Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Watch the Target chase for yourself.

A controversial 2014 police chase reached speeds of 130 mph as Madison police chased three suspects from the Target on County Line Road to Gallatin Street.  JJ obtained a copy of the dashcam videos of the chase.  An innocent bystander was injured when the suspects struck his vehicle.  He sued the city of Madison.  The videos are posted below. 

Three criminals used stolen credit cards to hit stores in Madison, Ridgeland, and Jackson in February 2014. They also committed several auto burglaries.   A Target employee notified Madison police that two suspects were at the store.  Madison PD dispatched officers in two cruisers to apprehend the suspects.  The suspects fled when the police arrived at the shopping center.  The videos below show the entire chase. The chase ended when the suspects hit a truck and crashed into a building.  The chase took place on a Sunday.    Police arrested Cedric Cason, Lemoyne May, and Yvette Blanchard.  They all pleaded guilty to various charges.

Madison police stated that it notified JPD yet JPD was not at Target when Madison police arrived.  Madison police chased the suspects without the participation of JPD.  The videos show an empty JPD cruiser parked in the Target parking lot.  

An innocent bystander, Robert Pugh, was injured when the suspects struck his vehicle.  He is suing the city of Madison and is represented by attorney Rocky Wilkins.   The case is currently being litigated in Hinds County Circuit Court.  Madison attempted to move the case to Madison County but Judge Winston Kidd refused to move the case.  Madison appealed the decision to the Mississippi Supreme Court.

The chase at times hit speeds over 120 mph.  One car reached 130 mph on the interstate.  The chase didn't slow down that much when they got off of the interstate as it reached 100 mph on High and Gallatin streets. 

This is the dashcam video of the lead car in the pursuit.  It provides a much better view of the suspects although it has no sound.  The speed is stated on the left side of the screen. It traveled from Madison to Target on I-55.

This is the dashcam video for the backup car.  It sped down Highway 51 through Madison, Ridgeland, and Jackson to reach the Target. 


Anonymous said...

Isn't this the chase that got Stokes all up in arms about Madison cops coming into Jackson?

Anonymous said...

So what did they steal? $1434 worth of perfume?

Kingfish said...

I think it was the Richland PD chase.

Anonymous said...

What is going on at the end with everyone going up to the wrecked car? At one point there are almost 10 people that appear to be digging through the car.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:42, you ever seen the movie Black Hawk Down?

MPD needs to send that guy to driving school. Those thugs just out drove the S#it out of him in a minivan!

Anonymous said...

100 mph on surface streets is beyond irresponsible and is no way defensible, traveling at those speeds in an urban area takes a lot of collision avoidance options off of the table. It's a miracle that they didn't hit anybody/anything.

Don't mistake this comment as advocacy for letting criminals go, but there needs to be a point where pursuits become unreasonable.

Anonymous said...

I don't get playing chase down small streets in neighborhoods like that. What happened to Metro One? There has to be a better way than some Roscoe driving that fast through residential areas.

Jacksonian salutes MPD said...

Hats off to MPD on this one, and I'm a Jacksonian. They drove safely, though on the edge, through interstate and then inner city streets I can't imagine they know. They other vehicle was a Suburban or some such and was NOT being at all responsible, just fleeing, which is why they and not the police wrecked.

Anonymous said...

I don't see a pursuit in the lead car video. I see an officer driving extremely cautiously, keeping the vehicle in his sight and waiting for the local agency to show up. Clearly everyone realizes he could have ridden the bumper of that vehicle if he wanted to, don't you? He was being extremely safe, letting the crooks have plenty of room, and not trying to crash them or anyone else. His mistake was thinking JPD would respond. Don't you think it is strange that in that entire video you never see a JPD car on the roads? WTH? Are they hiding from everyone? Kudos to the officer for his safe driving, and good choices. No, I don't know him; work for MPD; or have family there. I watched the video and made a assessment of what I saw.

Anonymous said...

Just curious as to what training activity validly prepares officers for this particular task, viz., driving a police car at high speeds after another car which is pursued for a minor property crime, through populated areas, signalized intersections, and roads where the chances of running into other cars are extremely
high. Skid pad at 25 mph? EVOC at 50 mph???? Nope. As far as deadly force, the force of a 9mm round is 400 ft lbs at the muzzle. A car, 4000 lbs at 120 miles per hour? Almost 2 million foot pounds. It's incredibly stupid and dangerous. No one can survive a crash impact of being hit by that. It's deadly force, being fired along a 20 mile stretch of highway, twice, by two idiots. Fire them. You are doing them a favor. They are in the wrong line of work. And, I'm in the business. Been there, done that. Severity of the crime? Shoplifting. Fire these guys and take a blackboard into the re training session for MPD patrol officers and supervisors. It would take firing 5,000 rounds instananously to equal the deadly force of what you are doing driving at that speed. For shoplifting???? Would you fire ONE round? Much less 5,000 which is like using an electric minigun? On a van? Don't be the idiot cop that does this. Ever. Tomorrow's another day. Unless you are the 5 year old out shopping for Christmas with Mom that a hot dog kills doing this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Very good driving on the officer's part. It's hard as hell to perform at that level in unfamiliar territory. Not to mention the street conditions.

That damn minivan was hauling ass...

Anonymous said...

No one ever sues the poor/ broke person. Only the individual with deep pockets gets sued.

Anonymous said...

Those speeds seem quite sedate compared to the midnight crotch rocket gangs that have JPD cuckholded.

Anonymous said...

That was a Dodge Minivan that was outpacing a patrol car that was, indeed, traveling at a high rate.

Using vague language to imply recklessness is laughable and indefensible. The speeds, by themselves, imply no recklessness. You have full video of the officers vehicles' paths and if you want to suggest that they caused the wreck, were irresponsible or reckless, please man up and articulate exactly where and when.

A patrol car doing 120mph is not the same as a Minivan doing 120mph

Anonymous said...

I just commented and, BTW, I am from Jackson

Anonymous said...

Of course you'll never see any actual videos such as these on local fake news sites like the Jackson Free Press.

Anonymous said...

Hell of a lot better chase to watch than the OJ chase in CA back in the 90's. This one actually had some tough driving involved - not 35 MPH down an interstate.

20 or so miles driving through downtown Jackson, and never happened to pass by a JPD just cruising? Not only did the not respond, but they weren't even in the neighborhood.

For all the bedwetters that think this chase was out of line; it was only a little stealing; no need to endanger all those folks - just how would you deal with these crooks? You don't chase as Unkle Kennuf says and they will know they can do it again and again. Catch their ass and prosecute them, including the evading the police and the damage they did to the building.

Anonymous said...

Anymore that doesnt believe the this video depicts reckless driving is in denial. The mere speeds at which the cars drive make the chase a danger to a number of individuals. Peoples lives should not be endangered over stolen credit cards.

Anonymous said...

Didn't see any people endangered by the cops in this video - they seemed to have it under control. Maybe the minivan though. So 8:40 you think the cops should have just let the mini drive off.

How about sending us the address of your house and business. We'll forward it on to the crooks and tell them that they are welcome there, and there won't be any pursuit to catch them as long as they get a head start and make it up above 35 MPH in your neighborhood as they get away.

Anonymous said...


I entirely disagree. The only thing that would have been better is if some Jackson residents had wondered into the street. We have to clean up that chess pool one way or another!

Anonymous said...

Keep your criminal activity out of Madison and you won't be pursued!!! Madison won't let you expand your territory without a fight. Stay away!!! The message is clear!!!!

Anonymous said...

The chase car driver drove very well I thought. The second car was driving a little fast in some of that traffic. I'm glad they got them. Where did all those Jacksonian's come from at the end. They looked like they were looking to lift something. How many mpg's does a van like that get in the city?

Anonymous said...

"@8:40 I entirely disagree. The only thing that would have been better is if some Jackson residents had wondered into the street. We have to clean up that chess pool one way or another!"
November 16, 2016 at 9:32 PM

I believe you meant, "...wandered into the street.", rather than "...wondered into the street."

And, instead of "chess pool", surely you meant "cesspool". None of that is your fault. People do pronounce it, 'wondered'. And they may actually say, 'chess pool', too.

But probably, the reason nobody "wondered" into the streets of the "chess pool", during the chase, is that Jackson is now a virtual ghost town. And what few Jacksonians remain, stay off the streets, out of fear of other Jacksonians.

Did anyone else notice, toward the end of the second video, someone (presumably the officer from the Lead Car) yelling, "FREEZE, MOTHER....ER!"?

Anonymous said...

5:21 is on the money. JPD can't seem or want to do anything about the motorcycles that routinely travel at much higher speeds along I-55 especially late at night. I used to refer to I-220 as the "Afrobahn" but now it's the entire interstate system in and around Jackistan.
As for that Madison PD cruiser doing 90-100 MPH through the waterworks, that's impressive. I was actually traveling North on I-55 the Sunday at about 1 p.m. when this all happened. I was between the Meadowbrook Rd. bridge and the Old Canton Rd. Flyover when the Madison PD flew past in the Southbound lanes. The first JPD cruiser I saw was further up I-55 just South of Briarwood and he wasn't moving much faster than the traffic heading South.

Anonymous said...

More popcorn, please.

Dodge Charger Fan said...

It has come down to Richland, Pearl, Clinton, and Madison to clean up Jackson. We'll send Tony a Bill for the repairs to the Madison Police Cars.

Anonymous said...

Good comment 2:13 am
It's clear too many of those commenting formed their opinion by watching the obligatory car chase in thrillers.
The perps were seen. The car and it's license plate were seen. Yet, it escapes those who love the chase that these guys could have been caught and arrested with ordinary police work that put no one"s life at risk.
Nor does it apparently occur to those who love the chase that the taxpayers of Madison would be better off just paying for the items shop lifted. Adding and subtracting costs vs benefits will never occur to them.
But, doing things like reading about the costs in human life and the aftermath costs never occur to them because that requires thinking rather than emotionally reacting.

Anonymous said...


Wrong. I had to venture into West Jackson to pick up a steal of a deal last off of Craigslist. You'd be amazed how many Jackson residents were just dancing in the middle of the street, after dark.

Anonymous said...

From 12:34: "As for that Madison PD cruiser doing 90-100 MPH through the waterworks, that's impressive."

Interstates are designed for a minimum 90 mph safe speed for emergency vehicles.

And I don't get why the courts allow a suit by a bystander against the cops, who didn't hurt him. The cops didn't cause the perps to flee, or to injure the bystander. The case should be against the perp. But then, it's all about money, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

2:42 and 2:50 - It appears that all those bystanders were trying to assist the victim.

Anonymous said...

Not to beat a dead horse, but that was not a minivan! God it would have blown up at those speed before the crash. It appears to be a large suv like a suburban. Look at the frames after the crash.

Mr. 2-Bits said...

Wow! Great driving. 100mph through waterworks and High Street. I can't believe the fools that don't pull over out of the way.

Anonymous said...

hey dead horse, the 'burb at the end was rear-ended by the minivan. The minivan is seen before the patrol car stops. The minivan is also easily recognized in the parking lot at the beginning.

It's a Dodge/Chrysler minivan.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is the original chase that created the "throw bricks" comment by Stokes.

Kingfish said...

This happened nearly two years ago. Stokes held his press conference nearly a year ago.

Anonymous said...

It is very easy to tell the honest people from those we can call less than honest. Honest people want people who commit crimes caught. Less than honest people do not want criminals caught as they can see themselves in that car fleeing the scene of the crime.
It is the criminals who cause traffic accidents when fleeing the area after committing a crime. The officers are forced to chase criminals as most criminals do not want to be caught. Those who defend the criminals who committed the crime and started the 100mph+ chase are no better than the criminals. They could have stopped at any time and the police would have stopped.
Put the blame where it should be and quit defending criminals.

Roger Murdock said...

10:06, criticizing the Officers involved for poor judgement is not the same as defending the criminals. No, the criminals should not have stolen, nor should they have fled. Was their crime so heinous that it was worth endangering the lives of the innocent to apprehend them? Nope. This isn't an episode of the Dukes of Hazard. Were one of those officers to crash, it wouldn't be in a conveniently placed pond where he would wriggle out of his car and throw his wet cowboy had on the roof. Someone, statistically most likely it would have been the Officer, would have gotten hurt had he crashed. Perhaps you could support the brave men and women policing our streets by encouraging them to engage in practices that are more likely to bring them home safely at the end of every shift.

High speed, high stakes pursuits over low dollar, low level crimes are dangerous and foolish. These pursuits, much like the use of deadly force, should be reserved for the rarest of circumstances that put the Officers, the business owners, the citizens, or all of the above at grave risk. Reality is that most of our suburban law enforcement are most likely to be thrust into circumstances like those encountered by Barney Fife than those encountered by John McClain. This reality is where professionalism, training, and adhering to a mentality of serving and protecting would serve some of these Officers a little better than trying to chase an adrenaline high.

Anonymous said...

THIS chase happened 2.5 years ago, early 2014. The Stokes press conference was late 2015 and was after the Ridgeland (ridge not rich) PD chase AND the response from MBI about not doing anything about THIS chase.

Again, this is the original chase that prompted Stokes' comments. The Richland PD chase was AFTER the throw bricks press conference.

Anonymous said...

I cringed hard at the dark SUV going East to West on Adkins and the dark sedan going East to West on Northside. Both of those were almost pulverized by the speeding SUV. Probably would've killed eveyone in those vehicles.

What I can't tell from the footage is where the plaintiff who's suing City of Madison gets hit. Maybe I was fast-forwarding in the wrong spot and missed it. What's the time stamp from where Pugh got hit?

Make America Great Again said...

Jackson is Mississippi's Sanctuary City for criminals.

Anonymous said...

The vehicle is a white minivan. The vehicle crashed into the wall at the end is an older model suburban that was struck from behind by the white minivan under the Gallitan street viaduct.

The crash is not visible on the video. As the patrol car comes out of the viaduct, one can see the minivan turned sideways on the sidewalk, a chainlink fence that the white suburban hit before crashing into the wall. I assume Pugh was driving the white suburban and all of those people were trying to assist him following the crash. The officer was likely off-screen apprehending the people from the minivan

Anonymous said...

"A former Maryland State Police cadet was convicted of manslaughter in the 2014 crash that killed a teacher.

Sebastian Reyes, 21, faces up to five years in prison. Sentencing will be in January.

Reyes was driving a police cruiser on the Beltway on Aug. 1, 2014, when he lost control of the vehicle trying to avoid a crash with a tow truck, according to the Prince George's County State’s Attorney’s Office.

[Woman dies after Md. police cadet crashes into her car on the Capital Beltway]

The cruiser struck the car the victim was in, causing a chain-reaction crash involving a third vehicle. Karen Holt-Williams, 59, of Temple Hills, died from injuries in the crash.

Prosecutors say Reyes was driving about 74 miles per hour when he struck Holt-Williams’s car, though the posted speed limit was 55 miles per hour.

In addition to criminally negligent manslaughter, Reyes was found guilty of reckless driving, negligent driving, failure to control speed to avoid a collision and speed greater than reasonable and prudent, prosecutors said."

Now, doing 130 mph in a 70 zone, 86 in a 20 mph school zone, going through red light after red light, for a stolen credit card outside your jurisdiction, and not even in your own county? Deadly force, Tenn V Garner, manslaughter conviction and a constitutional violation (Federal) on anyone you hit is what you are looking at.

No, you can't play race car driver cause you have a badge. Unless you are going to "ram" Godzilla in a kamikaze crash, you got no right, no prior training, no authority, to be doing this kind of stunt. Where the heck were the supervisors to call this off? Why did they authorize a response to Jackson?

Get a GPS live tracker for these patrol vehicles and start watching their speed and pull the video. And match it to your logs and incident reports.

These so called officers are lucky as hell. And so are a lot of regular folks out shopping and driving to work.

Anonymous said...

3:41, why don't we let other cities and states do what they want and let the people of Mississippi do the same thing. What the hell does Maryland have to do with us?

Anonymous said...

Why, I reckin them Yankees don't suh port dair law men no way no how. What does Maryland have to do with us? Case law? Findings under the same general set of laws and tort claims? Geez, fellow. Do you think that redneck Mississippi just has a special set of tort claims, constitutional law, and criminal law unlike any other state? Like, we duh poleece we kin do watt ever we want? Sorry, pal, we don't have a special set of laws for dumbasses who kill, injure, or ruin other lives or their own lives being cowboys.

Nationwide, an estimated 279,000 people have been hurt or killed from police pursuits since 1979.

Here's the stance of IACP and the FBI:

"There's no question that when you're engaging in a chase, you're engaging in something that can turn out many ways, and many are bad outcomes," said John Firman of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, whose survey of 17,000 chases nationally since 2001 shows that 92% began for a traffic violation, misdemeanor or non-violent felony such as car theft.

Police often suspect fleeing drivers are wanted for a serious offense. And they dislike letting a violator get away. During a chase police can be overcome by "a need to 'win' and make the arrest," which blinds them to the danger they are helping create, a 2010 FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin reported.

Sound familiar? Credit card theft, with all the store video, tracking, and receipts you want to prove a case. Non violent. Not severe. Not justifying deadly force, much less deadly force to the public over 15 miles.

Anonymous said...

8:18 Why, I reckin them Yankees don't suh port dair law men no way no how. What does Maryland have to do with us? Case law? Findings under the same general set of laws and tort claims? Geez, fellow. Do you think that redneck Mississippi just has a special set of tort claims, constitutional law, and criminal law unlike any other state? Like, we duh poleece we kin do watt ever we want? Sorry, pal, we don't have a special set of laws for dumbasses who kill, injure, or ruin other lives or their own lives being cowboys

Just something to think about. I reckin them Yankees don't have to argue their case in Mississippi courts. Might be something to think about.

Anonymous said...

Those of you who conclude that the subject of police pursuits is a matter of siding with the police or the criminal don't understand the subject matter.
8:17 is trying to help you by providing the facts you need.
If your child, parent, grandparent, spouse or any other loved one had been killed as an innocent bystander in a police pursuit, you might have bothered with the facts on your own.

The bigger picture some of you always seem to miss is that those in law enforcement carry a bigger burden of responsibility because we give them the power to literally take the life or freedom of our citizens in the line of duty. We don't give them blanket authority or else they'd be no different than an enforcer for the Russian mob or a drug kingpin.

I dislike crime and criminals but I am not so dense as to fail to appreciate that those who abuse their authority are even more dangerous to a free society.

Anonymous said...

Ever stop to think that happens when the police stop enforcing the law? You get the City of Jackson, you get no immigration control and so on. The police didn't cause the chase, didn't cause the accident, and acted as responsibly as they could to do the job they were hired for. This wasn't about a one time shoplifter or use of a credit card. It was a multi-city ongoing crime spree they were trying to put an end to without the help of police where they were found. What if JPD had showed up when requested? None of it would have happened because they would have been arrested before leaving the store. Put the blame where it is due and leave it at that.

Kingfish said...

The police were completely out of their jurisdiction. They did call JPD but JPD was not present when the chase began. It sucks but there are jurisdictional rules for a reason.

Anonymous said...

I can give the people of Jackson some very good advice that may save their lives in the future.
When you hear sirens, see flashing lights, notice speeding cars coming in your direction, get the hell out of the way. It could be the law enforcement from another city doing the job the law enforcement in Jackson refuse to do.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish you should practice what you preach

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, fighting crime comes before jurisdiction. What law enforcement officer would stand by and watch a criminal commit a crime and do nothing? Jackson is the only city around here that it is very common. Law enforcement in other cities are a little different that Jackson cops.

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