Thursday, April 27, 2017

Who is in jail?

Burglars and violent criminals constitute most of the inmates in the Hinds County detention centers.  JJ reviewed a roster of the inmates.  Less than twenty percent of the Hinds County inmates were arrested for drug crimes and most of those offenses were trafficking.  The statistics remain little changed from three years ago when this website conducted a similar review. 

The jail is supposed to be a holding facility.  143 inmates have been incarcerated before 2016.  This is little changed from the 2014 review when there were 124 inmates who had resided in the jail for more than two years.  However, the number of inmates who had been in jail since the most recent calendar year grew from 42% to 59%. 

One interesting finding is the number of inmates incarcerated for house burglary.  187 suspected burglars were incarcerated in 2017 and 2016.  The house burglary statistics have plunged in all Jackson police precincts except for Precinct 2 this year. Check out this section of the April 20 Comstat report:

The last two columns on the right side are the year to date statistics.  It is probably no coincidence that this particular crime improved in Jackson since burglars are usually repeat offenders.  They just can't stop with hitting one house. 

JJ classified the crimes into several categories: Homicide, drugs, burglary, and true crime. The  crimes that are not homicides - aggravated assaults, carjackings, and other similar crimes were classified as "true crimes".  Burglary is separated from the rest of them because it is not a violent crime per se but is probably the most common crime Hinds County residents face.  The information is based on the roster provided for February 7, 2017.

% of Inmates by Year
2017: 23%
2016: 59%
2015: 11%
2014: 5%
2013: 11%
2012: 0.006%

% of Crimes
Homicide/Murder:  12%  (89)
Burglary: 29% (220)
True Crime: 38%  (291)
Drugs: 18%  (138)

2006 (2)
True Crime:1

2012 (5)
True Crime:3

2013 (8)

2014 (41)
True Crime:13

2015 (87)
True Crime:41

2016 (445)
True Crime:170

2017 (173)
True Crime:63

Total inmates: 759

% of Crimes
Homicide/Murder:  12%  (89)
Burglary: 29% (220)
True Crime: 38%  (291)
Drugs: 18%  (138)

JJ conducted a similar review three years ago.  The results were about the same:

 Year/Number of prisoners arrested
2014: 356
2013: 352
2012: 89
2011: 19
2010: 10
2009: 3
2008: 1
2007: 1
2006: 1


Anonymous said...

True crime???

Anonymous said...

So what you're saying is that this statistic about our jails are overcrowded with non-violent people incarcerated on simple possession charges, so legalize weed so I can smoke in public...that's complete bullshit.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:35

In states where marijuana is legal both medically and recreationally it is illegal to smoke in public.

People incarcerated for marijuana is ridiculous. Yes, violence is associated with illegal sale of it. So tax it, regulate it, control it. It becomes less interesting to the youth, not as profitable by any means for criminals, and the police can worry about rape, kidnap, burglary, theft, murder, etc..I know I'm speaking to the majority of which are "sheep" and haven't a real clue about the medical and monetary value of marijuana when it's controlled but I'll say all this anyway. Please...drunk driver blowing through a stop sign killing a pedestrian vs. driver on marijuana forgetting to proceed after they stopped at the stop sign? Driver high and nodding out on prescription opioids plowing into another vehicle head on vs. a stoned driver going 15mph under the speed limit? I'll quit my rant because it falls on mostly deaf ears here at JJ and in the state but...educate yourself, if that's possible. The legalized states and the medical field have a time after time proven positive track record for the most part.

Our MS jails are waay overcrowded. Private prisons are for: profit. A holding facility "holding" people on minor drug charges is a tax burden and a lot of us Mississippians don't make enough to be paying for John's 3 hots and a cot because he had a few pills on him, or had a few joints on him, or was caught in a sting purchasing marijuana, etc. I don't condone a lot of it but my Lord, Hinds county jails are ridiculous in so many ways.

Lastly, the ONLY university in the UNITED STATES that grows and studies marijuana, oh no, wait for it, cringe all ye faithful, is right in Oxford, MS at Ole Miss. I wonder how 12:35 would feel if one of their family members was locked up in the deplorable conditions in a Hinds county jail for some marijuana...


Anonymous said...

Hey 3:25, reading comprehension problems? Perhaps from all that weed you love? It appears the jails are NOT full of people charged with simple possession.

Anonymous said...

Way more posts on the 12 year old baseball thread. Nobody really cares why 100+ humans are in pre-trial detention in a dungeon for over 18 months.

Robert Shuller Smith just keeps on keepin on.

Anonymous said...

There are not enough dope heads in prison. Lock em up!

Anonymous said...

@3:25 - an example of talking without listening (or typing without reading).

You left out the "hemp is the cash crop that will save family farms and renew our agricultural industry" bit. You know, the one rattled off by 22-year-olds with dreads and Birkenstocks who've never ventured past the suburbs but are experts on the economics of agribusiness and crop diversity.

Go crawl back into your bong, Spicoli.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:27, no comprehension problems of any sort here. I never said the jails were full of individuals charged with simple possession. There are a few extenuating cases though involving some. Take your adderall, go to work, get home and take your xanax to calm down, then take your ambien to sleep. Much healthier for you than "dope" and keeps big pharma in business.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:17, yes I do hate those misinformed people that give it a bad name. I had some birkenstocks at FPDS in 3rd grade, I loved them! Only person doing both of what you said is you lol. What's crop diversity have to do with...well..anything relevant to your argument? Just some word you googled?

Go sign up for the "war on drugs", Nancy.

Anonymous said...

These arguments about locking people up for simple possession of weed are similar to all the time wasted debating the transgender topic lately. It's a distraction from the larger problems plaguing our criminal justice and prison system. The #'s KF cited say 18% are in for drug related offenses and most of those offenses are trafficking. Simple math from here on out:

138 inmates in for drug charges multiplied by a factor of 51% to meet the minimum requirements of the definition of "most", KF's chosen word = 68 inmates in for drug charges which are not trafficking

Out of those 68 inmates, let's say we divide inmates evenly by their drug possession of choice only using the 5 most commonly known illegal drugs (weed, meth, coke, crack, heroin) =13.6 inmates, round to 14.

This leaves us with 14 out of 759 inmates in the slammer for possession of pot. So even using the least possible statistical value of the word "most", plus ignoring the fact that stiffer penalties are given for non-weed drugs, then leaving out ecstasy, prescription pills, etc. as possible reason for arrest, WE'RE STILL LEFT WITH ONLY 1.8% BEING LOCKED UP FOR MARIJUANA POSSESSION.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:17, thank you for breaking that down for that singular particular holding facility. I'm the previous poster discussing my pro view of marijuana. I agree wholly that discussing this is mostly a waste of time due to several reasons I don't have time to touch on. Really my main point/argument is that marijuana has a terrible stigma associated with it and it isn't nearly as harmful as misinformed people think. I'll shut up now! Have a good day all!


Anonymous said...

There are few people more smug than twentysomething dope advocates with 3 semesters of community college under their belts. Everyone is uneducated or misinformed or a sheep. They "haven't a real clue about the medical and monetary value of marijuana when it's controlled". They throw out the incredibly well-known fact that Ole Miss grows and studies marijuana as if it's some obscure bit of "gotcha!" knowledge that will put those uptight codgers on their heels. No one who disagrees with them can have a valid point or should be paid any deference.

"You, Mr. 45-year-old attorney, are misinformed about marijuana.

"You, Ms. 58-year-old physician, need to educate yourself, if that's possible.

"You, Mr. 39-year-old politician, haven't a real clue about the value of marijuana.

"You need to listen to me, a 24-year-old film student and part-time Starbucks barista. I've read articles in High Times. I've watched at least five documentaries on Netflix. I've seen a TED talk video about legalization. And I have performed a LOT a experiments regarding the effects of THC on a 248-pound man under the age of 30. I KNOW what I'm talking about!"


Anonymous said...

@ 12:44,

I am 29, you got me there! I have been calm and collected and haven't down played anyone's opinion, as everyone has mine. It is like the race issue in our country, no one can be racist except a white person. I am white, sorry JJ readers. I have an Associate and a Bachelor degree. I am 6'0 and 181lbs. I am an avid outdoorsman and love to bike. I own a small business here and I also install, design, and sell photovoltaic systems around the southeast. I haven't "thrown out any gotcha knowledge" I have only included a bit of humor and sarcasm in my posts (My humor sometimes is only humorous to myself).

"I'll be shunned and disbarred here in MS if I dare defend a marijuana case and speak out.."

"If I prescribe CBD oil, which I believe all the scientific data presented over umpteen years, I may loose a few opioid addicted, barbiturate abusing, depressed SSRI crazies, and big pharma will come after me, so I will keep hush hush.."

"I say anything, I do anything, and I support anything that gets me elected and makes me money. I am only honest, forthright, and genuine in my campaign. I will do absolutely everything I say I will do when I get elected.."

"You need to form your own opinions, do some research, talk to some sick folks who have benefited from CBD oil (sorry it doesn't cause any type of euphoric feeling) and open your eyes. It isn't as if I have said I advocate complete recreational legalization, because I don't. I am simply speaking on my own opinion about different subject matters pertaining to marijuana and the benefits and the stigma attached to it."

There are few people more smug than a 40 something, poor, half educated, deeply republican mom of 5 who thinks anyone who supports marijuana MUST: have dreads, wear birkenstocks, and have been to community college. Although I myself can't stand the "modern hippie" either.

12:44, care to elaborate on your physical build, employment, and your education? Probably not, but thats ok, you have made me smile today. Love my state, but can't stand individuals like you.


Anonymous said...

There has to be another poster to follow suit with the previous. I'd love the earlier poster to answer my questions but they're struggling to come up with much in their adderall frenzied life to post a real argument. KF I love the site and appreciate what you do whether you could ever support or respond to a "pro marijuana" person. The thread will die very very soon but I'll continue to read and post.

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