Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Drive-by Guilt by Association

She just can't stop. Apparently seeing a dynamic conservative woman unhinged Madame DeLadd the same way other similar women or female Clarion-Ledger reporters have in the past. She can't just let it go: criticizing her on family, mothering skills (despite never being a mother), marriage (despite never being married herself), politics, ethics, morals, you name it. This times its over where Ms. Palin went to college! Ms. Palin went to an Idaho community college for two semesters and then graduated from the University of Idaho. Ms. Ladd had the following to say about Idaho:
As for Idaho, all, we had a funny trip there a few years back. We were visiting Todd's brother on the Washington side of the border in a great convertible we'd rented, and I wanted to do nothing more than go drive by the Aryan Nation compound in Coeur d'Alene. Now, Todd puts up with a lot with me as an investigative reporter, and a Klan interviewer and all, but he drew the line at driving by a heavily guarded outpost of the Christian Identity. NO FRIGGIN' WAY. (If you read up on what happened to the daughter and mother who drove by there, you'll understand.)
So, we went to the amusement park up the highway in Idaho and rode one of the best roller coasters ever. I forget what it was called.When I saw that one of Palin's colleges is in Coeur d'Alene, smiled a bit at the memory of Todd putting his foot down. ;-)
Folks, that region of the country can make Mississippi look like the most racially tolerance place on the planet. (Which sometimes I think we actually are, but that's a subject for another thread.) It's really scary when the most extreme racial groups are drawn to a part of the country to hide out among other white people and plan things like secession and revolution.
To that area's credit, though, there are many good people there who have taken a stand against the bigots in their midst.
I really would be curious about Palin's position on race-related issues, and if she has taken a stand against the racial aspects of the secessionist movement.
posted by
ladd on 09/05/08 at 07:20 PM http://www.jacksonfreepress.com/index.php/site/comments/why_is_sarah_palin_sneering_so_much/

Aryan Nations. Secessionists. Racism. Christian Identity. She drives through Idaho one damn time and is now an expert on the state and Governor Palin as well. This is going past the level of obsession and is becoming a psychosis.

Palin's college record story:


Anonymous said...

Can we convince her to leave NOW and take a tour of the entire Western US? Anything to get her out of here!

Kingfish said...

Nah. Gives me too much material to use.

Anonymous said...

"This is going past the level of obsession and is becoming a psychosis."

Are you describing Ladd's posts on Palin, or your posts on Ladd?

Anonymous said...

"Are you describing Ladd's posts on Palin, or your posts on Ladd?"

Ahh... but has the Kingfish ever said he/she was sane to begin with?


Anonymous said...

'Fish "ain't right" - that's why we love him! He's as abnormal as the rest of us.

Yeah, Ladd's just jealous of any successful woman.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy watching her obsession. She is getting scooped on all things local. Seale just got his conviction thrown out and over at the Jackson Free Kos it's all things Palin!

Anonymous said...

Are you describing Ladd's posts on Palin, or your posts on Ladd?

Betcha piss ant that the Kingfish is more true to his real self, and shows more of his true self, than that JFP skank. The dude lays it all out!

So if you want to come around here and take on our friend then get ready for a real online thrashing.


Kingfish said...

If you haven't noticed, I do compliment them when they do a good job over there. No obsessison here. However,the rest of the media in town will not criticize them or acknowledge their presence. I understand their reasons for doing so.

However, the JFP has been throwing alot of garbage out there lately, missed stories, and trashed people like Leah Rupp and Marshall Ramsey. I watched people like Stuart Rockoff attacked on their website when they tried to defend their positions not to mention the backstabbing of candidates (Blount, Reeves).

The posts concerning Governor Palin have been sleazey and are nothing but printed histrionics. They have flat out lied about Governor Palin since her nomination was announced. Unfortunately in the age of Google, a lie unchallenged can spread over the internet rather quickly so I've made a serious attempt to challenge the more egregious smears on that website.

Curt Crowley said...

It's quite apparent to me that Donna Ladd's animosity toward Sarah Palin has nothing to do with public policy or governance.

To the contrary, Ladd is saying nasty things about Palin because Palin is hot, and Ladd is...well..kinda unfortunate looking.

Instead of hating Palin because she's beautiful, perhaps Ladd should hate mother nature for being so cruel.

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