Thursday, April 13, 2017

"They may put some poison in that water"

I'm not going to say a word.  Just watch this video of Ineva Pittman telling the Jackson City Council at its March 21 meeting that Rankin County might try to poison Jackson's water.

This is the  same Ineva Pittman who opposed the 3rd grade reading-gate tests when nearly half the third graders at some Jackson public schools failed themSee the results for yourself. 

You simply can not make this up.  


Anonymous said...

Another mindless Antar Lumumba supporter. See the trend?

Wow said...

It does sound crazy.

However, I am only one generation removed from people hanging people over skin color. For her, it may have been in her generation.

It's similar to how my executive assistant clears her house when she gets home daily--Years, ago, she came home to be tied-down and kidnapped and to look into the barrel of a gun and experience that Death had finally come for her. Now, for her, the possibility of coming home and being in grave danger is very much a reality.

The horrors of the past unfortunately can cloud our approach to reality. Our reality becomes real, whether it is real or not, in terms of its consequences. For my assistant, these real consequences mean clearing her house every day with her trusty hand-gun. For Pittman, it means voicing her concerns that our water supply may be poisoned.

I do not pretend to understand living in a reality, in a world, where water supply poisoning is a possibility I fear to the point of feeling compelled to discuss it a City Council meeting. It makes me sad.

I can't speak for her specifically, but there are many examples of people like her, on both/all sides, projecting the traumas of their realities. It's easy to "not say a word" and offer her up for quick laughs and subtle racist remarks. It's easy to laugh off some of my friends' remarks as ha, ha you ridiculous redneck.

It's a lot harder to get to know her. It's a lot harder to meet people where they are. Some people never change, sure, so they say, but not until we stop being complacent, the likelihood for status quo will remain very high.

Anonymous said...

"wastewater reunization...this big word y'all usin' here."

This is a woman who doesn't want 3rd graders tested for reading skills, and she can't even read the title of the issue at hand!

I have a question for the black people who read this blog: Do your friends and neighbors really believe this? Do they really think that white people outside the city are scheming to get rid of them by poisoning the water or some other form of mass murder? Seriously?

I thought Sanders was a lone wolf kook, but now I'm concerned that there is a larger group of people who actually believe this. It sounds like the Tropical Fantasy hoax from the 90s. It's hard for me to believe that people actually buy into this.

Derrell Ray said...

What taxes is she paying,property tax no, income tax no, water bill probably not

Messick said...

Wow (11:13 AM),

How does one "clear a house"? I'm not being facetious, merely unfamiliar with that terminology.

Also, your last paragraph is quite vague.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...better not let the surrounding areas with competent leaders control your crumbling, infested water system your "leadership" has neglected for years!

Anonymous said...

Great example of why Jackson is the cesspool it is today.

Anonymous said...


Not sure of the proper terminology--She takes her weapon out of her purse, undoes safety, and in a very specific way actively checks all of the rooms in her house to make sure no one is present.

It was a bit vague.

My general point of view is that most people I know are not evil, racist, or have subversive intentions, we are just complacent with the way we have been socialized, our status-quo, especially within ourselves and people we can directly affect.

Anonymous said...

clearing a house means checking every room and closet for an intruder. watch a cop show, when they enter a house they split up to check rooms and yell "clear" if no one is found. they do it in real life too.

Messick said...

1:53 & 2:46,


Anonymous said...

Damn it! Ms. Pittman does not represent anyone but herself. She is not the mayor, she is not a councilwoman, and she is not the spokeswoman for any organization of any influence in Jackson. She reflects Jackson's very sad and malicious past which she did not imagine or read about. Her pain from living through that shit has not subsided and she is one of those people who takes comfort in the opportunity to voice her hurt. She probably won't be around much longer, but if her presence in Jackson makes this city so offensive to you that the city should be razed, why don't you just save yourself some trouble and just ascend like Jesus into your perfect heaven where you will be more comfortable.

Anonymous said...

I call it a healthy level of dis-trust seeing as how I have a healthy understanding of history and the present and all..

Anonymous said...

Look up "black genocide conspiracy theory" and also Google "America's Next Flint". Then review the sponsors of Chokwe - Malcolm X crew, H Rap Brown spawn, etc. Same crew that spewed that crap in the 60s. It's ALWAYS 1963 in Jackson (or at the JFP). 75% of blacks at one point in Gallup polls believed that the CIA created AIDS to target blacks. A tiny bit of fact and a whole lot of fiction pays huge dividends in Jackson.

Now, remember Flint Michigan? Fact there. Not here. Bennie Thompson sure spoke about the Jackson "water reports." It DIDN'T matter to Bennie that the levels were just a screening level, much less that they were at an ABANDONED house (where the water sat for years) or that the fixtures IN the home were lead, not the city pipes.

KaChing!!!!! Lead in da watter!!! Better than falling down at WalMart!

"Did you buy a white folk's old house for a bargain? White Privilege got their son into Harvard, but they left behind Poison!!! Lead Paint!!!! That's why your son is ADHD/learning disabled (not the 8 blunts he smoked before noon) instead of going to Harvard, and you have to get by on SSI! Call Today!!!!"

Disparate impact. BGCT. It's a good living.

I mean, come on. Read something besides the C-L.

Brought to you by Bennie Thompson and Hillary Clinton's lead ('leeeeed,' not 'led') donor groups, the Old Guard Civil Rights Industry and the Ambulance Barristers Association.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. If Rankin builds their own wastewater treatment plant, then Rankin County would not need the services of Jackson. If this is the inference, then why is this woman so bothered about whether Rankin has its own plant? Is she afraid Rankin will poison the water of Rankin and Jackson residents? Sadly, there are few remnants of this generation that still tie their identity to their race(whites and blacks).

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to put this crazy bitch out of her misery. She has shown with this stupid statement that she doesn't know shit about shit (the difference between a wastewater treatment plant and a water treatment plant.) Forget the racism from thinking they might poison the water if it were a water plant; and the fact that she called "all the council people" to see how .... except for ward 1...... they are going to vote.

Too much history with the crazy woman that I am not apologizing for the reference or the comment above. If this were an isolated instance it would be one thing; but the repeated idiocy that she presents is getting worse. If you don't want to take her out of her misery, at least confine her in that facility designed for her and others like her in Rankin County. OOOps, they might poison her over there since they would be in charge of the water then.

Anonymous said...

All of the above seem to miss the humor here. They are talking about a WASTEWATER treatment plant, not a water treatment plant. If the proposed regionalization of the wastewater treatment plant was done, it would allow Rankin County part of the management of the system. But you can't poison the water supply - it is the other end of the system - its where the water goes after it is being used. She is obviously too stupid to understand the difference.

Poisoning the wastewater might affect the fish in the Gulf, but nobody in Jackson. Too bad she feels that she should comment on everything, when she knows nothing about anything.

Anonymous said...

4:23 I see what you mean. Put her out of her misery. She'll be better off. Seig Heil!

Plain ol' Catfish said...

This thread is proof of why Mississippi maintains the reputation it has today. SMH

Whether you live in Hinds, Madison, Rankin you are a Mississippian first and then a resident of your perspective area.

Only you can prevent ignorance, but got'damn some of you love wallowing in it too much to let it go.

@ Kingfish - carry on!

Anonymous said...

No! Sanders is NOT a 'lone wolf'. The poster at 11:33 is right in there with him. The only difference is style of dress and subject-verb agreement. The attitude and booger-bear suspicions are identical.

Anonymous said...

"Officers swore in Ineva Pittman as an honorary Hinds County deputy"

"A native of Jayess, Miss., May-Pittman, 71, is a member of numerous civic, religious, civil rights, and professional organizations. She is an active member of the NAACP, the Jackson Association of Educators, the Jackson State University National Alumni Association and the State Democratic Executive Committee. She is a frequent attendee of Jackson school board and City Council meetings, where she always arrives with a list of concerns to speak out on during the public comment time.

May-Pittman attended Elliot Elementary in Jayess, Shady Grove Elementary in Jackson and graduated from Lanier High School. She attended Christ Missionary & Industrial College High School and received a bachelor's of science degree in elementary education from Jackson State College in 1956. She also received a master's of science degree in education and supervision from Jackson State in 1973. She engaged in additional study at the University of Alabama, Southern University, Belhaven College and Mississippi Baptist Seminary."

OPERATIVE PHRASE: "She is a frequent attendee of Jackson school board and City Council meetings, where she always arrives with a list of concerns to speak out on during the public comment time."

"Frequent caller. "Frequent attendee" There's your sign.

Now, the Jackson Free Press will NOT ask Deputy Pittman, Esquire, if she knows the difference between Shiite and Shinola, or, in this case, sewage and potable water.

She IS the black Emily Litella of Saturday Night Live. So, never mind, cause Kennuf Stokes doesn't understand it either.

Wow said...


I am not sure what conclusions on my attitude, booger-bear suspicions(sic) you drew based on what I wrote, but if you have any meaningful contribution to the discussion or specific feedback on what I stated at 11:33 AM, I welcome it.

Respond here, or state a date, time, and place for a quick lunch and we can discuss.

Anonymous said...

11:33, I am not the one that made the earlier comment about you, but you suggest 'getting to know her' and to know her "where she is". I have gotten to know her, I am sorry to say. I have had to deal with listening to her in meetings, her spouting hate along with ignorance. I have put up with her degrading statements about me and others in the room that were not the same color as her. I have been the target of her abuse on not one or two occasions, but routinely. I have gotten to know her from 'where she is' as she accused me of any and everything she could imagine, for no other reason than she had a different political philosophy than her. I saw all the accolades that she has received, but also listened to her filthy mouth shouting obscenities across a room that prove those accolades to be misappropriated. I don't care where one has been or what they have had to live with - it does not justify either the race-baited hatred, the lying, or the filth that can come from her mouth. I can forgive her ignorance but I do not accept any of your comments as a defense of her actions.

And - that has nothing to say about her confusing the poisoning of the water stupidity if we allow Rankin to have a seat at the table for the management of the sewer treatment system. That just is a good reminder of how silly her rants really are.

For The People said...

LOL @ 'Ambulance Barrister's Association'...

This is how we'll do it! said...

Dammit, guys! She's onto us! We'll have to put off lacing the Jackson city water supply with that reformulated strychnine that only works on people with a high level of melanin. Maybe next year.

How did she figure out our diabolical plan?

Kingfish said...

I have no problem exposing people such as her who make public fools of themselves.

Let me tell you what this woman pulled a few years ago. The Hinds County Election Commission was holding a meeting. The subject would be the new voting districts. Pete Perry attended in his role as Hinds County GOP Chairman. Ms. Pittman walks in with a friendly constable. She went and filed some charges against him for, get this, cursing in her presence. I kid you not. Constable arrests him and hauls him up to Judge Sutton's court where he cooled his heels for a few hours- until the meeting is over.

That is what kind of crap that old fool pulls.

Pete Perry said...

For clarity, I was leaving the room while she was screaming and coming toward us, ten feet away. I held up my hand and said 'get back, you bitch'. She shouted back, 'don't call me a bitch, you fucker. You fucker, don't call me a bitch." (Direct quote).

She filed "verbal assault" charges. Doesn't matter that there is no such thing in MS law. You are correct, KF, that it was used to get me out of the discussion whereby they forced through the county's redistricting plan.

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