Saturday, November 16, 2013

Roy Nicholson says Happy Trails.....

Roy Nicholson steps down as Chairman of the Central Mississippi Tea Party in this message:

The past four and a half years have been very significant historically. Hussein Obama took office as President and immediately launched attacks against our constitutional republic, and with that our sacred liberties. Not content with that he also immediately started branding patriots, Christians and veterans as potential domestic terrorists that must be spied on, harassed and vilified. In January of 2009 our world was radically changed as Obama began keeping his promise to fundamentally transform our country.

By February people all across the country had awakened to their peril and Rick Santelli made his famous rant on TV and with that the Tea Party was born. In February and March some 2000 tea parties began forming around the country and on April 15th they held rallies across the country. Finding our representatives deaf to our cries one and a half million of us rallied at the Capital in DC. But they still ignored us.

Today things are much much worse. Today we have seen so many of the things we warned of, and were laughed at over, admitted to be true on the front pages of even mainstream news media. Our warnings are proven right. And the Tea Party, which even Fox News worked so hard to ignore, degrade, criticize and belittle, well today it is now considered to be the most important political force in our state and our country. The Socialists, meaning Democrats, Liberals and most of the GOP leaders and representatives, have intense hatred and fear of us. (Thank God for our Governor Phil Bryant.) We are the enemy that must be neutered and, if possible, eliminated.

It is a time when we see constant reason to expect many frightful things as our country is turned into a Socialist dictatorship and we see of our God endowed rights being buried under a pile of governmental manure. You are the enemy, you are the target, and you have every reason to be fearful.
During these years the tea parties in Mississippi have been fully engaged in the fight to restore Liberty and are now recognized by many of the national freedom organizations as one of the most effective in the country. Freedom Works said in a meeting last month in Georgia that we were doing it better than any other state. You can applaud yourselves.

We have passed out to you a list of our accomplishments and it has a list of most of our MSTP activities this year. Laura will cover the legislative work you have done. What I want to do now is to mention a couple of very important things that we accomplished this year.

After the IRS harassment of tea parties and other conservative groups became public we joined the class action suit against the IRS and are represented in this by the American Center for Law and Justice. That suit will probably be on going for at least a couple of years and maybe forever. ACLJ is providing all of their services pro bono so it is without cost to us.

We became aware of the threat and peril that is Common Core and we are very involved in alerting the public and providing them with credible information that they are using toward eliminating it from our state. We are now participating with Senator Angela Hill at forums around the state. Our own Rita Anderson from Clinton is serving as our chief researcher and spokesman on this issue and travels with Senator Hill.

In my view the most important MSTP event this year was the "Agree to Agree for Freedom Symposium" that we held in Vicksburg at the end of July. That is the beginning of supercharging our freedom movement in Mississippi. When we came together as independent chapters, and united as the Mississippi Tea Party, we became a major political force. As the organizations around the state begin coalitioning together we will see such pressure brought to bear on our legislature and city governments that the statist walls will begin falling. Jameson Taylor with Mississippi Center for Public Policy has taken up that mission of bringing them together.

Yes, these are truly fearful days. But, these are also days of hope. We are not powerless. The Socialists and Islamists who have targeted us and our country have not won. They have taken much ground and we are truly in peril, but the war is not over and for many the fight has just begun.

So, as I prepare to step aside and hand the gavel to your new Chairman, may I leave you with a couple of words of encouragement?

My wife Barbara and I were looking at our finances and preparations for what we see coming and reached the immediately obvious conclusion that we do not have enough money, food, or anything else to weather the days ahead. And folks, no one else has either. But while we considered our resources Barbara said "We have great internal wealth that has to do with who we are as people." And she is right. Not only is our hope and trust in God who has promised to provide for us but we have enormous internal resources that are just waiting to be tapped. Life that is faced with courage becomes an adventure. And though the dangers are very real, and destruction may await around every turn, life is still good and our liberty is still worth fighting for. But, those resources need one thing to unleash them - COURAGE.

I am reading "TAKING CHANCES" written by Major Frederick Russell Burnham in the forties. (He was the inspiration and model for creating the Boy Scouts.) He opens his chapter titled "Courage" with these words: "A strange and powerful emotion, without which life would be intolerable, is courage. It animates everything to some degree, from the lowest form of life to the highest. It is the oxygen of the mind, lacking which we die. Courage is the answer to eternal and universal fear. With neither fear nor courage the human is as dead as a stone, although he may not know it. Fear overruled by courage is power.
The worst monster that creeps into the human heart is despair, but courage can even drive despair out of our breasts, for courage always has a comrade-at-arms, -- hope, whose breath is life-giving and as sweet and welcome as the whispers of ministering angels.

Long ago old scouts warned me to be ever on the alert against attacks of fear and despair, and to drive them off with courage and hope."

Those are words that we must embrace during these dark days as we see even greater darkness coming.
But, we must also remember a very important thing. If we have God endowed rights, then there truly is a God to whom we are accountable and who above all else we must please. Our Founding Fathers were not ashamed to seek Him and openly acknowledge His kingship over the affairs of men. We must be like them.
So, with that introduction let me leave you with some words from the Scriptures. From the very first day of my tea party experience I have consistently said that we cannot do things the way our enemies do. If we are to hope for His help, then we must fight this fight in ways that please Him.
Psalm 37 has these words and with them I leave my beloved Mississippi Tea Party in His hands. "Fret not yourself because of evil doers, neither be envious of the workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb. TRUST IN THE LORD AND DO GOOD; so shall you dwell in the land, and verily you shall be fed. . . . fret not yourself in any wise to do evil. Because evil doers shall be cut off: . . ."

May God bless you. May He give you wisdom from Heaven. May He give you favor with men. And may He empower you by His Spirit to accomplish the work ahead. May He hold you close and protect you as you honor Him. May you be precious in His sight and may you see the wicked thrown down and cast out and see Liberty once more the rule of our land.

"It IS about our fundamental values."

Roy Nicholson
Chairman, Mississippi Tea Party 2010-2013

Well, hates common core and thanks the Good Lord for Phil Bryant. Um, does he know the Governor's stand on common core?

The Commercial Appeal reported last July:

Republican Gov. Phil Bryant also remains a solid supporter, spokesman Mick Bullock said.

“I am not familiar with these particular claims but Gov. Bryant supports higher standards for our students and is closely monitoring these College and Career Readiness Standards in making sure they are in line with Mississippi’s educational values,” Bullock wrote in an e-mail.

and the Governor stated in his 2014 budget recommendation a year ago:

"This literacy effort will dovetail with the implementation of Common Core Standards, helping to o ensure that our teachers and our students are well-prepared to grown and improve. (p. 13)

Just thought I'd point that out.


Burke said...

Vainglorious and ignorant. Not that the combination is rare in the world of politics.

Anonymous said...

This nut is thankful for Phil Bryant! What a testament.

Anonymous said...

Can't fix crazy.

Anonymous said...

Roy, can you post a pic of Barbara?

Anonymous said...

God Bless Roy and lets hope he stays after these corporate-socialist big government RINO's like Barbour, Cochran, Wicker, etc.

McDaniel 2014 CAN NOT be stopped here in Mississippi, a true conservative and small government patriot from the Magnolia State will be sworn into office in January 2015 in Washington, DC, as our next US Senator.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Mr. Nicholson. He is a political activist and I love him for that. He was fooled by the Governor, but really skilled politicians are very good at communication and only get tripped up in their positions during their last terms or in the eleventh hour of a heated campaign. Tea Party folk are revolutionary. They want a more organic political economy. I recommend the German authors Schmitt and Radbruch to Mr. Nicholson in his retirement.

Anonymous said...

This nut represented the tea party perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Roy for standing strong for Constitutional Values.
The author and some commenting criticize Roy for appreciating The Governor for many stances he has taken that are in line step with Conservative Values. Petty much? Last time I checked, you do NOT have to agree with a person on every issue to have great respect and appreciation for other positions they have taken.

Anonymous said...

Good job, Roy! You made Mississippi better by making it more representative to the people instead of the big government political parties.

Anonymous said...

10:57- true. Idiots need representation too.

Anonymous said...

He is thankful for Bryant? It's time for him to retire!

Anonymous said...

Roy's letter would be funny were it not so pathetic and have people actually believe that shit.

Kingfish said...

Ah yes, because Mr. Nicholson wants to establish an Un-American activities committee.

Anonymous said...

Well, it worked so well last time to let committees decide who was or wasn't " American" enough in their thoughts and behaviors. Communists , radical Muslims, Nazis and every other tyrannical group have created ways to foster " purity" and " conformity" as well through fear and intimidation.

Quoting that one should ward off fear and despair and be courageous after engaging in fear mongering for several paragraphs is not just a lack of insight, but bizarre!

Anonymous said...

I like the accomplishment that he left off, personnally challenging Harper in the last Congressional race by putting a TEA party candidate against him and Harper getting almost 80% of the vote. BRAVO Roy, well done...

Now if the sharia law theorist will retire we can move on.

Anonymous said...

Nicholson is closer in principle and practice to John Taylor of Caroline, Thomas Jefferson of Albemarle, and Patrick Henry than Governors Barbour or Bryant will ever be. See the Clarion Ledger remarks of Haley in todays paper. He is a pure pragmatist of political power. The only quotable thing Haley ever said was, "Say what you are going to do and do it." That is as close to a moral principle as this descendant of Governor Leake ever gets. He was not a bad Governor as an administrator, but he was not a Colmer, Johnson, Coleman, or Waller either. He got us thru the economic downturn and Katrina which was a task to be sure. He left us with a habit of spending one time money, begging for more, a failed Port of Gulfport, and a constitutional pardon lesson.

Anonymous said...

1:36 pm
What an insult to our Founding Fathers!

Anonymous said...

I like the comment that McDaniel can't be stopped. That's just to funny.

Anonymous said...

Roy has done a very find job of uniting groups statewide into an effective voice for ordinary citizens who are not always pleased with the existing political parties. He has a knack for listening, thinking it through, and then voicing what he is told regardless of his own personal inclination in matters - and many feel that is a most important leadership quality. It certainly has been amongst a group with limited political expertise. Perhaps the thing he did best was to allow the group to flip the legislature of the state of MS from control by a gang run by a sleazy character who used intimidation on fellow legislators. How refreshing to watch them melt as they were drug into the light by the Move the House Committee. And how refreshing to now have committees with both parties represented and an opportunity to engage in actual meaningful debate and disagreement rather than pre-scripted dances. Redistricting problems might have turned out quite differently without Roy's diplomatic joining of various groups to oppose a gerrymandered scheme proposed by the 'rulers.' Will the TEA Party always be 100% successful in all efforts? Of course not, and without resources available to Dems & Reps it is often high-centered in efforts. But Roy's steady leadership will definitely be missed. He has started something in our state which won't be dying down anytime soon. And many believe the state is in much better shape because of him and those like him.

Anonymous said...

You need to check your facts as to what chairmanship Roy resigned from. Your first sentence is incorrect.

Anonymous said...

An emotionally charged letter written to like-minded "patriots" that demonizes semites and liberals. Is this the shorter version of Mein Kampf?

Anonymous said...

the problem with Roy and some of the other T partiers is that if you do not subscribe to their positions they castigate and demonize you as a "Moderate". This is why I will not call myself a tea party person. I think and align myself with them probably 65% of the time. And some of the other 35% i am not too far off. Bottom line is they are nuts...

Pride goeth before the fall.....

Bill Dees said...

Roy Nicholson sounds like a real wing-nut. God help us if he and his fellow travelers ever really do seize power.

Anonymous said...

They are fighting for control of the GOP and have been winning, Bill. They are well financed.

A moderate, liberal, socialist is now anyone who doesn't agree with their narrow view is "un-American" and an enemy.

They have stolen the playbook of the Nazis and Facists in 1938 and some of their followers are as clueless as the " good Germans".

Anonymous said...

The thing that tickles me about these nuts is they are in LOVE with this guy, I've never seen anything like it. Go to McDaniels pics, he ought to be reported to child services for making his children wear those outfits when he announced and he acts like Kennedy or something. The "wave" with the wife and kids, give me a break!! These people are WEIRD

Anonymous said...

Still evidently unable to get the news release right. Roy has not stepped down from anything related to Central MS TEA Party. He has elected not to run for President of the MS TEA Party - the overall group to which most of the Mississippi locals belong. While tossing out phrases like 'wing nut' etc - may be fun, it's still nice to actually get the facts correct.

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