Sunday, April 16, 2017

Auto burglary ring busted

The Madison Police Department issued the following press release and mug shots. 


Anonymous said...

Keep them PWT hoods in Rankin..

The fat lady just took the mic said...

39110 is going round the bowl and down the hole... just wait until Costco arrives. Pop some more popcorn...

Anonymous said...

9:09 There's a Costco going up in 39110? So close to the one going up in 39157? Who knew they were so optimistic about the profitability of this region that they would invest their own money to open two stores so close together?

Or are you just an anonymous internet blowhard who doesn't know jack about geography but flaps your gums anyway?

Split ends said...

@10:12. Madison... Ridgeland... is there really a difference. It's splitting hairs

Anonymous said...

These hoodrats were from Niknar. They also invade the suburbs from Jacktown. They got their asses CAUGHT in Madison. Wait til Danks sees them.

Anonymous said...

Whoa - so where is this 2 Costco's rumor coming from?

I know about the one going up by Renaissance, but why would the County Supervisor's in Madison County let two come?

Anonymous said...

10:20 - big difference is that Madison doesn't share a border with Jackson. Ridgeland is supposed to be the DMZ...

Anonymous said...

@ 10:20 That like saying 39211 and 39206 are the same...ehh its still Jackson, splitting hairs I guess.

Anonymous said...

Quit leaving your firearms in your vehicles. Morons.

Anonymous said...

Madison folks in the zest to flee the crime scene over paid for their houses....leaving them "house poor" by and large and when compared to long established paid for homes in jackson and even ridgeland.

As a result Madison has less discretionary income to spend on luxury items.

This is seen best in the lack of high end restaurants in Madison. The restaurants which do operate in Madison at the higher end have reduced their offerings and scaled back menus. One even moved closer to Jackson although other factors besides direction played a role.

That's said to tell Costco is coming to Madison and Ridgeland at the same time.

What did happen is Cabellas was absorbed by Bass Pro second Bass pro will not be in Ridgeland....though some large retailer is slated to move in....along with a Costco.

Unless Sheldon prevails for the landowners on his spot zoning theory and stops this....this area is going to be as congested 55 at County Line at Xmas...year around.

Anonymous said...

STOP THE THUGS FROM JACKSON FROM ROBBING OUR ... wait, white guys from Brandon?????

Anonymous said...

8:43 - agree! If you're too stupid to secure your firearms properly, maybe you shouldn't have one (oh wait, you don't have it anymore because it got stolen.....) I think if it's proven that you can't be responsible enough to secure your firearm, you should be held liable for any crime committed with it.

Anonymous said...

Is 9:00 (who is on the wifi at McDonald's in Flowood) on some sort of vain and impossible mission to show that people who live in Madison can't afford to eat out? Balderdash.

Anonymous said...

12:01 - the wifi is down, just like the ice cream machine...

Anonymous said...

Property values in NEJackson are cratering 9:00. Does that mean that buyers are underpaying?

Plain ol' Catfish said...

@ April 17, 2017 at 9:00 AM

Good point

But the part that is killing me is that our neighboring cities are competing against each other, letting the same companies relocate to their respective areas.

In other words - if Brandon, Madison, and Ridgeland have an Applebee's - go open something else, something different???

Jackson thought about this when they opened Fuddruckers and Luby's

Now Pearl is possibly opening a Steak & Shake - that's something no one else has.

The metro needs complimentary development - not competitive. Eliminate the urban sprawl, maintain and sustain positive growth.

Anonymous said...

1:20 has decoded Jackson's economic development plan! Attract a restaurant whose name is purposefully mispronounced as a joke and put it right next to another that is associated with a mass shooting, and put them in one of the worst areas of the city - what could possibly go wrong?? I suppose my family and I can eat in shifts so we can stand watch over the car to make sure it isn't stolen or burglarized (look out for my wife, she's a good shot).

No thanks Jackson - I'll enjoy the peace and quiet of a meal prepared on my backyard grill.

Anonymous said...

April 17, 2017 at 9:36 AM: Oh, so YOU'RE saying it's the gun owners' fault, and not the thieves' fault the firearms got it. Thanks, I've had it backwards all this time.

Anonymous said...

3:29, owning a firearm is a huge responsibility, one that I take very seriously...others, no so much. And yes - it is the owners' fault that their firearms were stolen from their vehicles, a firearm is not something you just leave in your car like a pair of sunglasses or a Yeti mug.

If you're not smart enough to comprehend the idea that owning a gun carries a lot of responsibility, maybe you should turn yours in.

Spots Another Dumb Ass.. said...

4:13....So, Mr. Expert, you always put your gun in your pants when you enter the church, city hall, the county tag office, the movie theater, a restaurant, the court house, the strip mall in Flowood, the high school football game, the concert at Thalia Mara, the ball game over in Pearl, Bass Pro, Home Depot, the soccer field, go jogging and take the boat for a spin? GOTCHA! Thanks for the tip.

Marlana Walters said...

Fantastic example of departments working together. Owning a firearm, a nice car or a credit card (with a high limit) that is stolen does not make the victim a criminal - it makes them a target. A crime of "opportunity" is still a crime.

Anonymous said...

Hey 6:06, actually yes, I'm armed all the time - my agency requires it. Instead of making excuses for irresponsible behavior, maybe you should encourage folks to look into secure and responsible storage for their vehicles (like a console vault) when they have to leave their firearms in their cars in order to comply with state carry laws.

Or maybe folks could just lock their cars, whatcha think?

Anonymous said...

I Agree with 4:13, and 6:51 is just being a tool. The chances of getting your property stolen decrease pretty significantly if: 1. You lock it up; and 2. If you don't make it available to a thief. I can almost guarantee that if those cars would've been locked those yoots would've moved on to easier prey...they probably jiggled a couple hundred car door handles that night.

Anonymous said...

7:25 here - I meant to say that 6:06 was being a tool, not 6:51.

Congratulations tool (and I don't mean the awesome alternative metal band either).

Anonymous said...

7:00 pm

You are not armed "all the time" due to agency requirements.

That's simply not true.

You do not drink alcohol and carry your weapon.

You do not carry your weapon to church.

If you do either....I insist you advise all here of your identity so we can prepare and possibly see that you lose your job.

Anonymous said...

Dear 9:16, You are correct, I don't drink alcohol and carry my weapon because I don't drink (I never really had a taste for it), and my Pastor likes the fact that there are a few well-trained, armed folks in his congregation (especially considering where my church is located).

By reading your post, it is easy to see that you know nothing of what you speak and should be thankful that there are folks like me around. I'm sure you have all kinds of influence here in Mississippi, but the folks I work for generally don't give a shit about what busybodies like you have to say, about anything.

Marlana Walters said...

Thank you 7:25/8:11 - I've been called many things, "tool" was a new one - I appreciate the clarification. Not sure if you have a child, but at some point you're going to leave them under the supervision of others - or heaven forbid, send them on a date. Trespassing is against the law, even when "giggling".... handles.

Does this .45 in my pocket make me look deformed? said...

Statistics clearly show that pickup trucks are likely targets of thugs who bust out windows to gain entry to a vehicle and rifle around for a pistol. I've read there is an assumption that a truck will have a pistol inside. Regardless of locking the door. 99% of us can't and don't take their gun with them everywhere they go for various reasons, legal ones being chief among them.

The prissy-pointed head person who brags of being 'the law' and being able to be armed at all times everywhere is not the norm. In more ways than one. He even goes to church and doesn't drink. Talk about a TOOL!

Loss of a four hundred dollar pistol is the least of your concerns when somebody busts out your window and tears up the inside of your vehicle.

Anonymous said...

5:28 - What statistics? Source please.

Trucks and Guns... said...

Here ya go, 8:07. Take your pick. Or read them all.

Anonymous said...

These are anecdotal examples, those of us who actually completed high school would like to see the statistics mentioned by the poster at 5:28 this morning. 5:28, these articles mention cases where individuals "broke into" unlocked vehicles and used design flaws to gain entry into certain types of vehicles, not "bust(ing) out a window(s)" to "rifle" around (nice play on words).

And if I'm a tool for going to church and not drinking, well...I suppose there are worse things. Thanks for lowering the bar of logical thought for us all.

Anonymous said...

9:39, you should change your name to Trucks, Guns and Google! What is 9:16 preparing for?

Anonymous said...


I insist you tell us who you are and what agency demands that you carry your weapon at all times.

I also insist for my own safety to know what church you attend so I can know how to proceed.

Well? We're waiting.

I'M NOT A ROBOT! said...

10:23 - I am concerned for your safety and I insist that you report to the nearest mental health facility for an evaluation. It appears that either your aluminum foil hat has fallen off or is in need of repair. It's obvious that this person is having a little fun with you - kudos KF, this has been one of the most entertaining threads EVAH!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this string has devolved quickly, what's next "cash me ousside, how bou dah?" These two just need to get it over with and have a trooper/trucker-style meetup!

Anonymous said...

Having fun?

Lying about fictitious agencies and being armed in church?


He's a liar.

That's not fun.

Anonymous said...

1:07 needs to go to her safe space, have a beer and reacquaint herself with reality.

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:07, 10:23, 5:28, 9:16 and 6:06 (hope I didn't miss anyone) - this is the Internet and you are getting spun up about anonymous posts, surely you have better things to do with your time (or maybe not from what I see here).


Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Jason Bourne

Anonymous said...

HOLY SMOKES! Miss a day, miss a lot on JJ, you all have been busy!

This is the gun-toting, non-drinking tool.

Let me clear a few things up. You actually are allowed to carry your weapon in a church if there is an established security plan in place, and you have the appropriate permission from church leadership (See Mississippi House Bill 786, also known as the Mississippi Church Protection Act). There are many churches in the Metro that have enhanced their security posture, especially after the shooting in Charleston, SC; so the very vocal poster's Pastor must not trust him (her), or you don't go often enough - not judging, just sayin'. And NONE of you are entitled to know who I work for; heck there are some days I don't know who I work for.

My TDY is up in a few months so I guess I'll slide out of town, just like I slid in - mostly unnoticed. It's been a nice year and I'll miss the colorful banter here, and I may even check in from time to time just to get my fix.

11:34, 1:45 and 2:00 - those comments are GOLD - keep it up!

Let the name-calling and good riddances ensue, I've heard worse, from worse. Thanks for your hospitality, and for keeping me entertained!

Anonymous said...

Anecdotal my ass! If you think pickup trucks are NOT targets for breaking-and-entry and are not convinced by the articles posted in the link, stay in denial and be sure to wrap your .22 in a pair of pink draws under the seat. Who wants to break into your '04 Datsun anyway?

HI YO Lawman, Away!.. said...

One of you cowboys axed for evidence to back up the claim that trucks are likely targets for thugs looking for handguns. Evidence was provided. You didn't like the evidence (although the link contained thirty articles) so you bitch and wallow and fall back on your church attendance and abstinence from hard liquor. You really ARE a special kind of tool, aren't you?

Oh, but wait, there's more: That masked man with the strap-on was the law. And his white stallion just reared up and took him out of town just like it brought him into town awhile back. And that thin brown stain on the back of his white britches was hardly noticed, except when he knelt in church.

Anonymous said...

Dang, a couple of verbose blow-hards have taken over JJ...

Anonymous said...

Speaking of drankin' 6:13, needs to lay off the sauce, and I thought strap-ons were illegal here, although I haven't heard of a dildo shop raid in a while.

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