until he realized that he was just a pawn. He then fell into his simipowerful role quite easily.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:10
He must have prosecuted your client(s) successfully.

Anonymous said...

"It baffles me how time and time again everyone is too politically correct to address the elephant in the room. "

Including you, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Retarded kangaroo? That is a new one for me.

Anonymous said...

Someone said they saw a retarted kangaroo conversating with an elephant in a room. it was later determined that he was confused and the two were probably just Robert Smith and Kenny Stokes.

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