Wednesday, April 12, 2017

West Rankin tells Jackson thanks, but no thanks.

The West Rankin Utility Authority rejected a proposal from Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber to "regionalize" Jackson's wastewater treatment plant:

Kingfish note: Regionalizing something is only to be used when you are getting something for nothing, such as the airport.   Carl Ray be happy.


Anonymous said...

Love how Carl Newman is on West Rankin board and basically gave the finger to Jackson.


Anonymous said...

Yep, instead of pooling resources - they want to draw a line in the sand.

That's why I can't stand the Rankin Trash!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Mayor Mark; We don't need any more of Jackson's CRAP!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That letter won't help folks trying to defend regionalizing the airport in the courts.

Anonymous said...

As a Jackson native, I support WRUA's decision. Jackson is in no way capable of managing a row of port-o-potties, much less a wastewater treatment plant. It's been that way since Ditto left office.

Anonymous said...

Rankin sends it's crap to Jackson and Jackson assumes full responsibility for all things regarding the plant. That's right, Ranking taxpayers have not had to build a plant to the tune of hundreds of millions, plus all issues that come with running such an operation. If that's not a good deal for Rankin, I don't know what is, but this is the county with a giant cross next to a giant catfish barn, as well as the home of Tate Reeves . . . so it's not surprising if everyone there obsesses with some unusual items.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they'll think a giant cross on the treatment plant is a great idea also

Anonymous said...

4:12 PM could be that this is why Rankin is going their own way?

Anonymous said...

Question for 4:40: so you think it's not a bit ironic that Yarber is all for "regionalizing" his shitter but he can't stand the thoughts of letting white people have a say in matters of one of the state's most significant economic development tools that just happens to be situated in Rankin County and whose board controls upwards of 1,500 acres of undeveloped real property? That's rich.

Anonymous said...

Either we regionalize assets or we don't. Sad that Rankin gets to pick and choose what they want simply because we elected a bank teller from Rankin as LT Gov.

Anonymous said...

You can make all the comments you want to, Rankin County. I want to hear what you say when you start getting your sewer bills. The projections of any cost savings to you are not the way it will be.

Anonymous said...

I imagine Jacktown would give it's left nut to have the taxes that the "giant catfish barn with the giant cross" produces for Florence/Rankin County.
What's really funny is that you are soooo smug in your insults to someone that gives credit to THE higher power that gave them so much.
I'd be willing to bet the farm that you wouldn't have spine enough to say the same thing about a Muslim family that gives thanks to their God for what they've received.
It's easy to ridicule someone that you know will not retaliate. Most people call that cowardice.

Anonymous said...

I'll gladly pay higher sewer fees if it means we won't have sewer pipes collapsing and raw sewage spilling into our streets the way Jackson does.

Anonymous said...

Good God, we are now starting a conversation about muslims and catfish shacks.

Anonymous said... will no longer be sending your sewage to Jackson so your comment makes no sense. It will all be processed near your house.

Kingfish said...

You noticed.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Rankin County can be trusted to run a multi million crap processor. Our bills won't go up and we can brag about all the good jobs we created. And the aesthetics. Oh the aesthetics.

Of course it would make sense for Hinds and Madison to send all their crap to Rankin also. Economies of scale cannot be denied.

Rankin will be the dookie capitol of Mississippi. Saaaaalute

Anonymous said...

"muslims and catfish shacks."

Laughing my ass off at that one !

Anonymous said...

Carl Ray Furr strikes again. If you people in rankin county think this is a good deal for the ratepayers you are wrong. This is a boondoggle CRF has been dreaming up for quite some time. I'm sure he is telling the redneck mayors his buddy Thad will pay for it all.

Anonymous said...

738, Obviously You Don't Understand shit. The pipes, collapsing or not, ate Rankin County's. Or Jackson's. Each has their own pipes for collection ( and yes, there have been some problems with pipes on the east side of the river, but that's another story.)

This issue is about the treatment of your shit after it goes thru your pipes, crosses the river and enters the treatment plant. Pointing at a sewer line issue from last week is a nice attempt at dragging a dead catfish across the bridge to mask the stink from this game of chicken by a couple of hard headed mayors, but it has nothing to do with the collection systems of either city

Anonymous said...

If you people in rankin county think this is a good deal for the ratepayers you are wrong.

Prove it. Put up.

Anonymous said...

I tend to defer to Carl Ray on issues rather than a group of hoodlums.

Anonymous said...

Jackson is currently violating its consent decree with the EPA regarding wastewater treatment. I'm pretty sure they never got the whole sludge contract issue settled. Rainkin County paid its share for upkeep / upgrades when it paid the agreeded upon rate. Jackson declin d to maintain the facility, and instead allowed it to deteriorate. It wasn't until after the MDEQ hearing that this was even presented. The only party regionalization would benefit is Jackson. Once it's regionalized, then all parties involved become liable for any fines levied by the EPA and for all the forced upgrades too. With their own facility, Rankin knows what there getting without any surprises. Besides, when Antar gets elected, he can fly back to Harlem and hold another "Payback" fundraiser to cover Jackaon's money problems.

Anonymous said...

"I'm sure they'll think a giant cross on the treatment plant is a great idea also"

Hence the origin of the phrase "Holy Crap!"

Anonymous said...

Look, Carl Ray may benefit from this but he's not making money without risk and many obligations to other subcontractors and suppliers. He has spent his entire life doing this. I'd rather it be him than AECOM, a Public Works Puppet, or whatever sketchy criminal-cum-engineer.

Oh WTF, I'm going to hell anyway said...

Just like Mayor Mary and her brick bridge, the "giant crosses" will be cleverly disguised "Lift Stations". And that I believe is a triple pun, 4 if you count "believe".

Anonymous said...

I'm from Rankin County. I'm not aware of anyone saying our rates won't go up. That's not the issue. Rankin County can't afford to tie its economic development destiny to a city who will not comply with an EPA order regarding the upkeep of the facility. It's that simple. My guess is that Jackson's continued refusal to upkeep the facility will unfortunately eventually result in Rankin treating sewage for Jackson --if Jackson will be able to pay its treatment bill on time . Gary Rhoads's position has been clear all along: Our first preference would be to continue to pay to use Jackson's facility. We just can't let the leadership vacuum in Jackson one day result in not having any way to treat our sewage. As an aside, as a previous third generation Hinds County resident, I'm really getting a chuckle out of all the Rankin trash comments. I hated to leave my job in Jackson as a tail gunner on a bread truck, but they told me I was too big of a redneck to live and work in Jackson anymore.

Anonymous said...

Rankin county had a population of 149,239 people and 31,145 families at the last census. Of course, a waste water treatment plant would have to be planned to accommodate growth.
IF you want to service just the current population , the minimum cost of a waste water treatment plant would be $1.5 million . And, that would not include the architects and engineers, preparing the site , roads to the site, parking, lighting, security etc.
The costs are more likely to be about $3-6 million as a national average but then most places don't have to worry about Yazoo clay or tornadoes. Does anybody know the geological suitability of the site in question? I hope so.
Then you have to pay the people to run and maintain the plant and collect the bills from the families and a place for them to do their work.
So the first question should be what will be the costs for the 31,145 families and are any of them on public assistance?
I see no evidence that this is a well thought out plan and much that it is political nonsense.
But, of course, you can just haul off and do it based on an " us vs them" mentality without considering anything else.

Anonymous said...

What is apparently lost on the fondrenites and other guilt-riddled liberals who infest this blog is that by continuing to circle the bowl that is the savannah street debacle, rankin county is subjecting its economic development future to the incompetence permeating virtually every aspect of Jackson governance. Throw in a future governance run by a white hating race hustler committed to paying white people back and you understand Rankin's insistence on getting away as fast as possible. No thinking person blames them.

Anonymous said...

Whats the EPA going to do? Shut it off? You act like they are in danger of being shut down.

Actually, now that there is a duplicate facility in Rankin, they really could order the Jackson facility shut down.

Anonymous said...

Who's up at 3:15am defending Rankin County?

Plain ol' Catfish said...

@ April 13, 2017 at 7:34 AM

Oh so now it makes PERFECTLY clear sense of what the politicians in Madison and Rankin are doing - What is apparently lost on the Racist Rednecks of Madison and Rankin county's, and other hate-riddled conservatives that have hijacked this blog, is that by continuing to circle the bowl that is the Ross Barnett debacle, Hinds county is subjecting its economic development future to the incompetence permeating virtually every aspect of Madison, Brandon, Ridgeland and Pearl governance. Throw in the future governance run by black hating race hustlers committed to paying black people back and you'd understand Hinds's insistence on getting away as fast as possible. No thinking person blames them.

Thank you so much for clarifying that!!!! You know for a long time, I just could not express that point so eloquently - thanks for helping with that. You are a true scholar and Mississippian!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mayor Yarber:

The WRUA appreciates your proposal to form a new regional wastewater treatment organization. After careful review, we have decided instead to pursue the option of being flayed alive and set on fire. We feel that this will better serve our interests, and the interests of our rate payers.

Mark Scarborough

Anonymous said...

Madison county built a new wastewater treatment facility about ten years ago. However, all sewage from Madison south including the reservoir still goes to the Jackson treatment facility.

Kingfish said...

Not a damn thing wrong with AECOM. Very reputable company and very good at what they do.

The problem is who they were told to use as "local partners" and that they had to use them.

Anonymous said...

Catfish, please take your meds.

Anonymous said...

Thad Cochran needs to issue a statement making clear that he will not use the appropriations committee to fund this boondoggle. He needs to encourage the Rankin County mayors to work out a regional deal,

Anonymous said...

All the good people left

And those remaining

Instead of working together

Draw lines in the sand

Throw stick and stones

To fight over mud

Anonymous said...

KF - do we know what the offer was from Yarber for regionalization. How many seats at the table would Rankin get?

Anonymous said...

@9:15 has to be new to Mississippi.

The ONLY thing Thad Cochran will ask Rankin County is how much $$$ do you need?

Anonymous said...

Jackson needs to completely revamp the contracting process. Set asides of any type, minority (or veteran or disabled or small business, etc) preferences, and mentoring need to go. These are luxuries a city/county/state flush with funds can afford. Jackson is broke. Every dime going to a sham JV with a favored crony to meet a set aside goal is a dime that could be going to actually be repairing infrastructure. Lowest price from a qualified bidder should be it right now. Period. And complete transparency.

Do those two things and bid out the waste treatment to privatization. We get the work for cheaper, performed by someone that can be have the living bejezus sued out of them by the not insignificant number of plaintiff attorneys in Jackson...and thus motivated to perform.

Won't happen because the very palms getting greased are the ones that would have to agree to it.

Dudy.. said...

"Gentlemen; We're talking about rat shit and there are elephant turds lying all around."

Filets with Nanna Puddin'.. said...

Madison has a giant fake pine tree just past the third base line at Madison Central. It's a cell tower, (not so) cleverly disguised per Mary's instructions.

Then there's the humongous cross resembling a circumcised-penis at the church across from the Madison International Airport. That's also a cell tower. No word on the plan the mosque has for a giant tower celebrating Allah. Mary will have to shit or get off the peacock!

While I'm not sure what might be inside the one down at the Catfish Shack in Florence, Kingfish should have a contest to entertain bets. I'll start by suggesting its a loft apartment housing Colonel Reb and the state flags from the universities.

Anonymous said...

How can so many people have such strong opinions when the "offer" has not been seen? Did I miss it? Maybe it wasn't such a great offer. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

For those of you not privy to the facts, the W.R.U.A. has tried for many years to discuss regionalization with the city of Jackson to no avail. They were told that they would not give up any control or decision making authority. After the E.P.A. came in and imposed a consent decree and fines for the utter negligence of the city to maintain their system and plant the decision was made as per their contract established many years ago to pull out and build their own plant. The decision was based on the fact that the new plant could be built for less or equal to the cost of repairing a plant that neglected to the point of disrepair. Only after exhausting every legal avenue available did some of the governing body approach W.R.U.A. with a too late too little proposal and well after the M.S.D.E.Q. had issued a permit, land bought, and contract for design was all in play. The city of Jackson did this to themselves and they only have themselves to blame, not the ratepayers of Rankin County. If W.R.U.A. had decided to stay with Jackson it would have been business as usual for Jackson.

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