Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Warden threw a party in the county jail....

Meet Battlefield Dubb and his boyz.  Dubb is having a good ole time at the Hinds County Detention Center in Raymond jammin' to WJMI and starring in live Facebook videos.  Check out this pic:

Dubb is in the center but who is that on the left, you ask? Javaris Thompson.  He was recently arrested for carjacking a woman by holding a gun to her eight year-old son's head.  Earlier post.  This shot of Javaris and Dubb was posted to Facebook on March 28.  JPD arrested Javaris on March 18.  

Meanwhile, Dubb posted this Facebook Live video on April 11:

Here are some more updates from the Hinds County jail:

On the other hand, perhaps this can provide instant proof to the Justice Department that things are going ok at the jail. 


Anonymous said...

I guess they are waiting on Judge Tommy Green to give them a little slap on the wrist. This is just a short vacation for all of them; then they will be back on the streets causing more trouble.

Anonymous said...

Maybe when he gets out he can find gainful employment at one of the composting stations Antar wants to set up in each Ward. Composting is the key to Jackson's rebirth!

Evabotty on da whole sayle block said...

Wow. It look like jail be def.

No wonder so many thuglyfers are committing crimes without compunction. Getting locked up is exactly the same as walking the streets, if not better. Dress in loud clothing, facebook and instagram, dope is available, free food, very little work, rap music blaring, and all yo homies be there.

They used to call these places "correctional facilities" (implying correction of bad behavior) or "penitentiaries" (implying doing penance for bad behavior). They need to start calling them thug spas, implying reward for bad behavior.

Anonymous said...

Sad and ignorant bunch of boys that expose themselves to the public, what they are doing in jail. Dang, messing up their good thing by exposing themselves. They don't video, when they have sex with each other!!! Freeking animals!!!

pjm said...

so, is he sporting the double sag? must be a new thing.

Anonymous said...

It don't take a highly educated person to figure out how this contraband is getting into the jail and/ or how to deter it from getting into this facility.

Sheriff, have a get together with all your employees and brainstorm. This shigity must stop. The inmates that are posting are making a mockery out of your correctional deputies! The deputies should wear orange and let the inmates wear the uniform of the S.O. This is unacceptable.

Sheriff, who are you hiring to allow this? I know you have a few honest deputies!!! Those other mother f--Kers must go!

Sheriff, I love you man, don't let these inmates make a mockery, of the jail, under your watch.

Anonymous said...

I'm usually one to jump on the bandwagon saying what most of us think about this situation, but I can't help but wonder how to fix the greater problem: generations of youth who have NO regard for their lives and, therefore, others' lives.

I mean, a teenager who holds a gun to an 8 year old's head is EVIL, but if we punish him, so what? Dozens more will line up in the same place.

Like, WHY is that kid holding his hands in a prayer fashion?!?

What is the solution? Embrace or oppress? I don't know. I'm neither a "bleeding heart" or a "Trump-eter." I'm just someone who has seen this go on and on and on and on....

Anonymous said...

Deputies on the streets equal happy constituents and happy deputies.

Deputies at the jail don't get votes and make deputies resentful. It's a system set up to fail.

The Hinds County jail is a major operation unlike any other in the state in terms of size and challenges and it should not be under the authority of an elected sheriff (no matter who it is).

Anonymous said...

Victor Masons allowing those inmates to run wild so they don't riot and tear up the jail, the same as they did under Tyrones. Victor went in with absolutely NO PLAN to correct this, but to allow them to run the jail.

The DOJ is there and they'll most definitely see this. It's only a matter of time till the inmates take over and then the DOJ will take over the jail..

Only 2.5 yrs left Victor.

One and done, it'll only get worse for ya.

Anonymous said...

So how much are deputies charging for a cell phone these days ?

Anonymous said...

Between the jail and the DA, being sheriff in Hinds County is an impossible job.

I do appreciate the increased patrols and I think Mason is doing a good job in his sheriff duties. Voters want patrols, not jailers. Let the DOJ have it.

Anonymous said...

Watching that video is like watching the walking dead. Corpses with no purpose. These guys appear to have no chance of ever making anything of themselves. Pathetically sad.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately its a no kill shelter.

Anonymous said...


Victor is doing a good job? Guess he hasn't texted you yet!

Anonymous said...

He's about to force his patrolman to work the jail for a month at a time. 4 Road Deputies have quit in 2 months. No certified Deputy is gonna work the jail for a month. Tyrone forced his men to do it 2 weeks at a time and most of them quit, Patrolman, Inv, Bailiffs, Narcotics..

Because he has no jailers to work it, because of the DOJ standards.. that's why their there, because of incompetence. No employees to hire because he'll force them to work the jail, no jailers, Sexual Lawsuits, Riots coming, high speed dating Pursuits settlements..
Good job dummy, I mean Victor..

Anonymous said...

1:26, a " Box " as inmates call them, The Deputies are charging $500-1,000 a box answer will hand out 5-7 boxes per housing unit and pay off the front desk person to allow it in once they go back and fourth to their car.

Several times a week, several times a night. Looks like $5-7000 a night for the ole Deputies. Not but on a $26,000 salary.

Anonymous said...

Mary Rushing is a joke of Jail Administrator, Pete Luke's in for only himself, everybody else is just praying to keep their job and hold on for the next election and pray that Victor doesn't make them work the jail.

You'll be 64 when it's over Victor, go back to your empty house, your wife will leave you soon enough.

Prophetic statements here..

Watch and wait.

Anonymous said...

Let the DOJ take over and Hinds County will receive an order demanding replacement of that dump of a county jail.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe our society has dropped to this level. Hinds county has the wrong leader. Jackson has the wrong leadership. 40 years ago, this crap wouldn't have happened! So I guess we just let the liberals run around and do what they want? I wanted to say democrats but I know I will get censored.

Well, you asked for it folks. This is how your society is run when you slap your child on the back of they hand instead of on the back of they a**!!.

Up Against The Wall Gangsta Muthah! said...

Where is the evidence of a 'warden threw the party'? Anybody can post photos of punks in cells and elsewhere in the facility.

Anonymous said...

I see nothing but Vice Lord gang signs. Wasn't there a time the city of Jackson said there wasn't a gang problem? Perhaps these gangs are recruiting these individuals at such young ages and in turn these "young kids" commit these terribly violent crimes in a way of proving themselves and their loyalty to the gangs. A 17 year old was murdered earlier today in Jackson for instance.

Anonymous said...

Policies and procedures are in place, just don't have the people to inforce them. When you have more crocked jailers than honest ones the system will fail.
My hat goes off to the correctional deputies that want to do their job!!!

The idiots in the video will not pull that shit in other county jails, nor will they commit crimes in other counties. They know where they can go and kick back.

The problem isn't the sheriff nor the jail admin, it's the sorry as jailers that allow contraband in the facility.

Law Enforcement as a whole in Hinds County and Jackson must put these criminals on NOTICE!!! Not HERE!

Anonymous said...

10:27, you took the words out of my mouth. That's EXACTLY what I was going to post after reading the article!

On top of that, many on here have posted about "thugs." Yes, the people shown in the photos ARE thugs, but they're "their" thugs. In other words, in Jackson, it doesn't matter who's doing what, and to whom....as long as they're black. You think BabyChok is the least bit concerned about these folks and what they're doing and will do when released? Hell no.

I'm usually an optimist, but I absolutely see no way to turn Jackson around.....not even Martial Law would work, because these days, the politically correct approach would be employed. I just don't see it ever being a viable city again. And that saddens me, because Jackson is where I grew up....

Anonymous said...


Who do you think hires these folks. Mary and Victor.
I believe Victor said he was going to fix this and he would have no excuses. Well I guess you are making them for him, hell he would have to come to work to make them for his self.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:43

LMFAO !!!!!! "No kill shelter"


BTW, maybe Kim jong un's first missle strike will be the Hinds County jail !!

Anonymous said...

9:20 your exactly right..

No excuses, the buck stops with me..just look to me, is what he said..

He said,everything he needed too to get elected..

Fucking Tool..

Ain't life grand said...

Looks like his orange jumpsuit is down for quick and easy access

Anonymous said...

Dentention Center has become the briar patch for these people.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing new, just an ordinary day at the Hinds Co. Detention Center. Most of the correctional officers fear the inmates, thus turning a blind eye to many infractions to avoid confrontation. I was employed with Hinds Co for many years starting under Malcolm only working 1 year under Lewis. Inmates had cellphones during my entire time working there, the only difference was if caught under Mac you regretted it because of the beating that followed. Lewis told us on day one there was a "No Hit Policy" effective immediately. I have witnessed inappropriate contact with female staff and inmates on many occasions, and even a male deputy table top dancing. That place is a zoo, and it's only a matter of time before a staff member is severely hurt or possibly killed. John knight of Jackson was held there at the work center a few years back, and high ranking officials would bring him liquor in water bottles and no one dared to mention it. Leaving that place was best thing I ever did.

Anonymous said...

your correct, I was there too and Tyrone said, if "they" meaning the few white people they had left put their hands on you, you call me..and he never got them back under control..3 years later he tried sending SWAT twice week to best them back into shape, but it was too late..he'd already lost the Re Election in the publics eyes.

Victors just chose to do nothing so they won't crank up. All of the Jailers are corrupt, just some bring in contraband and the rest just see nothing and do nothing.

THE DOJ is doing their best not to take over because they know how much money it'll require to pay everybody Fed salaries, because they'll terminate all Jailers and Admin from Masons crew..just SOP with the DOJ.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It ain't the freaking condition of jail it's the staff! For one month let Madison or Rankin county sheriff's dept staff the Hinds County Jails. Also let the county and circuit court judges switch too. Problem solved!

A few good deputies and a whole lot of weak ones. Inmates know how far to go and with whom!!!

Anonymous said...

Madison or Rankin County Jailers, that's funny..all paper Crimes over there. They wouldn't last 3 days.

It is the jail to a degree. It needs to be torn down and built in Jackson closer to the courts.

Most doors and walls are deteriorated or beyond worth fixing. It's a budget nightmare..

But Victor said NO PROBLEM, NO EXCUSES..

Anonymous said...

"Up Against The Wall Gangsta Muthah! said...

Where is the evidence of a 'warden threw the party'? Anybody can post photos of punks in cells and elsewhere in the facility."
April 18, 2017 at 5:03 PM

It's the beginning of an Elvis song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9-kBayrjMw

Anonymous said...

1:11 you can draw a circle in the sand and put these idiots in it! When supervised by the right Deputies, these fools would not leave that circle! I agree to certain degree also for a new jail. Build a supermax to hold these idiots!!!

Anonymous said...


A supermax is about what they need and a DOJ takeover..unfortunate, but true..
Victors and his cronies are in the weeds for sure.

Thugs watching Thugs with super low pay and dangerous and in a environment.

Mason, Pete Luke, Dean Scott, Richard Brown and Mary Rushing, your days are numbered.

Anonymous said...

This situation goes hand-in-hand with today’s article about Hinds County “striking out on criminal trials” http://www.clarionledger.com/story/news/2017/04/19/striking-out-criminal-trials-hinds-county/100642628/ & although the fact that these violent criminals are basically running the damn jail & most wind up being cellmates with the same sorry wastes of oxygen buddies that they’ve committed numerous crimes with & are even co-defendants with on cases is beyond absurd, the bigger issue here that needs to be addressed asap is that these violent offenders that are awaiting trial for armed robberies & MURDER have immediate daily access to the outside world! MOST importantly with their fellow gang “brothers”. Well, the ones that aren’t currently sitting next to them in their cell smoking a blunt, sipping’ drank & face-timing with the baby mama…thru cell phones, social media, etc.! They’re just as able INSIDE to make threats to a witness, victim’s family & even order a hit on someone that’s absence might just come in handy come time for trial. The ability to do that is literally sitting in the palm of their hand & every other hand sitting next to them on a daily basis! In order for Jackson’s crime rate to truly start to decline, it’s going to take something much bigger than just replacing the current Hinds County administration & staff with just a bunch of similar greedy, crooked folks that aren’t really in it for changing things as much as they are in it for the status & “side benefits”. Bring it on DOJ.

Anonymous said...

No money is being made available to hire or retain good personnel. Jailers have the worst job in all of law enforcement and are paid the least. Nobody on the outside is looking at the jail as gainful employment. It's a terrible job that doesn't pay. As inmates become more and more violent, it's makes the job tougher. Try spending one day as a jailer and you will see.

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