Tuesday, December 22, 2009

JFP: bring us your illegal foreign workers but leave the money behind

It's no secret the Jackson Free Press is a supporter of illegal immigration. At times, Donna Ladd has stated the illegal immigration laws are the equivalent of laws legalizing slavery and Jim Crow.

However, the JFP takes this one step further and publishes an article bashing foreign investment in Mississippi. That's right. After Mississippi was a dirt-poor state for decades because there was little to no investment by American companies, the JFP gets its panties in a wad because, gasp, foreigners are investing in Mississippi. The article gives a few paragraphs to the other side at first but then turns over the article to its favorite union activists who of course, bash foreign companies opening plants and hiring workers in Mississippi. The first quote is from a Jabber-jaw, ribfu, or Jibari or whatever her name is from the Mississippi Worker's Center for Human Rights. Give her some credit because Jabber-jaw doesn't pull any punches in linking it to....surprise....slavery:

"Mississippi has always had a dismal record regarding the rights of employees that goes all the way back to the days of slavery," said Jaribu Hill, executive director of the Mississippi Worker's Center for Human Rights. "Historically, wages are lower in the South because at one time there was that peculiar institution when people weren't paid at all. It's like we've retained some kind of attitude that if you're getting paid at all you should be thankful, because there was one time when you weren't paid at all."

Next from the "we don't need no money from outsiders" Klan were spokemen from the UAW and AFL-CIO, the same jingoistic and racist unions that bash the Southern states for giving tax breaks to Toyota, Nissan, and Mercedes while ignoring the nearly $2 billion in similar aid Northern states have given to the Big 3. They, of course, say it's all because they can pay workers low wages here:

"United Auto Workers claim that the wages an employee at the Nissan Plant in Canton makes, compared to wages an employee at the Nissan Plant in Tennessee makes, is an example of the state's comparatively low pay......

Damon Silvers, an associate general counsel for the AFL-CIO, said any state that is looking to entice business by low-balling wages is in a heated race to the bottom.

"If Mississippi's strategy is to be a source of low-wage labor, then they've picked a losing economic strategy. It won't work," Silvers said. "You'll be at the mercy of folks who will ratchet you down. What's low enough today will not be low enough later...."

I guess they missed the memo on how their so-called higher wages and infamous work rules ruined the auto industry. See Detroit for an example of a city run in accordance with union policies in the public and private sectors.

The reporter then accuses, with supporting quotes from his union buddies, foreign companies of operating with unions in a friendly manner in their home countries, yet working against them here. He calls Germany and Britain "labor-friendly". Yes Adam, they are labor friendly as you put it. They can't lay anyone off. They can't close plants. They can't respond to business cycles. BNET reports on the labor policies of European countries:

"While the United States pays 48 percent of the average wage for eligible unemployed workers (only one-third of out-of-work employees qualify for benefits), these benefits stop after six months. Compare U.S. figures to the following industrialized leaders of the EU. Germany pays 35 percent of the average pay to unemployed workers for five years; France pays 58 percent for two years; and Great Britain pays 21 percent for up to five years." Article

It gets worse. In Italy an employee can sue his employer if fired after a short probationary period. If the employer loses, he has to pay back wages, benefits, and a large fine if the company has more than fifteen employees. The result? No one in Italy gets fired. The probationary period is only three months and the NY Times reports absenteeism skyrockets after it's completed. Article So employees show up drunk? Employees don't show up at all? Tough luck. You're facing a lawsuit regardless of how well-documented the offense is for termination.

In Germany, employers must follow a "social selection" procedure in laying off workers. (Google it, you might be surprised at what you read.) In other words, those who are most likely to suffer from a layoff are kept over those with more seniority or a better record. All but very small firms are required to have a labor representative on staff. Want to use Grandma's recipe for donuts and open up a bakery because you know they will sell? Be prepared to hire a "master-baker" as German labor laws require you to hire a master-tradesman from the Guild regardless of your actual need for one. Don't forget the four-six week paid vacations that are expected of employers in these "labor-friendly" countries. Want to guess which countries have the highest unemployment rates in Europe? The most "labor-friendly" ones as Adam Lynch puts it. Labor-friendly is fine, if you actually have a job.

Can't fire people, can't make them work, can't lay them off when business slides. Think that might have something to do with why foreign companies are investing in Mississippi? Of course, in the JFP little template, it's because of low pay, ignoring the fact that if it was only about the pay, those employers would be going to Mexico or China. This is nothing but economic racism and is insulting to Mississippi workers. Under this way of thinking, foreign companies only invest in Mississipi because the workers are cheap, stupid, and can be easily controlled, in effect, there is still a plantation economy still for hire to the lowest bidder. The JFP seems to have missed the fact that jobs require capital but then, this is what passes for economic discussion at that rag.

Such is the way of "progressive" thinking.


Paul Mitchell said...

Kingfish, liberals do not "believe" in math, science, or history. Cause and effect, supply and demand, morality and charity are all concepts that are above the intelligence level of those that claim to be "progressive."

Hell, they cannot even make a brothel or a gambling house be profitable.

KaptKangaroo said...

Does Ladd actually believe the dribble that comes out of her mouth?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your wisdon, KF.
I forgot my user ID.

Anonymous said...

Stupid is stupid, whether it comes from the left or the right.
I don't know the politics of the guy in Laurel, but the CCJ isn't exactly a bastion of liberalism.
Republicans seems to be against illegal immigration until they need yard work or a maid.
I'm against it all the time.
Here's a novel idea...hire people who are competent and pay them what they're worth and treat them fairly. And, don't HIRE illegals.
It's not hard to spot one...if they'll work for less than minimun wage and can't speak English, it's a HINT!
There's a LONG list of alternatives between liberal crazy and conservative crazy...you don't have to pick crazy.

Anonymous said...

Jaribu Hill is a she, not a he, and calling her "Jabber-jaw" and "ribfu" comes across as a teensy bit racist.

Kingfish said...

Um, no its not. If her name had been Albright, I would've called her half-bright at some point. If last name was neck, it would have been redneck or something similar. We don't discriminate on this website. We hate everybody.

Gender was changed and thanks for the correction.

Anonymous said...

Equal opportunity haters... woooohooo! We reserve the right to like NO ONE for ANY reason. So piss off you peacenik!

Anonymous said...

without a doubt it comes across as racist. that's one of the white man's favorite pasttimes, making fun of black people's names.

i was pretty disappointed to see you with a completely superfluous racist comment like that when you otherwise provide us with some pretty good information and commentary.

also, why are people talking about illegal immigration in this thread. this article is about foreign investment in Mississippi, which I personally see as a good thing considering the lack of employment issues we are having right now.

Anonymous said...

11:33 is starting to sound like a race-baiter. Sounds better than a master.....

Hookah said...

I liked the story the first time around when Jere Nash regurgitated it.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, let me put it to you this way.

If you showed up at Dick & Jane's tonight in a pink sequined thong and gyrated on stage, people would think you were (a) gay and (b) cruising. If you're actually heterosexual and just felt like dancing on stage at a gay bar in a pink sequined g-string, that would be your right. But it would COME ACROSS as gay.

Same here. Even if what's going on between your ears is pure as the driven snow, making fun of a black woman's name by calling her "Jabberjaw" and "ribfu" comes across as racist. You don't have to do anything about that; I'm just letting you know how it reads.

Kingfish said...

1. I really don't care. I've made fun of other people's names before. Her race had nothing to do with because frankly, I've no idea what her race is and I think its racist to assume she IS black because of a name like that.

2. What you don't like is when the JFP pulls out a lead pipe and starts swinging it at people, its ok but when I decided to pull out a lead pipe and swing right back, then its a crime.

3. If Ms. Hill is going to pull out the slavery card, she gets no respect from me. At all. Period. She doesn't even deserve to have her name spelled right. I have nothing but contempt for people who try to link foreign companies putting money in Mississippi to slavery. I also don't owe the JFP any respect when they go around calling conservatives teabaggers. they can make sexual references to conservatives all day long while calling it journalism but I don't have to sit here and take it either.

4. The point about this post was to show the hypocrisy: They will stand up for foreign workers crossing the border but when it comes to foreign capital, then they pull out the checklist that is chockful of regulations and other criteria. It is shortsighted, stupid, and most of that story was ignorant as left out many facts about what "labor-friendly" really means in Europe.

Paul Mitchell said...

One thing everyone ignores as far as slavery is concerned, too is that it lasted an entire 89 years in this country. Before the Declaration of Independence, this country was part of England, France, and Spain. Blame them, because until we became our own country, that is who was the captors.

I am sick to death of the victim mentality in the welfare community. 89 years, losers.

And Anon, 10:07, thanks for performing the textbook definition of STRAWMAN.

KaptKangaroo said...

All JFP commenters, stay and contribute. Please, it is amusing to see your futile attempts to bring down free speech. Your hate speech is baiting. It is deplorable. If you can't take criticism, open debate, HUMOR, or the fact someone might have an opinion different from yours, at least do us Jackasses a favor and let us know, you come over from the Ladd Promised Land (LPL).

J.R. said...

That is me over at the JFP. Y'all suck donkey dicks.

Kingfish said...

Take a bow, tough guy.

This is funny. Now I am "ravenous". Um no Ladd, if you possessed sufficient reading comprehension skills you would know I was pointing out the double standard in bashing foreign investment while supporting illegal immigration.

No surprise. Some people get ravenous on the topic of immigration. We've had remarkable discussions here on the site, or tried to, with people who blindly believe that any discussion of what types/circumstances of immigration should be legal means that the people having the discussion are in favor of any kind of immigration whatsoever. I'm talking the most obvious kind of logical fallacy.

We haven't had to kick many people off the site over the years, but raving stupidity-turned-into vulgarity and even threats in immigration conversations have been the most common reason. It must be akin to trying to have a discussion about changing the law with fools back in the '60s and before; they get so angry that you're even having the conversation that they refuse to even try to hear what you're saying. But I haven't seen much of that in a while since the issue fell out of favor of late as a wedge issue.

(Our attempts at immigration common sense is also the topic that has made people the maddest at us, and caused the most attempts at slanderous havoc against the JFP out in Internet-land--the modern-day equivalent of the Citizens Council driving by your house and firing their guns into the air, I suppose.)

But we don't scare off easily when it comes to reporting facts. Here's a good cover story Adam wrote about the myths and realities of the immigration discussion.

And this is a long, tedious thread under a blog post by Matt Saldana that shows the logical problem I mentioned. Caution: It's long.

posted by ladd on 12/28/09 at 06:49 PM

Of course, when her punk-ass reporters accuse me of favoring ethnic cleansing, I'm not going to take that crap and give them and their boss exactly what they deserve.

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