Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Thai House says goodbye

The Bunniran family posted this message on Facebook:


Anonymous said...

Just more rearranging of the deck chairs on Titanic. The neighbor has "transitioned" and diners feel unsafe. BTW...Madison County has wonderful places to eat. Just saying!

Anonymous said...

This was the first place I had Thai food (when it was in the old location off of McDowell Road), and I always enjoyed eating here. Sorry to see the Thai House go, but it's great that it's under these circumstances. Thank you to the Bunnirans, and best wishes in retirement!

Anonymous said...

Nice family and always a class act, congratulations on your retirement!

Anonymous said...

3 new restaurants going into Thr District. Hope you try one out 1:27, but don't sit to close to the edge of the ship haha. Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

@1:27 you're a racist moron. Go by Thai House during lunch time on a weekday.

Also, as the bottom of the letter notes, a new Thai restaurant is opening in the same spot. I guess you couldn't see that from your brick facade ivory tower in Maddiiiison.

PS don't get gas at night up there. You may get robbed at gunpoint.

Anonymous said...

2:10, When a robbery happens in Madison, it is a news story. In Hinds County, not so much. (Nope, I don't live in Rankin or Madison Counties.)

Anonymous said...

Thomas Jewelers next? It's all because of the bar right there.

Anonymous said...

Who are the new people behind this restaurant? LLC search reveals a Thai Time registered to an Alongkorn Srichaikul, from Mobile by way of Thailand.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Madison County is known for its fine cuisine. It is particularly strong in the categories of "Chain" and "Meat & Three."

Continually amazed how Madisonites are too busy patting themselves on the back for living in a banal wasteland that they fail to see what uncultured hayseeds they actually are.

I'm sure Jacksonians are itching to give up Manship, Surin, Walker's, Parlor Market, Surin, 1908, BRAVO, Lou's, Caet, Babalu, Saltine, Iron Horse, Sal & Mookie's, and a host of others so we could be like the pot-bellied dirt clods who populate Mama Hamil's and Georgia Blue daily.

Not to mention Ely's and their menu featuring the greatest hits of the 90s.


Anonymous said...

The Cherokee, Mori Luggage, and now Thai. What an unfortunate trend on Old Square Rd.

Anonymous said...

Bet that @2:35 PM rode Worldcom stock all the way to the bottom.

Tell Da Troof, Danny Mollisack! said...

You left out Fondren Garage. Oh, wait...

And Surin is so damn good you get double credit for it, yes?

Since you think the only places to eat are in a four block radius of UMC, let me inform you of some alternatives north of the county line:

Strawberry Cafe, Shapley's, Local 463, City Grille, The Gathering, Tico's, Anjou, Kathryn's, Amerigo, Sombra, Seafood R'evolution, County Seat, Rossini, Fratesi's, Athenos, High Biscuits, Kristos, plus some fine chain places like Ruth's Chris.

Granted, none of these are as fine dining as you'll get at Sal & Mookie's, but we can't all have a New York pizza and ice cream joint nearby.

But keep on trumpeting Parlor Market and forget all the Waffle Houses in the city.

Bhia Bhia Thia (House) said...

TOO FUNNY how so many jumped on this as an anti-Jackson thing when the owners clearly state they are retiring and that a new Thai restaurant will be opening there immediately after they close. Thank you Bunniran family for making Jackson a better place!

Probably all the other Thai options in the area did bite into their business, but they still had a dedicated following.

Anonymous said...

2:10 PM

Thank you!

I did not pay attention to the fine print....I am happy to see a Thai place continuing in the same spot.

Made my day!

You should come over and have sex with my sister...in law

Anonymous said...

They are smart to get out while they are alive and can do so. Jackson is lost and nobody wants to get left holding the bag.

Anonymous said...

And forget that Waffle House across OCR from Kathryn's. Enough ok? There are plenty of good places to eat in Madison County, and you can keep on going north to Two Rivers in Canton, although I am sure the brethern on this site don't go there either.

But there are plenty of good places to eat in Jackson as well and you don't have to county Surin twice. Just to satisfy 3:30, there are plenty more that were not included on the earlier post that are outside of the four block area you describe but maybe that's the neighborhood that commentator was from. (Char, Scrooges, Bill's, Bravo, Crechales - although I'm sure you would never try making that trek).

Again, enough already. You keep your little ass in Madison County and stay out of Jackson. Won't bother us a bit. We'll travel north of county line when we choose to. Everybody can be happy.

In the meantime, sorry to see the Thai House go. I wasn't a frequent visitor but know many folks who swore by the place. I'll make one last trip this month to wish them well in their retirement.

Anonymous said...

I will miss the Thai House. These are some of the nicest people you will ever come across.

And thank God I can drive an extra ten miles north and enjoy the brick bridge, all of those great arches on Sam's Club, sit in traffic for an extra 20 minutes, and enjoy all of the great Thai offerings in Madison. Oh wait, Burger King dropped their Thai menu.

Anonymous said...

Wow, one of the aforementioned dirt clods not only responded, but proved my point with that truly-sad list of eateries.

Bravo, my good man.

Shapley's has great food, though the decor is sad & insulting for a place of that caliber/price range.

Local 463 is moving to the site of another failed Madison County restaurant and, if you compare menus to his other places, is simply Derek's vehicle to make moment off ignorant suburbanites.

Tico's: peaked 20 years ago and now serves good meat and frozen sides/desserts to the "more money than sense crowd."

Amerigo: Less-tasteful "local" Olive Garden stuck in 1987.

Seafood Revolution & Anjou: on life support

Ruth's Chris Ridgeland: Sad, and generally empty, branch of a usually excellent chain.

The litany of sad Greek & Italian places you mentioned: Shows what you consider a "restaurant," for which I pity you.

While you can certainly take pot shots at Jackson on a variety of issues, restaurant inferiority to Madison County is not among them.

Anonymous said...

The Thai House played a prominent role in our family's life the past 15 years. The Bunnirans are great people and took care of us. This hillbilly will miss them.

Tell Da Troof, Danny Mollisack! said...

Man: Ah. I'd like to have an argument, please.

Receptionist: Mr. DeBakey's free, but he's a little bit conciliatory. Ahh yes, Try Mr. Barnard; room 12.

Man: Thank you. (Walks down the hall. Opens door.)


Man: What about Tico's? Or Anjou? Or Local 463?

Bitter Jackson Resident: TICO'S SUCKS!!! ANJOU SUCKS!!! LOCAL 463 SUCKS!!! I WIN!!!

Man: Argument is an intellectual process. Contradiction is just the automatic gainsaying of anything the other person says.


Man: I've had enough of this!

Bitter Jackson Resident: FONDREN!!! WHOLE FOODS!!! BABALOOOOOOOO!!!

M: Oh shut up!

Anonymous said...

The City needs to crack down on the bar Last Call, which has loads of drunks every night who throw trash everywhere, park illegally etc. For JSU homecoming last week it was a zoo, less the cages.

Anonymous said...

Can't we all just agree to be sad that the best lunch buffet is going away?

Anonymous said...

Last call is an accident waiting to happen. Cops and the city should definitely crack down on the morons (patrons) who can't park correctly and clearly don't have to wake up and go to work the next morning.

Here kitty kitty said...

Now maybe there will be more cats in northeast Jackson with tails

Anonymous said...

Got to love Mississippi. People living in the suburb of a city bashing the city. Like they win when Jackson suffers.

Anonymous said...

ruth's chris: overpriced, bland, poorly cooked steak and sides.

Plastic Menu Fan II said...

It seems odd (to me) that in all these posts, nobody has mentioned the food. What is THAI food? I'm familiar with the Chinese 'buffet dives' with the grocery store next door owned by the same people. But, is Thai food similar? If we are going to miss a place, let's at least know why.

Anonymous said...

6:38 - the internet can be your friend. Try it sometime.


Anonymous said...

Thai House was excellent, and the family was always so friendly. Their larb was always fabulous. Hope they enjoy a well-earned retirement.

Anonymous said...

i'm so upset that i'm gonna thai one on.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Food. Outstanding family. Always knew you and came over to visit. Would make a dish to fit what you wanted even if not on the menu exactly.
Your restaurant and most importantly you will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Geeziz, did you Jackson-bashing geezers not read the post? Stay in your faux phallic tower and leave the world alone or learn to internet.

Anonymous said...

Ridgeland appears to be the mecca of restaurants. Madison, not so much.

Madison does have bonefish and the shrimp.'

My fav restaurant is River Hills.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss Thai House. Tried Surin recently and was not impressed. Not sure if they're trying to get too creative with traditional Thai dishes or if it was just poor culinary execution. Either way, I prefer the traditional preparation that Thai House offered. I hope the new restaurant taking their place doesn't repeat the mistakes that Surin made.

Upper Crust said...

Most of us in Madison have real high-dollar grill setups out back and ten thousand dollar double oven ranges with indoor grill capability in a 1600 square foot kitchen area. The men here do most of the cooking. What the hell do we need with a bunch of restaurants in this city? We can easily take the plane directly from Bruce Campbell to New Orleans, Dallas or Destin at the drop of a chapeau. The rest of you proletariat beggars (and buggers) can just suffer and kiss my ass.

Kingfish cousin Catfish said...

There's still good Thai food in Jackson if you don't like Surin - try Thai Tasty on Parkway and Old Canton Road.

For all of you that a paranoid about crime - there's even a police precinct in the same shopping center as Thai Tasty.

Anonymous said...

Great way to say goodbye and get in front of the fact if things go bad, its not his place anymore.

Anonymous said...

9:23, there being a police precinct there does not make people feel any safer. Have you heard about all of the Jackson cops who have been caught committing crimes?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe no one mentioned Walker's.

7:27 am How very nouveau riche of you! I'm predicting shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in two generations.

You have not had money long enough to know that wealth does not make one "upper crust". Ostentation is so bourgeois!

And, your ignorance is astounding if you think the only private planes are at your tiny little air strip!

Thia-menator said...

While I'm sad to see Thai House close, I wish the family well and hope they enjoy their retirement. Also hope the place moving in the the building will be good. I haven't and will not try Surin for personal reasons too long to go into here, but if you haven't tried Fusion in Flowood or Madison, give it a try. Excellent Thai food (as well as Japanese, which is why it's named Fusion). Hate to recommend a place outside Jackson (in this context), but Fusion is might good. Oh, and I agree with Cousin Catfish: Thai Tasty is good as well.

Lamb Eggs & Ox Tails... said...

Twelve more posts and still not a damned soul has identified (with specificity) any dish prepared and served at this place.

So far we have:

1) Use the internet to find out.

2) They are a great family.

3) I enjoyed the food.

4) I really hate to see them go.

5) It could have been bobcat for all I know.

Anonymous said...

6:46: apparently you don't have a clue as to the definition of "larb".

Anonymous said...

To help satisfy 6:46 : I enjoy the Paht Thai with chicken (mild).

Mee Krob (another dish!) said...

Lamb, you have no authority to damn my soul. What right do you have to "demand" we list specific dishes? Why does that matter? Thai House was about the experience and the family and everything I ever had there was good, from the mixed Chinese/Thai lunch buffet to the Tom Kha, to the various curries, appetizers, larb, paht meht mamuang himapahn, etc. Geez, some people whine about anything and just don't get it! Now that you have some suggestions, why don't you go try some? Or are you one of those poor Madisonians who is afraid to cross over the Hinds County line?

Messick said...

Thai. Iced. Tea.

Cat Tails Belong in Moist Ditches.. said...

9:40 - I wouldn't say I am 'afraid to cross the Hinds County Line'. I often have to do that to get to Hattiesburg or Vicksburg or points further. But, I just have more damned sense than to risk it unnecessarily.

I missed where anybody 'demanded' you post anything. The question was raised as to what was served at this place. Who goes to a restaurant to enjoy the owner's family or to 'have an experience'? Well, other than you.

More Mee Krob said...

Old post now, but I just thought to look back and see where Lamb/Cat had the final post so now I just have to say something.

Lamb/Cat, a grammar lesson: When I put the word demand in quotes, that acknowledged that you had not, in fact, actually demanded anything. Its's a pity to me that you seem to be interested in only the food and not the overall experience of dining out.

Dane Kitto said...

Move to Southlake, Texas and leave crime behind.

Kip said...

Shoney's needs to bring the original Big Boy hamburger back.

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