Monday, December 21, 2015

More Nobodies sue Ashley Madison

20 Mississippi John Does joined as plaintiffs a lawsuit against Ashley Madison in U.S. District Court last November.  They seek an unspecified amount of punitive damages.  The original lawsuit was filed by a John Doe plaintiff in September.  All plaintiffs admitted they created user profiles on Ashley Madison and submitted pictures of themselves.  Several claimed they paid the website a $19.00 fee to delete their information when they decided to quit using the service. The lawsuit reveals the true legacy of Ashley Madison- broken homes, sordid blackmail attempts, and what was in reality, an online scam. 

The plaintiffs include residents from the following counties:

Madison: 8
Harrison: 3
Rankin: 2
Hinds: 3
Lincoln: 1
Pike: 1
Neshoba: 1
Jones: 1
Baker (Fl): 1

Several John Does claimed the following damages:

John Doe #1: Wife left marriage and his employment was imperiled.
John Doe #2: WLM, wife's business suffered from publicity, plaintiff has been victim of attempted blackmail
John Doe #3: WLM. Family relationships "irreparably harmed".
John Doe #4: WLM,  work promotion jeapordized
John Doe #5: WLM, public humiliation and loss of friends
John Doe #6: terminated from two jobs.
John Doe #7: received blackmailing emails from unknown person.  Employment threatened.
John Doe #8: WLM, receives harassing text messages, kids bullied at school. Loss of business.
John Does #9: WLM, business reputation suffered
John Doe #10: Loss of business, endures public ridicule
John Doe #11:  Receives emails attempting to blackmail him, endures public shaming
John Doe #12: Personal relationships damages, endures public ridicule and harrassment
John Doe #13:  same as #12.
John Doe #14: Marriage damages, visitation with kids limited, endures public ridicule.
John Doe #15: WLM, lost job, children refuse to see him
John Doe #16: WLM, receives emails attempting to blackmail him
John Doe #17: blackmail attempts, relationships with family and partner damaged
John Doe #18: Subjected to public ridicule and harrassment
John Doe #19: WLM, health suffers
John Doe #20: Girlfriend left, endures public ridicule and shame, family relationships harmed.
John Doe #21: blackmail attempts, work promotion jeopardized, public ridicule

Nobody charges Ashley Madison with counts of negligence, negligent infliction of emotional distress, invasion of privacy-public disclosure of private facts, bailment, and constitutional right to privacy,  and breach of contract.  Attorney Allison Fry of the Eaves Law Firm represents Nobody.  The case is assigned to Judge Henry Wingate and referred to Magistrate Linda Anderson.


Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. You adulterous perverts all should reap what you sew. THERE"S NOONE TO BLAME FOR YOUR ACTIONS BUT YOURSELVES. I hope you all lose your family and jobs, as that is what you all deserve. I also hope you all rot in hell for ruining your childrens and spouses lives.

Anonymous said...

While I agree when you stray from the spouse you deserve what you get. And really don't care what happened to them But, AM promised three things. A hook-up, a site where you remain discrete, and for $19 to delete your history. They failed on all three points for most users. I think this will be interesting to watch from a legal standpoint. The hackers stated one of the main reasons they did this was to show that AM was a scam.

Anonymous said...

Just one of the chances you take when you decided to advertise for sex.

Anonymous said...

@10:06, your husband wishes you would type less and put out more. Just trying to be helpful. Happy Festivus.

Anonymous said...

@10:06: Get your ass back in there and make my ham sammich.

Anonymous said...

lets break out the stones again!

yes, they reap what they sowed. but suing a company for your own bad decisions isn't going to gain your reputation back., nor will it restore your family relationships.

Kingfish said...

True but fraud did take place and they have a right to recover.

Anonymous said...


I pray you never make a mistake in your life. I also hope you don't attend church or call yourself a Christian. I'm guessing you would be one of the crowd that finds the stones for the stoning.

Hypocrisy is a sin as well.

Anonymous said...

Well, my goodness, December 21, 2015 at 10:06 AM, is that coming from your ivory tower of perfection? How can you muster up that much hate and horrible wishes on others? Unless you are one of the spouses you mention . . . If that is the case, truly sorry for your pain and hope that you can lose the bitterness and move forward.

Anonymous said...

10:06, I'm a happily married male, who has never cheated on my wife, and would never dream of damaging my family like that.

Anonymous said...

The number of scumbags on here defending cheating on your spouse is depressing and makes me lose faith that 'southern gentlemen' still exist. And before you all tell me to go make a sandwich, I'm a male, still married to my first wife, and we have four wonderful children. I couldn't fathom harming my family like these perverts did.

Anonymous said...

@12:31 - Get your ass back in there and make your wife a ham sammich.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone in the MS data dump was married. I saw numerous "edu" email accts from the college towns. Some/most were single when they signed up....yet they were shamed in the same stroke of a brush as those who were married.

These guys had their privacy destroyed for no reason other than seeking out sex.....something every college student does. These guys are entitled to make AM pay.

Anonymous said...

Prediction: Not a happy ending.

Anonymous said...


I'm a male and still married to my 1st wife (though we don't have children), with no plans to ever leave her or cheat on her..... yet I feel that the harbored hate and vengeance being sought by 10:06 on individuals they have no way of knowing and/or who made terrible mistakes is just as bad as the supposed cheating. People who take joy in the pain and suffering of others (REGARDLESS of how said pain and suffering came to be) are just a guilty as the wrong-doers.

I'm not saying that the Ashley Madison scammed individuals are not responsible for their actions or don't deserve to "reap what they sew", actually the opposite. They deserve to live with the consequences of their actions. However, they deserve to live with the consequences of their actions on their and their families own terms without the world and general public calling for their head's on a stake. A mistake does not an individual make. Compassion, forgiveness, learning and rehabilitation are all outcomes of this tragedy that are possible instead of just doom and gloom, hell-fire and brimstone, everyone should burn in hell type outcomes.

Anonymous said...

Why would a single person's privacy be destroyed? If every college student does it should not be something that destroys their privacy.

Anonymous said...

not that I ever saw the ashley madison user agreement, but I'd assume there was something in the agreement about reasonable privacy. AM did do that--it was hacked. there was probably a clause in there about private data may be hacked and AM is not responsible. will it hold up in court?

Anonymous said...

If you were stupid enough to be on the list and are greedy enough to sue, your name should be published. AND BY THE WAY , DO YOU THINK YOU CAN FIND ANY MONEY AT am?

Anonymous said...

12:51 I am still laughing my a^s off after spitting out my wine!!! Thanks you for that perfect response.

Kick-Start said...

Can we identify the Harley-Riding plaintiff's lawyer among these complaintants?

Anonymous said...

I checked out the site one day several years ago after hearing many ads for it on The Howad Stern radio show. I don't remember.if I paid anything, but if so not more than twenty bucks or so. I have received two emails lately. One from this law firm asking if I wanted to sue. One from an anonymous blackmailer who wanted cash. I long ago told my family that I checked out the site, so I can't be blackmailed. But this is some dark scary stuff for those who spent the big bucks and were married.

Anonymous said...

I don't know which would be more embarrassing. Being a AM subscriber or a Howard Stern audience member.

Anonymous said...

It's reap what "SOW," as in planting or sowing seed, not "SEW," as in mending your britches where the dog bit you in the butt.

Anonymous said...

What makes ME mad about all this is that, just because I refuse to "go into the Deep Internet and TOR", I can't see all this luscious/lascivious/nasty stuff for myself. And nobody I've talked to, who DID go into "TOR", had the good sense to save it so they could share it with me. They've told me a few names. But they're vague (it being Jackson, where people are incapable of being specific) about exactly what information is there.

By the way: Do people have NEKKID pics of themselves on there? BUTT nekkid?

Anonymous said...

@ 9:53

I tried to upload the list of Madison users on here earlier today. Kingfish wouldn't have it. Guess he's scared of getting sued by the perverts. Post your e-mail and I'll send the Mississippi list to you.

Polish my Pineapple said...

Is it too late to open an Ashley Madison account? I live in Madison and my pineapple must be tarnished. It ain't working no more.

Advice For The Lovelorn said...

11:22....If you'd spend less time polishing your pineapple and loping your mule you might get lucky, just by accident. You really shouldn't spend that much time in the shower, alone.

Anonymous said...

People with redeeming characteristics can make terrible mistakes.
Unfortunately, mistakes result in consequences.
Their first mistake was being dishonest with their spouse ( or girlfriend) and other significant people in their lives.
They put satisfying their perceived sexual needs ahead the need to be in other key relationships. They wanted to have it all and believed being duplicitous was a good strategy.
Their second mistake was not doing everything possible to "fix what was broken" themselves, in their relationships, in their life that led to them engaging in risky behavior. Let's not pretend that other strategies to solve whatever problems they had didn't exist.
Their third mistake was believing a website couldn't be hacked. That is simply not smart. How could they not know that?
And, let's not pretend they couldn't get sexual release without Ashley Madison. They just couldn't get it how they wanted to get it and preserve the façade they had built.
So, while I am sad they destroyed their lives , my greatest sympathy is for those who trusted the façade.
If they showed remorse and not defensiveness, if they acknowledged the pain they inflicted rather than whine about the consequences, I'd have more sympathy and give them a chance.
But, as it stands, I don't want those who are willing to hurt the people who love and trust them most ( especially any children ) to satisfy their own needs around me. I don't want those who don't respect the boundaries of not only their marriage, but the marriages of others in my life.
To me, this suit means that for these folks, it's still them being the center of their universe and they don't feel they deserve to suffer consequences.
I realize it is a legitimate suit and they have the right to sue and probably a good case, but these folks' time and energy would better spent learning how to and then repairing the relationships they damaged and atoning to the people they hurt.
" Forgiveness" is not pretending nothing happened and trusting the person who doesn't acknowledge they did something wrong and doesn't show evidence of real remorse and change. That would be called " stupidity". You should rid yourself of any anger or need for revenge as those feelings are bad for you when someone lacks remorse for what they did to you and makes excuses for their bad behavior. The person who did you wrong should become unimportant and unworthy of disturbing you in any way. " Forgiveness", instead, is being willing and open to those who err and then show by their remorse and changed behavior that they should be given another chance. " Forgiveness" even in religion involves acknowledgment, atonement, and sinning no more.
How is it that we've forgotten this?

Anonymous said...

11:22, just go down to the hobby store and get you some Krylon "Eighteen Carat Goldplate" spraypaint for that pineapple. Bright as gold, and faster than polishing, which leaves you time for polishing helmets, knobs, and other things!

I, for one, find it quite gratifying to see that Madison County leads the state in Ashley Madison lawsuits. Maybe it's because half the simpering little blondes here are named 'Ashley', 'Ayshleigh', 'Aishlee', or 'Ashlea'? Seems right, for a bunch of Ashley's living in Madison. Or maybe because half of us here in Madison grew up surrounded by Laura Ashley products for the home? Anyway, it only seems fitting.

Listen Up My Churrin... said...

@ 7:17....Is that you Jim Bakker or is it Tammye Faye?

Anonymous said...

Neither 8:58 am, what issue do you take with any paragraph?

I simply stated the obvious!

Do you think that everyone who says " I'm sorry and won't do it again" means it? Do you believe them and "forgive" as if it never happened once they do that?

Do you think the Internet is safe?

Do you think adultery if fine and carries no risk as long as it's a secret and one shouldn't expect others to be hurt or feel betrayed?

Do you really think anything is a secret if two people know it?

You don't think parents have a responsibility to set a good example? Or that children suffer in a divorce?

Do don't think employers need be concerned that an employee who screws over their spouse might also be willing to screw them over?

You just keep on rationalizing and glorifying selfishness. Since it's all about YOU, right? And, if your life isn't working out that well, it may be because you are the most naïve person on the planet!

Anonymous said...

7:17, 12:05


Jim Craig said...

It looks like the case was transferred to a Federal Court in Missouri by the Judicial Panel on Multi-district Litigation. It's very likely the Court in Jackson will never see this case again. It will settle or be dismissed.

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