Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Mayor Defends JPD. Attorney: "They are Lying"

Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba strongly defended his police department's handling of the suicide of JPD officer James Hollins, at a press conference this afternoon.  Hollins committed suicide yesterday after a woman accused him of having sex with her fifteen-year-old daughter.  JPD suspended him Sunday.  However, the mother's attorney, Lisa Ross, accused the administration of lying and dragging its feet in responding to the mother's complaint. 

At a press conference yesterday morning, Ms. Ross accused the officer of having sex with the teen. Ms. Ross said a JPD officer "repeatedly sexually assaulted" a fifteen year old girl for six months.  She said he approached the minor at a gas station.  A sexual relationship commenced. The pair allegedly had sex "one to two times a week."  The officer videotaped himself having sex with the minor in his police cruiser.  He apparently shared the "sexually explicit" videos with the victim because Ms. Ross said she and her client had copies of the video. 

JPD announced at a press conference yesterday afternoon that command suspended Hollins on Sunday.  Hollins committed suicide in his personal vehicle on I-220 shortly before the JPD press conference took place.

JPD Command Staff and top administration officials flanked the Mayor as he spoke.  Mayor Lumumba presented a timeline of the events leading up to yesterday's suicide.  "Chief Davis was called late Saturday evening" and agreed to meet him early Sunday morning, said the Mayor.   She provided a video that showed "some sexual acts" but the video did not show any faces of any of the persons participating in those acts." Chief Davis initiated internal and criminal investigations.  Internal Affairs met with Officer Hollins and suspended him.  The mother was asked to come back to JPD and file criminal charges.

Mayor Lumumba defending the handling of the mother's complaint. "Any comments, any stories, any reports to the contrary that Chief Davis did not respond immediately is untrue and out and out lie" said the Mayor.  He stood up for his chief as he said Chief Davis' actions were "confirmation of my choice of police chief." He admonished the media for publishing "salacious headlines."   

Attorney Lisa Ross apparently watched a live-stream of the press conference because she held a press conference across the street in front of JPD headquarters within a few minutes after the Mayor's presser.  She opened her press conference by stating "Let me give you the real timeline."

Ms. Ross said the mother contacted her Friday night and met at 11:00 Saturday morning.  The mother said the precinct commander had not returned any of her phone calls.  The mother called the police chief that morning.  The chief said they would meet "that day."  The mother said the chief had not called when Ms. Ross spoke to her client between 8:00 and 9:00 that night.  The chief finally called her and said they would meet the next morning.  She said "I am disappointed that the Mayor has not taken the police chief's phone and looked at his phone records."

A visibly angry Ms. Ross continued, " the chief had this information all day Saturday and he chose to sit on it."   She said they met with JPD for an hour at their house and came down to JPD headquarters.  "They believe they were coming down to file a criminal affidavit so the young man could be arrested, and here you hear the Mayor say today that they were waiting on the mother to file an affidavit," charged the attorney.  She said "They are lying"(3:45) and that she had documented evidence of the timeline she presented.

Ms. Ross said Hollins called the mother Sunday afternoon and confessed to having sex with her daughter.  Ms. Ross said she was surprised by the call.  She added she had no confidence in JPD to conduct an honest investigation and documented everything.

The attorney said she is drafting a complaint to sue JPD and other officials for her client.

Hotel off of High Street where pair met for sex.


Anonymous said...

Hell yeah. Sue the city. I hope they tell you to fuck off like the did the Fortner's. #cantgetbloodfromaturnip

Anonymous said...

Let the games begin-

Anonymous said...

I'm not a lawyer and don't pretend to be one, but what grounds does she have to file charges? Is it the city didn't act swift enough? I don't see where that is negligent. I can tell you if I ran a company with lots of employees, and someone brought me a video of my employee not 110% clear enough to identify them, then year that would delay me. Also, shift work, sleep, holiday weekend and logistics play into this as well. Yes, its a horrible thing on both sides.

Rod Knox said...

Maybe it's a mistake but I feel compelled to say that although I was working some long hours often 6 days a week when my daughter was in school I can't imagine her being sexually involved for a period of weeks with a grown man without her mother and/or myself finding out. Have families devolved to this point? I mean, even a single mother should have seen what was happening.

Anonymous said...

4:40 she’s claiming a coverup by the chief. If you think about the timeline and if the guy truly called the girls mother if makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Linda Ross come on guys this girl throws more mud on the wall that doesn't stick than Carlos.

Anonymous said...

For one it sounds like the officer had sex with this girl during the scope of his employment @4:40

Anonymous said...

As an aside, one of the headlines or bylines above says the mayor is pictured with officials from his administration. I don't see any white people. Is this an all-black administration at city hall in Jackson and, if so, what's the reason for that? Do they not even have a token in the administration?

Anonymous said...


I don't know where I would place my bet as to who is actually telling the truth?

A politician, or a lawyer.

Either way, a "settle-mint" is most assuredly in the works. BTW, I don't believe for one second the officer called the mother and confessed. No f--g way!!

Anonymous said...

What is the gripe? If there was a complaint, and delay in investigation which led to further sexual abuse, I get it. But none of that appears to true.

Anonymous said...

Ross knows the procedure that has to be followed when an officer is accused of misconduct or criminal activity. She has represented several of them in the past.
She also knows that for reporting all of this on a 3-day Holiday Weekend, she and the teenage victim received a rapid response by the Administration.
And No, I am not a fan of the Administration.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Linda Ross is even worse than Carlos? That's terrible. Who is Linda Ross? Who is Carlos? That said, I'm sure LISA Ross will be handling all aspects of this case pro bono for the sake of the children.

And speaking of grown men putting their private parts in places they ought not to put them, Hizzoner has done screwed the pooch. This is shaping up to damage him badly, especially with women, and could easily be the end of the line for him with something north of 90% of the sisters. He should have kept his mouth shut for time being.

Inky Blinky said...

So, Mayor Curious George claims the videos "didn't reveal any faces", yet Ms. Ross claims "there are other ways of identifying the accused".....perhaps it's a tattoo(s) that can be seen in the video that would incriminate this guy so that he SHOULD have been arrested on the spot? Ms. Ross better get a judge to put a moratorium on the local crematoriums befo' it's too late!

Anonymous said...

It would appear to me reacting late to something goes both ways. I think most rational people already know this. The reason it's called STATUTORY is because the "victim" isn't of age to consent. It's pretty obvious had it not been for her age it was a consensual relationship.

Anonymous said...

It is RARE when one high profile African- American accuses another high profile AA of lying.

Anonymous said...

"It's pretty obvious had it not been for her age it was a consensual relationship."

Of course, had that car not belonged to someone else it wouldn't have been grand theft to drive off in it or had that money not belonged to someone else it would have been perfectly fine to...um..."withdraw" it from the bank.

I don't know what word(s) in the phrase "unable to give consent" confuses folks so much, but it sure seems to confuse a whole bunch of folks. Apparently, it even confuses cops. Maybe it is that third grade reading problem.

Let's see if this helps: If you are a male over the age of 21, do not whip out your little buddy in the presence of any female under the age of 18 *_FOR ANY GODDAMNED REASON_*!

Looking For Variety said...

OK....Five of the first Seven discussion threads relate to the suicide cop who had sex with the kid.

Anonymous said...

Love the Lumumba photo in the background. Hard to tell which one is more worthless. The photo or the real live person.

Anonymous said...

So I’m bored and I watched both videos..... and I’m ready to solve this case. I’m just a redneck who now lives in northeast Jackson so I am unbiased in every which a way. This Linda Ross lady is a kook. She is calling the chief of polices cell phone on Friday of Memorial Day weekend and had a meeting with his face on Sunday morning !?! Hot dang black folks must get preferential treatment heck has she ever dealt with the city before? And all the police had was phone footage with no faces? I wouldn’t have even responded until Tuesday if I was him.

And folks, statutory rape of a 17 year old is Less morally reprehensible than forceful hold you down kicking and screaming rape of 18 year old. You folks stuck on the law just don’t understand the musings of us who are more thoughtful of morals than law. But if I’m chief and it’s my Memorial Day weekend and my ribs are already for the grill, and my kids and kids kids are over, what is the hurry? A 17 year old can be a hoe just like a 50 year old. She’s been getting freaky with a dude for six months ain’t gonna be changed by not getting my ribs cooked. Even if I stopped right there, based on he said she said with no video, and go arrest his ass today and now, she will have found someone else to get freaky with by the time I get back to work on tuesday.

Skeptical Sam said...

@7:56 PM - very true. If the victim's attorney were white, Baby Chok would be raising a huge race card.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Ross is fucking crazy. She’s also a piss poor lawyer, but a first rate shit stirrer. The female Carlos Moore.

Body Language said...

Watch the Mayor's answer to the question at 9:18. Pay particular attention to the lack of motion of the Chief and the Officer on the far left. Watch at 9:32 when the Mayor says "No faces". Pay attention to the Chief and the Officer on the far left. Those guys are trying to keep upright.

Anonymous said...

Statutory rape is "strict liability." All the prosecutor has to prove is the ages of the alleged victim and perpetrator and that penetration occurred. There is no defense available. A minor cannot give consent and a reasonable "mistake of age" is not a defense. Even a "deception as to age" isn't a defense. The gender(s) do not matter. A 29 year old having sexual intercourse with a 16 year old on video is guilty of SR and at least one "child pornography" offense. Period. End of trial and debate.

There may be mitigating circumstances that would deter prosecution (a guy has sex with a gal he talked off a pole in some strip joint and she turns out to be 16, for example) or convince a jury to not convict (there is ample and convincing evidence the alleged victim intentionally duped the alleged perpetrator as to age), but nothing of the sort seems to apply in this case. In the case of the 16 year old stripper, the statutory offense took place even though a prosecution should be declined in the interest of justice, like a man speeding to get his wife in labor to the hospital.

In this case, the ages are known and not in dispute or disputable. Apparently, he taped enough of the sexual activity to foreclose any viable defense to the "did sex occur?" question and in so doing committed at least one other very serious offense to which he had no defense. The cop knew what he was facing insofar as prosecution and prison. It was not a bright future so he ate his gun.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Ross and pro bono in the same sentence is laughable!! I guess she has no trouble representing rapist and rape victims. If the officer’s family called her first the mud would be thrown on the mother’s negligence. Child Protective Services has a 24/7 reporting system inclusive of emergency responses.

The child needs a Guardian at Litem and a court appointed firm to place money received in a trust with provisions for mental health treatment. If not the family will spend everything before she is able to reach adulthood.

She suffered the loss and has to live with all of this!! What damages did the mother or family suffer? Second guessing their parenting styles?

Anonymous said...

9:30 - Pay attention. She's 15, not 17. Not that it matters much, but you said 17 twice.

Just be glad we don't have Sharia law here. Yet.

Anonymous said...

Where is the city negligent? Seems like the city and the situation took care of itself after it was discovered. I could see the city shelling out some coins if the knew about this and let it go one, but a 1-1.5 day lag time between some suspect videos and then him being dismissed, then he taking his life, where is the city at fault? What did they do. We know what the officer did, and he is at fault, but where does the city come in? I'm im banging a chick in my company vehicle on my lunch break, I may get fired, but my company has no idea. Seems like someone wants a money grab versus justice. Justice has served itself, now momma sees an opportunity to "get hers" after the daughter got caught ho'ing around.

Anonymous said...

It's OUR turn......

Cynical Sam said...

Prosecute the officer in absentia, and when convicted Baby Chok and the JPD chief can do the time, 50% each.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Ross is not credible.

Anonymous said...

What Ross may realize is that objective facts have little or nothing to do with this situation.

Objectively, the officer was reported, suspended and had committed suicide within approximately 48 hours and more importantly, the officer apparently had no contact with the minor during that period. In other words, no direct harm to any "victim" took place due to anyone's alleged action(s) or failure(s) to act. However, if - IF - it is true that superior officers were aware of the alleged on-going statutory rape and did not act immediately, that is another matter altogether.

Subjectively, the story is that playerman was a cop stringing along at least two baby mommas, at least one was a fellow cop, with the "you're my only one, bae..." shit while he was making nasty videos with a 15 year old while on duty and in his issue vehicle and for at least 6 months. Anyone anywhere near the situation is in danger of getting covered in the stink. The odds that it will be a black jury and give her a lucrative win are in her favor, objective facts be damned.

Chopbeef just couldn't help himself and had to wade on in right away to double down with a "standin' with ma boy!" speech. He should have taken a class at Harvard about when mayors should just STFU.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Ross is trying to identify a Section 1983 damage claim and recover a monetary judgment against the City treasury. Is an officer having a sexual relationship with a 15 year old girl a violation of the girl's civil rights? Was the officer acting under color of state law, i.e. was he using police authority ? Even though the girl is a minor would the legal standard be whether the sex acts were consensual, or unwelcome, for purposes of Section 1983? Assuming a civil rights violation exists, can the officer's supervisors also be found liable? can the City also be found liable under the Monell case? Does the City have any duty to provide subrogation for any damage award against the officer's estate?
is there a cause of action against the City under the Mississippi Tort Claims Act?

Anonymous said...

"Lisa Ross is trying...to get hers."

There, 11:38AM. I fixed it for you.

You may be right as to the questions re: 1983, etc. but I'll offer that while she may in fact be trying to ID, ask, define and clarify, etc., she would happily accept a large settlement under the oft-used theory of ineptias ad infinitum (...AND BEYOND!) should anyone blink and offer up such a settlement.

Anonymous said...

how can one have sex in a police car. It must have been cramped inside. You can't do it in the back seat because the doors lock. The Front seat has too much equipment.

Anonymous said...

With all the crime in Jxn, a patrolman shouldn't hardly have enough time to stop and take a pee, let alone have enough time to be video his banging a 15 year old future baby-momma!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't see why so many of you are jumping straddle of the lawyer's neck. She did her job, whether you like her or not. What else would you expect a lawyer to do.

PS: 11:38 gets the 'straw grasping' trophy this week.

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